i just felt like making this so here you go

This illustration represents two of my favorite things: fashion, and Hamilton.

Actually, it’s been a pretty long time that I wanted to draw a Hamilton piece. I’ve been obsessed with this musical for months, I almost felt like being a teenager again.
It sometimes makes me regret not to live in NYC.

I’m living in Paris, and even if it’s where Les Misérables were born, well, musicals are not really… trendy here. Or as good as Broadway’s.

I felt like my contribution would be pointless. 
But whatever happens, I just have to create whatever the heck makes me happy (and well, if it makes you happy too, then I would be blessed).

How perfect were these three in their gowns performing this iconic song at the Tonys ?

Hamilton, @linmanuel , thank you to infinity and beyond for bringing so much joy, inclusiveness and positivity into this world.
I’ll always do my best to do so.
(Even if it’s with scrappy drawings).

Thank you ! 💖

Pairing: Pharmercy

Warning: Fluff without Plot (sfw but not safe from cavities)

Outside the security exit, Fareeha rolled on the balls of her feet. She checked her phone for the time, lips thinned as it changed to the next minute. Just as she was putting it back into her pocket, it vibrated with a text.

Just landed.

As safe as flying was supposed to be, the tiny ball of anxiety in Fareeha’s heart eased. She texted back, Okay. I am here.

She put the phone in her pocket, only for it to vibrate again a minute later.

Ugh, they’re moving so slow. I can’t wait to see you.

No need to rush, I’m not going anywhere :)

Angela texted back a series of hearts that made Fareeha smile. She slid the phone into her pocket and tried to control the adoring expression she’d been making at it.

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Jealousy (Dan Howell x reader)

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here’s more Dan stuff wish me like on the finals I’m not studying for rn 

also I WILL make a second part to this one that is smut I’m just super tired but felt like I should post so here you go


 Jealousy. I hated to admit it but the was to overall feeling that rushed over me when Dan did collabs with girls or hung out with other girls. Watching him relate with all of this gorgeous girls who had the EXACT same job as him just made my blood boil. But little did Dan know these feelings…

  I struggled travelling up through the lobby of Dan and Phil’s apartment complex, hands full with bags of chinese food. Dan had just gotten back from his TATINOF tour so being the loving girlfriend I am I decided to surprise him. As I made my way to door of his apartment, my excitement suddenly fizzled out as the sounds of girlish giggles filled my ears. I quickly unlocked the door, fumbling with the keys slightly as I bursted in the door and rushed up the stairs. I rushed into the longue to find Cat and Dan happily sitting on the couch watching a movie. Her head laid on his shoulder as Dan’s attention turned to me. He suddenly hopped up and walked over to me.

 “Y/n! What are you doing here?” He questioned but my eyes still burned into Cat as I gritted my teeth.

 “I could ask her the same thing.” My eyes turned to Dan’s as anger suddenly took over me.

 “Y/n what are you…”

 “So instead of responding to your GIRLFRIEND’S text and not even TRYING to make plans with me you decide to invite her over?!” I slightly yelled causing Cat to jumped and Dan’s eyes to widen.

 “Don’t start this right now. She was in town and I thought since Phil was still in Florida, I would invite her over.” Dan spoke harshly at me as I turned my attention back to Cat who was staring at us, unsure of what to do.

 “You can leave now.” I spat at her causing her to nod and quickly exit the room and eventually the sound of the front door closing ringed through the room.

 “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!” Dan shrieked at me causing me to chuckle.

 “Am I kidding you? Hm last time I checked I didn’t choose another girl to hang out with OVER MY GIRLFRIEND.” I yelled as Dan’s breathing began to increase, his face becoming red with anger. 

 “Y/n sorry I don’t want to hang with you ALL THE TIME. Sorry I actually have another friends that I liked to hang out with. Sorry my whole life doesn’t revolve around YOU. I’M SORRY I’M NOT A CLINGY BITCH LIKE YOU.” He screamed in my face as I felt everything around me disappear. Tears whelmed up in my eyes as I stared at the boy who I loved with all of me. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I saw Dan’s face soften, realizing the harsh comment he had just stated. “Baby I…”

 “A clingy bitch huh? Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I won’t bother you ever again.” I whispered as I dropped the chinese food on the table. “Here’s your fucking dinner.” I brushed past him walking towards the front door as I felt somebody grab my wrist and pull me back.

 “Baby no. No no no no. I’m sorry you know I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.” He whispered, tears now rolling down his face as I kept my eyes on the floor tears now dripping on the hardwood floor. I felt a hand under my chin and lift my head up gently. My eyes soon met a pair of teary, caramel eyes as I let a quiet sob escape my quivering lips. Dan’s face created a concerned facial expression. I shook my head slightly mumbling.

 “Please… just leave me alone right now…” The expression the Dan showed next broke my heart even more. His lips were slightly parted as he nodded his head in understandment.

 “Okay angel, but please stay here with me. You can go into my room I promise I won’t bother you until you’re ready.” I agreed with a slight nod as Dan placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I pulled away turning my back to him as I walked into his room quietly closing the door and locking it behind me before crashing on his bed and completely breaking down.

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“Leave me,” she managed to tell.
“It’s okay, I don’t need you at times like this. I don’t want you here. I don’t want you seeing me like this so please just go. Go the hell wherever you want,” she exclaimed without her voice breaking.

He looked into her eyes directly and he felt a pang of pain. He took a few steps back, shook his head and walked away from her. It was terrifying—to open yourself up to someone, especially if that person loves you; especially if that person will still love you no matter what. It will only make you think like you are so worthy of love but you are not.

She is nothing but darkness and she knows he has always been afraid of the dark. She cried silently, she could hear the destruction of her heart loudly. She was right; he was like everybody else. She cried herself to sleep that night and hoped to God she won’t wake up the next morning. But she did. She woke up with a dizzy feeling. Her head feeling so light it feels like a balloon being flown to the sky, her heart feeling so drenched like a plant that’s being left in the desert. When she opened the door, she saw him there, looking soulfully at her.

“What are you doing here?”
“You’re probably thinking I was flighty last night and that I left you alone. For starters, yes I did leave you alone because you asked me to. I know you can’t handle that thing that’s going in your head but I still want you to know I don’t want to save you. Because if I save you, I will be your new source of dark days. That is why I let you be on your own last night. I want you to realize how important am I to you so I made you think that I am just like everybody else because I want you to know that I am not. I am here, goddammit,” he paused. He made a deep sigh.

“I am here and I am not going anywhere. You want to know why? I simply love you. No, it’s not simple, it is pretty much complicated in the best way but I want you to know that I am staying. I don’t care what happened in your past, I don’t care about your flaws, when will you ever see that? I love you—in ways you cannot think I can. I know you’re scared and that’s okay. Just please, choose to be scared with me. I am scared too so let’s be scared together.”

—  s.a., of terrified hearts and calloused hands
Stydia fic recommendations

so, i decided to read some of my favorite fics before 6x01 airs so making another list felt like a good idea. you can see the first one i made here. 

Peripheral Vision - Prompt: When Stiles drops Lydia off after meeting with Vallack, all she manages to get out is “Thanks for not letting me go alone.” But Stiles has so much more to say to her, and she listens to him. She remembers. [MISSING SCENE]  (honeslty just read all of  @wellsjahasghost stydia fics)

maybe someday we’ll get it right  - 5 soulmate universes that Stiles and Lydia don’t end up together, and one where fate wins out and they do;  i think everyone on the fandom has read this but this fic fucks me up so i had to mention it.

You Can Stay With Me For Now by @rongasm - Stiles and Lydia bridge the gap. only the best fic to read between s5 and s6 (i am actually mad we will never see those scenes in canon.) 

