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Sterek A-Z Challenge: one word prompts

Week 15: O - Oops

The bell over the coffee shop door announced Derek’s arrival with a merry jingle a little after 11 in the evening. Derek shuffled the strap of his messenger bag higher on his shoulder and shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his leather jacket.

The shop was almost empty at that hour. Only a few students writing their first papers of the new term and a couple of regular night owls were scattered through the shop. His usual seat in the far corner, where he could sit with his back against the wall and keep watch, was open.

Derek dropped his bag on the small table and shrugged his jacket off to drape over the back of his claimed seat. The young woman at the register was new, which could be potentially problematic. Derek didn’t recognize her, but she smiled cheerfully when he approached.

“What can I get you?” she chirped. Her heartbeat fluttered nervously as her scent sweetened with clear want. Definitely problematic.

Derek paused a moment. “I don’t know,” he answered honestly. He wasn’t sure his drink had a name.

“Oh, well, we have different speciality coffees and teas,” the barista said and gestured to the menu board behind her. “If you want something-”

“I got this!” Stiles slid out of the back room, arms flailing to keep his balance. “Yo,” he said, greeting Derek with a lazy salute, and Derek snorted. His roommate was ridiculous. “Super awesome Stilinski special as dark as your soul, coming right up.”

“Right,” Derek said, gravitating down the bar towards Stiles. “No cinnamon this time.”

“Sure thing.” Stiles flipped a large paper cup into the air and fumbled to catch it, which made Derek chuckle.

When Stiles called him earlier that year, it had been a bit of a shock. Derek had been living in a cabin upstate that he and Laura had bought years ago. He had finally achieved vengeance for his family when he ripped out Kate’s throat and burned her body deep in the woods, but Beacon Hills wasn’t home anymore, so he hadn’t gone back. Now he wished he had.

At first, Derek hadn’t been sure the small voice on the other end of the phone had actually been Stiles, and not something trying to lure him back to Beacon Hills because the Stiles on the other end of the line had been quiet, almost hesitant, and unsure. As if Stiles hadn’t believed he deserved Derek’s help. Definitely not at all the hyperactive, chatterbox he had left behind. They both carried heavy scars, but that was fine.

Before Derek knew it, he had a new roommate and was driving across the country to pick Stiles up the day he got his diploma. Stiles hadn’t been home since, and the Sheriff was worried.

The barista asked Derek what the drink was so she could ring it up as Stiles ducked out of sight to retrieve milk out of the fridge below the counter.

“I don’t know,” Derek said again. “Something chocolate?”

Derek always had the same drink whenever he came in, but he didn’t know what it was because Stiles had never told him. It probably didn’t have a name. The first time he picked Stiles up, Stiles had whipped something up and shoved it into his hands.

Stiles’ head popped back up over the espresso bar. The steamer hissed to life, and Stiles laughed. “Don’t worry about it, Sam. It’s on me,” he said and winked at Derek.

Derek hadn’t paid for a drink yet.

The drink Stiles handed off to Derek smelled overly sweet and chocolatey, and was piled so high with whipped cream drizzled with chocolate and caramel that the topping threatened to spill over. He wasn’t sure how Stiles knew about his sweet tooth, but he shouldn’t have been surprised.

“Here ya go, big guy,” Stiles said and grinned. “Extra sweet and fluffy. Just like you.”

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Boy’s Night: ReggiexReader! Mini Fic Part 2

hey guys, so by popular request, here is part 2 of boy’s night! i’m thinking of doing a part 3 with smut, so if you’re up for that, please leave me a message in my ask! :) 


Summary: Reggie stays the night and things start to get heated…

Warnings: Swearing, v. light smut, mentions of alcohol. 


Originally posted by knightlley

(obv a 13rw gif but drunk ross ;))

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( @illesty posted a good prompt earlier and I couldn’t refuse, so here you go my dudes! I hope I was able to do it justice, it was trickier to write than I thought aaah)

“Is everyone ready to go? This planet might be crawling with Galra invaders, so we can’t afford to forget anything.” Shiro recited, methodically fiddling with his helmet as he slid it on.

There were echoes of approval from the rest of the team as each member fastened their own armor and prepared their bayards. The process was clockwork at this point, each step flowing one after another.

Lance slid his helmet on and groaned under his breath, looking exhausted before the day had even begun. The rest of the team looked psyched up to hit the battlefield, but something kept tugging in Lance’s chest that couldn’t match their energy. 

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It wasn't big and it wasn't clever, but it was kind of satisfying

I recently had a nasty injury playing football. I had this big protective boot strapped around my leg and I was on crutches. For a few weeks I wasn’t really able to leave the house, but as things improved I was able to go back to work, which meant taking the train. Even on busy commuter trains people were generally really considerate when they saw me on the crutches. They would offer a seat, make sure I had plenty of space, give me time to get on/off at my own pace etc.

Not everyone though. One day I was getting off a busy train, the passengers about to get on were giving me time to get off. But there was one guy who didn’t have the patience and so charged forward to push me out the way. As I half fell to the side I just grabbed his arm to stop him getting on.

(Fake concerned voice) “Oh no I seem to be falling, let me grab your arm. Oh no I still need your arm in case I might fall. Oh no those people are getting on now instead of you. Oh no the doors are closing. Oh no the train is leaving. Oh no you’ve missed your train.”

He missed his train and I went off with a spring in my step for the first time in weeks!

Dear Theodosia

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,729

Warnings: pregnancy (no labor described), angst, fighting (Sam and Dean), canon divergence to 8x03 “Heartache”, fluff

Summary: After discovering you’re pregnant, you and Sam leave the hunting life behind. The song used is Dear Theodosia from Hamilton.

“Dean, I’m not kidding this time!”

Sam’s voice is loud over the low rumble of the Impala’s engine. You’re feigning sleep in the backseat, your forehead pressed against the cold window. Sam and Dean have been arguing for the past ten minutes, and the tension is finally coming to a head.

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How About That Drink?

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: sexual innuendo, mild violence (Sparring)

Word Count:  1097

Summary: Bucky’s your new sparring partner in your group training session

A/N: I don’t know how happy I am with this but I also wanted to get something posted for you guys…Feedback greatly appreciated !!

I smirked victoriously as I knocked Tony back down onto the floor for the third time, my knee braced against the middle of his back. He huffed in frustration, managing to turn himself around so he was looking up at me, a disgruntled expression on his face. I laughed, tapping my finger against the middle of his chest. 

“Come on, it’s like you aren’t trying at all.”

I pushed myself back to my feet, helping Tony to stand before lowering myself back down into a fighting stance, a smile playing across my lips. I loved the days where we all trained as a group, being able to use some of the pent up energy that the boxing bag just didn’t get rid of. Steve had us go over multiple techniques and fighting regimes but hand to hand combat - Like Natasha - was my forte.

