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Request: Harry hook imagine where he dated the daughter of the queen of hearts but cheated on her with Uma so now she’s really cold and mean to others. They get taken to Auradon together and he tries to win her back. (Thank you so much for your request anon! I decided to spin the prompt around though, I hope that’s okay!)
Rating: T
Warnings: Implied underage drinking, angst, sadness, the whole shebang
A/N: Once again, thanks to Ella or else I never would’ve thought of this little twist and thanks to the anon who requested! Tagging @pizzaplanethq @lycanlupinremus

Growing up, you didn’t have a lot of friends. Surprisingly, most people didn’t want their head to be chopped off!

Your mother was the Queen of Hearts. Was. Most days she wandered around your shabby home, cutting off the heads of your dolls and reliving all her memories of her frightening reign. She would glance off into the distance and then smile at you innocently after telling you another one of her “adventures.” But you knew that innocence was fake. She did horrible things.

“Someday you’ll be just like me.”

That was your biggest fear. Nothing scared you more than turning into an evil, tyrannical monster like her. She drove your father away and betrayed her closest friends. But looking in the mirror, you didn’t see yourself. You saw her. You vowed that for as long as you lived, you would do everything to reverse the actions of your mother.

But being good had no place in the Isle of The Lost.

Ridicule and bullying pushed you farther and farther away from your vow until you eventually forgot. You became exactly what you feared. Cold and ruthless. Just like your mother.

It wasn’t all that bad though.

Through your wickedness you found solace with new friends. Carlos, Mal, Evie, and Jay. They became the light of your life. And you became theirs. You had never been so happy until you joined them and you never looked back. But then he caught your heart.

Harry Hook was the biggest flirt you had ever known. That was both a blessing and a curse.

He would bug you day and night, wherever you were. Curl Up and Dye? He was there and ready with his infuriatingly clever pick-up lines. Ursula’s Fish And Chips? You better believe he would be there and equipped with charming one-liners. You found it both endearing and annoying.

Today was one of those days. You were headed to Ursula’s Fish and Chips to go grab some grub for the rest of your friends, after losing a game you guys were playing. You didn’t mind though. It gave you a chance to relax and observe the beautiful chaos of the Isle.

Of course, that peace and quiet was quicky disturbed.

Harry Hook, appearing from nowhere, swung in front of you then gracefully landed, grinning as wide as the Cheshire Cat. “Hiya, princess!”

Rolling your eyes, you kept on walking, completely ignoring him. This seemed to completely throw off the cheeky pirate, and he ran to keep up with you. Grumbling when he still couldn’t get your attention, he waved a hand in your face, as if he thought you were actually mad. “Hello? Are you there, your highness?”

You quickly slapped his hand away, scowling at him. “I told you not to call me that!”

Harry’s grin instantly became even wider, and he chuckled at your angered expression. He ruffled your hair and then crossed his arms, which angered you even more, “I can do whatever I want, Princess Y/N.”

Sighing, you just kept going on your way as the pirate beside you chattered on about one of his latest conquests. He tended to keep a few girls (sometimes guys) around to play with for a little bit then eventually throw away, like a broken toy. This was one of the reasons why you didn’t agree with him sometimes. It just wasn’t right. He didn’t want to hear it though.

“Why do you care anyways?” Harry would ask, tossing a rotten apple around his hands. That question always bothered you. Why DID you do it?

Finally, you made it to Ursula’s Fish and Chips and Harry seemed to calm down a bit. Turning to face him, you flashed him one of your fake smiles, “This was a lovely conversation, but I’m afraid I’ll have to go and forget this whole stupid encounter didn’t happen-”

Before you could leave and run away, Harry’s hook caught your wrist, preventing you from escaping. “Hey, hey, what’s got you so uptight, your majesty?”

“Maybe I just don’t want to hear about your recent hookup,” you growled and took your hand away from him. “Or maybe I just wanna get some snacks and go back to my friends.”

You smirked then quickly ran far away from him while you had a chance, ignoring his calls and pleads to come back.

Love was a strange thing.

Your mother always said to never love anyone but yourself. “The moment you are vulnerable to someone, they’ll rip your heart out and leave you.”

Frankly, you thought her lessons were bullshit.

