i just felt like this was relevant

speaking of independent flicks, a lot of the time the indie animated WIP films i come across online that are still years in the making (there’s one i’ve been keeping an eye on since 2009) like to always just leave a synopsis description too ‘not spoil the movie’ on their website which i have always considered strange.

i’ve always felt that if you’re gonna make this effort that lasts years and want ongoing online relevancy, you should at least after a while post most of the plot online. 

obviously it will let people know what they might be putting their money into, but it can also engage newcomers more and create more intimacy between supporters and the project. by giving them a plot and characters they can already begin to bond with beyond a blurb summary it can create a more loyal net of support. if i were to do anything of the sorts personally i think i would occasionally post boards for the film so that it can be steadily updated, like a webcomic of sorts.

i think people fear that by giving away the plot beforehand, interest to see the finished film itself will diminish. but i’d say that if you give a compelling story to tell and developed characters to become familiar with, it will leave people wanting to see it on a big screen even more.

like he performed yesterday and it was a very good performance but somehow they couldn’t just talk about it and how he felt and what he thought or what they’re doing professionally like any other artist interviewed in radio, no sir!  the first question they just HAD to ask was how the birthday was, as if 1. someone cared outside the fandom 2. someone wanted to know outside the fandom 3. the thing was relevant to the reason why he’s guest on a radio with steve, the interview lasted 6 minutes and they spent like what? 3 talking about his son??? wow!!!! from someone who asked privacy and keeps saying his time with his son is low-key and precious and ‘paps just see us cause they come with my job’, I would expect to blacklist the topic or for the hosts not to ask anything (because i doubt any radio host is actually interested in louis tomlinson’s baby birthday unless they are told to ask) and YET this baby has been the most important and main topic of every single interview since promo day 1, the one that is always always guaranteed and the one that every publication writes about and then mentions in just one line that louis also has a song called just hold like FIY, not that this important, you know? and some people think it’s all normal and never ask themselves why this is happening. 

i’m hissing i just realized that parker, hardison, and eliot holding hands was like… a thing that nate felt he needed to draw attention to? like that was a long time in his story? this was something he thought was relevant information. he needed them to know that they were all poly. it was very important to him that interpol knew he was working with three polyamorous thieves.


The Bunnyburrow au Chapter 3: When the Day Met the Night

aka the one I named after a Parrot Panic! at the Disco song after a helpful someone brought it up at @judy-hoppswilde‘s blog. (I’m serious, listen to it and tell me the song isn’t talking about Nick and Judy here.)

On the other hand, yes, I’ve reused Honey Badger’s beautiful character and made her a cop and Nick’s fellow colleague because I’m an uncreative little fuck and i can’t imagine anyone of Nick’s friends as a cop besides Honey hollaaaaaa


(special thanks again to @wrestlecosmological I just feel the need to thank you)

Chapter 1: Nicholas Wilde

Chapter 2: Judy Hopps

too late - newt x reader

Prompt: Hey, I think your writing is amazing! Can I request and imagine where Newt and Reader had a thing back when they were in Hogwarts. But after Newt got expelled he left her and never said anything to her again. They meet again during the whole events in New York and she’s already married. She’s angry at Newt but she’s still in love with him. Something like that! I’m not good at explaining I just want angst. Thanks!

Warnings: So Much Angst

so this is also inspired by this song so I included a sprinkling of the relevant lyrics in no particular order!! Enjoy!


[ I miss you when I can’t sleep
  Or right after coffee
  Or right when I can’t eat          ]

There was something so wonderful and comforting about the way you felt around Newt.

There was nothing you would change, you thought to yourself, as you sat sleepily in his arms, the two of you nestled under the bleachers in the Quidditch stadium. It was your go-to spot for late night shenanigans. For you and Newt, ‘shenanigans’ usually meant cuddling and sharing your thoughts in the odd hours of the morning, your conversation roaming and your guards down. There was something about Newt that made you feel as though you didn’t have to censor what you wanted to say. You could speak freely and with complete honesty, and that made you feel completely liberated. Besides, you were often the sort of tired that made you act just a little drunk, and all things considered your filter was completely out the window. The two of you treasured these nights, savoring the closeness and the company, curled up on a blanket and tangled in each other’s arms. Sometimes, your lips would press shyly to his, and the two of you would spend hours pressed against each other, kissing and kissing and throwing conversation to the wind. Other times, his fingers would simply brush idly over your skin, and the two of you would just enjoy the warm comfort the other provided. But your favorite and the most common were the nights when the two of you would talk for hours and hours until you had to go back to your common rooms, and this was one of those nights.