“Remind me again why we’re all learning this?” Tony grumbled, stretching out his arms while looking at Steve. We’d been on the mat twenty minutes and while I’d knocked him on his ass a few times already, he hadn’t been able to land even his first hit on me.
“Well we don’t all have fancy metal suits to protect us,” Clint replied from the sidelines, Tony glaring in his direction.
“Aw Tony, I’ll go easy on you this time,” I jested. “I promise.”

He mumbled something under his breath before getting back on the mat, lowering himself down into the same stance I’d taken, his fists in front of him as he prepared for my attack. I licked my lips, sending him a quick wink before I launched forward, using his outstretched hands as a foot hold, wrapping my leg around his neck. I used my body weight to try and tip us forward, hoping that Tony would lose his balance but I was surprised when Tony leant back instead, toppling both of us onto the floor, his body on top of mine. I would have been annoyed over not being able to see that coming but the look of elation on Tony’s face was enough to send me into a fit of laughter.

“I did say I’d go easy on you I suppose,” I said as Tony helped me back to my feet.
“Easy? Pfft,” Tony scoffed. “You didn’t even see that coming.”
He ruffled my hair affectionately before stepping off the mats, grabbing his water bottle as he sat down. I turned back to Steve.
“Who am I going against now?”
“I’d go,” Clint joked from his seat. “But that just wouldn’t be fair on you y/n/n, wouldn’t want it to be an uneven fight.”
“Come show me what you got Barton,” I replied, cocking one of my eyebrows. “I’d have that smirk wiped off your face in seconds.”

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Tales of Miss Fortune(Part 6)

AKA, God is dead and we are getting almost nsfw. RIP Adrien’s dick. And congratulations to everybody who guessed who is getting drunk.

Sin warning! Well, sort of.

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Marinette tapped her chin thoughtfully as she stared at the six rococo paintings propped against the wall. Sticking her tongue out she began sketching fastly, trying to make the imagine in her head take a form on the paper. She had this rococo inspired collection in her mind for a while now, she just needed the time to gather the reference material. Or in this case, oil paintings. Marinette looked at the paintings again. That was the problem with inspired collections. You always had to be careful how much you take, how much you put from you and how well it can blend so it actually looks good. After about twenty minutes Marinette was moderately satisfied with the sketch. Taking a sip from her tea, she glanced at her kwami, Tikki who was sleeping soundly on the puffy pillow Marinette had made for her three years ago. The little god had not been very happy with the way Marinette decided to use one of the most powerful miraculouses. It began by trying to convince Marinette to change her ways. But if you knew Marinette Dupain-Cheng you knew she was a stubborn one, so that attempt failed. And when the little god saw it was in vain, she just gave Marinette the silent treatment for almost two years. It had been… awkward. And then the accident with her father happened and her mother decided to move back to China and it was just Marinette in an empty apartment studio. In the end, she and Tikki had to speak. It turned out better than expected. She wasn’t approving Marinette’s behavior but she was being more amused by it than annoyed nowadays. Shaking her head she returned her attention to her sketches, only to be interrupted by a message.

Odd. If Alya wanted to talk with hr they would Skype. Picking up her phone, Marinette opened the message. And had to read it two more times to make sure she wasn’t seeing things.

I know this message could be interpreted as lacking properness, and you are under no circumstances forced to agree, but I am in a state that requires quite the distraction, but I’m not emotionally stable enough to get the respective distraction on my own. So this is my official invitation for you to share an alcoholic beverage with me. ω(=^・^=)ω 

Marinette covered her mouth and giggled. Oh, that awkward precious bean. Well, isn’t like she could refuse the offer of getting drunk with her sweet kitten. Marinette smirked. this was bound to be interesting.

It seemed like he was already drunk when she arrived, if his wobbly moves and foggy look were anything to go by. Adrien held the door open as he looked at Marinette, his eyes zeroing on her low v neck. He giggled.

“I can see your ladyboobies.” he burst into another fit of giggles.

Marinette raised one eyebrow: “I can take my shirt off so you can see them even better.”

As Adrien almost fell on his ass from the shock, Marinette strutted in, and took a seat in one of the armchairs before pouring herself a glass. That was some expensive wine, but isn’t like she should be surprised. Adrien joined her sitting in the armchair across from her and picking a bottle and beginning to gulp the wine down. Marinette let her gaze size him up, wondering just what got him into this state. She certainly hoped it was her. Adrien stared at his bottle as if it hid the answers to the deepest, darker secrets of the universe. With a dramatic sigh, he turned his eyes to her.

“I have to confess my sins.” Marinette was too taken aback to even answer to that. “I used to dress up as Sailor Moon for multiple years. I was the biggest Ouran High School Host Club fan out there, Tamaki was my role model. Once I ate a whole cake in one sitting cause my sweet tooth got out of control.”

Marinette wasn’t that surprised he was an anime fan. He probably liked memes too.

“I have a praise kink.”

“Oh!” Marinette sipped her wine and leaned forward, propping her chin in her hand, cause hell yeah, just hit the jackpot right here. He should have gotten drunk sooner. “Do tell me more.”

Adrien leaned against the back of the armchair and continued a rant. “And a bondage kink. That’s Miss Fortune fault. And I’m into pegging. And I really need to go to church these days or cleanse myself from all the sex dreams I have about her. And sometimes you. Oh, shit, forget I just said that. Anyway, I’m also into gags and pet play and… “

Marinette’s smirk was growing bigger with every kink Adrien was sharing. This night was way more fun than she could have ever imagined. And so informative. Oh, she will make good use of this newfound information. For noble purposes, of course.

“Marinette?” Adrien whined.


“Do you think Miss Fortune thinks I’m sexy?”

Oh, only if you knew, she thought.

Leaning back, she feigned indifference. “Well, she mentioned she is into blondes, so maybe.”

Adrien got the silliest grin in the world. It was so cute. Marinette bit her lip. She really had to keep from pouncing on him. “But what do you think? Do you think I am sexy?”

Oh, minou, you are far too entertaining, she smiled a little, glancing at her glass contemplatively. Now it was the time for her to play her cards right.

“You reminds me of Chat Noir, actually.” she pouted, her eyes sliding over Adrien. “And given I want to ride him so hard he won’t be able to work for a week, then yeah, I’d say yo are sexy.”

Adrien’s face turned red in seconds and he took another gulp of wine. “You think Chat Noir is sexy?” he must have realized he was being a little too obvious and added. “Funny, I think so too.”

Marinette crossed her legs, trying to hide her amusement at his failed attempts at subtility. “I’m sure you do. What about Miss Fortune, though?”

