i just felt like making a firefly thing

Paulina + Astrology, June 15

Aries : Stop believing that your power is whimsy or foolishness.  You were not given the sun so that you could race the galaxy; your gift was meant to burn away the darkness.  Do not shade yourself and do not waste yourself.  You are more and better than that.

Taurus : You are a garden in good soil, you are saplings that straighten even after they are bent.  But it isn’t a matter of charging headfirst through a wall, it is a matter of walking and not stopping.  The unpruned garden will strangle itself and be forgotten, but if you sing daily to the trees they will bear fruit.

Gemini : You have hope, and light, and energy, but you also need to carry a sword.  You were not made for cringing or for closing your eyes, were you?  You were made to look the storm in the eye – it will be the one to flinch.

Cancer : You are all too used to hanging upside down.  You are used to impossible burdens.  How long has it been since you turned your head?  How long has it been since you remembered the world is right-side-up, and the sky is at your feet?  Look: it is still blue.

Leo : Listen, the old way is dead, and you cannot die with it.  Listen, the world is in bloom this time of year, the birds are strong enough to leave their nests and try flying.  So should you.

Virgo : Don’t stop yet.  What you do not see is how long the story is – how long, and how different at its close.  It is easy to be frightened, to grow sharp and acid with it, but I promise you: at the end, there is light.  At the end, you are not alone.

Libra : Stop apologizing.  I know you’re afraid; your whole life you’ve been told that you carry the spark inside you and you never felt like you did.  Stop waiting for something inside you to come out and just do.  It was never coded into your bones, it was always a choice you got to make.  Now make it.

Scorpio : Inside the cage of your fingers are soft things, sweet things, orbs of hope winking like fireflies.  Stop lying to yourself: they aren’t going to hurt you.  Let them go.  Let yourself be owned by them.  They will not take away the solid shape of your self; nothing will.

Sagittarius : You are so many things at once, all of them mighty.  You said so, and in the sunlight you flash like a show of iridescent feathers, but do you know?  When you’re laying in the dark listening to the sleepers breathe, do you know?

Capricorn : You have been waiting for a rescue from a daring knight for so long that you have forgotten – you built this tower.  You locked the door.  You set a dragon at the gate.  How many knights need to die at your feet before you choose to walk in the grass again?

Aquarius : Don’t waste yourself on the things you cannot ever be.  You could bow to skeletons forever, or you could go to a country where no one asks to see your bones.  Consider this: maybe you aren’t ruined.  Maybe they only say so because they’ve never met your possibilities.

Pisces : The moon has made you a present of such clear vision, but still you turn up your nose.  What more do you want?  How much more softly can I give you these gifts?  They will have to be enough; take them or live with nothing dancing behind your eyes.