Underneath this pale moon sky - Remember I love you. written by @braveprincesa oh god please read this.

Colors -  Stiles Stilinski loves Lydia Martin in every color of the rainbow. someone needs to talk with me about this fic, it’s one of my fav ones and i re-read this while making this list opsss. by @winterblues

Please Leave A Tip - coffee shop AU. i really like this one.

these things will never change (series) -  Sometimes love is messy and complicated. idk what i should tell you because it could be a spoiler! This is my all time stydia fic so enjoy!

and there we’ll feel what’s human inside her- lydia martin character study and part 3 of the out of the ash series by @madgrad2011

Also, if you want to read my fics, here’s some of them:  AyurnamatI’m tired of this place I hope people change.Your eyes tell me everything


Can you do a Bruce x Reader having sex after he saves her? Omg I’m so excited” - Anonymous 

It’s precious followers like you that keep me going, here you are love❤️

It was just supposed to be a simple run to the grocery store. Nothing more, nothing less. How were you supposed to know that some thugs were looking for a fight with Bruce, your husband. You didn’t know anything! 

It wasn’t your fault thought, it happened so quickly. 

One minute, you’re contemplating on what you should help Alfred make for dinner on Sunday and the next, you get knocked upside the head with what it felt like a metal bat and thrown into a van. 

Next thing you know, you’re tied up to a chair in the middle of a huge abandoned warehouse you were sure was way outside Gotham and guys with weird clown masks started taunting you about Bruce and then saying “"Batman ain’t gon save you know!” Or “ if your husband knows what’s good for him, he would follow the ransom”  

Of course you were scared. You were just a working wife and mother to four boys, you weren’t a fighter. You didn’t like violence. Hell, you still worry about the boys when they go out patrolling with Bruce every night. 

But, thank god for Bruce’s over protectiveness and him putting a tracker in your cellphone for situations like this because after thirty minutes, he was there to save the day….or night. 

You watched as he fought with ferocious anger and the way he handled every man was just……you couldn’t explain it. 

Bruce was all man. Through and through. 

A man with an intimidating demeanor , a man with beautiful posture and a man of such class, it almost scared you. 

But it shook you up. In a good way. 

Oh, you loved it when he took charge of things and just commanded things. 

Yes, he was all man. 

When he took you back home from that kidnapping, he did not stop until the both of you were in the master bedroom. You were fine with the way he swung you into the room and pushed you on the bed, not before locking the door, of course. 

Quickly taking off the top part of his suit, he tossed it aside, letting it bang on the floor loudly and climbed on top of you and kissed you like he never had before. Oh, the kiss was the match that lit your fire. You let his tongue wrestle with yours softly as his hands explored ever inch of your quivering body. Ripping open your button up blouse, gripping your buttocks, making you gasp in his mouth as your own hands slide up and down his muscled bare back and chest you loved so much. 

He moved his soft lips to your neck, sucking and licking your trigger spot just to hear you groan out in pleasure. He loved that sound you made. He loved how you let him control everything that was your body. It just made him want you more. Hell, he could go all night with you. 

Sliding both your panties and your trousers off, he kissed down your stomach, while giving you a seductive smirk as he ran his long you get up and down your stomach, watching you squeal and squirm under him. Oh yes, he was planing on going all night with you. 

Not even bothering to tease you, he went straight for your wet pussy, letting his toumge lick up and down and around your clitoris. That made you yell out and arch your back. Your hips would be bucking if he wasn’t holding them down with his big, rough hands as she went to town on you.

You kept moaning loudly, gripping his hair and occasionally, looking at him look at you with that same smirk, knowing that he does this to you. Knowing that he controls you. 

And you loved it. Oh, how you loved it. 

Sucking noises and moans filled the air as you were in pure bliss at the feeling he was giving you. And just as you were about to cum, he stops.

Just like that. He stops. You wanted to beg him to keep going and never stop but as soon as he took off his trousers and shoved his huge cock inside you, everything came back. 

All that pleasure filled you as he pumped in your physique. Going faster and faster as you kept moaning his name and leaving scratch marks on his back. 

He pumped into you as his head buried inside your neck, whispering “"You like that? You want me to go faster?” And “"Oh, I love your body so much,ahhh” 

The bed creaked, the room was sex filled and you were in great amount of pleasure. 

As all of that pleasure kept building up, your screams got louder and louder as his thrusts got harder and faster. He whispers. “ Let it go baby, let all go.” 

And that’s what you did. You released all of yourself on him as he released himself in you. 

Thrusts getting sloppier and slower, you both moan out your orgasm until it was over. 

Not even bothering to move off of you, Bruce stayed on top of you, sweaty as you are and out of breath. 

He rocked your world, left you sore, but you didn’t care. You were in too much of a good mood from your bedroom olympics to care about body pain. 

Hell, you didn’t care if anyone heard. All you cared about was your man that was on you, just as tired as you are. In pure euphoria. 

A/N: I’ll be the first to say this, I have written smut but never posted it. Now that I know people actually love my writing, I’m more confident on doing more of these. So thank you for this. 

Let me know what you think, I seriously want your feedback, it helps me become a better writer. Thank you love, hoped you enjoy ❤️


i really really really wanna talk about this
This right here is how Dean Winchester loves.
hes been mad at Cas for days, hes worried but he doesnt say anything doesnt show it, hes been insulting Cas and giving him the cold shoulder for a week but the moment someone insinuates that Cas doesnt have a home (which he knows Cas already felt like) he snaps, hes so mad he doesnt even have a comeback he just wants to make a point. He looks into the eyes of an angel, one he doesnt know, one who hates humans and could kill him without standing up and says “You can go to hell” and that is how Dean loves.

he wont buy you flowers he wont take you to the movies he doesnt care about your interests he doesnt care about your friends hell half the time he doesnt think about your feelings but he will look into the eyes of God and say “fuck you for making him suffer” he will die at the hands of an angel he could have banished but didnt he will bleed and he will burn for you

and you would do the same.


Lunvr’s Art Collection Vol. 2

Hi party peoples, I guess you could call this a followers gift since I made it to 700 this week, um it’s just some pop art from whoisandrejones, support him he makes great clothing as well as pieces like this, and well it’s really bright and cute, and I felt like I needed more like this in my game, so here ya go. Download unda the cut.

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SPECIAL THANKS: @delincuenta for this BEAUTIFUL banner! love u bab :’) also the drawing done by an old friendo who is no longer on tumblr anymore – just wanted a quick disclaimer so ya’ll know I didn’t draw that lmao. 

alright, onto the tags! ( the most important part !! ) 

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So after all the things I read about Le Fou being bad representation I was a bit skeptical about him going into Beauty and the Beast but holy crap I loved him so much.
Yes he was Gastons sidekick but honestly he was a good person. He cheers Gaston up when he’s feeling down and is a really good friend too him, like get yourself a friend that will sing a song about you to make you feel better. But when Gaston ties Maurice up to a tree and leaves him to die he questions it, asks if there is anything else he can do and he felt guilty leaving him there and was so happy to see him in the bar alive. When they were going to attack the castle he acknowledges that there is a monster here but it’s not beast, it’s Gaston. I honestly think he just stuck with Gaston for so long because he loved him (in a friendly way or more than that, idk) and was also a bit scared of what Gaston would do if he let him down or did something Gaston wouldn’t agree with.
So 100% disagree with people who say he was bad representation for the lgbtq community.

Any Good Boyfriend Would Do It

​Genre: Fluff and smut

​Word count: 2.2 k

​Summary: FTM trans!Dan is forced into going to school in a pushup bra by his mom because she washed his binder, otherwise known as his sports bras. Good boyfriend Phil comes in and gives Dan his hoodie, making sure his chest is well hidden to dull down Dan’s massive dysphoria. The bell rings before they get to class so they ditch and have sex at Dan’s house. Through singing Troye and kissing through giggles, Phil always makes Dan feel like the boy he knows he is.

