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I’ve creeped around tumblr without a blog for a long, long time now. I don’t really know why but recently I felt it was maybe time to get a blog myself after all, since I was spending so much time here anyway. I don’t know how long it’ll last – I don’t have a good track record with any kind of social media. But for now I’ll keep this little corner of the internet for myself. Which is not the point at all.

Around New Years I picked up the first of the All for the game series and since then devoured all of the books, read all of the extra content, re-read the books a couple of times and then obsessively checked for new fanfiction every day. I don’t think I’ve had a book (or books) that inspired me to draw as much since I read the Silmarillion. Since I mostly picked up the book because I saw @defractum post about it I only felt it was right that the resulting art went to her and she was kind enough to post it.

Normally I would keep it at that. Buuuuuut it kind of really annoyed me that the format didn’t really work with tumblr. So I revised it a little bit and since I’m here now, I’ve asked @defractum if it’s ok to post it again and she was awesome and said yes ^^ So here it is. Nathaniel to Neil over the ages.

(also can I say how creepy it is that the middle one looks so much older than the other ones even though I used the same base???)

Poker Face - Cheryl Blossom

Anonymous said:

Could I request a Cheryl imagine where she’s dating a tough (south serpent kinda) girl who’s friends with the core four and Cheryl finds out she’s super ticklish and uses it to embarrass her alot? Like coming up behind her and/or kissing her neck as she walks past when she’s sitting on the couch with her friends? Thx I love your blog, it’s my fav😊

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Aw thanks for the compliment darling!!! I hope you like this!

When Sophomore year rolled around, you didn’t expect to get many friends. Especially not after Jason Blossom’s murder; but it was that very event that gave you friends. Gave you a girlfriend. You had known Jughead all your life, since you lived among the Serpents. When you met FP Jones, he thought you actually were a South Sider Serpent.

“Thick skin. Scales of a snake,” he had said. Jughead just rolled his eyes, but you felt accepted by the Jones family after that. You and Jughead became basically inseparable. So when he was drawn into Archie Andrews’ rag-tag group of misfits, so were you. You got caught up in the madness surrounding the murder of the Blossom boy. During that time, you also saw, truly saw, Cheryl Blossom. It had started when Betty sent you to do some digging about Thorn Hill, the Blossom’s mansion. Instead of actually sleuthing around Riverdale, you decided it was best to ask someone that lived there. You walked up to Cheryl with a coy smile and politely asked about the home in which she lived.

“Why don’t you come over and see it for yourself?” Her flirty tone was undeniable and it drew you deeper into the darkness of the Blossom family. The first visit turned into another one, and another after that. Visits became frequent before you started staying the night in the gothic castle. On nights like the one now, you were curled up on Cheryl’s bed listening to her rant about the River Vixens practices and routines. As she spoke, you played with her long, manicured fingers to occupy your mind.

“She can’t even land a forwards flip and-you’re not even listening to me.” She let out a soft giggle when you pulled your eyes away from her hand. You rolled onto your side, mirroring Cheryl’s position and looking into her eyes more clearly.

“I was, but then your evil hand took mine captive and I had to fight back.” She let out a laugh, a true one that was all too rare nowadays. She pulled her hand away from yours and traced her fingertips along your jawline. Your eyes instinctively shut at the soft touch as you revelled in it. Her nails gently, lightly, tickled your skin, making their way to your sensitive neck. All of the suddenly, goose bumps rose in your skin and you curled in on yourself. Cheryl let out another laugh at your reaction, smiling slyly.

“You’re ticklish,” she teased and you just shook your head. She rolled her eyes, continuing to touch every inch of exposed skin. After a bit, she worked her way back up to your face, more specifically your neck. You flinched away from her touch, causing the both of you to giggle.

“As much as I love that you’re smiling,” you whispered, “I’m very sleepy.” Cheryl nodded, still smiling at you. You scooted over, getting closer to your girlfriend; because that’s what she was. It was unspoken, but it was there nonetheless.

“Goodnight Cher,” you whispered. You leaned your head forward slightly and pressed your lips to her soft ones. She pressed back against the touch, smiling lazily into the kiss. With that final touch, the two of you drifted off to sleep.

After getting ready at Cheryl’s house, you both headed off to school. You said a meaningful goodbye in the school parking lot before heading off to your separate classes. The day seemed to draw on and on, until you reached lunch.

“Where were you last night Y/N? I tried calling you but you didn’t answer.” You glanced at Jughead and shrugged. The raven-haired boy scoffed, waiting for a better answer.

