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Happy Black Friday! The day of the year where people get into fistfights over inexpensive televisions and free toasters. I actually used to work at Best Buy in the computer department. I was just a high school computer nerd trying to explain to people what megahertz and megabyte meant. They warned us about Black Friday. They told us what to expect. I was not ready. No one was ready.

We prepared like soldiers before a battle. Our boss gave a rousing speech encouraging all the troops in blue & khaki. There was this computer called eMachines. It was constructed by the devil himself. It was a giant piece of shit more likely to break down than open your email. But it was cheap. Both in cost and in construction. Just holding one in your arms you could feel the terribleness. As if it had an aura of crap surrounding it.

The people rushed in like a crazed mob. Yelling “Do you still have any eMachines??!!” I felt I was honor bound to tell people not to buy them. I begged them, “spend a few hundred more and get a real computer.” No one listened. No one cared. They had “low price fever” and it turned them into Christmas shopping zombies.

A dirty secret that Best Buy fails to keep hidden is that they don’t give a crap about the money they make from computers. All they care about is the Performance Service Plans. 3 year extended warranties. In the biz we called them PSPs for short. We’d keep track of how many plans we sold behind the counter. They made it like a competition for all the sales people. And if you didn’t sell enough they would pull you aside and give you the business. Some bosses would yell, others would pull a grandma and be “very disappointed in you.”

Somehow, some way, we were supposed to convince this angry mob that their computers needed a PSP. Sometimes I felt conflicted about selling these extended warranties. You already get a one year manufacturer’s warranty and if anything is going to break, it is usually in the first year. But these eMachines were literally garbage and I actually felt like the PSP might be a good idea for this horde of nincompoops. But they were all in a rush to buy their thing and get to the next crazy deal. I was not able to convince them of much.

After Christmas was over, those eMachines started coming back to the store. One by one people brought their broken PCs to the repair window. A few with disappointed children at their hip. “Why did Santa bring us a broken computer?” Some yelled at us for selling them crap. In my head I was like, “I tried to warn you dipshit!” But out loud I just apologized and took the blame.

A year passes and we reconvene at our pre-Friday battle meeting. They announce the new item that will attract the shopping zombie masses. It’s a printer. A… free… printer. With rebate, of course. (People don’t know it, but 80% of folks don’t ever send in their rebate and printer manufacturers make all their money on ink anyway.) Was this a good printer? No. No it was not. It was a tiny, noisy, slow, ink guzzling monster made from the cheapest, most flimsy plastic imaginable. The sample printouts were awful and laid so much ink on the page that it wrinkled the paper. Next to this printer was the HP 722c. A marvel of printer engineering. Fast and economical. Built like a tank. And one of the first printers to give truly photo quality results. It was worth every penny and would probably save you money in ink over that free piece of crap.

They all still got the free piece of crap. And when we ran out of the crap, people were like, “Where is the crap?” And we were like, “You didn’t get here at the ass crack of dawn. What do you expect?” And they were like, “What’s the next crappiest thing you have?”

It soon became clear to me. On Black Friday no one wants anything of value to gift their loved ones. They just want the crappiest thing that will technically check off that box on their list. And that is what Christmas is all about.


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With the newest addition what’s your ranking of pinofs?

Can I cheat and just admit AmazingDan is still my favorite? 

Like yeah, the original pinof has the nostalgia factor of being filmed literally the first day they met. But nothing will ever top penis, Dan. penis penis penis. and roses are red, violets are blue, i like spaghetti, let’s go fuck. or phil doing that thing where he touches his hand to dan’s back or dan showing phil his underwear basically what I’m saying is that I’m a sucker for the over the top sexualized vibe that this video had. it felt very solidly “we’ve been together for a while but we’re definitely still in the honeymoon phase” feelings. 

in fact I’m just gonna ignore the question and go rewatch AmazingDan now. join me!

(but actually i’d say i like the first pinof best, followed by this newest one, and then from there on idk really i don’t have much of a ranking system)

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Hello! I’m half Dutch half Filipino, but growing up I’ve only lived with the Filipino side of my family (they all live in the same city I do, while the Dutch side of my family lives overseas). I look Asian, but I’ll usually get mistaken for part Chinese or Japanese. Is it still okay for me to say that I identify more as Filipino even if I don’t completely look like it? A large part of my life growing up was experiencing the culture, especially when I felt like an outcast at an all white school.