You lay pressed to his chest, his arm curled protectively around your waist and his nose nestled into the back of your neck. Your legs were tangled with his much longer ones, and your back was up against his stomach and chest. The two of you fit perfectly, like a jigsaw puzzle, and the thought made you smile. You placed a hand over one of his, feeling his heartbeat quicken against your back as you traced patterns lightly onto his skin. “Hey Newt?” you breathed, and you felt him shift.

“Hm?” he murmured into your neck, making you shiver as his warm breath ghosted over your skin.

“Do you ever think about the future?” you asked, somewhat nervously, and you felt him tense. Your stomach did a flip. You were usually fine talking to him about anything, but this topic terrified you to no end.

“You mean after Hogwarts?” he murmured, opening his hand and stretching out his fingers to lace them with yours. “Of course,”

You felt your heartbeat quicken. “Well… what do you think about? What do you see there?”

He squeezed your hand affectionately. “Well,” he mumbled, nestling further into the crook of your neck. You tilted your head to allow him access, and he pressed a soft kiss to your pulse. “I’d like for you to be there,” he said sheepishly, as though you might be frightened or unhappy with his response. You let go of his hand and rolled over to face him, your nose brushing against his and your hands resting on his chest. You could see a dim outline of him, your eyes adjusted to the dark, and you hoped he could see your smile.

“I’d like to be there,” you replied, equally shy.

You knew that he was aware of your smile, because his lips were on yours in a moment and he had to have felt it.

Your heart fluttered and you leaned into the kiss, feeling dreamlike, intoxicated. You were both teenagers, young and in love, even though the two of you were ignorant to the world and ignorant to the realities of love and relationships. You hadn’t been alive long enough to realize that life never went as planned, no matter how confident you were in the plans, but in the moment that was the furthest thing from your mind. You, at age sixteen, were convinced that this was how things were meant to be. It was love, right? The sort of love people sang about or wrote down in novels, the love of the century, the only thing that mattered in that moment and the most important thing that would ever happened to either of you. That was how it felt, and you thought you knew everything there was to know about relationships. You both thought that you were experts, and that you were both so unbelievably lucky to have stumbled upon your soulmate this early in life

God, were you wrong.

[ I miss you in my front seat
  Still got sand in my sweaters
  From nights we don’t remember ]


Queenie’s hand shot forward, gripping a frame that sat on Newt’s counter and studying it intently. “Newt,” she said, looking excited. “It’s such a small world, who woulda’ guessed you knew-” She looked up, catching his expression and obviously his thoughts as well, and the excitement dropped from her face.

He glanced at the photograph in her hands, fidgeting slightly. “It was a long time ago,” he mumbled, dropping his gaze to his hands. He looked back up at Queenie, suddenly hopeful. “So you knew her? You knew (y/n)?”

Queenie smiled gently. “Of course, she works at MACUSA!” Her smile drooped a little as she picked up on a few of the thoughts that were whipping through his head. “No, honey, I’m sorry. She hasn’t mentioned you,” she murmured, looking down at the picture of you. It was definitely you, even though it was clearly taken a long while ago. It looked as though Newt had been the one taking the photo, as the setting was casual and you didn’t appear to be posing. You had a scarf draped around your neck, and your hair was much longer than it was now, messy and not at all the professionally pinned style you usually wore nowadays. You were clad in Hogwarts robes that seemed just a little too big, and you looked a whole lot younger. You laughed at the camera, your nose wrinkling and your head tilting back as you flung your hand in front of your face, playfully camera shy. Queenie smiled at the photo. It was unusual seeing you so young, and so happy. She only ever saw you briefly at the office, and you always seemed to have an air of seriousness and professionalism about you.