Adrien got a dreamy look. “Oh, she’s so gorgeous. Her blue eyes just wow, and when she smirks, it’s aaaaaaahhh, and when she teases me, it’s frustrating, but then mmmmmmmmmmm.” h actually moaned at that, before focusing his attention back on her. “ You kind of look like her, a little.” he sighed finally.

Marinette tapped her fingers against her glass, thinking carefully about her next move. She took another sip, finishing whatever was left in the glass and settled it on the table in front of her. Then, slowly, but surely, she got up and made her way towards him, slipping in his lap. “What if I tease you then?”

Adrien put his bottle down and laughed half-heartedly. “Nice try but I can only get hard when it’s Miss Fortune doing it with her yoyo.”

Marinette smirked. This night kept on giving. But back to the problem at hand. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she whispered. “Is this a challenge, angel?”

Adrien seemed to snap back out of his utter drunkness for a moment. He grabbed her wrists gently and took off her arms off his shoulders. “No. You are very pretty, but I am loyal to Miss Fortune.”

Marinette kept from growling. Really now? Really? What must a girl do to get the dick she had been thirsting over for years?

Striking his hair slowly, Marinette decided to play along some more. “And if Miss Fortune was here?”

She could have sworn thee was drool in the corner of his mouth. “My dream threesome.”

Seeing Adrien hadn’t entirely pushed her off, Marinette decided to test something out. Moving slowly, she rolled her hips, grinding against him. Adrien’s eyes were still far away, but his body reacted, his hips pushing back just slightly. Biting her bottom lip, Marinette kept the slow moves. Until she felt something hard against her thigh. Adrien finally seemed to snap out of his threesome dream land.

“Ignore the boner. My dick is more drunk than me. It probably thinks you are Miss Fortune.”

Tilting her head, Marinette gave him a curious look. “Can’t we pretend?”

Honestly, this night was becoming more hilarious with every move. Her whole charade will start to wear thing if Adrien kept being so ‘loyal’. And her hormones weren’t exactly easy to ignore. She was a woman with a healthy sex appetite thank you very much.

“No, no. I’m not as easy to fool as my dick.”

Well, his dick had obvious something to say on the matter, cause it only became harder and started testing the resistance of his jeans and Marinette could feel it perfectly.

“Ignore him, he is rude.”

“Does he have a name?” Marinette asked, glancing quickly between them.

Adrien nodded solemnly. “His name is Adrien Junior.”

Marinette cooed mockingly, which he probably didn’t pick on. “How cute!’ running her fingers through his hair, Marinette assured him. "Don’t worry, Adrien Junior isn’t rude at all. I could even play with him a little.”

“Ah, ah, ah.” Adrien wiggled his index finger in front of her eyes. “I said he only wants to play with Miss Fortune.”

Yeah, she knew how much Adrien Junior wanted to play with her. But Adrien Senior refused every damn time because of some morality bullshit. Marinette sighed. It was obviously she won’t get anything else out of him. If only she hadn’t left Tikki at home… wait.

Adrien gasped as she jumped off him and picked her purse, running out of the apartment.

“I forgot the oven on, I’ll be back soon!” she screamed over her shoulder.

Adrien frowned. That was odd, but hey, he didn’t want Marinette’s house to burn down. He raised his bottle, ready to take another sip only to discover the bottle was empty. Huffing, he went to the table, managing not to fall on his ass, and opened another expensive bottle of wine. the thing about expensive wine was that it was so good it got you drunk properly and that’s exactly what he needed to forget about the whole good kitten incident from that morning. After a couple of minutes, he was really getting too hot. Huh, alcohol was getting him hot. Interesting. He took off his shirt and pants, but kept his red boxers on. It was much better like that. He was contemplating the idea of calling it a night, when a figure stumbled through his balcony’s doors. And there was Miss Fortune in all her glory. Adrien almost dropped the bottle. Maybe she was a hallucination?

“Hey, hunk!” she waved at him.

Nope, she was certainly not a hallucination, hallucinations don’t talk. Or do they?

Well, Chat Noir isn’t here.“ she sighed dramatically. "How I wish he was here.” her eyes slid over to Adrien and she smirked. “Could you pretend to be my kitten for a while?”

Adrien’s brain wasn’t exactly working, so he could only gasp as his dick was screamed at him to accept. Miss Fortune strutted to him and sat on his lap. “Please? I really miss my kitten.”

Adrien squeaked. How could he refuse? “I can be your kitten. And anything else you want me to be.”

Miss Fortune began stroking his hair, the same way Marinette did earlier and just like then Adrien was trying his best not to purr. However, he couldn’t keep the whine in as she stopped her ministrations. However, Adrien’s eyes were about to pop out of his head as she reached for the back of her suit, making it come undone and letting the upper part slid off.

(Marinette knew she was inspired with the design and allowing it to be removable.)

She pouted, feigning shyness. “I always wanted my kitten to say they are his favourites.”

Adrien’s eyes slid to her exposed flesh and hardened nipples and he gulped. “They are my favourites! Your Ladyboobies are wonderful. I love them. I always wanted to hold them.”

Miss Fortune smiled. “Well, they are right here, a few centimeters away, so you have a chance.”

Adrien gasped in delight. Back in his teenage days, eh always wanted to hold her breasts. Not that now he didn’t want to, but he wanted to do other things some more. “Can I?”

Miss Fortune was really liking the starry look in his eyes. “Of course you can, kitten. But no claws, for now, my ladyboobies are a little bit too soft for that.”

Adrien reached for them and cupped her gently, enjoying the sensation of her skin against his palms. “They are warm.”

“Your hands are warm too, mon minou.” she purred. “I said no scratch, but you can squeeze them harder. I don’t mind a tight squeeze.”

Adrien did as she suggested, gripping the flesh tightly, enjoying the way they fit in his hands, before running his thumbs over her nipples. “I love them.”

Miss Fortune hummed, obviously satisfied with his presentation. Somewhere, his mind was screaming that he shouldn’t do things like that with a thief, but honestly, Adrien run out of fucks to give. And he was so drunk, this whole thing could be just one big hallucination. He was going to enjoy it as it lasted.

“Can I kiss them?” he asked suddenly.

“See for yourself, chaton. Can you?”

Licking his lips, Adrien lowered his head and began sucking on her left nipple while he kept massaging her right breast. His tongue teased her, before he moved his mouth, nipping at the sensitive skin above the nipple. As he kept his ministration, moving to the right breast as well, Miss Fortune moaned.

“Oh, minou, you really know how to use that tongue of yours.”

Adrien basked in the praise before a cat-like instinct took over him and he purred shortly. “They are mine. My ladyboobies.”

Miss Fortune giggled, before moaning again. Ah, this was wonderful. If only he would be sober. Tugging gently at his hair, she pulled him away from her boobs. Adrien whined, obviously not satisfied. He gasped as Miss Fortune picked him up and carried him bridal style to his bed.

“Cuddle time, pretty kitten.” she declared, settling him on the bed.