If you’re Filipino (or anything else), that’s what you should be identifying as. You don’t need any validation from anyone else just because you may not “look” Filipino.

I don’t think group identification should be based solely on looks. That’s a very exclusionary way of viewing one’s or another’s identity. I think it also has to do with background, culture, history, knowledge, experience, and/or all that good stuff. Our “looks” is not the only thing that shapes our identity.

I’m somewhat similar to you. Most people I know or meet will say I “look” Chinese. I have Mien, Hmong, and Chinese blood but I mostly identify as if I were a full Mien person when percentage wise, I’m only some 30% Mien. So who’s then to say I’m not Mien or can’t identify as Mien because I may not “look” like it? No one can tell me my identities except me. As should you.

Angry Asian Guy

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I watched the episode again (and properly this time) and I think people are overreacting because it's Buckleming and we're supposed to hate everything they do. Was it a garbage episode? No, I actually quite liked it. Sure, there were some times where I go "Uh...?" but overall it was nice. The only thing I didn't like is that I felt like Buckleming wanted to "excite" the audience so they made up new storylines again which I know shouldn't be surprising because it's one of their signatures.

Yep. But we know going in that they do that, so I just expect it and try to roll with it. :P

But yeah, the best mindset for viewing Bucklemming episodes is not to try and nitpick everything to death. It’s so much less distressing to just sort of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at their episodes. I think another part of the negativity has been just how strong the rest of the season has been, and how it’s felt like each successive episode has only built on those strengths. We know they’re not going anywhere, and since we know we’re going to get (probably) four episodes from them this season, I’m trying to focus on the other 19 and just being as chill as possible about their four. 

Keith closed his eyes. Ulaz. Thace. How many people were going to die for this war? Was Shiro another casualty of it? How many of the Paladins were also going to be casualties of war? Was he going to turn around and suddenly, boom, Hunk was gone? Their ray of sunshine, their mechanics genius, their cook, just gone? Pidge? The slyness, the coding, just gone? Lance? Yeah, he was irritating, but he also felt like the brother he never had. And Keith had to admit Lance was one hell of a shot. And if he was just suddenly not there?

How many of them laid up at night, thinking just this? How many of them thought if Keith suddenly wasn’t there…

Would it matter?

Poor Keith. His mental state is already not doing well.

Also, I am not tagging these Keitor until Lotor actually, like, shows up and I have snippets with Lotor and Keith interacting.

Part 1 of “Play To Win” (BTS x reader)

    “Ahhhh the weather here is so nice!” I smiled to myself as I set my carry-on down and just enjoyed the weather. It’s crazy how I’m in South Korea right now. The sunrise wasn’t extraordinary, but it felt breathtaking to be somewhere new. Of course all good things come to an end. One of my teammates tapped my shoulder, bringing me out of my trance.

     “Get your lazy ass on the bus! It’s freezing! Man do I miss Arizona right now.” My teammate, Hashmi, muttered the last bit of that sentence as she tucked her ears back under her beanie. “How are you even functioning, you two? My brain is fried right now. I only got eight hours of sleep.” “Victoria, that was half the trip! You got more sleep than half the team!” Hashmi and I nagged on her for her whining.

      “Hush! We’ve got intense practice today, and it’s too early for this. Load the bus, ladies!” I jumped at the authoritative voice of our captain, Major. Major wasn’t her real name, but she was like our mother figure and also keeps are asses in order. Margo, aka Major, was glaring us down and pointed to our bus that was just waiting to be loaded. “We’ve got an hour drive to our hotel. I suggest you don’t nap or else you’ll be groggy when we get there. We’ve all gotta be ready to leave after dropping our stuff at the hotel. After that we’re gonna hit the ground running, okay ladies?” “Aye! Aye! Major!” We all teased and began loading the bus.


     I jumped onto my bed and sighed in content. “Wow, this feels amazing. Is this how heaven would feel like as a bed?” I murmured as a rolled on the bed. “Maritza, you’re such a dork. Also we’re sharing that bed, so it’s not gonna feel that amazing. Sorry” Hashmi apologized insincerely. “What?! I thought it was just us two in this room? We only have one shower! This isn’t going to work!” I whined as a jumped off the bed and paced around the room.