She looked at Newt, troubled, studying his face and unintentionally picking up on his thoughts. They were dwelling on you now, and she could feel the sadness and bittersweet nostalgia that tainted the memories for him now. He was picturing you, and to her it was a vague picture that seemed very unlike you. To him, you were excitable and bright-eyed, and she felt his thoughts linger on the way your skin felt brushing his, the sound of your laugh, and the soft press of his lips on yours. These weren’t the sort of thoughts that were usually accompanied with the wrench of sweet sadness that Queenie could feel in Newt. “What happened?” She murmured.

He didn’t have to respond, but he smiled sadly and shook his head. “Nothing,” he said nervously, clearly uncomfortable and trying to get her to drop the subject entirely.

His thoughts betrayed him, and Queenie got the urge to run over and comfort the man, but she stayed put. “Oh, honey,” she murmured.

His head snapped up, his face somewhere between uncomfortable and distraught. “Please, just-” he mumbled. “I’d prefer if you stayed out of my head,”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” she replied apologetically, eyes swimming with pity. She could feel how uncomfortable he was, and she felt terrible, but she really wanted to help. She hesitated, then opened her mouth to say something before Jacob came over and interrupted their conversation. She didn’t address it again that evening, but every so often she picked up a brief flicker of you in Newt’s thoughts. One feeling that overwhelmed the others in his head was guilt, and she wanted desperately to console him, but she didn’t dare overstep her boundaries any further.


[ Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing ]

It felt wonderful to hold his hand in yours as you, Newt, and Leta wandered through Hogsmeade together. He was warm and soft, and you smiled to yourself. Leta walked on the other side of you, and the two of you were involved in a casual chat. You were quite the trio, though you felt terrible when Leta had to be the third wheel, so you did everything you could to include her in your conversations and activities. She had been Newt’s friend before you had met him in your Herbology class in your second year, and you felt sometimes as though you were intruding on their friendship, but she seemed to like you well enough.

Secretly, you were craving some alone time with your best friend, so when Leta said she was going to go shopping for a new quill, you were thrilled. She disappeared into a little shop full of school supplies, and you tugged Newt out of the cold snow and into the welcoming little cafe.

The two of you had ordered coffees and pastries, and you particularly had way too much fun with the whipped cream it was served with. He ended up with some in his hair, and he was staring at you with mock-annoyance that quickly melted to amusement as he reached over swiftly to dab some onto your nose. It was one of your favorite memories for a while, and sometimes you actually thought of that look on his face to summon your patronus. It was the sort of memory that you’d conjure up without realizing when your thoughts would wander, and someone else would clear their throat and ask you what in the world you were smiling about.

Much to your dismay, all of the treasured memories of him had taken an oddly abrupt transition from pleasant to painful.

[ Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges 
         just to create some distance               ]


[ I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing ]

“Ms. (y/l/n)?” your secretary’s voice snapped you from your thoughts, and you looked up from the morning cup of coffee you had been stirring sugar absent-mindedly into for the last minute. “Sweetie, are you okay? You look awful tired, do you need to run home and rest? I could just-”

“Thank you, but I’ll be fine,” you said, smiling and waving the young woman out of your office. Little did you know, this was a bad start to an even worse day.

You were called out to assist in the cleanup after all the damage Creedence the Obscurus had done, and as you made your way around town, carefully repairing buildings and muggle cars with flicks of your wand just about the last person you were expecting to see caught your eye across the street. You had heard, of course, about the man with the suitcase full of magical creatures and the havoc they had probably wreaked on the city, but you hadn’t ever picked up the man’s name and as you saw him making his way down the street with a case in hand, everything made perfect sense.

Cleanup forgotten, you set your shoulders, determined, and strode over to the man. He was walking along with two women you recognized, Tina and Queenie Goldstein, and Queenie saw you before anyone else. Her eyes grew a little wide, and she stopped in her tracks, gripping Newt’s sleeve and murmuring “Newt, honey,” in his ear.

He stopped as well, and when his eyes met yours you felt a painful jab in your chest. His features were achingly familiar, but clearly older. He was still lanky, but it suited him more and was no longer awkward. His hair hadn’t changed a bit, but his chin was unshaven and you could see lines etched into his skin. He had always had the smile lines on the corners of his mouth, you thought fondly, but now it seemed as though all of his features were shadowed, more defined, and you spent a moment just studying his face.