​A/N: I decided to go out of my comfort zone of fic writing and write this. I haven’t really written vaginal sex before, so hopefully this isn’t too shit. Sorry for those who don’t like trans!Dan smut, I just felt the need to write it because I have been wanting to for a long time so here it is. Feedback is always welcome, even if you hate it tell me because I’d love to know!


I walked through the halls and I felt extremely exposed, I hadn’t worn a binder today because my mum had insisted I wash it. I didn’t have an actual proper binder, I had 3 sports bras that I layered over my semi-flat already chest. I wasn’t exactly a large cup size, which helped things significantly but since today I was forced into wearing an actual bra my chest was apparent and I hated it. I few people seemed to notice I guess, some of the guys smirking at me, probably thinking I had figured out I wasn’t trans when, yes, I am trans, I just don’t have the means to bind today. I was really anxious, my face pale from the exposure of my chest that I just couldn’t handle. I got to my locker, sucking in a deep breath go try and calm myself as I opened it up. The stupid mirror inside flashes at me, and I see my B cup chest apparent through my T-shirt. We’ve had to do laundry today, according to mum, and she was so far behind on it all I had were small feminine shirts and nothing to bind with. I stood there, staring at my reflection and shuddering softly. I hated how feminine I look, how my hips are wide set, my middle quite small with small chubs in the front. I kept glaring at my reflection, wishing to just have my chest at least covered.

​That’s when, from the corner of my mirror, I saw Phil running at full speed to get to me. He was running down the halls, pushing guys and girls aside. He finally got over to me and started panting and breathing heavily, him raising his hand to me to signal me to give him a minute to breathe I guess. Finally, he stood up right and evened his breathing, kissing my cheek and speaking.

“Hey baby boy.” He said to me, his voice raspy still. My out of shape boyfriend everyone.

“Hey, Phil.” I said softly, my voice in a tone to indicate my sadness to him. He looked at me, looking at my chest.

“Baby boy, where’s your binder?” he asked me and I frowned deeply at him, looking at my feet.
“Mum made me wash them last night, and insisted I wear a push up bra.” I sighed softly, leaning my head to the side and looking at him.

“Oh my gosh baby.” He said and his eyes went wide, he started pulling me towards the bathrooms without warning.

“Phil what the heck!” I said as he pulled my gently next to the bathrooms. He hgot his hoodie out of his backpack, smiling softly at me.

“Take off the bra, and put on my hoodie. It’s about 2 sizes too big for me so it’ll be huge on you my love. Then give me the stupid bra and I will dispose of it.” He said to me and I couldn’t help but grin wildly, blushing softly at him. I took the hoodie shyly, walking into the bathroom.

​I pulled off my shirt, unclipping my bra after wards and tossing it to the floor. I pulled back on my shirt and pulled on Phil’s hoodie, walking out of the stall and looking into the mirror. The hoodie hung so much off me, my arms didn’t even go through the sleeves. It was so big it looked like I was bigger than I actually was, and it covered my chest and a huge grin spread over my face. I was still dysphoric, I always am when not binding, but at least my chest was hidden. I walked back to the stall, picking up the bra and walking back to the hallway where Phil leaned against the wall next to the entrance to the girl’s restroom that I was forced to use for the time being. He opened his bag and stuffed the bra inside it to the very bottom, kissing my cheek.

“You look so cute in my hoodie babe.” He said to me and cheekily winked.

“Haha.” I said sarcastically with a playful eye roll.

“Thank you, Phil.” I said and hugged his waist, my arms not going all the way around him and him hugging me back.

“No problem, baby boy.” He smiled at me and I looked up at him, grinning.

“I owe you one.” I said and leaned up to peck his lips softly and he shrugged.

“You don’t owe me anything. Any good boyfriend would do this kind of thing.” He answered.

“So you don’t want a blow job for being the best boyfriend ever?” I laughed and he smiled ta me, shaking his head softly and grinning.

“I’ll take any offer for a blow job, but I gave you my track hoodie because it’s huge and I wanted my boyfriend to not be anxious all day.” He told me and I blushed softly, nodding and kissing his lips again, him kissing back for a few moments before I pulled away, smirking, and singing loudly.

“Kiss me on the mouth! And set me freeeeeeee but please don’t bite!” I shout-sang, him starting to crack up and laugh hysterically.

“You seriously started singing Troye didn’t you?” he laughed and I shrugged, smiling at him fondly.

“I did. It felt right in the moment babe.” I answered and he wrapped an arm around my middle, kissing my cheek and nodding.

“I’m dating the hugest dork I’ve ever met.” He said and shook his head playfully.

“I’m hot!” I insisted and he laughed quietly.

Apparently the bell had already rung, because as we looked around no one was in the halls.

“You are.” He granted, leaning down and kissing my nose. “Apparently we missed the bell. So how would my gorgeous boyfriend like to ditch with me? I could use a smoke break.” He grinned and I smiled back fondly, my teeth flashing as I nodded microscopically.

“Yeah. That sounds good. Mums at work, we could go over to mine?” I offered.

“Sounds great babe.” He grinned. We started walking towards the front doors, the security level as low as can be at this school. He led me out the front, holding my hand in his as we walked. I flipped my fringe out of my hair as he lit his cigarette, smiling over at me.

“What do you wanna do at my house?” I asked softly and he shrugged.

“Whatever you wanna do babe.” He smiled and pecked my lips, turning to inhale a drag on his cigarette.

“Your wish for sooner death intrigues me.” I laughed softly.

“You smoke too, shut up!” He giggled and I nodded, letting a small and feminine giggle slip my lips.

“Yeah. You’re right.” I smiled.

​Once we got to my house I led him upstairs and into my room, giggling. He sat on my bed, and I jumped on him, tackling him and kissing all over his face with wild giggles. He laughed and wrapped his arms around my middle, kissing me gently. I kissed him back slowly, humming softly against his lips as he swiped his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I parted my lips enough for him to intrude, sliding his tongue methodically beside mine. I hummed softly, his hand traveling up my hoodie and along my hips. He never moved above my lower ribs, he knew what was there and he knew I didn’t like it seen or touched. He had seen them multiple times, but I didn’t like them touched or felt. And he respected that and even encouraged me to have boundaries. His finger-tips traced through the dips in my hips, me smirking gently and moving my thigh between his legs as we kissed. I moved my hands to his jeans, unbuttoning them as we kissed a bit quicker, more firmly. I unzipped his jeans, tugging them off him and throwing them across the room. He sat up, pulling off his t shirt so that he was left in his boxers as we heavily and heatedly made out.

​He moved to unbutton my jeans, me letting out a breath as he looked at me for the okay. I nodded to him, letting him know that it was alright. He pulled the zipper down my jeans, flipping us to wear he was on top as he tugged down my jeans, tossing them with his discarded clothing. I was left in a hoodie and boxers, because I’m a freaking guy and I refuse to wear pretty lacey undies like my stupid mom wants me too. He kissed my lips once more, moving to kiss my neck and jawline with open mouth kisses. He kissed over my throat, a small and soft moan erupting from my lips. He smirked victoriously, kissing down my neck and then back to my lips. I pulled off my boxers, letting my lower half be bare. He grinned and lifted my hoodie gently, kissing my stomach and over my hips, nipping softly and making me moan loudly in content and pleasure. He got to the area between my legs, the area I hate. The thing that causes me the most dysphoria. He gently got his head between my thighs, licking over me and causing me to moan the loudest I had during this session.