     “Yeah, we know, but we don’t have the money for that many rooms. We’ve got budget cuts, you know that Maritza.” Major walked in with a dozing Hayleigh following close behind. “Hayleigh,” I snapped in front of her, trying to wake her up, “snap out of it!” Hayleigh’s head snapped up and started to blink her eyes awake. “I’m up! I’m up!” I laughed at her reaction. “Hayleigh, your hair is sticking to your drool.” Hayleigh quickly wiped her face and fixed her hair.

      Hayleigh was absolutely beautiful as were the rest of the girls. She had gorgeous, long pink hair with hints of red hidden among some strands. She often dyed her hair, something I wish I could do. Right now, though, her hair was sticking to her face (due to the drool), so she didn’t look all to stunning. She was slouching like crazy, so I was standing over her for once. Something I found joy in.

       Major, Margo, had strawberry red, curly hair. She was just blessed with breathtakingly beautiful features. Her hazel eyes and red hair were an irresistible duo. She was one of the tallest on the team, a solid 5"10, she was just two inches taller than Hayleigh. She was also one of the oldest on the team, she was 25 years of age.

       Hashmi had sleek black hair with strands of blue. She had gorgeous brown eyes and mocha skin, not to mention her perfectly straight, sparklingly teeth. She was often times the silly one on the team, and she is most definitely my closest friend on the team. A part of it has to do with the age range, she’s only 21 while I’m 18 on the cusp of 19.

      I guess I should introduce myself as well. I’m Maritza and I’m the youngest on the team. I’m also second to last when it comes to height. I’m just 5"4 while the shortest is 5"2 and tallest is of course Major at a stunning 5"10. I tried out to be part of the U.S Women’s soccer team, and shockingly enough I made the cut. Now I’m with them at our first international tournament in Seoul, South Korea. I’m thankful for every second that I spend with these girls, they’re like my second family now.

     “Hey, babycakes! Snap out of it, we’ve got five minutes till we have to get back on the bus.” I snapped out of my daze to see Hashmi waving her hand sporadically in front of my face. “Just five minutes? Gimme a sec! I’ve got to brush my hair, it’s a wild mess!” I whine and bolt into the restroom as I try to fix the mess I call my hair. As I start fixing my hair I start to hear the girls whisper some things.

     “I can’t even believe we’re in South Korea, this is crazy!” “Yeah I know! It’s so cold! I’m freezing my ass off.” “It’s not even that bad, you’re just used to burning to a crisp” Hayleigh laughed as she teased Hashmi. I giggled as I continued to fix my hair in the mirror. “Guys, aren’t you worried?” I stopped as I heard Major genuinely worried. Major never has gotten a case of bad nerves. “What are you talking about, Margo?” “I’m talking about the fact that some of the local ‘idols’ are gonna be at our games.” My eyebrows shot up as I heard to words “local idols” fly out of Major’s mouth.

     “Oh yeah! We’re playing the South Korean team, I bet they’ll be there to support them.” Hayleigh pointed out. “Major, why do you sound so worried?” Hashmi asked the exact question that was on my mind. “I’m not worried, I just thought you guys would like to know.” “Oh the thats oka-” “Which idols are going to be there?” I cut off Hashmi because I was dying to know who’d be there.

      “I’ve got no idea,” Major shrugged, “but I do know that you’re now ready and our times up. So let’s go before coach starts nagging on me.” She put her arms around all three of us and led us out of the hotel room.


   “We get to go sight seeing?!” I bounced around in excitement. “Not really, we’re just gonna walk around the city and look around since we have time before we meet up for lunch-brunch for some.” Major clarified, I just shot her a glance saying 'just say we’re sight seeing’. Instead of correcting her previous statement she just shrug and ignored my look. “So let’s go walk around!” Hashmi clapped me on the back and led us along the sidewalk. Victoria muttered some colorful words as she complained about “how no one should up this early”. Smiles, our peppiest girl on the team, just bounced up the Victoria, ruffled her hair, then gave V one of her many cheerful smiles.