He did the same, marveling at the features that were so familiar and yet so much more mature than the ones in the photograph he kept. Your hair was pinned back professionally, and you stood at your full height, no longer slouching. You looked tired, and all he wanted to do was step forward and hold you in his arms, showering you with kisses and apologies and a million other gestures that would make you forgive him for what he had done.

“Newt Scamander,” was all you could muster, your eyes troubled and your heart heavy. He wouldn’t maintain eye contact, but smiled.

“Hello (y/n),” he replied meekly.

You felt tears welling up in your eyes as you heard his voice. It was such a lovely voice, though deeper and more adult now. You swallowed hard, but couldn’t banish the lump in your throat. “Merlin’s Beard, Newt,” you choked out, and Queenie excused herself, dragging Tina along with her. “I pictured you in my future, but I sure as hell didn’t picture you like this.”

He looked up at you through his messy hair, and you noticed with a pang that his hair hadn’t changed. Always a mess, always in his eyes, and always the same shade of light brown that greatly resembled cinnamon. “I know,” he replied, his gaze filled with guilt.

“You knew where I lived. You knew where you could send an owl. You didn’t have to explain yourself, or give me a detailed account of why you were expelled, but you could have at least written one measly little letter just to tell me you were okay. I didn’t know what to think. I wrote to your house and all I got was a letter telling me you’d left,” you could feel the tears brimming in your eyes.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t want to hear from me anymore,” he replied lamely.

“Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong. You broke my heart, Newt. I didn’t know what to do. Nobody would talk to me, Leta included, so I breezed through Hogwarts and as soon as I graduated I moved here. I couldn’t stay, it hurt too much to see all these things around that reminded me of you, that reminded me that I wasn’t worth a single letter,” you rambled, spilling everything you had internalized for so long.

He looked taken aback, his eyes wide and his shoulders drooping. He averted his gaze. “You were worth far more than that, which is why I couldn’t send you anything. I figured it would be in your best interest to move on and forget about me and all I had done.”

Your eyes blazed. “I didn’t care what you had done. I just wanted you,” you murmured, feeling like you were sixteen again, tears running down your cheeks as you watched him go without a goodbye, without even a glance in your direction, without offering you any sort of closure. It all came rushing back, and you buried your face in your hands.

“(y/n), don’t-” he placed his hand gently on your arm, but he observed with a pang a wedding ring glittering on the ring finger of your left hand. A heavy weight settled in his chest. “Don’t cry,”

You allowed the contact, and secretly you were yearning for more. You hadn’t ever stopped loving him, and you didn’t think you ever would. Nobody would take you seriously, chiding you that it was just ‘puppy love’ and that you would move on when you found the right person, but you never truly did. You loved your husband, and you were incredibly loyal to him, but he wasn’t Newt.

You pulled your shaky hands away from your face, and he reached up slowly to wipe some of the tears away. “It’s too late for that,” you said quietly, lip trembling. “At least sixteen years too late,”


[ I hate you, I love you,
  I hate that I love you
  Don’t want to but I can’t put 
         nobody else above you ]

It's okay to vote-shame Trump voters: What they have done is shameful

Just felt like sharing this relevant article with you all.

I admit I was pretty shocked at the number of thinkpieces right after the election that immediately sprang into action to “humanize” the Trump voters. That’s our problem as progressives - we tend to take the “don’t hate people for their opinions” maxim to such an extreme that it removes all moral responsibility from the equation. Oh, they voted for Trump, that just means the poor dears are underrepresented and overlooked by the political elites (even though Hillary won the popular vote. Riddle me this). Newsflash: even if we accept the idea that voting Trump was a protest to something or other and not a staggering display of bigotry, then that protest was still fucking stupid and they deserve to be held accountable for it.