You paced around your room nervously, trying to absorb what you did a few minutes earlier. This was bad, this was bad, this was bad.

You kissed Harry. And he kissed you back.

Gripping your hair, you silently cursed at yourself. You shouldn’t have done that. You dramatically jumped on your bed and tried to remember the exact details of what happened.

Evie threw a party to celebrate her 16th birthday. “A royal bash to fit a royal princess!” You didn’t have the heart to tell her that royalty was invalid in the Isle of The Lost since she was so happy. You couldn’t take that away from her.

So far, the party was a roaring success. Someone started a game of Pin The Broom on The Witch and Seven Minutes in Hell was playing in a corner. But then someone brought in some of Hades’ special juice and it was all a blur after.

You remembered one thing though.

One minute you were bickering with Harry then the next, your hands were locked around his neck, afraid to let him go. You stared right into his ocean blue eyes, trying to search for any hesitation. There was none.

He cupped your face gently, as if he was afraid he would drop you and you would break. His eyes bore into your own, slowly getting closer and closer to you.

You sealed the kiss and it felt like heaven itself touched your lips.

He was scared. But so were you.

Trailing a finger through your lips, you could still feel the remnants of his kiss. Your heart shivered and shook with joy when you realized it.

You’re in love with him.

You smiled happily, then put a finger to your pulse. It was beating so fast, but you didn’t care. So this was what love was like. This was why love could start and end wars. Love was strong and powerful. This was the fairytales you were always told.


You remembered suddenly what your current situation was. There are no happily-ever-afters in the Isle of The Lost. None.

Remembering your mother’s words, you sobbed and hastily wiped your lips. “The moment you are vulnerable to someone, they’ll rip your heart out and leave you.”

Harry could never truly be in a relationship. He was important in Uma’s mission and he had big dreams. Dreams that don’t include you. You couldn’t take that away from him just for love. The sparkle in his eyes whenever he talked about his love of the sea and being captain… you could never.

He deserved better.

You had to end this.

The kiss was quick, but it was enough. The damage was done.

Gil stood there, confused as ever. He touched his lips and frowned at you, still not fully understanding the situation. As always. “Wha-What? I thought you liked Harry.”

“I-I do.” You thought. But instead, you shook your head. “I don’t.”

“Really?” Unbeknownst to you, Harry was there the whole time. And he looked both angry and upset at the same time, but looking into his eyes, you saw something else. Heartbreak.

You did what you did best. You ran away. But Harry stopped you. Like he always did.

“Why?” The question was so simple but you couldn’t find an answer. “Why are you so afraid of following your heart?”

Harry looked into your eyes, and in an instant you regretted everything you did. The pure look of heartbreak was enough to make you sob and you wanted to apologize for everything you did. But you couldn’t find the words. “I-I’m scared, Harry. I’m… I can’t do this.”

“No,” he held your hand tightly, refusing to let you go. “Y/N… you’re not like your mother. Don’t keep trying to become like her just because you have to keep up this image. I fell in love with the real Y/N… not the stone cold princess who plays with feelings.”

You looked him in the eyes again. You thought that maybe, just maybe, he was right. You hastily wiped at your eyes and took your hand away from him. “I have to go.”


“I said I have to go!” You cried, then ran as fast as you could, never looking back. You feared that if you did, you would come back and everything would collapse. It was too late now.

Some hearts just aren’t meant to be.

‘Even Though My Bones Now Ache’

Been a long time since I did some quick writing, just a little something because I’m having lots of Tentoo and Rose feelings right now.

1117 words ~ angst ~ TentooxRose 

                                                           ~ ~ ~

She found him at the top of the stairs, standing with his hand on the wall with his tall, thin frame hunched over, the other hand occupying the top of his thigh.

His breathing was heavy and his face was pained. Of course, Rose was concerned.

She’d walked him to their bedroom, knowing full well their energetic little six-year-old girl was flat out in one room, and their equally active ten-year-old in another, so there was no chance of waking them. Once there, she’d sat him down on the bed and brought him a glass of water.

“Thanks,” the Doctor said with a light smile, taking a sip of the water and keeping his eyes diverted from Rose.

“No need to thank me,” she replied, sitting directly next to him with her fluffy dressing down touching his bare arm. She casts his brown eyes a soft glare, spotting the tiredness like an eagle to a mouse. He was such an idiot sometimes, probably thought she was blind.