“I must’ve been asleep,” you said and continued eating.

“I called you at five in the afternoon,” Jughead said dramatically. You shrugged again, looking back to your food. An awkward silence fell over you and Jughead, being the only two people at the table as of that moment. You quietly ate, searching for something to say.

If anyone from your friend group found out what was between you and Cheryl, they’d flip. Betty and Veronica might even grow to hate you, since they hate Cheryl. Hopefully, as the year goes on, their hearts will change; and they’ll realize Cheryl isn’t a bad person. You disliked the fact you kept your relationship with her on the down low, but it was best to keep it that way for a little while longer. Maybe when everything with Jason starts to fade away.

“Hey how’s the casework going, with-” your train of thought was cut off by the feeling of lips on your neck. Soft, teasing, the familiar pair of lips tickled your neck. Jughead’s eyes widened as your poker face faltered and you started to giggle. You moved your head and blocked Cheryl’s lips from attacking the sensitive skin of your neck. Cheryl laughed, pecked your cheek and left you and Jughead alone once more. Your cheeks burned brightly at the sudden affection and fit of childish giggles.

“Care to explain that?” Jughead’s tone was surprised, but sassy as usual. You stared back at the boy across from you, ready to send a biting answer back. Before you could reply, the rest to the merry crew sat down at the table.

“Why was Cheryl Blossom sucking the blood from your neck? I assume that’s what she was doing,” Kevin asked as he sat down.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were dating the Devil incarnated?” You glanced at Veronica, giving her a serious look.

“This is exactly why,” you said, “I knew you guys would be this way and-”

“Hey, Hey, Y/N relax.” You glanced up at Archie who looked at you with worried eyes. “They’ll just have to learn to live with it.” Veronica slapped his shoulder and let out a gasp.

“This is Cheryl Blossom we are talking about here Archikins! She is not to be trusted,” you glared at Veronica while she spoke.

“So all the information I got from her was just thrown away from the case? Since we can’t trust her word and all.” Your counter argument silenced everyone at the table.

“Well while you all mull it over,” you grabbed your tray and walked over to Cheryl’s table. You sat beside her, much to the surprise of her friends.

“Too embarrassed to sit by them anymore?” Cheryl wriggled her eyebrows at you, making you smile. You met her eyes and you mimicked her teasing tone.

“I just can’t keep myself away from you,” you said back. A blush bloomed on the girl’s cheeks and your grinned. So what if your friends didn’t approve of your relationship yet, with time they would; but for the time being you had your girlfriend who was just as tough as you.  

I’m having issues logging into my other blog, so I’ll just post this promo here. (Stupid Yahoo….)

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I changed the background cause I just wasn’t feeling that last one. Felt like I could do better, and I totally did! 

Let me know if you guys have any more suggestions for NN related products. 

Reblogs would be great too! Thank you for your time!

I saw a lot of blog posts discussing about Shaladin and there are short posts and long posts… well nvm that. Let’s face the truth. Making people read letters that form words, read words that form paragraphs into an essay isn’t really going to work.

Look, I’m not saying your text posts are useless and whatever (and if you do say that I’m going to say you’re fvcking offensive because I wrote it clearly earlier). I asked myself what I felt after reading stuff from anti-shaladin, ship discourse and pro-shipping related tags and blogs.

I felt…literally nothing.

It just…did not give an effect on me. Just like looking at two people arguing over the internet. Just like listening to someone lecturing over the radio. At first it may give impact to the readers’/listeners’ feelings, but it does almost nothing. ALMOST NOTHING.

I know you might be trying to hit me or harm me…I don’t care. I’m just stating a fact, you know? And I know you might be asking, “Well then, what shall we do?!” It’s difficult, but meeting /those/ people in real life and talking some sense to them NICELY and POLITELY is one way. I know there’s very little chance of meeting antis irl (maybe because you can’t just talk to strangers, right?) but if you do have friends or if you participate in a fandom community, please talk to them.

Quick bad news. I used to be an anti. Well I don’t spread hate over the Internet but I texted my friends about a certain ship I loathed MOST. I said I hated the ship and people who ship it. One of them said “Appreciate people’s ships” and then I thought more of it. Now I feel normal looking at what people ship and which pairing they think is cute. (Sorry for ranting my life story like an asshoe.)

If you see someone ship something, DON’T EVER COMMENT HATE OR REPORT IT. Report something NSFW that isn’t tagged as NSFW. Report child porn. Report real-life pedophilia. Report people who abuse others via the Internet. Report things that insult people because of their gender, sexuality, race, religion and nationality. Don’t report things that come from a cartoon and fictional shows. It’s totally unnecessary.