It’s amazing how the same people who laugh about the idea of safe spaces where they’re actually necessary can’t take the slightest criticism, the slightest disagreement, the slightest accountability for their bigotry-driven opinions. And make no mistake, they knew voting for Trump was shameful - why else lie in the polls? Clearly they must have expected some well deserved social ostracism arising. But, like every spineless coward whose comfort is in the force of their number and not the strength of their opinion, they demand to be catered to the moment they are convinced it’s safe.

Don’t play the game with them. Don’t coddle them. By all means go and make them “feel like bad people” since that’s the only reprimand they’ll be getting. I don’t care why they voted for Trump - if they’re fine with making their voices heard through a candidate who thrives on dehumanizing the vulnerable, then what obligation do we have to absolve them of that guilt? Let’s not. They don’t deserve careful consideration of their feelings if they’re ready to trample all over others’ basic human rights as part of their tantrum.

In this situation, you are not obliged be “fair” or nice. Vote shame away.

Seth’s Tweets - a summary: 2009-2010-2011

Alright, let’s get this party started.

Let’s begin with the basics:

  • Seth’s account says he joined January 13, 2009 at 11:04am.
  • His first actual tweet was on April 22 2009.

So, starting from this tweet I’m gonna browse yearly, staring on April 22 from every year, mmmkay?


He didn’t actually tweet relevant stuff. He just thanked a couple of people, but I couldn’t see what they told him because back then twitter didn’t link your replies to the source tweet. Anyways.

No more tweets.

Jump forward.

2010 (he tweets again in August) -> 22 April 2011

(Most of what I’m going to list are questions he answered, and things he just felt like sharing)

  • His personal favorite episode of Family Guy is 01ES09 “And Then There Were Fewer”, says it was a lot of fun doing it.
  • He said if you wanna hear something sweet, download “Fancy Meeting you There” by Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney.
  • His favorite book is “The Demon Haunted World” by Carl Sagan.
  • His favorite Woody Allen movies are “Play it Again, Sam” and, “Crimes and Misdemeanors”.
  • He said to look up on YouTube “Learn to draw” by Tom Gammill, it’s fucking hilarious.
  • He said his favorite composer is John Williams, but after Alyssa Milano replied to him “Aaron Copland”, he said “yes, Appalachian Spring
  • His favorite Neil Tyson book is “Death by Black Hole”.
  • He also did #FF every Friday to his buddy Neil Tyson and said funny/cute jokes about Neil and how smart he is. Also his Jew friends. He loves Jews.
  • He also Celebrated 100.000 followers and thanked Alyssa for that.
  • Said everyone should watch Season 9 Christmas Special. He says it was fun to do.
  • His favorite OSTs (and underrated by most) are Temple of Doom, and Poltergeist.
  • His favorite horror movie is “Watcher in The Woods”, still scares him, and it’s a Disney movie!
  • His favorite (fiction) book is “Replay” by Ken Grimwood.
  • Funniest actor - Jackie Gleason
  • Favorite sex position and cigarette brand after he cums - Camel. Both cases. 
  • Best underrated comedy movie - The ‘Burbs
  • He said apostrophes are not for decoration. 
  • Mostly replied to correct people’s spelling.
  • He said that for 2011 people’s new year resolution should have been the correct use of “your” and “you’re”.
  • Also “The Ref” is an underrated comedy movie.
  • “The Sound of Music” and “The Bounty Hunter” are 2 movies that make him cry for completely different reasons.
  • He did lot of jokes about CW, True Blood, and popular movies of the moment.
  • He recommended to read “Under The Dome” by Stephen King.
  • He  also wanted to have Verizon’s iPhone’s baby.
  • Didn’t know whose bitch he was: booze or coffee.
  • Family Guy has around 20 episodes in production, at a time.
  • A Family Guy script is about 45 pages long
  • He used to tweet announcing the place he was going to sing that night. (mind you, this was before his first album came out)
  • He doesn’t believe in ghosts. But firmly believes in the possibility of life in other planets. Why? because life on earth is a clear evidence of a possibility, He asked someone to show him a ghost somewhere as a proof.
  • About capital punishment: he doesn’t see the point in “Killing someone to show a killer that you shouldn’t kill people”
  • He said that when models say “oh I’m a nerd!” he knows they are not.
  • Multiple times said he’s a space nerd.
  • Multiple Star Trek jokes. Star Wars references.