Adrien wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close and hiding his face in her breasts. Miss Fortune was stroking his hair soothingly, as he purred against her bare chest. Honestly, this was paradise on earth. Why didn’t he accept her advances earlier? His poor dick had been right the whole time.

“I love your ladyboobies.” he muttered against her skin.

“But do you love me, minou?”

Adrien raised his head oh so slightly, glancing at her with those gorgeous green eyes. “This pussy loves you purry much.”

Miss Fortune kept petting him until he fell asleep soundly. She unwrapped his hands from around her, before getting out of the bed. She tucked him under the blankets and kissed his forehead.

“Sleep well, mon amour.”

anonymous asked:

55, 60, 82 from the writing prompts? :)

55. I fell in love with my best friend.

“I just love you and Spencer so much, and I love that you’re both so in love, and now you’re going to get married! Married, Y/N! Married!” Penelope still managed to be her energetic and bubbly self despite the number of alcoholic drinks she had consumed in the past several hours.

“I know, Penelope,” you laughed lightly, helping Rossi escort her to his car, “I was the one there for the proposal.”

“The proposal! Oh, let me see the ring again!” Penelope pleaded, attempting to unbuckle her seatbelt before Rossi thought fast and shut the car door, securing her in her seat.

“I’m going to go before she figures out how to unlock the door,” Rossi couldn’t help but chuckle, stepping forward to give you a tight hug, “Congrats again, kid. I’m happy for you two.”

Bidding a thank you and returning his hug, you waved Rossi and Penelope off before making your way back inside.

Just hours ago your living room had been the location of your engagement party, full of laughter and cheers coming from your fellow team members, but now it was
void of any sound or agents, including Spencer.

Making your way towards the kitchen to see if that’s where Spencer had disappeared to, you noticed that the back door was now cracked open. A quick peek through the glass window pane revealed Spencer, sitting on the bare ground with his head craned towards the sky. You felt your stomach flutter, the sight was too cute to not join in on.

“Whatcha looking at, handsome?” you inquired, taking a seat next to Spencer on the damp grass.

Spencer smiled at the nickname, but did not take his eyes off the stars above him, “I was just thinking.”

“Oh yeah?” you looked upwards at the marveling night sky, “About what?”

“There are well over seven billion people in this world. All of them, wishing one day to find their soul mate, willing to cross land and sea to find them. And yet, I was one of the lucky few. I fell in love with my best friend.”

Spencer had turned his attention towards you now, the twinkling stars up above long forgotten as he now gazed at the center of his universe.

60. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.

The sensation of Spencer’s lips trailing up your shoulder serves as your alarm clock for the morning, accompanied by his groggy voice whispering in your ear, “Good morning, gorgeous.”

Last night, you and Spencer had returned home from a long winded case, and rather than make up for your lack of sleep, the two of you decided to make up for your lack of intimacy instead.

And despite the slight tinge of pain you felt as Spencer lips ghosted over a forming hickey, there was not a fiber of remorse in your body.

“Good morning,” you breathe out, bringing a hand up to run through Spencer’s wild bed head, “What time is it?”

Spencer’s lips find their way up to your jaw before answering, “Seven-thirty.”

Moaning at both the feeling of Spencer nipping at the skin directly behind your ear and knowing that you’ll soon have to get up from the comfort of the bed, you half heartedly attempt to push your lover away, “I need to go shower.”

“I could join you,” Spencer pulls you right back towards him, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me,” you tease, knowing full well that Spencer’s only intention was to solely shower with you and nothing else.

“I don’t think sex in the shower is such a good idea, 235,000 over the age of fifteen are sent to the emergency room every year due to bathroom related injuries.” Spencer tone was quick to switch from that of a playful one to that of complete seriousness.

“Oh,” you smirked, hopping out of bed with Spencer in tow, “Now I know you’re trying to seduce me.”

82. Looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while.

Sighing in relief, you took a step back from the aerial map that you had just spent the past three hours meticulously sticking push pins into. Spencer had asked for your help in making a geographic profile, and while you were more than willing to help your boyfriend with the task, you didn’t anticipate how time-consuming it would be. Thankfully, Spencer was well aware of how tired you had grown and decided that the rest of the profiling could wait until the morning when you both more alert.

Returning to your desk to collect your bag before heading out of the office for the night, you noticed a forgotten stack of files that Hotch had requested earlier in the day.

Overhearing the curse you let out under your breath, Spencer slung his messenger bag across his body and arched an eyebrow at you, “What’s wrong?”

“I just have to go drop these off on Hotch’s desk real quick,” you sighed, curtly nodding your head towards the glass office doors, “How about I just meet you outside?”

Spencer agreed to your offer, making his way towards the exit as you speed walked towards Hotch’s office, not wanting to prolong your return home to a comfortable bed any more than necessary.

Depositing the files onto Hotch’s desk and closing the door back behind you, your steps faltered for a second at seeing that Spencer had returned, looking far more awake than he had when he had left no more than five minutes ago.

“Y/N we can’t leave.”

“What are you talking about?” you began to grow concerned at how frazzled he had seemingly become in such a short amount of time, “Did something happen?”

“Nothing happened,” Spencer shook his head, “But I guess security figured everyone had left so they locked up the building. We physically can not leave.”

Your jaw dropped, not knowing whether to laugh at the situation or cry at the fact that there was no way to exit the building, “Doesn’t Emily have a key?”

“I already tried calling her, but I guess she’s asleep.” Spencer rubbed at his eyes, wishing that he was in her place where than locked in his office, “Looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while.”

Running your fingers through your hair, you went to collapse in the nearest office chair when a memory struck you, “Garcia has an air mattress in her office.”

“Why does Garcia have an air mattress?” Spencer somehow sounded more confused by this statement than about the entire situation you two were in.

“No idea,” you couldn’t help but laugh, “But I’m thankful that she does.”

Spencer chuckled, following after you to Garcia’s office, making a mental note to thank his friend for her random office addition in the morning.

Hey, Jealousy (John Wick x Reader)

For the anon who asked:

A fic about john wick getting jealous and ends up slightly being some smut. 😏👌🏼👌🏼

Authors Note: Sorry anon, it’s not full smut but i think it’s good enough :D that’s for this prompt. i had such fun writing it! hope you enjoy!

Rating: M

Song: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever - Taylor Swift feat, Zyan

John Wick x Reader (smut)

Hey Jealously

Originally posted by whiteguykarate

I was furious, fuming, positively leaking smoke from my ears. How dare he, how dare he, take a job like that and put a hit on both of us. To make sure no one came after me he abandoned me in the Continental where Winston was currently babysitting me. Babysitting me!