​He soon was gyrating his tongue over my clit, making the dysphoria solemnly disappear without a fight, fading all my feelings to pleasure. He looked up at me, and I couldn’t help but wrap my legs around his neck as he kept going. He moved his hand between my legs, moving a finger towards me. He pushed it in, adding to my pleasure and making me moan loudly as he thrusted it slowly into me. He had his tongue pressed flat against my clit, lapping over it and pressuring me closer to orgasm. I pulled at his hair, telling him to stop before I came. He nodded slowly, sitting up and kissing my throat.

“Can you..um..” I stuttered over my words, still shy about things even after 8 months of being with this man.

“Want me to fuck you, baby boy?” he asked me and I nodded shyly, loving how he referred to me as a male even after looking at my area of dysphoria.

​He took off his boxers, his cock red and hard against his stomach, the tip leaking. I reached over into my top drawer, handing him a condom from the box. He ripped it open with his teeth, kissing my throat as he rolled it onto himself. He lined up with me, letting me nod before he pushed in. He always wanted consent. He slowly started to push in, getting as much as he could before pulling out and going back in agonizingly slow. He soon built up a rhythm, thrusting in and out of me at a medium pace, careful not to hurt me or makes things hurt since I was kind of new to having sex. We had been doing it a while, maybe 3 months, but I still was always worried about getting hurt, so he always made sure the pace was to my pleasure over his own. He moved his hand down, being the gentleman that he is and rubbing my clit with two fingers, providing extra stimulation other than what I was getting as he thrusted into me, his hips grinding deep into me. I moaned loudly, my breathing erratic and him letting out soft grunts of pleasure.

​My moans were loud; I was always loud in bed. His grunts and my moans suffocated any other sound in the room, blocking out any other noise. His hips kept moving in and out of me quickly, me chanting his name on loop and I felt myself grow nearer to my orgasm. My voice went high and strained, my orgasm hitting hard and I came, pushing my hips back and gripping the sheets, my back arching up off the bed as he fucked into my spot through my orgasm. I moaned loudly, finally coming down but him still going into me quickly until his thrusts came to a halt moments later, before pulling out and slamming back into me, me squealing loudly in pleasure and over stimulation as he moaned a throaty noise, releasing inside the condom. He almost collapsed on top of me out of exhaustion, pulling out and pulling off the condom, tying it and throwing it in the bin by my dresser. He rolled over off of me, laying on his back and panting heavily. I moved myself over, my hoodie still on to hide my upper half as I lay on his chest, him wrapping an arm around me and sighing softly as he caught his breath.

“I love you so much Dan.” He said to me and I smiled tiredly at him, kissing his chest and nodding.

“I love you too. Can we nap?” I asked him.

“Yeah. We definitely can.” He laughed breathily, smiling at me and closing his eyes. I shut my eyes, drifting off with him and humming in content. For some reason, in this moment, I felt the most male than I had in a long time. I fell asleep, smiling about my awesome boyfriend. Being transgender was no cake walk, I was always misgendered, constantly. Always called ‘baby girl’ or my least favorite, ‘Neveah’. But I wasn’t a Neveah, I’m a Dan. And Phil knows that better than anyone, and really, he’s the only one I need to know that. I love him. And luckily, he loves me.

5 Times Bucky Sees You Shirtless

PSA!!: I’ve seen so many one shots like this, and I felt really inspired so I searched EVERYWHERE on here to make sure that no one had wrote a one shot exactly like this, and I didn’t find one. Of course, I could’ve missed it, but to anyone who has written one of these just know that I’m not copying you I’m just inspired!!

You guys, I am so sorry I haven’t posted in like a week and a half, I’m really sick (upper respiratory infection wtf) and I’ve barely been on my computer, so I’m working on requests and stuff and I’m going to post this so it will hopefully make you guys happy!! This is so cliché and whatnot but omg I love this idea and I hope you do too :)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: semi-naked reader throughout the whole story, not very descriptive smut, fluff, awkwardness, sexual tension, a bit of angst? like slightly idk

Word Count: 1802

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The first time Bucky sees you shirtless, it’s a complete mistake. You were in your room, and Bucky was walking by your room as he heard you grunting through the closed door. He knew he should have knocked, but he dove straight in as it sounded like you were struggling or hurt.

“Y/n?” As you were about to protest, he stopped in his tracks as he saw you, standing up without a shirt or bra, hands covering your breasts.

“Bucky?! What the hell!” you saw him struggling with his words, looking anywhere except you.

“I heard you, it sounded like you were in pain! I was making sure you were okay, thank you very much.”

“I was in pain! My arm hurts like a bitch and for the life of me I couldn’t get my shirt off, but you could have knocked,” You felt overexposed, moving your gaze from him as well. “I’m okay now though, so thank you. You can leave now.” You chuckled nervously as he nodded and practically ran out of you room. So much for closing doors.

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this is kind of out of nowhere but i’ve been wanting to post about it for weeks now
i keep getting paranoid and just putting it off. but i think im ready to talk about it
so like,, here we go. for a while now i’ve been struggling with my gender identity and i think i’ve finally decided that i feel genderfluid. i don’t really have any pronoun preferences or anything so i guess you guys can just call me he/him or she/her or they/them. i feel like this is stupid and im just being annoying by making a post like this but idk. i felt like i should sorta come out. thats all thank u im sorry for bothering everyone. go on with ur day 🖤

This is my response to the prompt of ‘gifts’. It took me 65 minutes, and I was able to get it to 1471 words~

I felt the need to write something Zen x MC, so here it is~

You had been dating Zen for almost year by this point, and every day it felt like a brand new experience, just like those first few days you’d spent with one another… But with your anniversary approaching, Zen had wanted to make that one day different and unique.

Except… What would he do, to make your one year anniversary even more perfect than the rest of your time together?

He went and asked everyone in the RFA what they thought he should do.

Jaehee had suggested getting you tickets to one of his shows, but… he did that anyway. The best seats too! Front row, right near where he did most of his performances, just so that he could smile at you whenever he was on stage!

Jumin had suggested taking you out to some sort of expensive restaurant. The thing is… It was far out of both yours and Zen’s combined budgets, and he didn’t like the fact that Jumin had offered to pay, because that would make it a gift from Jumin, not from himself.

Yoosung, sweet little Yoosung, started gushing about how Zen could take you out to a café somewhere, and then you could go on a romantic moon-lit stroll, but… Well, the two of you knew first-hand that Zen’s fans were relentless when they realised that Zen was out in public. He couldn’t risk ruining the anniversary because of his fans…

Seven just went on about his typical nonsense about space stations and Honey Buddha Chips… But honestly, who would go to that guy for relationship advice?

It was thankfully V who was able to give Zen the best idea… In Zen’s words, “V has saved his life yet again!” The photographer had said that he should get you something which would make the night memorable, and make sure that he gave it to you in a place of significance to the two of you. He then said that maybe he could get you something to show your love for each other, and maybe have it be a keepsake of sorts which you could always have with you for the rest of your life.

It was that which made the idea finally come to Zen’s head…

He was going to get you the best gift you had ever got in your life (besides him, of course).

The day of your anniversary was quick to arrive, and Zen had woke up early – 4am for that matter – so that he could make sure that your morning was perfect. His main gift was being given to you tonight, on the roof of the very building that the two of you lived in because of that being where the two of you had quite the emotional confession to one another. It wasn’t a love confession that day (because after all, that came a few days later after Zen had saved you from the hacker), but rather a confession about how nice the first day of actually meeting each other was. That day… meant a lot to Zen.

That was the day that he truly knew that he was in love with you.

First things first though… Zen needed to get back to his preparations. It was vital that he never found your most important gift, so that went securely into his pocket and was not to leave until that night.