    Hashmi and I watched in amazement as we witnessed Victoria just smile back instead of snapping at her. That’s when we just looked at each other and silently agreed that Smiles was a magical force to be reckoned with. Smiles’ real name was Molee, and she was the shortest of our team. Although she may be the shortest, she sure is one of the most aggressive players on our team. It amazing how she can go from cheery to serious in the blink of an eye. She has curly black hair that she usually ties up, and her signature thing is her multicolored hair tie that also serves as her good luck charm. She’s also the oldest on our team at the age of 27. She’s quite mind blowing.

    Victoria and her sister Vivian are around my age as well. Victoria is 20 while Vivian is 21. They both look relatively the same expect for the fact that Victoria has her hair cut in a lil bob while Vivian’s hair goes down to her back. Victoria is quite the napper and somehow always manages to find a place to sleep. She loves hoodies, even goes as far as to call them “on-the-go-pillows”. She’s got amazing ball skills and is one the fastest on the team. Vivian, Victoria’s twin, is close friends with Major and is our top striker. She can bend it like Beckham and is wicked at penalty kicks. I look up to Vivian because when I first joined the team she helped me out a bunch.

     Speaking of Vivian, she was walking alongside Margo probably discussing about some plays they might want to do in the game. I smiled and turned back to face Hashmi who was going on about some wild dream she had during the flight. I couldn’t help but wonder how this year might play in my favor. Although I had no idea of what was to come.


That was the first chapter! Thank you so much for reading this! I hope it isn’t confusing with all the “hers”. If you enjoyed this chapter click that super duper tempting heart right there! ♥️ or double click wherever this post.

Also right now the main character/you is the character “Maritza”. I might change it in the future to y/n but we’ll see.

I love hearing from you guys, also tell me what you think about this chapter and what will happen next! Is there anyone you guys already ship “Maritza” with? Tell me in the comments if you’d like!

Also Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it or something similar!

I will see you all in the next chapter! Bye!💕💕

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the moment I sign that pardon, the moment I ask for one, I proclaim to the world that they were right.

#healer!Draco #injured!Harry #pining

Prompts: @ohsodraco
Author: @queenofthyme

Draco hadn’t turned around yet. But he would have seen Harry’s name on the appointment list. He must have known who his next patient was. Harry wondered if Draco felt that same nervous excitement to see him - the clammy palms, the fidgeting, the sweat on the back of the neck and a heart that he could hear pounding in his ears.

Probably not.

Draco stood with his back to the door, reading over a floating chart. Harry took an awkward seat on the edge of the patients’ chair. Still, Draco made no sign he was aware of Harry’s presence. Nothing new there.

Harry cleared his throat and got straight to the point. “I accidentally cursed myself.”

Draco turned around then, his face showing no surprise at Harry Potter sitting in his Healer’s office. “You accidentally cursed yourself,” he repeated drily.

Harry nodded, wiping his hands on his trousers. “Yes.”

“With what curse?” Draco’s eyes were piercing and analytical, giving Harry the odd sensation that Draco already knew exactly what he was thinking. But he couldn’t. Or they wouldn’t be having this conversation at all.

“I don’t know.”

Draco blinked back at Harry, drawing attention to his long pale lashes. Harry had a particular fondness for those bloody lashes. “How can you curse yourself and not know? What incantation did you use? What wand movement?”

Harry shrugged, dropping eye contact, lest he reveal his game too early. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t - “ Draco started to repeat, frustration leaking into his voice. “What are your symptoms? How has this mystery curse affected you?”

“I feel unwell,” Harry answered simply, playing with a loose thread on the knee of his trousers.

There was a silence in which Harry could feel Draco staring down at him, eyes boring into him. He didn’t dare look up. “You feel unwell,” Draco repeated, disbelief clear in his tone.


“Potter, get the fuck out of my practice.”

Harry looked up quickly - he hadn’t expected that. Although perhaps he should have. “You’re not going to cure me?”

“Of what?” Draco’s tone was clipped, impatient, his eyes narrowed. “You’re clearly not cursed. You don’t have any symptoms. I sense no dark magic in your presence. I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, but I can assure you I don’t have the time to humour you. Good bye.”

Shit. Shit. Shit. “I do have one symptom.”