“What’s wrong?”

The Doctor seemed to tense slightly at the words but let out a long sigh, placing the glass of water on their bedside table. He didn’t want to say what was swirling around in that human head of his.

“I’m getting old, aren’t I?”

The question surprises Rose, enough for her eyebrows to raise rather quickly.


“I’m getting old,” he repeated, the tiredness in his eyes now turning to something resembling sadness…or was that despair Rose could see?

“Doctor, what are you talking about?”

Twelve years they’d been together since the day on the beach. Twelve, extraordinary, beautiful - human - years. Rose was proud of what they had to show for it together. Two children and a life she’d craved - a life with the man sitting beside her, who was as human as she was.

“What do y'think I’m talking about?” he states with an awkward smile. “First it was that grey hair, and those little wrinkles getting bigger around my eyes - now I’m aching all over. My knees hurt, my back hurts…is that normal?”

Even after all these years, Rose was sure the Doctor was still learning. Many human things were completely new to him, and even after all that time, he still asked her if the common cold was normal, if the 'cut won’t stop bleeding’ was normal, if sleeping for eight hours a night was normal.

He’d been through a busy time recently, too. Leyla and Annie were both busy with school and needing to be here, there and everywhere, but of course wouldn’t miss out on the trip to the park with their Daddy. Torchwood was overrun with missions, which involved an awful lot of running sometimes.

The physicality of it was bound to make anyone tired.

“Doctor,” Rose started, her hand hovering to his which was placed in the small gap between them, intertwining her fingers in his long ones, “Of course it’s normal. You’ve been run of your feet recently,” she added in a warm, gentle tone.

The Doctor looked down towards their connected hands. “I don’t like it,” he clarified, his brown orbs finally meeting hers in a gaze which melted Rose’s heart.

“Well…what’s bothering you, love?” she asked, not to pester him - she was curious, and she knew this man better than anybody else. Something was hiding, right there, on the tip of his tongue.

“Because…” he began, “I chose to grow old with you, and I know we’ve been through that conversation many times, but…these aches and pains aren’t what’s bothering me,” after a small pause and a deep swallow, his Adams-apple bobbling underneath his chin, he finally said:

“I still want to be good for you.”

Rose felt her body grow still and her heart drop at the words escaping the Doctor’s mouth. Good. For her?

“Y-you still want to be good for me?” she stuttered after a few seconds.

He nodded, but looked slightly like a small child as he did so. “I want to be able to make you happy, to make our girls happy all the time, every single second of every day that passes by. I know I’m nowhere near old yet but still - you’re my everything, Rose. Our family is my everything. And I don’t want to lose you.” His thumb was running lightly across her hand as he spoke, and his human heart was beating with the emotion he’d grown to embrace over his human life.

“You are…such a daft, idiotic man, Doctor.”

The Doctor’s eyebrow raised in a flash. “Oi!” he protested in a harsh whisper, but Rose wasn’t taking it.

“But you are…d'you really think that of me?”

The Doctor’s lips were thin as he stared into Rose’s eyes, not saying a word, so Rose took the opportunity to continue, but not before she turned her body towards him and reached up her free hand to cup his cheek.

“Listen to me - you make me happy. You make our girls happy, every single second of every day that passes, or however you put it. All them years ago, you chose to stay with me on that beach and we have built a life together. You’re my absolute everything, Doctor…don’t make me tell you twice,” she finished with a half-smile, a light coating of tears covering her eyes. “I would never, ever leave you.”

The Doctor could feel his doubt lifting - what had he been doubtful for? “I won’t,” he confirmed, a cheeky grin popping onto his face as he leaned his head against hers, feeling her breath on his lips. He’d once told her to never say ‘never, ever’ – that phrase had never sounded so wonderful.

“I don’t care if you’re a bit slower than you were, or that you have the odd grey hair…of that you eat too many pies,” Rose explained, her tongue sticking out between her teeth in a cheeky smile as she reached out to poke his stomach. He was still a bean-pole, but with being human it hadn’t surprised her that he’d put on a few pounds, hardly noticeable and rather cute in her eyes. The Doctor swatted her hand away playfully and swiftly wrapped his arms around her, burying his face into her soft, sweet smelling blonde hair. “I’ll love you no matter what - having you here is a gift. And I love you.” Rose said.