So what should you do if you see a VLD ship you view as pedophilia, or a ship you dislike? Just ignore it. It takes less than a second. Scroll away. Unfollow the account. Filter what appears in your dash/home section. Make your social media your nice space, and let others make theirs their nice space. Don’t interfere if you don’t want to be interfered. It’s very simple, yet people get so inpulsive to give negative responses PUBLICLY.

If you hate Shaladin, stop viewing Shaladin posts. If you hate Klance, stop viewing Klance posts. If you hate Kallura, stop viewing Kallura posts. If you hate a ship, stop viewing posts of that ship. It’s so simple. It doesn’t harm you. It doesn’t harm others. It harms none.

Let people post what they want. Reblog what they want. Ship what they want. In the end, shipping is about who matches with who. Like matchmaking :D

Well, you can scroll away this text post. It’s so long. You’re bored reading the same thing over and over again. I don’t care. I’m just voicing my thoughts - I do it all the time (it’s nice to get this out of my chest, though I could go on and on for hours). Remember that Voltron is not about shipping. Don’t go insane on lovey dovey stuff if you aren’t insane on character arcs, theories, and symbolism. Don’t think of the possibility of your ship becoming canon if you haven’t thought of the possibilty of Lance getting his character development, where Shiro and Matt are, and how Keith feels now that he knows he’s half Galra. Focus on the whole general thing of Voltron, not the ships the fans made.

Hope you guys have a nice day! Send love not hate! :D

june-22ndd  asked:

Kicking myself so hard for not suspecting that Lucas was the reason Hanna was tortured. I am willing to bet that he screwed up somehow while helping AD, or didn't do exactly what AD told him to do, and so his punishment was having to watch Hanna be tortured while being powerless to stop it. Also, I love all your thoughts on 7x15; this blog is so thorough and amazing and you do such a good job with it. I've never once felt like you've shot down one of my ideas or been rude :)

Yeah I feel like he screwed up on something too. Perhaps he developed genuine feelings for Hanna? Maybe his offering to start the business together was out of love - and AD cracked it that he was getting a bit TOO close which’ll lead to strong feelings for her.

Aw thank you. I’m literally just here to talk about PLL, there’s no need for me; a nameless, faceless, anonymous person to be rude. I don’t gain anything from anything I do here. Positive intentions always, I’m glad that’s realised :) thanks.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Im a baby witch and I recently felt a random strong heat on my arm as if I touched something hot like a pipe, except I didn't touch anything. It just happened, this random very warm sensation in one place on my skin. I was confused but I went on with my day, but recently I found out that heat without a heat source can be an indicator of strong energy? Was it maybe a spirit or something?

It is possible, but I don’t work with spirits, so I cannot say for sure. Please direct your question to one of the blogs mentioned in [this post].

okok theres one part of elements i really liked but keep forgetting to talk about so ill post it b4 i forget again

but HEYO finn and pb’s platonic relationship is. really very important to me holy shit, AT’s been pushing the ‘moving on’ from his crush thing for a couple of seasons now and i still go hell yeah every time its reinforced

LSP tries to break the fire elemental curse on finn by telling him to go to his happy place but his brain automatically goes to all this past romantic stuff with PB at first, its real bad because its still wrapped in flames but Then

finn crushes it, puts out the fire (or rage and anger/pain as the element represents here)

and he goes back to his real happy place, back to pajama wars (still a super fav ep!!) where all they did was hang out like best friends w no hint of romance whatsoever

it felt like a real throwback to Dont Look where finn’s “true perception” of PB wasn’t an infatuated crush but just one of his bros

my boy’s moved on and is learning and enjoying his friendships and im proud of him

Rocknaldo Theory/Rant

Did anyone notice that this episode was literally directed at the fandom?
“Who are you to tell anyone how to be a Crystal Gem? You’re just a guy with a blog!" 

The way Ronaldo was criticizing everything, about Connie and Steven not being "crystal gem” enough, is kind of what the fandom does, criticizing every little thing about the characters and the way the plot is developing.

 Steven says “Bloodstone” is being selfish and just wanting things to happen to please himself. 

 I really felt like Steven was talking to us as the fandom too when he said “ This is my life! Do you even care about that?” 

The fandom kind of demands certain things, like the pairings that are "acceptable” The way the fandom freaked over Zuke drawing a “Lapidot” Picture… The way people analyze and over analyze every aspect of the show, getting angry when episodes are “filler” and demanding the plot move forward.