I was more than capable taking care of myself, being just as capable as John in the field but according to him “, I need to take precautions.” My fucking foot! Then he proceeded to deposit me unconscious in one of the Continental hotel rooms. I had tried to leave but Winston and his band of merry men prevented me from doing so, saying he was keeping me safe as a favour to John.

Now here I was beyond irate, holding his note in my hand with his scratchy handwriting saying he’ll be back later tonight after he takes care of things. I crushed it in my fist and tossed it into the fireplace. I could be there backing him up!

I looked to the clock, two o’clock in the morning. I spied the unopened luggage I packed earlier the day sitting across from me when John tricked me into thinking we were spending some alone time. That was until I found out his plans. I stalked to the case and opened it, looking for the perfect dress to wear to the Continental’s private bar lounge. Since he was going to have fun without me, I’ll just have fun without him. I smirked to myself as I pulled out the perfect dress and proceeded to get ready.

All eyes turned to me as I entered the lounge. I grinned to myself. Oh, John how you were missing out. I spied an empty two seater table and sat. A song I didn’t know was playing. The waiter arrived not too long after to take my order “, gin.”

My drink arrived with a tall dark gentleman.

“May I help you?” I asked.

“Your drink,” he offered with a southern accent and placed my glass on the table along with his “, may I?”

I gestured to the empty chair and crossed my legs. I flicked my hair over my shoulder and leaned towards the table. The man’s eyes flicked from my face to my cleavage.

“Like what you see?” I questioned, while stirring my drink.

He smiled like a viper “, never seen anything like it.”

I chuckled low and seductive. Oh, yes, this was going to be fun. I took a sip from my drink, feeling the burning sensation slide down my throat and into my stomach.

Someone cleared their throat by our table. I looked up into a pair of lined, glass blue eyes. I felt the temper I had just calmed flare back to life.

“Winston,” I gritted, through clenched teeth.

“Y/n… Reese,” greeted Winston.

My companion raised his glass to the hotel owner in response and took a swing of the drink.

Winston turned his attention to me “, is this wise?”

I could feel my body beginning to heat back up, I ignored Winston and turned my attention to the new song. Intense and rich the music began followed by the male vocalist.

Been sittin’ eyes wide open behind these four walls, hopin’ you’ll call
It’s just a cruel existence like it’s no point hopin’ at all

I looked back to him, a sweet smile plastered on my face “, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about?”

Baby, baby, I feel crazy
Up all night, all night and every day
Give me somethin’, oh, but you say nothin’
What is happenin’ to me?

He gave me a tight-lipped smile “, I just wanted to let you know he’s back and looking for you.”

I glanced at my companion whose eyes were scanning the room and politely not listening to our conversation. I doubted he’d be the kind to have me under house arrest.

“Thank you,” I said dismissively and turned my attention back to my male companion.

Winston moved off. I shimmied my chair closer to Reese, his hazel eyes looked surprised.

I smiled dazzlingly at him “, I wasn’t hearing you properly before.”

I don’t wanna live forever
‘Cause I know I’ll be livin’ in vain

John was in for a rude awakening when he saw me with this stranger. I chuckled to myself. There was only a foot between our chairs. I dropped my hand from the table onto his knee and leaned into him. His cologne scratched my nose and I had to try very hard not to recoil.  

Reese was handsome with gold flecked hazel eyes, chestnut hair to match and a square jaw line coated with the slightest five o’clock shadow. I spotted a fresh blackening bruise being hidden by the collar of his crisp white shirt. I took my free hand and brushed it open and slid a finger caressingly over the bruise.

“Rough night?”

And I don’t wanna fit wherever
I just wanna keep callin’ your name

He chuckled, a lovely bass tone “, aren’t you a seductress,” and leaned towards me.

“Is there another reason you’re sitting at my table then?”

Until you come back home
I just wanna keep callin’ your name


Suddenly my heart fell. John flashed through my mind, that was how we first met. He’d seen me, just I was now, sitting at a table by myself and he’d ask me to dance.

Until you come back home
I just wanna keep callin’ your name

“Um –,” I choked.

Until you come back home

I was cut off by a deep husky voice, threatening death and destruction “, there you are, thank you for keeping her company.”

Reese looked taken aback and sank back a fraction in his seat. I could feel the menace and fury pouring out of the person behind me.

“Your welcome,” Reese replied and took a gulp from his drink.

John’s hand wrapped around my arm, a silent command to leave. Suddenly my eyes stung.

I smiled at Reese, while standing “, thank you for your company.”

He nodded without looking in my direction. I let John lead me from the room, everything was a blur. I entered the hotel’s elevator with John behind me. I couldn’t face him so I kept my back turned to him.

“I took care of things,” he announced.

I nodded and silence followed.

“Don’t you have anything to say to me?” I croaked.

He didn’t respond. Slowly I turned to look at him, letting my emotions spill down my face in black rivulets. He was so blurry, all I could make out was his form.

“I’m not the one who was about to crawl into some stranger’s lap,” he hissed.

“Jealous?!” I bellowed at him “, that’s exactly what would’ve happened if you died you jackass!”

I gasped as I was slammed into the wall, I inhaled deeply, my throat tight.

“Yes!” he roared “, is that what you wanted to hear? That I was jealous that the woman I love and wanted to protect was looking like she was about to run off with some strange man.”

I opened my mouth to counter but he continued.

“And I walked in to see you wearing this dress and him and every other man in the room eye fucking you!”

The tears continued to run, dripping off my chin and onto my exposed cleavage.

“I was so worried about you,” I sobbed “, I needed you to feel the same pain I felt when you left me. I love you so, so much John.”

My heart clenched in my chest. I would give my life for him and him for me but, locking me up in this place had hurt me. I felt like he didn’t trust me or think I was capable enough.

His thumb brushed away my spilt tears “, I am sorry for leaving you but I don’t regret it.”

He kissed my forehead tenderly, then each eye. I looked up at him he was still a little blurry but getting clearer, I cupped his cheek and traced his worried and pained face with my other hand.

“I’m sorry too,” I murmured.

He kissed my nose and I giggled. He smiled, a little light pouring back into his face chasing away the pain. Gently he brought his lips to mine in a tender kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me a few inches from the floor. I draped my arms over his neck, one of my hands fisting into his midnight hair.

The kiss deepened, his tongue in my mouth tracing my lower lip, probing and thrusting. He broke from my mouth and traced my jaw line. His lips sucked a path down my neck leaving a line of possessive bruises in its wake. I threw my head back and it banged into the gold elevator wall.

“Ouch,” I moaned.

I banded my legs around his waist and ground on his growing erection. He groaned into my ear at the friction and pushed me into the wall, hiking my dress up and grinding into my core eliciting a hiss of pleasure from me.