His first minor gift was breakfast in bed, so he decided to make you your favourite breakfast once the time reached 6:30. He had to make sure that his meal was absolutely perfect, so he took his time and paid attention to every little detail of the meal. Even down to the plating, he had to make sure that it was perfect for his princess.

Before he took it in to you though, he went and took a photo of the food… He wanted to remember this day too, so that if it went really well… He’d be able to take inspiration for years to come.

Also, he went and grabbed hold of a bag which he had been able to keep hidden from you for a good few days now… He’d bought you some new clothes which he knew that you had been admiring recently, but claimed that you “weren’t earning enough with your current job to afford them”. He had secretly been saving money so that he could splash out on you on an occasion such as this… These clothes also felt really comfortable, so he was excited to see the look on your face when he gave them to you.

Seeing you happier than normal was worth missing a day of rehearsals… Even though his current director was completely aware of it being your anniversary today, and had given him the day off… He liked to think that he was being big and rebellious doing this sort of thing, just to build up his excitement.

So, he went into the bedroom and smiled at your sleeping form. You were so… Beautiful… And what’s more, you were his… His princess, his maiden, his one true love…

“Hey, babe… It’s time you woke up…” He sat down beside you on the bed as you began to stir, and placed the tray of food on the bedside table. For a few moments, you yawned and stretched, before sitting up and rubbing your eyes. “Good morning, princess…” He pressed a kiss to your cheek, before he went and gave you the food which he had prepared. “Happy anniversary~”

“Anni… Anniver- what now?! Anniversary?!” Your eyes were wide in surprise, and then you looked between him and the food. “Today’s our anniversary?!”

Zen grinned, and wrapped his arms around your shoulders. “Well, tomorrow is the one year anniversary for the day which the RFA hosted its party with you as the planner and organiser, and if you remember, we confessed our love after I saved you from the bomb and the hacker…” He then pressed a kiss to your lips, and laughed quietly. “Love you, babe…”

You then found yourself blushing, before leaning forward and pressing a kiss to your boyfriend’s cheek. “Zen… I’m so sorry that I forgot… I would have got you something otherwise!”

“That doesn’t matter… Your happiness is the perfect gift…” And so would be the ideal reaction to his final gift…

Once you had ate (and both you and Zen had resisted ‘the beast’ coming out the whole time because apparently you looked adorable and sexy as you ate the meal) Zen then stopped you from getting out of bed, and retrieved the bag of clothes which he had bought for you.

“Surprise, babe~” He sang, before he stood up and stretched his arms. “I’ll be waiting in the lounge for you, so that we can watch some films and maybe some of my musicals together… By the way, you need to make sure that you’re wearing some of what’s in that bag this evening.”

Once Zen had left the room, you reached into the bag, and you felt your cheeks warming up and a smile forming on your face as you pulled out what was in it. “Zen… You’re so sweet…” You held the clothes close to your chest, and laughed quietly. “I can’t believe how lovely this is… I’m definitely going to have to make up for this.

That evening, to say that Zen was jumpy was an understatement. He had turned off the film which the two of you were watching once the credits began to roll, before he led you out onto the roof of the building. He then took hold of your hands, and smiled at you. Even though he was a brilliant actor, he was finding it difficult to hide his anxiety – it was clearly obvious to you, after all…

Soon enough, Zen gazed at the sky and sighed. “The skies are clear, just like the first time that I took you up here…”

You nodded, and leaned your head on his shoulder. “Yep… At least you’re not using crutches this time, Hyun…” A bright blush formed on Zen’s face at the use of his actual name, and he began to stutter. You began giggling at that reaction, before pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“B- Baaaaabe, don’t do this to me, not before I can give you your final gift!” He was highly flustered as he then reached into his pocket and took a deep breath. “Hey… Are you ready for this?” He then took hold of one of your hands, and waited for you to nod.

Once he got the response he wanted, he showed you what he was holding on to. Your eyes widened, before looking between the item and Zen. “A- A ring?!”

“Yeah… It’s a ring. A- Actually… an engagement ring. Babe… Will you marry me?”

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Imma lil confused...what did dat Freud ass do dat u hate him so much? I hope I dont make ya angry, Imma just curious~

so like. everything about him makes me angry

idk how much of a rant you want me to go on for this, but to give you a vague idea, tho, here are the highlights:

  • he thought shame wasnt a genuine emotion adult men felt
    • ”Freud seemed to think that shame was the emotion of children, women, and savages“  (x)
    • & what, you may ask, was his methodology for this? “Because he saw so little evidence of shame in himself and in his male colleagues… Seeing little shame in himself and his friends, he found it, in his earliest work (1895), in his patients, all of whom were women“ (x) 
  • he wrote the words “feminine soul” (x)
    • he was, as you mightve guessed by that last quote, super fucking sexist. he also said “Women oppose change, receive passively, and add nothing of their own,” (x)
    • penis envy. he genuinely believed in penis envy. (x)
  • his works were done with shit methodology & are basically considered nonsense now, but many ppl still actually take his work at face value as science. which it is not. 
    • “Freud has, for the most part, fallen completely out of favor in academia. Virtually no institution in any discipline would dare use him as a credible source. In 1996, Psychological Science reached the conclusion that “[T]here is literally nothing to be said, scientifically or therapeutically, to the advantage of the entire Freudian system or any of its component dogmas.“ As a research paradigm, it’s pretty much dead.” (x)
    • despite the above point, i still have to have freud shoved down my throat in every goddamn social science or philosophy class as if he had genuinely legitimate ideas. which he did not.
  • srsly. his ideas were mostly shit. “ Freud is truly in a class of his own. Arguably no other notable figure in history was so fantastically wrong about nearly every important thing he had to say. But, luckily for him, academics have been – and still are – infinitely creative in their efforts to whitewash his errors, even as lay readers grow increasingly dumbfounded by the entire mess.” (x)
  • he lied. all the goddamn time. “Just ask the “Wolf Man,” Sergius Pankejeff, whom Freud supposedly cured but who was, in truth, consigned to psychoanalysis for an additional 60 years. Not surprising, Pankejeff considered Freud’s effect on his life a “catastrophe."” (x)
  • i cannot emphasize enough that his work has been thoroughly discredited
    • i also cannot emphasize enough that i still have to hear about his damn theories in class

freuds only place in modern science is in the history chapter of psychology textbooks. hes discredited, his work was full of bullshit, & im filled with an infinite amount of salt over that fact that he keeps popping up in my science classrooms/textbooks as if he still has a relevant viewpoint

he was super influential and important to psychology, but thats it

hes history, not science.

The boys take care of MC when she’s sick/injured - MFW Fluff!

So I got a message from a lovely anon who was recovering from surgery and requested some MFW fluff.

This is actually also my first MFW head canon, so I’m pretty excited!

Enjoy and to the anon who requested this, I hope you had a speedy recovery! I’m sorry this took so long! 

@booteen I thought you might like to be tagged in this :3 

Here we go!