I think what Steven and the crewniverse were trying to say in this episode was summed up well.

 The show is about him, not us. It’s about Rebecca Sugars vision, not about what we think is right or wrong.

This fandom should be about love and acceptance.

That’s what it’s all about, guys. That’s what drew us all to this show in the first place.

Believe in Steven

An Update

Hey everyone. Gonna throw in some real talk here.

For the last few months I had lost health insurance that had kept me medicated and stable over the years. Due to having to switch insurance in California, it took a lot longer than expected to get approved, get an appointment, and finally get said medication.

During this lapse, my life kinda fell apart. I lost the urge to do anything. I stopped talking to a lot of my close friends. Drawing or anything productive seemed completely out of my reach. I didn’t take care of myself well, and was procrastinating on commissions and obligations with friends.

It has been some of the worst months of my life, but I tried to hide it from my friends and followers to keep this blog from becoming too much of a personal one. For that, I apologize.

But, things have finally turned around today. I just started medicating again, and I feel better than I had felt since before I left. I feel motivated again. I could finally draw something without thinking it was a pointless endeavor. It was a bit emotional I guess. 

But to summarize: After months of struggling, I feel like myself again. And that means I finally can work on things I had put off for months on end. 

‘The End’ is back in development. Commissions are going to get done. And comics will be made. To everyone who has been patient with these long lapses in updates, and to friends who have been encouraging me to keep going, thank you.

I’ll see you all very soon.

anonymous asked:

(Revised Prompt): Miraculous Ladybug, "So you're saying in a class of over a dozen people NO ONE CAN AGREE ON WHAT LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR LOOK LIKE?!"

“So you’re saying in a class of over a dozen people NO ONE CAN AGREE ON WHAT LADYBUG AND CHAT NOIR LOOK LIKE?!” Kim bellowed. 

Marinette face planted against her desk and groaned. Tikki hadn’t been kidding about her identity being protected by magic. 

“Listen,” Chloe screeched above the din, “I’ve been rescued by her the most and I am telling you her hair is shoulder length and slightly wavy no matter what little miss blogs-a-lot says!” 

“You also said she is taller than you, so clearly your opinion is worth nothing,” Alya shouted back. 

“All the people I like are taller than me,” Chloe retorted, “isn’t that right Adrikins?” 

“Please leave me out of this,” Adrien said. So far he was the only other person in the room who looked just as miserable about this class squabble as Marinette felt. His head was cradled against is crossed arms as he stared listlessly towards the door as if wondering if he could make a run for it. She could kiss him for that. Not that she wouldn’t take any excuse to kiss him. Maybe she should suggest they both sneak of somewhere to make out while their classmates argued. Marinette smiled at the daydream. As if she could ever actually pull off something so bold where Adrien was concerned. 

“This is stupid,” Kim complained “we have photos we should know every detail about what they look like.” 

“I’m pretty sure there is some sort of magical element that keeps us from properly retaining the information in a way that might jeopardize their identities,” Max theorized. 

“If Ladybug had magic power over her appearance you would think she would have attempted to look more attractive,” Lila said flicking her hair behind her shoulder. “Instead she is such a short thing with dull black hair and beady dark little eyes.” 

The class burst out into another round of shouting as Chloe and Alya both attempted to dive atop the Italian girl, only barely being held back by Kim and Nino. 

Marinette wondered briefly if anyone would care if she just threw herself out the window. She was about to attempt to sneak off to the bathroom when she heard Adrien talking quietly to himself. 

“Blue,” he murmured softly.  

Marinette’s breath caught in her throat.

“Her eyes are blue.” 

(I am no longer taking sentence prompts just finishing the ones I have left) 

don’t worry - i promise i haven’t forgotten ro!

“Get a New Tablet” Fundraiser!! (Aka Commissions are Open)

Just yesterday, my tablet completely crapped out on me, and I’m having to watch my wallet more than ever now that I’ve graduated college. SO I’ve decided that I should just get on the commission bandwagon already and ask for some help getting money for a new tablet. I don’t need to fully fund the tablet through this, since my parents are helping cover the cost, just any kind of help would be n i c e. 

I’ll have 10 spots open to draw anything you want. I’ll do OCs, ships, general pretty landscapes, a finely detailed penis, whatever! (just no fetish/kink stuff plz i’ll have to explain my actions to my parents) Once I get the tablet I’ll start on the commissions; It’ll probably take a week to 2 weeks to get my hands on it. For the time being, to make sure people get what they want, I’ll figure out the basic picture in my sketchbook for them to ok before any commitment is made. 