The Doctor smiled tenderly. “I love you too…Rose Tyler. I love you too.”

That was all it had taken. Five minutes with his beautiful wife.

To go from doubtful, to hopeful - hopeful that he could continue to be the Doctor. For her, and for his little girls.

“Because even though your bones might ache…my heart would ache if you ever left me.”

The kiss the Doctor proceeded to give Rose was the most teary, but the most grateful of kisses.

Amaranthine (3/6)

Summary: Modern soulmates CS AU.  In which soulmates are rare, and those that have them stop aging at adulthood.  Rarer still – and dangerously conspicuous – are those that have special abilities.  Immortality and powers alike fade when soulmates come in close proximity with their other half.   In which Emma’s touch heals, and Killian’s kills.

Rated: M

Warnings: Language, mentions of homelessness, smut

Words: ~7300

Part: One, Two

Notes:  You guys, I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for your response to this story.  Your reviews and messages, likes and reblogs have quite literally made me cry.  I love and appreciate every single one of you.  As always, my love and devotion to @seastarved for her help with early drafts and for that edit up there.  And to @is-that-what-it-is and @high-seas-swan for reading through the final draft.

Also on ff and ao3

Aye love, I do.

The words fall out of his mouth, and Emma feels as though she falls into the eye of some kind of storm. Sometimes it’s ugly, and it’s messy, and they skirt into the storm proper – their walls climbing, him pushing and her pushing back, peeling away the layers of terror and torment until they’re both so raw and so exposed that they spend hours at a time just breathing and leaning into one another on a bench as close to the rush of the river as they can manage.

But – oh God, sometimes – he’ll talk about the water, the way it moves, the grit of wet sand beneath his feet, or about the simple joy of swimming on a lonely beach after midnight, bright, bioluminescent algae following in his wake.  And she’ll talk about the smell of the Boston Harbor, the thrill of taking down a skip, the gentle rush of warmth in the ridge of her spine when she brushes away pain and hurt and illness.  She’ll lean into him, and he’ll look down at her, and the cerulean swirling in his eyes will calm the beat of her heart, until her pulse thrums in answer to his.

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Back In My Arms

Inspired by all the talk of a possible upcoming reunion, as well as one of Maks latest IG picture hashtag.

Smut warning for the end.
She felt like a child on Christmas morning again, trying not to bounce up and down in her seat as the plane began to descend into LAX, for the start of her 5 day visit. The landing seemed to take even longer this time; it seemed to get longer each they flew to see each other, their patience becoming shorter. As the doors opened, allowing the passengers to depart, Meryl all but ran off the plane, hastily finding her way to baggage claim. She made it there in record time, but once again time was out of her hands, as she waited for her bag to appear, eager to make her way out of the airport to the car waiting for her. Well more importantly the big sexy Russian that would be waiting in the car for her appearance, hopefully waiting just as impatiently as her. Maybe walking so quickly to baggage claim was not the best idea, after 10 minutes of waiting she just wanted to hear his voice, find out where he was so she could get to him quicker. “Hi babe, just landed?” Maks questioned, answering on the second ring

“No we got in about 10 minutes ago, just waiting for my bag” Meryl spoke quickly, Maks’ deep laugh coming through the phone, sensing her obvious impatience at the current situation.

“Ok, well babe I am in 12C, and your bag will be there any minute, I will be waiting” Maks trying to settle her slightly.

“Thanks honey. Oh I think I see my bag. I will be there in a minute” Meryl’s smile translating easily through the phone.

5 minutes later Meryl found herself looking at the 12C sign; it took 5 more seconds for her to locate her big sexy Russian leaning against the side of his car. Dragging her bag behind her she quickly made to way towards him, step becoming larger and quicker. The second she was in front of Maks her carry on bag found its way onto the ground, and herself in his arms, her arms around his neck, her feet off the ground, and her lips upon his lips.