Draco sighed heavily, but his face lightened. “What is it?”

“An erratic heartbeat.”

“An erratic heartbeat,” Draco repeated - he was making a habit of doing that. “You’re probably just unfit. It’s not un-“

“So you’re not even going to check to make sure?” Harry interrupted, shuffling on his seat. This was so not how he wanted this to go down. “It could be serious.”

Draco crossed his arms. “It’s not serious.”

“And how do you know if you’re not going to check?” Harry held his breath. If we was thrown out of Draco’s office now, the humiliation will have all been for nothing.

“Fine - “ Harry exhaled - “Lie down.”

Harry shuffled up onto chair fully and laid back. He squirmed a little at the cold plastic covering.

“Stay still,” Draco said, a hand coming out to rest on Harry’s shoulder, holding him in place. With his other hand, he passed his wand over Harry’s chest. Harry tried not to make it obvious when a shiver ran through him - he wasn’t so sure it was to do with Draco’s wand and not his touch.

“It is a little faster than normal,” Draco said quietly, dropping his hand. "Do you often feel out of breath?” He asked, eyes flickering back up to Harry’s face.

“Only around you.”

Harry watched Draco’s pale eyelashes flutter. “I’m not following.”

It look all of Harry’s Gryffindor courage (and plenty of recklessness too) not to look away. “You leave me breathless.”

Harry waited for Draco’s reaction. Nothing at first - it took a second - and then: “Oh no. Oh no.” Draco backed away. “Are you telling me this was all an elaborate set up so you could use that cheesy pick-up line?”

Harry felt his heart drop. “Maybe,” he said quietly, getting to his feet. It had seemed like a great idea over Firewhiskey with Ron and Hermione the previous night.

“That’s pathetic, Potter. You could do so much better than that.”

“Sorry,” Harry said, his face to the floor as he shuffled to the exit. “I didn’t mean to - I’ll just - “

“Come back tomorrow,” Draco said from behind him - Harry froze, hope rising in his gut. "Just make sure you have some better material.”

Harry turned around slowly, a smile forming on his face. “If that’s what the doctor orders…”

“Healer,” Draco corrected. He was back to staring over his chart again. “I’ll make your follow-up appointment 5.30pm tomorrow. “ He looked up at Harry and winked. “It’s my last session. Dress sharp.”

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we’ve always taken shelter in our unhelpable pride

[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2018 Jan Issue - 100 Answers w/ BTS

JPN - KRN © 전정국 DC갤러리, 뷔 DC갤러리, ha_ru_man, BTSR_613
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


Q1. Your dream job when you were a child?
A badminton player when I was in elementary school. After that my parents bought me a computer so I got into gaming and wanted to do a job about gaming.

Q2. How did the members celebrate your birthday in 2017?
We were all practicing singing and dancing and the lights suddenly went off, then the door was opened and Jimin-san and V-san came in holding a cake.

Q3. When do you feel like you have become an adult!
I turned 20 in Japanese age in September! But actually I’m still a kid at heart, so truthfully I don’t really feel like I have become an adult.

Q4. In which moment do you feel like you’re still a kid?
For example, when I watch and think about a video or an interview. When I read people’s comments, I feel like even with the same question, they think from a much bigger point of view than me. That’s when I feel like maybe I’m still lacking in depth.

Q5. A work that touched you recently?
“Love, Rosie”. It made me touched because it’s a sweet but sad love story.

Q6. The kind of song you’re planning to compose?
Song of styles like future base and chillstep which I enjoy and listen to a lot.

Q7. Favorite dessert?
The Japanese snack kinako mochi. I like that it melts in my mouth because it’s just so fluffy! Also I ate cheesecake before the photoshoot for <non-no>. That one was delicious too♡

Q8. How do you take care of your beautiful voice?
I don’t pay particular attention to it… Like I just sing with my original voice I’ve had since I was born…

Q9. Any habit?
Covering my nose when I yawn. Not mouth but nose somehow. (laughs) And I pull the baby hair on my face unconsciously. I know about these things because fans told me.

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The third time Eleven run away was on the 23rd of May, 1985.

Mike Wheeler thought he had dealt with his father’s lack of care long time ago, but that day was just too much. Way too much.

