i just felt like doing sth of them:')

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There's this tumblr user who was a mutual of me a while ago, but they deactivated or sth. They were really a toxic human being in my life, they only talked to me when they felt like it and said very hurtful things to me. They knew I have bpd and made fun of it, they were horrible with me and I just knew they follow me again, I want to block em but smh but also I want to let them know how bad they made me feel, should I talk to them about it first? Or what can I do? (Also, they send me hate asks)

If you can, yes, but only if it doesn’t put you at risk. If you feel talking to them with have a large negative effect on you, just block. If you think you can manage just sending a message, telling them what they’ve one and why you’re blocking them, then do it- but don’t risk yourself.