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Blaine and I were pretty famous around the neighbourhood for our duelling Simon Le Bon impressions ~ Cooper Anderson

masuda toshiki @ tourabu event (150426)

Twitter updates

@masuda_toshiki: Today I’m wearing clothes in Kashuu Kiyomitsu’s style. Whether you’ll be at the venue or watching the livestream broadcast please look forward to it ‘kay.
I - will - do - my - best.

@masuda_toshiki: The Touken event has finished! Thank you very much!
Although it was only for an hour because a lot of people watched it it felt ve - ry - ti - r - ing. Please continue to support Touken!

@masuda_toshiki: Also I would like to apologise to everyone, during the broadcast just now when I was saying the lines after the Sparring had finished there was a part which I got wrong, I’m very sorry about that. Please look forward to hearing the correct line in the game, please look out for it.

At the event Massu was wearing this outfit, complete with red nail polish just like Kashuu!!

And at one point when they were forging swords he went with the formula 500 for all the resources and came out with Ookurikara! give me your luck