i just felt like putting this poster on tumblr

This seems so funny to me now… of course it’s the next day and everything seems funny after the fact but I just can’t seem to get over the fact that I fell into the stereotypical: “my #bujo spread just isn’t good enough to post online in comparison to everyone else’s!”

Because THAT is not why I bujo and share my posts online 😂 so I’m sharing my #dailylog from yesterday anyway even though I had that moment last night where I felt like my quickly drawn up (from the early morning) #todolist looked like crap compared to other posters on Instagram and Tumblr.

I bujo because I am forgetful and need a place to put down what I want to get done while I have an idea of what that actually IS… which honestly is not a lot of the time. I also bujo because it is so creative compared to other planning as well as adjustable to my needs. I share it online to open up my spreads for others to see how I do it (sharing ideas), and because it helps keep me accountable to keep doing it as well as reach out and make friends in the creative community…

I do not bujo so I can buy all the things, make my spreads look like perfection (I don’t have the time nor the equipment), or put people down (I’m an uplifter). That is so not my rodeo!

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