An F on a test he really studied hard for, he really tried, but couldn’t focus enough, due to one of the panic attacks that he started having after the events of last year, and constant anxiety.

But, of course, his father didn’t know. Neither did his mom for that matter. Lately she was acting almost as distant as her husband, with the difference that she seemed weirdly joyful.

Mike knew he couldn’t just spend his life worrying, but he couldn’t help it. He was constantly worried - terrified - that one afternoon he’ll find the cabin empty. He was anxious all the time, unless he called Will and heard that he was okay. He worried about his parents marriage, that was less of a marriage with every passing day. He worried about Nancy, who was studying so hard for exams she barely slept. He worried about Holly, that she has to grow up in the atmosphere of either constant silence or constant arguments. He even worried about Steve, everytime he looked at his face when Nancy was around.

Mike Wheeler was worried about everything.

Lucas once told him that he should sometimes think about himself, but how he was supposed to stop caring? He wasn’t like his father. He cared.

And when Ted Wheeler finally decided to pay some attention to his only son and it turned out to be scolding for messing up a test, Mike had enough.

‘I get it, you are not really a sports kind of person. But can’t you just get good grades, as it seems to be the only thing you can do properly, at least it used to be?’

He wasn’t even yelling. Mike wished he would yell, just once. It would at least mean he gave a shit.

He felt like he was six again, his father bitterly disappointed that he didn’t find pleasure in kicking a ball around.

'Shouldn’t you do something other than reading your books all day?’ he heard when he was ten.

When he was eleven, the only response to his excited statement, that he and his friends won the science contest was an unfocused gaze, a nod and bored 'That’s great, son.’.

When he was thirteen, he stopped trying. When his son was thirteen, Ted Wheeler didn’t care that he woke up crying almost every night. Neither did he care that the shadows under Mike’s eyes seemed to grow with every passing day. He didn’t care enough to ask why he was mean to teachers. He didn’t bother to ask, once, if Mike was okay.

He preferred to assume he was, because that meant he didn’t have to do anything. That he didn’t have to be a father.

So now, Mike suddenly realised that he was not okay.


'Michael!’ no yelling. No hurt on his face. Calm, stern voice, reprimand.

And Mike wanted to hurt him, wanted to make him feel the way he felt for nearly fourteen years, but he still didn’t care.

So he fled. He quickly put on his torn sneakers and ran, slamming the door behind him.

He ran until his lungs and muscles burned. He ran, going past the town’s centre, he ran far, to the deserted alley. He wanted to scream, to punch something, he was angry, so angry…

'Hey, Wheeler! ’ he heard a menacing voice. He set his jaw, turning around to face Troy.

'What do you want?’ he growled.

'What got you so worked up, Frogface? Missing your freak of a girlfriend?’

'Shut your mouth!’

'Or what? You’re going to punch me? Maybe I would be afraid if you were trying to throw a ball five feet away from me. ’

Troy’s cronies chuckled, approaching him.

'Hey, Wheeler, I’m actually curious. How does it feel to be such a failure that even freaks run away from you?’ he grinned with disgusted expression.

Mike’s fist flew first.


When Mike didn’t come over as soon as the school ended, she was disappointed.

When he didn’t answer her first supercom call, she was worried.

When he didn’t answer next five, she put on her blindfold and a hooded sweatshirt she stole from him a two days ago, focusing on his scent and warmth she could almost still feel.

Then she saw him, in the void, pushed onto the wall, his lip split, that mouthbreather towering over him, she was out of the door in seconds.


'You really thought you could beat me up, Wheeler?’ Troy chuckled, punching him in the stomach. Mike gasped for air. 'Maybe if I put you on a wheelchair, we could call you 'Wheels’? 'Frogface’ is getting old anyway. ’

Then he kicked his leg so hard Mike saw the stars.

'LEAVE HIM, ASSHOLES! ’ a strong, loud voice yelled, and suddenly the bullies were thrown across the alley, landing few feet away. Troy, on the other hand, was pushed against the wall, both with her mind and her forearm pressed under his chin, just as Hopper taught her. She saw Mike fall to the ground, groaning. She was seeing red. Troy’s face paled when he recognised her.