Ren - You knew that you hadn’t felt well when you were finishing up the chores the night before. Having hoped that maybe you had just pushed yourself a little too much, you went to bed with the hopes that some sleep would make it better.
Though as you woke up with a throbbing headache, the light coming in through the voile curtains only added to your discomfort as you let out a small groan and turned to face Ren. Hugging into his chest, you felt his arms pull you closer in his half asleep state.
Burying your head against his chest, you breathed in his scent and found yourself some temporary relief in his embrace.
Though of course, the pain soon began to wear on you as you felt your temperature rising. Shifting out of Ren’s arms, you got out of bed and went into the bathroom, feeling sluggish and lethargic as you splashed some cool water on your face. Though as you raised your head, it felt as though the room spun slightly, throwing you off balance as you used the sink to brace yourself. Thinking you were perhaps dehydrated, you decided to go into the kitchen and get a glass of water, though you soon found yourself going light-headed again as you eased yourself down onto the floor to try and prevent injuring yourself if you lost consciousness.
Having gotten up in your absence, Ren had come to find you, his tired eyes widening as he found you slumped on the floor in the kitchen.
‘…Are you okay?’
Dropping to his knees in an instant, Ren implored you to tell him what was wrong, though you struggled to form a coherent sentence.
‘My head…’ you remarked slowly, feeling the cool touch from Ren’s hand as he placed the back of his palm against it.
‘Warmer than usual…’ he murmured as if to himself, before easily slipping one arm under your legs while the other supported your back.
‘You need to go back to bed…’ Ren explained in his ever soothing voice, though you thought you noticed a trace of concern in his eyes as he carried you back to the bedroom.
Placing you down as though he feared you might break, Ren left the room for a few moments, before promptly coming back with a towel, a glass of water and some tablets.
Stopping you from sitting up, Ren gently brushed your hair back from your forehead, before folding the towel over and gently placing it above your brow.
Feeling the cool dampness from it and realising Ren had dipped it in water, he then helped you to take some painkillers and encouraged you to drink as much as you felt able.
After shutting out the bright light by draping a darker sheet over the curtains, Ren came to lie beside you again, taking your hand in his so that you would know he was there.
‘…Sleep now,’ he muttered, watching you intently as you offered him a weak smile.
‘Thank you Ren…’
Smiling softly at your words, Ren pressed a gentle kiss to the back of your hand before settling down beside you.
You had no idea how long it was before you woke up again, but you found Ren still sleeping beside you, wearing his usual pyjamas as you glanced to the clock and realised he had missed work. Moving the now dry towel, you blinked a couple of times as you took in how much better you felt, though before you could say anything, Ren had reached out for you and pulled you close to him once again.
‘I love you Ren…’ you whispered, thinking he was still asleep as his arms tightened around you and a warm smile graced his lips.

Saeki - One evening, while Takamasa was busy working on a new screenplay in his study, you had been tidying up the living room.
While Saeki had gotten better at keeping your home tidy, you still liked to make sure everything was kept well in order, though you soon found yourself getting hot.
Opening a window to let in some fresh air, you had figured that you were just warm from the cleaning, though as the time slowly passed, you realised you weren’t feeling any better.
Leaning against the dining table, you came to the conclusion that it would be better to try and get some sleep, thinking maybe you were just overtired.
Not wanting to disturb your fiancé while he worked, you headed to the bedroom that you both shared and, after changing, slipped under the covers.
It was a little after 2am by the time Saeki had finished for the night and about three hours since you had gone to bed. Finding the lights already out in the living room and ensuring that the door was locked, Saeki headed into the bedroom where he found it dimly lit.
Thinking you were asleep, Saeki got undressed and went to get in bed beside you when he noticed that your breathing seemed laboured. Were you having a bad dream?
Getting in bed beside you, Saeki realised that you were still awake as you regarded him with tired eyes.
‘Was my honey lonely without me? Your trembling…shall I warm you up?’ he suggested, though as he moved to wrap you in his arms, he quickly realised that you weren’t shaking from the cold.
Peering into your face more closely, Saeki was able to see that you were incredibly pale, your body temperature much warmer than his own, in contrast to the way you were usually so much colder than him.
Speaking to you in a much softer voice, Saeki could feel you grip onto his hand as you looked up into his eyes.
'How long have you been feeling this way?’
'A little while after you went into your study…I thought maybe I’d just overdone it with the cleaning…but I haven’t been able to sleep.’
'Why didn’t you come and get me?’ he half demanded, worry shining in his eyes as you shook your head.
'I didn’t want to worry you…’
Letting out a sigh at your reasoning, Saeki was careful as he took you into his arms, not wanting you to feel worse as he placed a gentle kiss on your cheek and moved to get up.
'Where are you going?’ you began, though as you moved to sit up, Saeki stopped you.
'Rest honey, I’ll be right back, I promise,’ he assured you.
Going into the bathroom, Saeki fetched some medicine for you as well as a thin comforter.
When he returned, your boyfriend quickly replaced the comforter with one that he hoped would help to keep your temperature as he placed a cool towel on your forehead and helped you to take some medicine.
Once you were settled against the pillows, Saeki gently took the towel and touched it lightly to your face and neck in an attempt to help ease your high temperature.
'Thank you…’ you breathed, evidently exhausted as you reached out for his hand.
'Of course honey, I’m here…I’m right here.’
Murmuring a sound of appreciation; your eyes grew heavy as Saeki watched over you.
When he moved, however, you were instantly awake, thought he was right there to reassure you as he got back in bed beside you.
'I’m right here honey…get some sleep…I’m not going anywhere.’
Saeki watched over you for most of the night, wanting to ensure you were okay.
When you finally awoke the following morning, Saeki was fast asleep, though his hand was firmly intwined with yours as the other rested over your waist. Even in his sleep, he wanted to know that you were safe…

Yuta - When Yuta had been performing his usual comedy act at a local theatre one evening, you were waiting for him at home.
Making Yuta’s favourite to celebrate what you were sure would be another successful performance, you set out the dinner plates just as he walked in.
‘Welcome home,’ you smiled, feeling a warmth in your heart at your fiancé’s cheerful demeanour as you walked around the table to give him a kiss.
Resting his forehead against yours for a moment, you could feel his hand on your waist as he sighed in contentment.
‘Something smells great…’
‘I made your favourite,’ you responded, opening your eyes to find him gazing at you warmly.
Feeling a blush rise to your cheeks, you quickly turned and headed back into the kitchen, hearing your boyfriend chuckle from behind you as you set out the meal you had made.
Reaching for the handle on the grill, you had momentarily forgotten that the oven was on beneath it, your hand wrapping around the handle when a searing pain coursed through your palm.
Dropping what you were holding, you barely noticed the plate shatter as you clutched your wrist and looked over your quickly reddening palm.
Hearing rushed footsteps, Yuta’s eyes widened as he overlooked your wound and quickly set the cold water on and pulled you towards it.
Wincing in pain as the cold water mingled with your scalded flesh, your free hand braced the edge of the unit as Yuta looked on in worry.
‘I think…I think I broke a plate,’ you managed, though Yuta told you to ignore that and focus on yourself, the frustration coming through in his voice.
Glancing to him with glazed eyes as you tried to blink back the tears from the pain you felt, Yuta gently reached around you and took your shaking hand in his, holding it steady under the water while his cheek brushed against yours.
‘I’m sorry Yuta…’
‘Why are you apologising? It’s my fault for not helping out…’ he responded.
‘I’m mad at myself…I hate seeing you in pain.’
‘It’s okay…I’m okay,’ you tried to insist, though your voice was unconvincing as Yuta gently kissed your cheek.
‘Stop pretending to be so strong…’
Going to get an ice-pack from the freezer, Yuta tenderly dried your hand, knowing that you were still in pain as he replaced the towel with the ice pack.
Kissing your forehead softly, Yuta told you to go and sit down while he brought the meal out to you.
While you struggled a little to eat, it made you feel better just having Yuta with you as you found his eyes on you constantly.
When you had finished, Yuta had taken it upon himself to clean up before joining you on the sofa and removing the ice pack to look at your hand.
Seeing that it was still a little red, you quickly told him it was feeling better, though he still insisted on putting some burn gel on it and wrapping it up for the night.
‘Thank you…for taking care of me. I’m just sorry I caused you trouble.’
‘It’s no trouble,’ he responded, shaking his head lightly as he took your bandaged hand in his while the other caressed your cheek.
Feeling the way you moved your head towards his palm, Yuta could feel his cheeks warm as he leaned in to capture your lips in a chaste kiss.
‘I love you.’
Your words were barely a whisper, but Yuta heard you loud and clear.
Bringing your lips to his once again, you could feel a sort of urgency in the way Yuta was kissing you.
‘I love you too,’ he breathed, his voice deeper than usual as he lightly combed through your hair with his fingers.
He had no intention of letting you go that night.