Notes from me:

He said a few times he didn’t take compliments very well.

And that’s it for today! :D more to come in the next few days.

pathlosergm  asked:

Hello hello! Just a quick question, if you don't mind the asking: I've been re-reading your DCU stuff on AO3, and I have only now realized you've never had the Joker make an appearance (that I've read). Was this deliberate, or has he just not been relevant enough to your stories that he simply hasn't been needed?

I just haven’t really felt like writing any stories that involve him heavily - maybe just because he’s unpleasant? idk. plus i don’t really write a lot of actual hero v. villain stories, which is where he pretty solidly belongs in my canon. writing more comics-y fanfic is hard, haha.

Thoughts on Supergirl 2.06

Can we just all give a round of applause to the Supergirl writing team. I had my reservations about the show moving to the CW, but now I know that a network change won’t have any kind of impact on the quality of the show. I am so THANKFUL for what the writers are doing this season with Alex. Last week’s episode was a gift from god and so was last night’s episode. And like last week, I want to offer some of my thoughts on Alex’s scenes from the episode.

1) Coming Out to Kara

I felt so much in this scene. One thing I love that they’re doing with Alex is her being uncomfortable at saying the word “gay.” They’re staying consistent and I’m liking that a lot, because it is so relevant for so many people. Saying the words out loud is frightening, and having everyone but her say it is just so REAL. So many of the things Alex said to Kara, I was like, oh shit, I felt the same way/did the same things. When Kara asks her if she’s ever felt this way before, Alex responds, “Not like this.” It’s such an overwhelming feeling when everything just clicks because of one person that makes you go, “I’m looking at this person and I’m not just thinking she’s beautiful like I would any other beautiful person, but I’m actually feeling something for her, I’m attracted to her in a way that I want to kiss her.” Maggie is that person for Alex. I had that person too that made everything click and gave me that “a-ha” moment. It’s like all these suppressed feelings and memories come to the surface. Alex mentions how she’s up all need, thinking about how she’s had these thoughts before. Realizing that things she did in the past were indicators of her liking women, but she was just too scared to confront them, so she just pushed them away and tried to forget. Like, shit, girl, me too. I look back at my life and there are so many instances that come to mind where I’m like, wowwww, yup, I obviously liked girls but like Alex, I shoved those memories deep down “like they never happened.” And it wasn’t until the person that made all these thoughts and feelings rise to the surface, that I realized who I was.

2) Couch talk

Everyone needs to find themselves a Kara, whether it is a sibling or a parent or a friend. FIND YOURSELF A KARA. The fact that she’s able to own up to not helping to create an environment where Alex could comfortably talk about her sexuality is just….like I wish more people could be aware of that. Not many people, especially family, realize that the way you were brought up prevented you from revealing or talking about that part of you. Like Kara says, its hard to “keep a part of yourself shut off, to keep it inside.” But not only is it hard, it’s lonely. And damn is she right. I remember before I came to terms with me being bisexual or telling people, I felt so alone. Like I had to censor myself constantly. For a long time I wasn’t being my true self. And I don’t know if my family knows this, but I definitely think that although they are accepting, how I was brought up…it wasn’t the kind of environment to talk about my sexuality. That’s probably why I felt so awkward and scared to tell them. It is so important that Kara validates Alex and tells her that she isn’t alone and that she is beautiful. That kind of support is just beautiful and it shows that their relationship is the most important on the show.

3) Alex kisses Maggie

Ok, first of all, HOLY SHIT. I wasn’t expecting Alex to make the first move?? Like girl, I wish I had the confidence to do that?? I love you so much?? I’m so proud. But let’s backpedal a moment. When Alex tells Maggie she came out to Kara, THAT SMILE. Maggie is so proud. I love that she is also constantly validating and supporting her. Ok, back to that kiss. Which unfortunately Maggie wasn’t that into. She tries to let Alex down easy, because she knows she is in a fragile state. And she’s right that things would not work out with them, since Alex is “fresh off the boat.” Alex still has a lot of work to do to become more confident and at home in her sexuality. It was right of Maggie to not lead her on. It was also good of Maggie to still show her support as a friend. We all know that Sanvers will be slowburn, which I am happy about. Because right now, the focus should be on Alex becoming more comfortable and unafraid. Her singular journey should be the focus right now (as much as I love Sanvers).