Traditional Sketch: $15

Digital Sketch: $20

Digital Sketch (basic color): $25

Lined: $30

Lined (flat color): $35

Lined (detailed color/painted): $40

It would be cool to do personalized watercolors for people, since people seem to love them on here (thank, you btw ❤︎) but I need to figure out how shipping works first to do that. I could always scan it and send the file, though, if that’s enough~ A watercolor would cost $50+ though, just because of expenses. 

Paypal only, please! (cuz it’s all I’ve got)

I don’t know how many people would be interested in this, but I’ve been wanting to do work for other people for a long time. If you’re interested, just send me a message! ❤️

anonymous asked:

Hey Viria, sorry to bother you but this is something I really need to talk about with someone and your blog has always been a safe space to me. I'm turning 20 this year and I've never been in love, nor have I had a boyfriend/girlfriend before. I don't know, if I'm too picky or if my standards are to high, but I never felt something like a crush before. I don't know if it's normal but I really just want to feel having butterflies in my tummy. I don't know what to do or what is wrong with me.

there’s nothing wrong with you, please don’t think this way! 

There are few things I can offer about this:

- don’t feel alone if the insecurity you feel is connected to the age, you aren’t alone, there are so many young people in their twenties who hasn’t been in relationship before. Even for me, even though I had minor school crushes, I only had one relationship and it wasn’t serious and I now know it wasn’t love. So for me it happened when I turned 22.

- it might be that you feel the red flags about people and haven’t met someone you connect to yet. I know a few people who are close to their 20s but haven’t had crushes before, it’s normal too, we all are different.

- movies always make us feel like we have to be in love to be complete, because EVERY teenager is in love in the movies. They show the morally high educated girls and say they always have to be in love to be good. Don’t be too pressured by the movies; they aren’t real life.

- as for butterflies: they aren’t always good. I mentioned minor crushes I had: I used to have all the knees buckling, heartbeating too fast, and I have to say that it wasn’t the healthiest. With as much as I had of physical stuff happening, I could never even talk to that person. So..not feeling the butterflies, but feeling warm and cosy and content and just, very secure, is what I think matters more. Deep connection matters more. Attraction is important too, of course, but the physical stuff fades over time, bonding stays.

- THE LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Try looking up aromantiсism, asexuality, demisexuality. I am not the most educated person with this; but there are people who don’t feel romantic or sexual attraction towards others. There are people who need to really spiritually and mentally bond with someone to start being attracted to them. You might be aromantic or asexual or demisexual!

Hope it helps at least a bit, remember you aren’t alone and there are always people who feel the way you do! You will have it all figured out soon, don’t worry<3

I wish I could go back in time, to before I loved you, just to tell myself it isn’t worth it.
That all the pain, time, and sobbing I put into us far surpassed the moments I felt like I was in love and loved.
—  v.m
Just so you know, you matter a lot

[submission] I’m an animal person. Well, mammals specifically. Worked with them for years and never really *got* keeping reptiles, but I didn’t knock it. I live in one of those big apartment complexes with indoor hallways, and about a week and a half ago I was just chilling, minding my own business. I got up to grab a snack… 15 minutes into netflix and chill I walked by my foyer and a random noodle gave me this look

I….was…a bit taken aback. Reptiles aren’t my thing but I surmised he was A) not venomous and B) probably not from the united states east cost. 

I discovered he was scared but not aggressive and I figured he’d escaped from someone, and since I knew snakes needed to be kept warm I put him in my bra and went to knock on some doors. Nobody knew anything about him and eventually I went back, and looked up reptile rescue centers and the closest one was a hundred miles away. This was on a Sunday and I wouldn’t be able to get him there till Saturday, and I couldn’t just keep him in my bra for a week. I did a google search and came up with your normal rubbermaid and paper towel setup and…it seemed…idk. Reptile person I wasn’t, animal person I WAS and I decided to browse the tungle to see what I could see. 

I found your blog. 

I learned he had stuck shed like crazy, and that there was much more to keeping a snake than $20 worth of stuff from target. I also figured if I was going to shell out to give a temporary home…well…I’d just make it his permanent one. I didn’t have the chance to scour your blog as much as I wanted, since I felt bad for keeping him where he was for so long, but I went to the pet store and set up this

(it’s heated from underneath and 2 temp and humidity monitored) it’s not exactly what I want it to be, but I did what I could with what I had and since then I’ve made a few modifications (bigger water bowl for a start) 

I’ve been all over your blog and your frustration with the people who claim ball pythons are completely sedentary are starting to anger me too, because from what I learned and what I can tell this dude is doing a lot better. 