Yamato - As a school teacher, Yamato naturally got up early for work. Having lesson plans to set out for the day amongst other things meant that he had to be there at least an hour before his first class. Getting out of bed; Yamato had woken you unintentionally at his movements.
Though as you began to stir, you became aware of a horrible headache.
Pulling up the covers to block out any light, Yamato regarded you with a smirk as he went about getting ready.
‘You’re never going to be a morning person, are you?’
Not answering his question, you tried to open your eyes but found that your head was pounding when Yamato tugged back the duvet lightly as he opened the curtains.
‘Rise and shine!’ he grinned, though the light shining on you only caused more painful tension.
As you moved to sit up, you found yourself coughing, the sudden chill on your body resonating through you.
When did you get so cold?
Realising something was off, Yamato quickly got you a glass of water to help ease your coughing as he placed a cool hand to your forehead.
‘You’ve got a pretty high fever…’
‘Please, can you shut the curtains? The light is hurting my head,’ you croaked out weakly.
Doing as you asked and fetching you a blanket, Yamato told you to get back into bed and try to get some sleep.
‘I’m okay, you should get ready for work…’
‘You’re more important,’ he responded, tucking you in before going to get some cold medication as well as a box of tissues.
‘Don’t go doing any chores today. Just rest, okay?’
‘But your lunch…it’s on the side.’
‘Stupid…stop worrying about me. Your the one who’s sick,’ Yamato frowned, his voice soft in contrast to his hard words.
He didn’t want to leave you when you were unwell. You had a habit of pushing yourself at the best of times.
Wrapping his arms around you, you leaned against his chest, feeling exhausted as Yamato held you close.
After a little while, your breathing became deeper and Yamato realised you had fallen asleep. Glancing to the clock, he let out a small sigh as he reluctantly eased you back into bed. He really didn’t want to go to work and leave you, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to call in so late.
Kissing your forehead gently, Yamato hesitated for a moment before pushing himself to leave, grabbing his jacket as he went and scribbling a quick note to leave for you to read when you woke up.
By the time you did come around; you were still feeling lousy from your cold, but able to get out of bed.
Finding a small note on your bedside table, you opened it and smiled weakly at the message.
I  didn’t want to leave you this morning…I’ll be back as soon as I can. I love you…
Looking at the time, you decided to take some medicine and try to get on with things. Yamato would be hard at work and you wanted to surprise him with a nice meal.
Making yourself some soup to try and give you a little energy, you held off on going back to bed for a while, intending to make Yamato some dinner before going to take a bath.
By the time Yamato had gotten home, he smelt your delicious cooking and instantly called out to you. You were supposed to be resting.
Finding his dinner waiting on the table, Yamato was about to go into the bedroom when he noticed you asleep on the sofa.
‘I can’t leave you alone for even a day, huh?’ he remarked, kneeling down by your side as he gently ran a hand through your hair.
Pulling up the blanket you had draped over yourself, Yamato kissed your forehead lightly before scooping you up in his arms and carrying you back to bed.
He watched over you all night long and you woke up to find yourself being cradled in Yamato’s arms, with his head resting against yours.

Kunihiko - Working in Long Island one evening, the bar was lively as ever with the usual guys having drinks and conversing cheerfully.
You loved being amongst the group and had come to see them as family.
Glancing to Kunihiko as he showed off making cocktails, you couldn’t help but giggle as you lifted a tray of empty glasses and went to take them out the back.
‘Quit showing off Kuni! You should come and try the karaoke machine with me and Saeki,’ Yuta grinned, his words slightly slurring as Kunihiko regarded them with a wry smile.
‘You can join them if you like,’ you remarked, coming back into the bar area and looking up to your fiancé with a smile.
‘I don’t want to leave you running the bar by yourself…’ he frowned.
‘You’re not, everyone is here so there’s not going to be any problems,’ you insisted, smiling at him warmly as you gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.
‘You’re sure?’ he asked, trying to cover up the slight tinge of pink in his cheeks as you nodded.
‘I’ll be fine, go on,’ you encouraged, though as you turned away from him, you felt a slight wave of dizziness overcome you.
Realising you hadn’t drank much that day, you didn’t think too much of it as you poured yourself a glass of lemonade and tried to keep taking sips of it in between serving the others.
As the lights grew gradually brighter with the dimming light outside, you couldn’t help but feel somehow uneasy as you wiped down the bar.
Thinking maybe you needed a little fresh air, you took a tray and went to clear up the tables by the door, hoping some fresh air would help.
Though as you gathered a tray full of dirty glasses and wiped down the tables, you quickly realised you weren’t feeling okay as you went to stand up straight.
Taking the heavy tray in your hands, you seemed to be unaware that you were being spoken too until Takao peered into your face.
‘You okay? You look kind of zoned out,’ he remarked, offering you a gentle expression, though before you could say anything, your vision began to darken. Hearing the sound of glasses breaking as the tray you held fell to the floor, Kunihiko and Takao managed to catch you before you hit the floor.
Easing you away from the strewn glass, Kunihiko supported you up as your eyes opened weakly.
Putting a hand to your head, you could just make out the group surrounding you as they looked over you with worry. Feeling a hand brush over your forehead, you heard someone say that you had a fever when you felt yourself being lifted from the floor.
‘I’m going to take her upstairs. Can you guys shut the bar for me?’ Kunihiko requested, fretting over you as he took you out of the bar and up to the room you had stayed in so many times before.
Setting you down on the bed, Kunihiko went to open a window and fetched you a towel doused in water to help cool your temperature down.
‘It’s okay…just rest now,’ he breathed, his voice soothing to you, though he was hiding the panic he felt.
How had he not noticed that you were unwell? You could have hurt yourself if he and Takao hadn’t caught you in time…had you been pushing yourself too hard? Had he been pushing you too hard?
As the thought weighed heavily in his mind, you grounded Kunihiko from his thoughts as your eyes flickered open.
Taking your outstretched hand, Kunihiko wasted no time in sitting onto the bed next to you and wrapping you in his arms.
‘Why didn’t you tell me you felt faint?’  
‘I thought I’d be okay…I didn’t want to worry you…’
‘I think you failed at that bit,’ he responded with a weak chuckle, though it was easy to see how worried he was about you.
Hugging him tightly, you missed the deep blush that spread across Kunihiko’s cheeks as you buried your head in his chest…
‘Thank you…for always taking care of me,’ you whispered, feeling his arms tighten around you as Kunihiko gave you a gentle kiss.