The drive back to Maks apartment was spent discussing the previous week’s events, yes they had of course talked about most of it over the phone, but it was never the same as holding hands and actually being able to see the persons face as they talked, imagination could only do so much. Maks talked about the beauty of Italy, his amazement at seeing John Legend perform ‘All of Me’ live, wishing he could of had her in his arms just swaying as they reminisced over their foxtrot. Meryl discussed her joy of seeing all those sick children’s face light up as Charlie and herself walked into each of their rooms, at being able to hold an Olympic gold medal. Conversation turned to plans of the upcoming day, Meryl attending the DWTS premiere, before coming back to DWM to watch the show once again with Maks and everyone else that their viewing party.

By the time they arrived to the apartment Meryl had to start getting ready for the night ahead. Hopping into the shower, Maks was quick to follow, not ready to have her out of his sight just yet. They washed each other’s bodies slowly, stopping things before they got out of hand as there was little time for that now, that would have to wait just a little longer, much to both their disappointment. Getting out of the shower they dried off, Maks making his way to the closet to put a dress shirt and pants on, leaving the shirt unbuttoned for now. Meryl put a dressing gown on as she began to apply the makeup required to potentially be on camera under those harsh lights. Walking out of the bathroom, Meryl pulled out a figure hugging deep purple dress, much to Maks delight, before slipping on some lace undergarments and the dress, getting Maks to zip it up. All the while Maks was picturing the exact reverse occurring later.


The viewing party had come to an end, family members only remained , continuing the party whilst somehow managing to clean up some of the mess created. “So babe, are you ready to break the internet?” Maks enquired, standing in the middle of the now empty ballroom floor. In a now regular conversation earlier that day they had once again discussed the progression of their relationship in the public eye. The outcome this time being that the hype of a new season meant less interest in them, they would post one picture to answer the fans questions, nothing else, they would then continue like two normal people in a relationship, they would ignore the media.

“What did you have in mind?”

 Locating his brother, who had recently appeared, Maks called him over, “take a photo for me, bro” handing over his phone. Maks pulled Meryl’s back flush to his chest so no space remained between them, wrapping her waist, resting his cheek against the side of her head.

Captioning the picture ‘Happy to have this one back in my arms, never letting go #thisiswhatiwant’. Quickly seeking Meryl’s approval, he posted the picture. “Ok, now one more for me to post” a cheeky smile spreading across Meryl’s face knowing the exact picture she wanted to take.

She raised up to her tippy toes to past a kiss on Maks’ lips, hold her phone out to capture the moment, and simply wrote ‘He got what he wants 🐻 😘’ “Just in case there was any doubt after yours, that will definitely break social media” Meryl added, giggling as she posted the picture.

“How about we get out of here, while our phones blow up, let’s go home” Maks spoke, the pure joy he felt seen in his glistening eyes. With no further words being spoken Meryl waved goodnight to the remaining family as she grabbed Maks hand leading him out of the studio. Making their way back to Maks car, opening her door before making his way to the driver’s seat. The drive back to Maks place was filled with conversation of smaller events of the past weeks, Meryl’s skating and friends, Maks’ preparations for the new studio opening. Hands intertwined across the centre console. Maks rubbing small circles over her hand with his thumb, Meryl’s hand occasionally finding its way onto Maks leg, a bit too high to be classed as appropriate.

Pulling up into the driveway, Maks quickly ran around the other side of the car to, once again, open Meryl’s car door, craving the feeling of having her wrapped in his arms. Walking up the front path with Meryl in front of him, one arm wrapped around her waist, the other seeking the keys from his pocket to let them inside the house. Entering the apartment they lazily made their way to the couch, located in the centre of the living room, Maks pulling Meryl to sit atop his lap. She was quick to capture his lips with her own, craving the taste of him upon her tongue. He granted her entrance almost immediately, letting their tongues dance a well choreographed number, rehearsed many times before.

Never separating their lips, she moved her legs to position them either side of his hips, straddling him. Her hands travelled across his chiselled abs pulling his shirt off, separating only briefly to properly remove it. She could feel him hardening beneath her as her hand continued along his body, slowly finding their way across the growing bulge. Having enough, he carefully stood up, holding her in his arms as she wrapped her legs tightly around him. She started kissing his neck as he made his way to the bedroom. Entering the room he put her back onto the ground capturing her lips once again.