The fact that there are people who just their snakes nearly immobile and tucked away astounds me. 

(ignore old tape, tank was sanitized and salvaged from apartment recycling room)

He climbs. Sometimes when I stay up I’ll take a peek at his tank and he’ll be all over his bamboo pole or plants or on his hide. 

He choses places to chill other than his hides (that’s a super low powered heat lamp I used to warm up my budgie for spray baths; wondered if he’d like some ‘sun’ on his scales)

He has, thus far, been nothing but an enthusiastic eater.

I went from seeing people collect reptiles like trading cards and thinking that was all there was to it, to being absolutely fascinated by this chill little noodle and loving to see what he’s up to . I went from complete ambivalence to becoming more and more passionate about proper reptile husbandry. 

You don’t have to post this, I just want you to know that for every asshole who should probably stick to those morimo moss balls, you inspire another person to learn everything she can about properly caring for these guys, enriching and monitoring their environment, and trying to make sure they are as healthy and happy as possible. 

You ARE making a difference.

I really dont have any words that describe how i feel, but this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever sent me. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Things I’d like to see on Booklr
  • Reviews for backlist books. I don’t care if you’re reading something old for the first time. You just read Sabriel by Garth Nix? Or the Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta?  Or maybe Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz? DO A REVIEW FOR IT! Maybe it’s not the newest and hottest book right now, but there are so many older novels to discover and reviews help that!
  • Buzz for non-YA novels. I love the Young Adult genre/age group. But there’s a TON of books that aren’t Young Adult that would be fun to discuss and share! Occasionally we get non-YA books that get popular because of their appeal to the YA audience (The Night Circus, Shades of Magic, Song of Achilles, etc) but I wanna hear about more! Tell me about the mystery you’re reading, the poetry book you picked up, the old sci-fi series you found on sale! There’s a lot of books out there! If YA isn’t your thing, no worries, I still want to see blogs and posts for books outside that area!
  • Support Reviews. I’m just as guilty of this. I don’t tend to reblog or like reviews, even though I constantly skim, read, and look at what bloggers have to say. Reviews are essential to book blogging in general and great for the book industry! We should reblog and comment on them more! Show reviews your support, that you’re out there reading what they have to say, let them know if you pick up the book or not, share the review so others see it and maybe discover their next favorite book!
  • Discussion Posts. I know that some say that longer posts just don’t work on tumblr, but I love seeing discussion posts and reviews on booklr! Wordpress blogs are more likely to have discussion posts or just longer posts about books and stuff in the community, but I would love to see this stuff on here to. The fun thing about tumblr is it’s a very versatile blogging platform, from just reblogging to adding your own content into the community. Maybe we’ve all skipped over a long post because “TL;DR” but I think that reblogs and comments are perfect for talking and adding to discussion posts, so why don’t we all utilize it more?
  • Support non-English Readers! Every time I see a photo of a book that’s not in English, I notice that it has significantly fewer notes than of pictures of that book in English. I’m not sure what’s up with that? A lot of times you can recognize the book because the covers are the same, it just happens to have the title in Russian or Spanish or whatever language. Lots of people don’t read in English and that’s GREAT! There’s a lot of languages out there and those who read in their native language deserve support for their blog too! (Obviously)
  • REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG. bookavid used to talk about this sometimes, but likes aren’t always great for bloggers. I put a LOT of love and work into my blog and so does everyone else in the community. We work hard on posts, reviews, and photos! Reblog them if you like them! That lets us know you like what we’re doing and more people see it and we feel validated for our hard work. It’s always depressing when I post something and it gets 10 likes so I post it again and wonder if people don’t like it? Is it worth putting the work into if no one sees it or seems to care? I know some people try to stick to the theme of their blog but when you can, support bloggers and reblog instead of just liking it and scrolling on!

I know booklr has felt dead recently, but I’m not giving up until you pry this blog from my cold dead hands! Reach out, talk to people, let me know if you want me to check out your blog, talk to me about books, talk to other people about books, make posts even if you feel your blog is small and unimportant (it’s not, fyi). I love this community and I want to see it thriving again! I want to talk to you guys, hear your thoughts, get recommendations, and make friends


P.S. What do you want to see more of on booklr?? Comment, reblog, message me, let me know 😄