4) Couch talk #2

When you just come out of the closet and you get turned down by the first person you have feelings for, it’s hard. Alex feels humiliated because she had put herself out there and had gotten nothing in return. For someone who is already in a fragile state from just coming out, the first rejection can be just as hard. It can make you feel like coming out in the first place was a giant mistake. And that’s exactly how Alex is feeling. But to have Kara there, and tell Alex that she’s proud of her–those words make such a difference. Again, FIND YOURSELF A KARA.

I’ll probably do these “thoughts on Supergirl” things each week. They’ll all be thoughts on Alex’s storyline (and Maggie’s too if there is something). I’m so thankful for this show, especially in a time like this post-election. Young girls need Alex and Maggie in a time like this.

Andi Mack Episode 1 Review

I know everyone’s still very salty about GMW and some of you think this show is a “cheap replacement” or something which i still dont understand  but guys…when i tell u this pilot blew the gmw pilot OUT OF THE WATER….anyways. here’s my review. 

So after watching the pilot episode of AndiMack, I think it’s fair to say that Disney hit the nail on this one. In the first couple of minutes, I was really questioning if I was going to enjoy this show but as soon as Bex pulled up, the dynamic just soared. It’s a ballsy plot line for Disney and I think they know that they need to delve into more content like this if they want to keep relevant. And also because it’s just better. The overall quality of the show is just on another level. At times, I felt as if I was watching a DCOM. The single-camera, serialized format definitely gives Andimack an edge and the inclusion of an Asian-American cast just makes the show that much more representative. Also, I still can’t get over Cyrus’ period joke. I was on.the.floor. 

Overall, I can tell this show is heading in a different direction and I’m super excited for where it leads. I highly recommend checking it out. Not just for bold plot twist, but also for the realistic display of characterization and writing. AndiMack is definitely in good hands. 

Grade: B+ 

This isn’t that relevant but we had to partner up in chorus and this really cute boy (who I thought was straight)I have a huge crush on picked me (I felt like screaming). So anyway we were practicing our scale and I was like “okay lets start at the bottom”. But then he was like “but I’m a top”. The urge to scream got even stronger and like 5 seconds later he was like “dude calm down, your as red as a tomato” and I just-

MBTI Stuff

I just felt like writing down everything that comes to my mind about each mbti type I have met so far (or rather took the time to type). This is, of course, not to be taken seriously. But I thought it would be interesting to add stuff in the future and to see if what I’m writing now is still accurate then. And honestly, I was just really bored. I doubt you will find anything relevant here, don’t waste your time.

ESFP (1):

- Wants people to think they’re special

- Just wants to feel loved, really

- does stupid shit all the time

- partly because they’re actually kinda reckless

- partly to be noticed

- who hurt you my friend?

- drawing skills 20/10

- very caring

- would kill somebody for their best friend

ISFJ (5):

- the mom friend stereotype is on point

- are usually ambitious, but know their limit

- can be quite manipulative and emotionally abusive at times

- but that’s probably because they were hurt themselves and never really got over it

- should give themselves more credit

- you are more than your mistakes, you are not your fucking past jfc

- typically quite nice and a little bit shy/awkward when you speak to them for the first time

- are afraid of (drastic) change

- ISFJs are kinda like chocolate. So many different flavours, but it’s still chocolate

- suffer because of the most stupid reasons

- wants everyone to be happy

- give them a hug or something, they need it

ISTP (1):

- you thought INTPs are weird? Ha.

- honestly the weirdest person you could possibly meet

- but they still get along with other people so well? It’s weird.

- weird kind of charisma many people love

- is the person you could tell everything and they would be like #relatable

- is the kind of person to tell you how much they love you in the evening, but then leave in the morning thinking “Whoops this was a very bad idea, better leave before this gets awkward!”

- but they still kind of love you?

- don’t know themselves what the fuck they are looking for

- love experimenting, love improvising

- are really exhausting at times

- childish

- lowkey or not so lowkey melancholic

- tries to care about people, fails

- wants to see the world

- “Where are the people?”