'Last time not clear enough?’ she was almost scared of the tone of her own voice. There was another voice inside her head. Voice sounding a lot like Kali’s.

He hurt Mike. You need to hurt him, now. He deserves it. He dared to hurt Mike. You should make him pay. You weren’t strong enough last time, will you be now? He deserves to be punished.

'E-el, don’t… ’ Mike’s voice, tense with pain, cut trough Kali’s taunts. 'He’s not worth it… Don’t… ’

She let him go, standing, frozen, breathing heavily. Troy and other boys ran, nearly tripping over their own feet.

She stood there, unmoving, until Mike spoke up again.

'You shouldn’t… come out…’ he hissed weakly, feeling like he could pass out any second. 'Put the hood on… ’

She broke out of her reverie, launching herself towards him, kneeling on the ground.

'Mike. ’ her voice broke. She was nearly shaking.

'I’m okay… ’ his voice seemed distant.

Just like him to say that with a broken leg, swollen eye, split lip and unfocused gaze, being on egde of unconsciousness.

'Fuck, Mike, you are not okay!’

'Stop swearing… ’ he said weakly.

'Can you walk?’ she took his head in her hands, panicked.

'Uh, maybe…’ he tried to get up but quickly laid back down, feeling like a wave washed over him.

'Shit. Shit, shit, shit. ’ she got up. 'Wait here!’

And she was gone.

'Yeah, I’ll just… Stay here.’ he muttered, barely aware of his surroundings.

El ran, heading towards the police station. She could barely breathe when she reached he door and swung it open with her mind. She bursted inside.

'Hopper!’ she yelled, ignoring bewildered looks of people around her.

Jim appeared in the door of his office, his eyes wide.

'Hey, chief, what’s going on?’ one of the cops asked with confusion on his face.

'Get back to work. ’ Hopper grabbed El’s arm and steered her outside.

'Mike…’ she gasped, catching her breath 'Hurt…’

'Get in the car. ’


When Mike woke up, the first thing he saw was bright light and white ceiling. Then, when he looked down, a mass of curly hair on his chest.

'El..?’ he whispered hoarsely.

Her head shot up and her fingers tightened around his palm.

'You okay, kid?’ then he saw Hopper, standing behind El with his arms crossed on his wide chest. Hoppers stern face had a concerned look on it. The chief laid his heavy hand on Mike’s head, ruffling his hair.

'Yeah, I guess. ’

'He’s not. ’ El spat, suddenly scowling. 'Those dicks broke his leg. ’

'Jesus, kid, where’d you hear that?’

'You. ’ she deadpanned. 'Are you going to find them?’

'First, you gotta tell me who that was. ’

They both looked at Mike, who pressed his lips together, forgetting his lip was split and groaned.

'Mike, if you don’t tell, I’ll show him. Or I’ll find them. ’

'No, I’ll tell, I’ll tell, okay?’ Mike said quickly and the room spun around him. He closed his eyes for a moment.

'It was Troy Donovan and his group. ’

'Of course. ’ Hopper growled and furrowed his brows. 'Little shits… Your parents are on their way, kid. ’

'Great. ’ Mike muttered. 'Can you cancel it though?’

'What? Your parents?’

'My dad. ’ Mike looked at the wall behind Hoppers back as if it had done something to her. 'He probably won’t even come, though.’

The same second, Karen barged inside, Ted following her quietly.

'Mike! Oh my god, Mike, what happened?!’ Karen looked at him frantically.

'I’m okay, mom. ’

'Is it that Russian girl?’ Ted looked suspiciously at Eleven.

'Since when do you give a shit?’ Mike muttered, clutching El’s hand. 'She’s not Russian. Her name is El… I mean Jane. ’

Hopper cleared his throat.

'If you don’t mind, I think it’ll be best if we talk in my car, Karen, Ted. Doctor said he’ll be right back. Mike is in good hands. ’

'But… ’ Karen started, looking back at her son, but Hopper steered them out of the room. The door closed, and El looked back at him.

'Why are you mad at your dad?’ she furrowed her brows.

'I’ll… I’ll tell you later, okay?’ he muttered, hoping she’ll think she moisture in his eyes was an effect of the pain. 'It’s just… He’s such a…’


'Yeah. Mouthbreather. ’

She sat closer to him and started running her hand trough his hair, remembering that was what Hopper did when she was sick. Mike closed his eyes, and a single tear ran down his temple.