Takao - Takao knew something was wrong the minute he came home from work. You were normally always so bubbly and cheerful, but you were completely quiet as he walked in.
Walking into the living room, Takao called out to you, hearing your voice from the kitchen.
Heading into the kitchen, Takao was shocked to find you on the floor, looking up at him in relief.
‘What happened?!’
Dropping to his knees beside you, Takao took a moment to notice your heavily bruised ankle as you explained what had happened.
‘I was cleaning the kitchen floor earlier. I thought it was dry and was starting to make dinner when I slipped. I couldn’t pull myself up on anything.’
Getting you to put an arm around his neck, Takao lifted you easily in his arms and carried you into the living room, feeling just how cold you were from being on the tiled floor so long.
Quickly shrugging out of his jacket and putting it over your shoulders, you thanked him gratefully when Takao realised you were trembling slightly.
‘How much does it hurt?’
‘A lot…’ you admitted, wincing as Takao tentatively looked it over.
‘I think it’s a sprain. I’ll go and get some ice for it.’
He couldn’t believe that you had taken such a bad fall at home. Running a hand through his hair as he fetched the first aid kit and ice pack, he returned to you with a drink.
‘I’m sorry for causing so much trouble,’ you remarked, biting your lip in concern, though Takao shook his head.
‘Don’t say such things. You know that I love you right? I’m just sorry I wasn’t here to catch you and prevent this,’ he responded, handling your ankle with the utmost care as he put some ice on it.
‘I don’t think I’ll be able to put much weight on it right now. Maybe we should order food in tonight…’
‘You’re not doing any cooking,’ Takao reiterated, looking up to you with a serious gaze.
‘I’ll take care of everything.’
‘It’s okay. It’s just a sprain, I just can’t put a lot of weight on it right now,’ you tried to assure him, though it did little to quell his worries.
‘The ice should help soothe the pain and reduce the swelling,’ Takao mused, looking up at you as your gaze softened.
‘I’m just glad you’re home,’ you responded, seeing him smile properly for the first time since he found you.
‘I’m not going anywhere. I just need to make a couple of calls.’
Ensuring that you were comfortable, Takao went to call his office and Long Island. Arranging to take a few personal days from work, everything else was taken care of as he hung up with the law firm and returned to the living room.
‘Sorry about that. I just wanted to order us some dinner. Are you okay? Do you need anything?’ he asked, worry lacing his voice as you smiled softly.
‘Yeah I do…’
Tugging on his hand, you pulled Takao onto the sofa and wrapped your arms around him.
‘…’ blushing as you nestled your head against his shoulder you cupped Takao’s face in your hands as you thanked him.
‘I’m so glad you’re home,’ you smiled, kissing him gently when you felt Takao pull you in closer.
He didn’t need words to express how he felt right now.
Though you were soon interrupted by the doorbell.
‘Is dinner here already?’ you asked in surprise.
‘Unfortunately,’ he responded with something of a wry smile as he reluctantly let you go.
Tilting your head to the side slightly, you had no idea what he meant by that until you heard a few familiar voices and saw the gang from Long Island come in, carrying bags of food and effectively bringing a night at Long Island to you…
Smiling at Takao, you couldn’t have thanked him enough for this distraction as you found yourself surrounded by friends and the man you loved. Nothing could have been better…

I hope you all enjoyed! I actually borrowed on a couple of my own experiences…particularly Yuta’s. Seriously, don’t ever handle anything in the grill if you’ve been using the oven for an hour…>.<

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Here you go, dear. I hope this makes whatever’s happening a bit less horrible. @skinnyjeansoldier

Pairing: Laf x Reader

TW: Emotional distress, panic attacks.

Words: 637

You couldn’t breathe. Your thoughts were swimming frantically inside your skull and the room was spinning around you so fast you felt like you might throw up. When you closed your eyes, you could swear there was a cinder-block sitting right on your chest and you just wanted it to stop. You wanted it all to stop.

A key turned in the lock just as you let out a broken sob, running your hands through your hair and tucking your head down to hide your face. The tears had turned your face an angry red color and you knew your eyes had to be bloodshot from the crying. You didn’t want Laf to see you like this, didn’t want to bother him, it had-

“Mon amour-” Lafayette gasped, dropping the armful of groceries he’d brought home from the store. You shook your head, standing up and walking away from him, hugging yourself tightly and trying to stop the tears that still poured from your eyes. “L’ange, what’s wrong?” 

“Nothing-” You lied, break in your voice giving you away. “I’m okay.” He followed you into the bedroom you shared, catching your wrist before you locked yourself in the bathroom. “Laf,” You sighed, turning towards him helplessly. “I just, I-” You cried again, letting your shrug convey just how powerless you felt. Laf tugged you into his chest, holding you while you cried. He led you to the bed, tucking you onto his lap and whispering condolences in your ear while he ran a hand through your hair. “Je t’aime, belle.” He whispered. “Even if you won’t tell me what has you so upset.”

“I don’t know.” You whispered hoarsely. “I just sat down when I got home and-” You gestured to your tear streaked face, sniffing again. “I just started crying. I’m sorry, I know this is a lot to handle.” You turned your face away from his, avoiding his eyes. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Rien.” He whispered to you in French. “Nothing is wrong with you.” He gently pulled your face to his, smiling reassuringly. “It’s okay to be upset, it’s okay to cry sometimes, and it’s most certainly okay to need a break. You have worked hard recently,” He praised, hand rubbing soothing circles into your back. “And I am so proud of you for that, but I am worried for your health.”

“I’m fine.” You muttered. Lafayette cocked an eyebrow and you sighed. 

“Non, ma cher.” He shook his head, tucking a strand of hair away from your face. “If you were bien, you would not be on my lap en larmes.” You knew he was right, but you didn’t know what to do. “(Y/N), baby.” You stared at him wide eyed and baffled by his worry and love filled eyes. “All I want is your happiness, your joy.” He kissed your forehead, then your nose, and finally your lips. “But this is not that.”

“I know,” You nodded. You rest your forehead against his, sighing dejectedly. “I don’t know what to do.” You admitted. “I don’t know how to fix any of this.”

“So let me help.” He begged. You squeezed your eyes shut, contemplating the options in front of you. Avoid Gilbert’s help and keep him out whatever was happening with you, or let him help you and drag him into the center of it. “S’il vous plait,” He whispered, kissing your temple. “Please.” You pulled back, staring into his eyes. He silently begged you and you slowly nodded, breathing deeply for the first time in what felt like ages. 

“Okay,” You whispered. “Okay.” You kissed him, anchoring all of your emotions and confusion and hurt into it. “I love you, Gilbert du Montier.” He smiled against your lips, kissing you once more.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

anonymous asked:

Just how many times has Mika blushed throughout the manga, anime, game, etc because of Yuu? Somebody should make a photoset of it

Okay, let me see…

I don’t really understand Yamamoto Yamato’s art sometimes.

In the first chapters, the characters would blush over practically nothing so it’s hard to tell.









(Can you tell I’m enjoying myself?)

(Is Mika looking at Yuu’s eyes here?)


(It got worse)


(I’m gonna guess this is because drinking Yuu’s blood felt a little too good)


(I don’t know if these count but I love this picture, let me just add it. Only Yuu can make him smile like this)




The ones from the game :

(What even is this game? And notice that I didn’t count the one where he’s going to bite Yuu. He and Yuu blushed in 3 out of 4 family rank events)

Does serapuchi count?

Does Owaranai Seraph count?

(Will we ever know what Krul told him about Yuu here? Probably not)

(This is probably just an “I’m cute and innocent” face though)

Does the fanbook count? 

(Jfc Mika, we know you’re happy to be next to Yuu but your gay is showing)

Let’s be honest, Yuu’s mere existence makes Mika blush. 


“As I’m writing songs as I dig through my memories, I suddenly remembered the time I left my home 6 years ago. I feel like I’ve ran through my life without looking at my surroundings, like my family and friends. It’s been awhile since I’ve cared about building relationships with people. If I exclude my members and fans from my life, I feel like I’ve lived pretty vainly. 

I wanted to somehow turn this story of mine and express it through music, but I felt the limits of how much I can do and achieve. I feel like I’m telling you guys all sorts of stuff. I just want to tirelessly keep running for a long time, for 10, 20 years.

Although not everyone will like us, as well as me, we ran all the way here with our teeth clenched to try to make those people like us too. So, I’m gonna go higher, so high that they can’t reach me even with their hands stretched up high” [x, x