He slowly kissed his way down her neck, across her now bare shoulder as made his way behind her. His lips moved to the back of her neck, sending a shiver up her spin, unzipping her dress, he allowed it to pool on the ground. His mouth resumed it work along her neck as he reached his arms around her, capturing her breast in one hand, the other slowly sliding down the smooth plains of the abs before quickly plunging into her panties.

He began rubbing her, finding she was already, extreme read for him; he pushed two fingers inside her leaving his thumb to rub her clit. The fire was building within her, reaching her climax, her head falling back onto his shoulder. He held her as she rode out the wave, before pulling her towards to bed collapsing onto it, pulling her on top of him. She began removing the final pieces of his clothing, unzipping his pants drawing them down along with his boxers in one motion. He kicked them off quickly, flipping them over so he was now on top, before positioning himself over her entrance, driving himself into her.

Their hips moved in perfect union, as she began to explode around him, sending him over the top along with her. Holding each other as the waves of ecstasy rolled over them, blissful as they came down from the high. He sat up drawing the covers over them, pulling her back to his side, clutching her as close as possible. They both feel asleep idyllically, happy to be back each other’s arms, even if just few a days, waiting for the day it would be forever.

Note: for those not on their phone, the two emoticons from Meryl ‘s caption were kissy face and a teddy bear face.

He thinks you're sleeping and confesses his love for you (Part 2)

Read part one here

Zayn: “Babe, lets get you up to bed.” A gentle voice suddenly says, waking you up from your peaceful sleep. Your eyes wonder around the room, Liam had left and it was just you and Zayn. You begin to get out of Zayns grip and were now in the sitting position.  This was obviously going to end up like one of those unintended slumber parties that the two of you had almost every week. Your eyes look into Zayn’s, the same look of admiration never leaving his dark eyes. The two of you begin to walk up the cold wooden steps and up to Zayns bedroom. “So i heard what you said about me.” You suddenly blurt out, voice being as gentle as possible. As soon as those words left your mouth the look of embarrassment and pure regret filled up his facial expression. His motions stopped and he just stood at the top of the staircase with you beside him. His bite was now on his lower lip as he inhaled a deep breath, “I um.” He pauses not knowing what to say next, his fingers running through his dark hair. A smile makes its way to your lips at his adorableness. “I didn’t think you were awake..” He continues, his gaze on the hardwood flooring. You smile gently to yourself and begin to walk over to him, “You don’t have to feel bad, I’ve felt the same way about you for a while…” You confess and his eyes were now met with yours. An innocent smile makes its way to his lips, “Well now that we both know that we feel the same way,” He pauses to let his arms fully encircle around your petite figure, his forehead pressed to your own, “Does that mean i kiss can you now, yeah?”

Liam: It was right after all the boys had finally fallen asleep was when you decided to bring it up. You really didn’t think you were going to be able to keep it from him until morning. And the fact that the two of you were sleeping in the exact same bunk made it even worse. “Liam.” You whisper softly, knowing that he was still awake but not wanting to wake up the other boys. “Yeah.” He responds with a hint of tiredness in his english accent. Your body shrifts so that you were now facing him, you were barely able to make out the features on his face. “Did you really mean what you said?” You ask curiously, secretly hoping that he would pick up on the recent conversation both Louis and him had had about an hour ago. His eyes were now on you, a slight expression of embarrassment plastered all over his face. “I uh..” He mumbles and you were barely able to make out what he had just said from his thick accent. “Yeah i did.” He confesses refusing to look at you. You smile to yourself relieved that he really did mean it. You loved Liam and that fact that he loved you back made it even better. The room was silent for a bit, the only noise was Harrys slight snores from the bunk above the two of you. “God damn Liam, just kiss her already, its been like ten minutes.” Louis voice suddenly urges. “I suppose i should.” He chuckles while cupping your face with his hands.