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Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

chibifox2002  asked:

Hello Bendy! What's your favorite thing to do? (I've never asked a question on a ask blog before so sorry if this question is kinda boring)

B: i only like you for your alcohol
MM: so… you still like me.
B: Piss off.

(FUN FACT: Back in the good ol’ mafia days,  if a gang wanted control over a business they would ask for half or more of the entire profit, bleed the business dry, and burn the place down if/when they went bankrupt. If the business owner did not comply to begin with, they would go after the owners family and torture/kill them, and if THAT didn’t go through to the owner, they would be assassinated. Or “whacked” as they liked to put it lmao. But the thing that Moon Man and Bendy have goin on is sort of a special case.
-Mod Moon Man)

✨🔮How To Find Your Craft Name🔮✨

I have recently found my craft name and I’m absolutely in love with it!! I went through many methods of trying to find mine, in this post I will show multiple ways you can go about finding your craft name, and not in only the way I found it. I hope this helps you all out!! Bless

Corresponding Names:

One way to go find you craft name is to find names that corresponds to things normally found in witchcraft/wiccan/pagan. For example:

Herbs: Rosemary, Sage, Willow, Bay, Valerian, etc.

Animals: Wolf, Owl, Bear, Raven, Snake, Tiger, etc.

Elements: Rain (water), Tornado (air), Amber (fire), Clay (earth), etc.

Celestial: Venus, Moon, Star, etc.

Crystals: Ruby, Emerald, Jasper, Crystal, etc.

Creatures: Dragon, Phoenix, Mermaid, etc.

Gods/Goddess: Thor, Aphrodite, Artemis, etc.

OR you can combined!!: RubyMoon, SageTornado, SnakeMoon, etc.

Birth Number:

Another way to find your craft name is finding one that corresponds with your birth number!! This mean that the number of the craft name matches your birth number. This is how you find your birth number!

Say your birthday is May 27, 1998. So, your numbers are 5271998. Now add them all together! 5+2+7+1+9+9+8=41. Now take those two numbers, in this case 4 and 1 and add them together. 4+1=5. Your birth number, in this case, is 5!

Now, you will use the key below to find the sum of the name you have found.

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

Let’s use my name for example, Tempest! So you would take the number that corresponds with each letter and add it together. For Tempest it would be 2547512. Now you will do the same thing you did with your birth date, add those numbers together. 2+5+4+7+5+1+2= 27. Then add this two numbers (2 and 7) which for me would be 9.

If the name you found doesn’t match your birth number then try other names you like! Or try a different method.

Magick Methods:

You can use divination to find your name! Ask your tarot, ask your pendulum, use your runes, use scrying, use automatic writing, and any way you are most comfortable with!! These are good and somewhat simple ways to find your name!

You can meditate/envision your craft name!! Bring yourself into a meditative state and just clear your mind and your craft name can very much come to you in your head. As well as your dreams!! If there is a name that you remember or sticks to you in your dreams it probably means something and you should take it into consideration!!

Pay attention! Maybe you are seeing a name consistently throughout your days, and you may not notice it but if you pay attention you could find a name that is surrounding you. Be aware. Pay attention. You got this!!


This is how I found mine out!!! I tried all of the methods above but this one is what felt most comfortable for me. So what I did is I found something that I love in witchcraft, something I am connected to or use a lot. I love the weather, so I looked up names that corresponded with the weather and names of different weather conditions. For example; rain and windy and stormy and lighting, etc. I researched and researched until I got the feeling! I felt so drawn to my craft name when I read it. I felt my heart tingle and I fell in love with the name. Thats how I knew it was the one for me!


Finally, you can just simply use feeling. Research, do all of the methods above, do ANYTHING until you found a name that just fits you or makes you feel more like yourself. It may take days or it may take minutes.


If it feels right, ITS RIGHT!! Don’t try and second guess because you feel as though there is something better. If it comes to you, don’t let it go out the other ear, pay attention, listen to it, consider it!

You will find it I promise you. Don’t stress either. The right name will come at the right time. Good luck to you all and bless✨💕🌻