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hey halmoni! a new blog post from ssamba! if you could translate, that would be sweet! :)

Ssamba’s Blog Post 9/5/16

“Hello! Here comes Ssamba, with a powerful entrance! hehe
It’s already September. It’ll be ChuSeok in a few days (t/n: Korean holiday)
Last week, I went to the hospital to get a CT scan done. In the middle of the night…;
Their schedule was packed full that day, so that was the only time available.
It felt very strange, going to the hospital at night. I kept thinking about the time I was hospitalized

Here is what my hospital looks like~
Some of you may know which hospital this is heh
After not having gotten a CT scan in 3 months, it felt unfamiliar.
But they got it done quickly, and I was able to go home faster than I thought.
When I got home I was watching a drama called “Jealousy Incarnate”, when suddenly there was a scene where the protagonists were doing surgery;
After the surgery, there was a scene where the nurse gave the female protag a PCA pump, along with another scene where she lied down and inhaled her incentive spirometer keke (t/n: A medical device with a small ball inside that measures how much air you can inhale, pretty annoying and painful to do after surgery)
It was unnecessarily realistic!! So annoying!! keke Was what I was saying, but my mom next to me said “You have to inhale air while sitting down to do it properly!” kekeke
Man that was funny keke I had to use that thing a lot in the hospital too ke ㅠㅠ
At that time, it hurt a lot to do it but now after some time, it’s become something I can laugh at.
Nothing beats time…

While the day was passing by as I spaced out, I also received some more presents from my readers ㅠㅠ
I’m very thankful and sorry; I don’t know what to do with myself…ㅠㅠ
I got a letter all the way from Hungary. Thank you so much, Reka-nim!
I enjoyed seeing your pretty picture and postcard. I also read your hand-written letter. Your Korean is so good…
And your handwriting was so beautiful. I have pretty poor penmanship myself…^^; (t/n: SSAMBA KNOWS MY STRUGGLES) I was touched by how a letter came from such a faraway place.
I also got a letter from Taiwan.
Bagowepay-nim sent me three letters. Thank you for not forgetting about Fluttering Feelings~
But one of the letters was written entirely in Chinese…I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to read it so I left it alone for now ㅠㅠ;
Still, thank you. I’m not that great at English; But I’m still able to get the general gist, so haha!
I also got your cute gift!
Thank you to Riseulling-nim for sending me a CD. I enjoyed reading your letter as well. It was a cute Moomin letter…♥
You went so far as to think of me…And if that wasn’t enough, a music record from my past…
After spending so much time looking for it in high school, I kinda forgot about it since they never had it. But to think that you sent it to me…
Man. I’m also listening to that other record that you send me. I’ve heard the name Keith Jarrett a lot
But I had never listened to his music. The piano in his music is so calming and nice. I’ve gotten back into jazz lately.
There’s a small tailor shop on the path that I walk while exercising, and the jazz music that they play is right up my alley, so sometimes I’ll rush inside
I wanna ask them the name of the song; But then that might trouble the owner heuheu (t/n: crying sounds not laughing) I gotta resist…
Why did you send me such a nice gift, kkk-nim…ㅠㅠ Is it really okay for me to accept it ㅠ
I thought about returning it because I felt so sorry; But I opened it because I wanted to see the photograph collection…
And that’s how I became obsessed with Agassi again heh I’m gonna go to the extended-cut edition premiere in theatres this time! Nya-nyang!
Thank you for the presents you’ve all sent, I will use them well!
If you feel like you don’t want to burden me with a gift, just send a note keke

I now have a lot of things to talk about now that I feel like I can live a little.
I’ve been staying at home a lot, so I hope you guys understand ^^;
You guys don’t know how glad I am when I receive one of your letters.
I’ll sometimes take one out to read, and it’ll give me a lot of strength! But I always feel sorry for accepting gifts…
I haven’t been able to do much; Bad Ssamba…
Although I haven’t responded much, I’m reading all of your get-well messages or notes.
I am always thankful.
Now that the heatwave has passed, it’s become a bit colder heh
Please take care of yourselves during the season change. ^^
Then, I’ll see you all again~ Buh-bye~”