My hands freely roamed his back, running over his arms, chest and grasping his ass. Tight and firm. Delicious. My hands went back to his hair, the strands sliding silkily through my fingers. Roughly he grasped the strap of my dress to push it from my shoulder. I felt it snap but I didn’t care. John freed my right breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I moaned at the wet velvety contact of his tongue and rolled my hips against his hardened cock. He paused and shuddered against my body.

“Like that big boy?” I whispered into his ear as I sucked my own mark of ownership into his pale neck.

I rutted my hips against him and pulled at his shirt but gave up and attacked his belt, needing him in me.

The elevator bell dinged, I hopped off John and did my best to straighten my clothes. The doors opened to reveal Winston.

Winston entered the elevator with a cocked eyebrow and a knowing smile “, John… y/n, I hope I’m not interrupting something”

“No, not at all,” we replied in unison.

Winston smiled and turned his back to us.

I caught sight of our reflection in the mirrored wall. I did my best to stifle a laugh. John’s hair was sticking out at all angles, ruby lipstick streaked across his lips and rained down his chest along with purple bruises. His tie was about to fall off his neck, his shirt also bore my lips mark, three of the first buttons were on the floor and his shirt tails were hanging out his pants. John’s belt was undone and his large tattooed hands were clasped over the tent in his pants.

I was worse, looking like a truck had run over me – twice. My hair was netted and frizzy. I had raccoon eyes, black tracks ran down my face, my lipstick was smudged half across my face and down my neck. So much for the label saying it was none transferable. The left strap for the low cut, black, spaghetti strapped body con dress was broken. Red and blue marks decorated my neck like an elaborate necklace.

John caught my eyes in the mirror and smiled. I ducked my head feeling a bit of heat creep into my cheeks. His hand found mines and squeezed.

The elevator dinged, opened and Winston stepped out.

He turned, a smirk on his lined features “, it makes no sense wishing you a good night but, I must ask that you please keep the noise level at minimum for the other guests.”

“Of course, Winston, good night,” replied John, still holding my hand.

“I’m not the one who’s going to have a good night,” Winston said with a wink.

The elevator bell sounded and the doors closed. I looked up at John who was already looking at me, lust coating his features.

Oh yes, this was going to be a very good night.

Reggie Mantle x Reader : Call Me Daddy

A/N: implied/slight smut, swearing and garbage grammar:D

“Call me Daddy.” He demanded as he stood over me, his body nearly pressed against my own while I laid on my bed.

“My dude… What?” I asked in disbelief. ‘What the fuck is this dude smoking?’

He grunted, almost annoyed by me. Flopping down beside me, he repeated his “command”.  

“I said, call me Daddy.” I started busting up, I couldn’t believe it. I could not believe my ears. I was shooketh. ‘My baby boy is kinky as fuuuuuuck!!’

“HAHAHA!! I’m so weak, dude! I didn’t know you were into that kind of stuff.” I smiled cheerily and patted his tummy. ‘That’s not even a tummy, that’s a fucking washboard. I should bring my laundry next time I come over while he’s taking a bath.’

“Shut up and just say it.” He groaned, grabbing a pillow and using it to cover his face. “Don’t tell me to shut up, you dickhead.” I slapped his belly, making him roll around in mock pain.

“I’m sorry, just… please? Call me Daddy, babe.”

“Nope!” I replied, popping the ‘p’. He pouted and I grabbed his cheeks, smooshing his handsome face. “I am the Kink Master, you gotta bring more to the table than just a small ‘please’ and calling me by my favorite pet name, bubby.”

“Baby girl, pleeeease? I promise it’s just this one time. Just one time and that’s it, I’ll never ask you again.” He begged, rubbing his face into my stomach. I started giggling and shoved him off my bed. A big thud resounded through my room and downstairs.

“You kids okay up there?” I heard my mum yell from the kitchen downstairs.

“Yeah, we’re good mumma!” I yelled back and I heard her giggle and mutter something to my dad, making him laugh a little.

Reggie propped his head on the edge of my bed and tilted his head cutely at me, batting his lashes. ‘Awww, what a cutie!’

“That tickled, you dork! Hmm…” I teased and stuck my tongue out at him. “Please, babe? I promise I’ll do anything you ask for a week.”


“Yes! Anything!”

“Make it a month.”

“…Fuck it, yes. Whatever, deal.” He groaned while I delivered the dance of Y/N’s Success.

“Oooh, let’s go to Pop’s then! I’m dying for a chocolate milkshake.” I hopped off my bed and pulled on my shoes.

“Y/N, come on!” He groaned again. I rolled my eyes and patted his shoulder. “I gotta see you commit, baby boy. Let’s go! Chop chop!”

“Fine, at least give me a kiss,” I gave him a quick peck before he could grab me and drag the kiss further, ”and promise me you’ll do it-”