- but they’re pretty fun once you get used to them

ESTJ (2) (?)

-  A+ when it comes to storytelling

- they’re funny even when they don’t try to be

- surprised to see that I’m pretty much an asshole

- it was cute, really

- underestimate themselves

- have great ambition and dreams though, but are always realistic

- they love good parties, are often the life of the party

- but are also always up to talk about deep stuff

- are really romantic, are unaware of that

- can be really harsh though if you’re on their bad side

- don’t make them angry, just don’t

- charisma, so much charisma

- really one of the most dangerous people once they know what they’re capable of

- learn from experience, good advice

- respect them and they will respect you

ESFJ (4)

- are good at making friends

- lots of smalltalk

- the kind of person to judge the hell out of you, but never say it out aloud

- sneaky and judgy

- sometimes think to highly of themselves

- stubborn about their believs (but their believs aren’t exactly unconventional or interesting)

- have a great taste for fashion

- don’t really care about other people that much, would be good parents though

- pretty chill

- are scary as fuck when they get angry

- they don’t trust you if you’re hard to read and a private person

- wanna have fun

- It’s not a secret that I’m not a fan of ESFJs

INTP (2)

- has probably thought about killing you at least once

- always have interesting thoughts

- ask way too many times if what they do/think is okay

- are kinda adorable

- just want to be accepted by others

- dorky

- smart but a little bit naive

- judge people but also judge themselves for doing so

- which is really amusing

- their guilty pleasure is outsmarting people

- sinnamon roll

- their theories/opinions or either really mindblowing or utter shit there’s no in between.

ENTP (1)

- so much random information

- always excited when learning something new

- they cannot shut up omg

- know that they are different than most people and therefore think they have the right to act like a jerk

- but is actually a pure and naive puppy at heart

- is often the outsider and tries to act as if they’re okay with it

- but is secretly really hurt

- as intelligent as they are, please, never, never  take them seriously

INTJ: “hoe don’t do it”

ENTP: *does it*

INTJ: oh god

- to this day I still don’t know if I should have killed them or not

- love impressing people

- love sharing their ideas in general

- but don’t know when they have to shut up

- 90% of what they say is bullshit but the other 10% is pure gold

- hard to handle, but it’s worth it

ISTJ (4)

- the dad stereotype is mostly on point

- usually pretty good in maths

- pretty bad in languages

- lame humour, shitty puns everywhere

- stubborn

- is that teacher that has a story from his childhood for every situation in their life

- is also that kind of person who thinks you’re stupid if you are somewhat different

- a little bit stuck up in their ways, but not as much as every ISTJ profile makes you think

- the reason why so many ISTJs mistype themselves as INTJs is because they either never read the goddamn functions or just like the thought of being a special snowflake and don’t see that Si fits them more than they want to admit

- can be very fun though if they like you

- are also very loyal

- is probably your maths or physics teacher tbh

- the ones who mean well, but have trouble showing that

- awkward physical contact

ENFJ (1)

- oh god

- run


ENTJ (never met or typed) (?)

INTJ (never met or typed, except for myself, maybe gonna do that later)

ENFP (never met or typed)

ISFP (gonna do that later)

INFP (gonna do that later)

ESTP (never met or typed)

INFJ (never met or typed)

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anonymous asked:

What do you think it takes to make a show iconic?

When a show can speak to a generation and still be relevant decades later.

People are still celebrating Buffy The Vampire Slayer, people write theses on BTVS, because Buffy was just as much about high school life as it was about the supernatural. I watch the first three seasons of Buffy with my friends and we’re all always like “Oh shit I remember in high school when I would do something like that” *cringe*, it felt like the writers were writing our lives, not to mention that the show was subversive having a female action hero as a lead thereby exploring gender dynamics.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is iconic because it was about a wealthy black family just going through life, doing normal shit that everyone would go through like Will being worried about Ashley having sex too soon while also rooting a lot of the storylines in specifically African American culture and going through very realistic plot lines like racism and police discrimination because unfortunately that is going through life being black in America while at the same time being extremely funny and witty and it meant something to my generation.