Niall: It was now 10am and you had obviously ended up falling asleep on Niall’s bed last night. The thought of what he had said to Harry last night kept you up for almost the whole night. Groaning, you rised from your spot on the large bed and began to walk over to the bedroom door. You walked downstairs only to be greeted by Niall sitting on the living room couch watching television. “Hey princess, bout’ time you’ve woken up.” He chuckles slightly, obviously being able to feel your presence on the stair case. You smile a little as you walk over to Niall and take a spot next to him. His blue eyes light up as soon as they come in contact with your own, you knew this would be the perfect time to bring up that conversation. “So um..” You pause trying to look for the right words. His anxious gaze was the only thing urging you to continue. “So i heard what you and Harry were talking about last night.” You finally blurt out secretly hoping that he wouldn’t get embarrassed because you felt the exact same way about him. His expression was completely blank as he let out a nervous sigh, “I didn’t mean for you to hear that…” He confesses and you could hear the embarrassment filled in his tone. He plays with a lose string on his sweatshirt trying to avoid your gaze. “Its really nothing to be embarrassed about, i kind of feel the same way about you too, Niall.” You suddenly confess, his whole expression suddenly lighting up out of relief. He smiles a little, “So i guess i really don’t have to be afraid of being rejected, huh?” He says with a cheeky smile.

Louis: A little while later after you were fully awoken the two of you had decided it would probably be a good idea to clean up the mess you left all over the floor. Pillows, blankets, snacks and soda were scattered everywhere, Louis really didn’t feel like cleaning up at the moment but you were forcing him to. “Cant we just do all of this later?” He groans as he picks up a pillow and tosses it on the couch. “First of all,” You pause while picking up the pillow he had lazily set on the couch, “This doesn’t go there.” You tease bringing the pillow case over to the laundry room and setting it into the hamper. “And second of all I’m not the one who spilled the Doritos all over the floor.” You giggle and walk over to the kitchen to grab another garbage bag. You really didn’t know how much longer you were going to be able to keep the secret from Louis about overhearing his and Zayns conversation, it was literally killing you. You were going to break. “Lou i need to talk to you.” You say, setting the garbage bag down and taking a seat on the living room couch. A concerned look spread across his face and he set down the soiled bag of Doritos he was about to trash. “Yeah, whats up?” He asks and walks over to take a seat next to you. Your eyes look into his own, “Well it’s just that i don’t know if I’m going to be able to keep this from you for much longer but i heard what you and Zay- I only said that because its true.” He says with a voice full of pure lust, cutting you off mid-sentence. A smile makes its way to your face and his baby blue eyes look into yours. His arms pull your body close to his, lips inches away from yours. “And I’m going to say it one last time. I love you, (y/n).” He confesses before gently pressing his lips to yours without permission, not that you minded. 

Harry: You had woken up a little while later only to find out that Niall was now gone. Harry had somehow managed to fall asleep next to you, not that you really minded or anything, you were too exhausted to care about anything at the moment. Just as you were about to give in and fall back asleep a voice suddenly spoke up, “You awake babe?” He asks tiredly and you turn around so you were able to look at him. His hair was messy and he looked completely exhausted. “Now i am.” You giggle softly and he chuckles lowly. You bury your head deep into is chest and let out a sigh, “I didn’t know you secretly admired me, Mr Styles.” You tease while giggling a little bit. He opens his mouth to protest but nothing would come out. “When did i ever say that?” He mumbles playing dumb, obviously being too embarrassed to confess. You smile at his adorableness, “I heard you and Niall talking.” You explain now looking up into his eyes. He lets out a groan, “Well thats embarrassing.” He chuckles lowly as he runs his fingers through his hair. You giggle softly, “Well I think its cute, and now its even better that i know we feel the exact same way.” You confess as a slow smirk makes its way to his soft lips. “Then i guess this wouldn’t be an inappropriate time to ask you out, now would it?”



anonymous asked:

Can you do one were Karma and Amy go camping and they get lost and end up having a romantic night and some sex

I know this prompt has been sitting in my inbox for probably over a month now so thank you so much for your patience, I really do want to answer them all but sometimes my creativity runs out and I want these to be at least half decent for you guys :p u da best x

“I can’t believe we’re lost” Amy groaned crunching loudly over a pile of sticks behind Karma.

“We’re not lost anymore” Karma declared cheerfully but Amy just sighed.

“Just because we’ve put up a tent somewhere does not make us not lost" 

"This is an actual camping spot Amy, believe me other people will come!” Karma said picking up a branch and inspecting it to see whether it was fire material.

“Oh great” Amy replied sarcastically crossing her arms across her chest as a cool breeze fluttered through the clearing which they had accidentally stumbled upon.

“Random people are going to arrive and try and camp with us, and maybe try and have a conversation and maybe even try and kill us" 

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