“Yeah, yeah definitely! Now let’s GOOOOOOO!!” I yelled, tugging his arm towards the stairs and to the front door so we could get milkshakes. ‘Ugh, I’m dying c'mon Reggie work with me.’

~~~~~~~~~~time skippo~~~~~~~~~~~

“What’s wrong, honey?” I asked, he hasn’t said a word since he drove here. ‘He’s probably mad, thinking I won’t hold my end of the deal.’

“Nothing, just drink your milkshakes.” He spat out, looking back out the window and ignoring me. I glared at him and kicked his leg, but he didn’t seem to show any signs that it hurt… or that he even felt it.

Thirty minutes and five milkshakes later, he still hasn’t spoken to me. “Hmm…” Popping a few more cherries into my mouth, I notified the slab of concrete that sat across from me that I was finished.

He paid the bill and grabbed my hand, leading me out of the small diner.

“Reginald…” His grip on my hand softened, slowly intertwining our fingers together. He looked down at me with a straight face and said nothing. I stared back up at him, attempting to pull off that cute doe-eyed pout. His face showed nothing, like he wasn’t affected and turned his attention from me to straight ahead.

‘Tch… What a bum.’ I mentally stomped my foot.

Thoughts ran through my mind until one of them hit me hard. ‘He DEFINITELY still wants me to call him Daddy.’ Conjuring up a plan, I smirked evilly to myself. ‘I’m gonna get him good. Let’s make this count, I got one shot.’

I stopped walking, hoping he’d do the same. Luckily, he did. He looked back at me, his perfect eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Sighing, I let go of his hand and stood right against him. Running my hands up his chest, I looked up at him through my eyelashes with half-lidded eyes and a small smile. His stoic expression broke slightly, a little smirk playing on his lips. ‘I can hear his heartbeat lmao… did I just say ‘lmao’ in my head?’

Reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck, I stood on the tips of my toes. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me tightly against him. ‘Tall ass giant, gosh! I love this, man!’

I leaned in closer to him and kissed up the side of his neck on his cheek towards his ear, leaving a little trail of light pink chapstick on his skin. Hearing him sigh and feeling him nuzzle his face into the crook of my neck, I had him. Right. Where. I. Wanted. Him.

Placing one last kiss on his soft cheek, I leaned in and whispered into his ear.

“Thank you for tonight… I love you, Daddy.”

A sharp intake of air. His grip tightened. And… wetness?

I pulled away to look at him, only to find myself fully wrapped up in his arms.

“Reggie? Are you okay, baby?” All I got was a nod in response. Letting out a little sigh, I rubbed my nose against his chest, breathing in his strong scent. ‘His cologne is so damn delicious! Fuck me up for Eternity, Calvin Klein!’

I was pulled from my thoughts as I felt our bodies swaying. All of a sudden, my legs were off the ground and I was soaring against the wind. ‘Is this dude really spinning me around in circles?’

“REGGIE! OH MY GOSH, PLEASE PUT ME DOWN! WHAT’S HAPPENING?!” I could barely get out any words, I was giggling so much. I felt so free and light in his arms.

“I can’t believe it!”

“What? That I said Daddy?” He shook his head no and placed his forehead against mine, his hands encasing my face while he swiped his thumb against my cheek.

“You said you love me, Y/N.”

“…And you’re crying because?” I asked, entirely amused and taken away from his insanely adorable reaction.

“Because the girl of my dreams loves me back.” He gave me the biggest grin ever and lifted me off the ground into the tightest hug I’ve ever received.

“I love you, baby girl. Forever and always for all eternity, Y/N.” I snorted and hugged him back.

“Stop, that was so gross.” He scoffed and pretended to throw me, causing me to latch tighter onto him.

“Whatever, you only wish you said it.”

“Nah, I wish I stayed at Pop’s and ordered more cherries.”

“Speaking of cherries, you wanna…?” And he makes a *pop* sound with his lips and gives me the biggest shit-eating grin ever. ‘He’s so handsome… Ugh, such a dope.’

“Reginald, do you WANT to lose your balls?”

“Nah, I’d rather have you lose your virginity to me tonight.”

“You’re so gross! Yuck!”

“Ohh, says the ‘Kink Master’!”

“Damn right, lil boy!”

“You won’t be screaming that tonight.”

“Really now? What will I be screaming then?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I rolled my eyes back and gave my best porn-star impression.

“Oh, Daddy! Please fuck me! Fuck me hard and good with your monster cock! Punish me, Daddy! I’ve been such a naughty, dirty girl! Daddy- OH SHIT REGGIE!! WAIT!!” He picked me up and hauled me over his shoulder, like I was a sack of potatoes. ‘I’m a cute potato though.’

“NOPE! WE’RE GOING TO MY PLACE. IMMEDIATELY. WE’RE DOING THIS, BABY.” Groaning, I just hung there on his shoulder not protesting against his ‘wishes’.

“Reggie… would you wait to have sex after marriage?” He tapped my bum and let out a big laugh.

“Oh, you wanna marry me?” He said in a teasing voice. I rolled my eyes and propped my elbow against his rock hard shoulder blade and perched my chin on my hand.

“Well. I mean. If we last that long, I mean… yeah. We’ve been together since forever and I can’t really see myself in the future without you by my side.” I finished, softly smiling back at him. He laughed and shook his head, his luscious hair swaying just urging me to tug on it.

“But, maybe… maybe in the heat of the moment, maybe. I don’t know.” I sighed in defeat. “And you call me gross, you little twerp. I’m not a virgin, so that question was irrelevant for me.” I pouted and smacked his butt. He jokingly let out a small ‘ow’ and slapped my ass. Hard. As. Fuck. “SHIT! MY ASS CHEEK FELL OFF, I CAN’T FEEL IT!” Reggie started cracking up and patted my bum, trying to ease the pain or some shit. ‘Imma get this fool… imma get him gooood.’

“Ahhhh! Daddy, stop teasing me!” I moaned out.

“Shit, babe. You gonna use that against me now?”

“Nah. Issa special thang, sweet boy! I ain’t abusing the 'Daddy’ kink. I’ll only use it when it’s just me and you.” He peered over his shoulder and gave me that little smirk that I love so much. Finally, he reached his car and gently placed me into the passenger seat and buckled me in. 'Well shit, he really is Daddy Material. How lucky am I?’

Reggie clambered into the driver’s seat and revved out of the diner’s parking lot, (making our way downtown) continuing our way to his house. 'Something’s gonna happen… I can feel it.’

~~~~~~~~~time skippo~~~~~~~~~

He kicked the door to his huge penthouse, I mean bedroom, open and plopped me right on his king-sized mattress. I starfished my body over the soft comforter of his bed and made blanket angels. Gah dang! This blanket is softer than the one he had last weekend!

“Honestly, I’m just glad I finally got you to say it. It sounds so good coming from you.”

“Reginald…” I warned, he flopped into the sleep mattress right next to me and I rolled over laying my head on his chest.

“I swear on Archie’s ginger soul, if you brag about this to the football team I will take that pretty face of yours-”

“H-Hey! I’m not gonna do that-”

“…And sit on it and make you do lewd things to me.” 'Holy damn, so much for waiting after marriage! Hormones, dafuq we doin?’

“B-Babe, stop talking like that.” He stuttered out and sat up. I got up and laid my head on his shoulder. 'So buff, so sweet… I love him so much.’

“Like what, daddy?” I looked up at him, batting my eyelashes and pursing my lips into a small pout.

“Y/N, you can stop with the daddy thing.” He visibly gulped, his Adam’s apple catching my attention and I placed a light, feathery kiss on his throat. 'Longest neck ever… I wanna bite it’ But, I decided against my thoughts and redirected myself to the task at hand.

“But Daddy, I don’t wanna stop. I want you to touch me.” I took his hand and placed it in between my legs right over my heat. “Here.” Taking his other hand, I placed it against my chest. “And here.”

“Y/N, you just said you wanted to wait-” He struggled, removing his big warm hands from my body.

“But, daddy… You said you’d do anything I want.” I whined. Crawling onto him and sitting on his lap, I placed a light kiss on his thick, beautiful lips. Slowly grinding down against him, he let out a small moan as he bucked his hips against me, making me smile shyly up at him.

“Don’t you want to play with me?” His gaze on me grew darker with lust. ‘Gotcha babe…’

He instantly had me in his arms, pulling me into a long, deep kiss that quickly turned into a heated make-out. I let out a few tiny moans as his hands ran up and down my sides until they wandered, one hand gripping my waist as the other firmly grasped my ass. (a/n: firmly grasp it!)

I gasped and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. ‘This is new… hm.’ His tongue probed my mouth, our tongues soon fighting against each other for dominance. I let him win and he rubbed his tongue against mine, our teeth clashing against each other as we parted for air only to delve right back into each other. The man of my affections gripped my thighs, flipping me over onto my back.

His body rolled smoothly down against mine, grinding his hard on against me. I let out a tiny whimper and trailed my fingertips under his shirt, tracing his abs. I decided to tease him and dragged my fingers down to the waistband of his pants and palmed his front. He released an animalistic growl and gave me a lip-bruising kiss and bit my bottom lip. I wrapped my arms around his neck, tugging on his hair and he let out a deep groan against my mouth. Breaking away, a small string of saliva hung from both our mouths. I swiped a hand at it and wiped my hand on his shirt.

“Ewwwie!” He chuckled and cuddled me closer to his hot body. It was hot, the room was hot as hell.

“Why are you so cute, babe? Like damn.” I blushed and hid my face against his massive chest.

“I don’t know, the fuck kind of question is that?” Reggie let out a big laugh and rubbed my head, threading his fingers through my hair. 'My hair is tangled and it hurts, but I ain’t gonna say nothing.’

We both reveled in each other’s warmth and laid back down on his bed. 'FUCK! These blankets are so damn soft!’

Reggie and I just lied there in comfortable silence, until it finally dawned on me.

“You know… This was the first time I ever made out with someone.” I confessed.

“Wait… Really? I thought you made out with Moose that one time when we played Seven Minutes In Heaven at Cheryl’s party. Your hair and dress was messed up and your lips were hella swollen.” I rolled my eyes.

“First, yuck. It’s Moose, I wouldn’t even dare let him touch me. He’s an assbutt.” I pouted, folding my arms and pushing away from him.

“Secondly, me and Moose were literally fighting in that room, trying to get you guys to think that we were 'getting it on’.” Reggie shook his head and held his hand against his mouth to keep himself from laughing out loud.

“Pfft haha… Wait, you were able to land some punches on Moose? You gremlin, what’d you do that for?” He nudged me and urges me to answer him. I puffed out my cheeks and looked him dead in the eye. “Yeah, because I wanted to be able to say that I’ve fought a moose in a closet before.”

He stared back into my eyes and a smile broke out on his face, “That’s adorable.” 'No. YOU’RE adorable.’

“Shut up, Reggie.”

“Make me.”

“Sweetie pie. Honey bun. Sugar booger. Baby boy~ Mantle The Magnificent~” I pestered the man baby, poking his buff body. “Okay, okay! You got me.” He laughed, lightly swatting my hands away from him.

“Damn right, my chubby boy!” He groaned and tickled my side. I screamed and rolled away from him again. “Well, this chubby boy thinks that for your first time making out you are a fucking pro. Damn, it was so hard to stop… LITERALLY HARD TO STOP!” He exclaimed, pointing at the huge tent in his jeans.

“Doesn’t that hurt?!” I squealed, hiding under his comforter. He let out a huge sigh and flopped back on the bed.

“Yeah duh! What the hell am I gonna do now?”

“May I suggest lotion?” I chirped and received that 'really bruh?’ look from him.

“Hmph… You’re lucky I forgot to buy some more condoms, I swear I would’ve popped that ass so hard right now.”

“REGGIE! SHUT THE FUCK UP! GROSSSS!” I yelled in embarrassment. My face was burning even more and I completely hid myself under the blanket. 'Good thing his parents ain’t home, damn!’

“Babe, come on! I was just kidding! I’ll just get blue balls, it’s no big deal!”

“Reggie, what the hell?! I can’t let you get blue balls! That’s fucking dangerous, you dumb ass! Quit being so nonchalant about this! YOUR! DICK! IS! HARD!” I yelled while pointing at this pants and all he did was smirk at me.

“Then, do something about it.” He left a lingering kiss on the side of my neck and whispered in my ear, “…Baby girl.”

“Fine then.” I gritted my teeth and got up from the bed and locked the door and dimmed the lights.

“Y/N, we don’t have to-” He uttered, but I beat him to it.

“Daddy.” He shut up real quick and sat on the edge of his bed, a look of confusion plastered on his face probably wondering where I’m going with this.

“I’ll make you feel good. I’m sorry I’ve been such a nuisance all night.” Giving him a wink and hoping he’d play along. He smirked and curled his fingers at me, beckoning me to come to him. I took slow steps towards, swaying my hips and playing with the hem of my t-shirt. He licked his lips and hungrily stared me down. 'Err… Up? I dunno, he’s just directly staring at me, lemme do somethin’

I stood right in front of him and peeled my thin shirt off, never breaking eye contact with Reggie. I felt my body flush against his touch as he pulled me closer and kissed my tummy and placed a wavering kiss on my bra. 'Ayeeeee! Issa good thang I wore lace today, hoe!’ I tilted my head back and ran my hands through his silky hair and pulled his head back. “Aghhh! Shit, girl, that feels so good!” I laughed and kissed his forehead. “You’re so fucking silly, daddy… I really am sorry that I turned you on 'too much’.” With that said, I left kisses down his chest and beautifully sculpted abs and got on my knees, keeping eye contact with him on the way d o w n. 'Damn hoe, am I good? Or am I g o o d? Can’t even tell I’m a virgin because I’m a gahdamn pro!! …Genji, oh my gosh shutthefuckup me!’

“It’s alright, my little kink master. I’m sure we can find something to fix it.” I blushed at his use my self-proclaimed title, my fingers fumbling with the zipper of his pants, I pulled them down and met his 'friend’. I looked at my man and back at what hid beneath his boxers, licking my lips and giving Reggie the same cute smile I’ve been giving him all night and got us into this current… situation.

“Okay, daddy~”


A/N: and now im scarred after writing this. this is so cringey and scattered reader is supposed to be a tomboy, but i guess her damned hormones got to her and made her submit to Mantle the Magnificent’s charms and wiles *barf barf* yo, the last line gmfu reminding me of baby Dory fml😂😂😂

Sorry it’s so shitty, anyways I’ll still be updating “Let Me Explain” and “Finding A Date” probably by the end of this week. If not, they’ll be posted both either next Sunday or Monday. If you got any requests for those next two chapters for either of them, message me or something

Love y'all and thanks for reading this shit!!💕
Grocery Store/Damon Salvatore Smut

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Hi could you do a smut where Damon and reader are in the grocery store and the reader teases damon by buying bananas,susages,and so on then damon takes her to an empty part of the store and fingers her then as their checking out of the store some one flirts with reader and she flirts back to make him jealous and then they have sex in his car. Ps can there be dirty talk 🙂❤❤❤

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Masquerade 2.1: The Birth of Red Mask

Nothing changes people more than other people. 

These 2.somethings will consist of little drabbles related to the characters in Masquerade II. (Mostly, Red Mask, because he is a complex character and there is still a lot to tell about his story, but the other characters will probably get their own drabbles eventually too ^_^)

If you haven’t already, please read Masquerade II first !!

Summary: Join Red Mask in this flashback to find out what exactly happened in his past that led him to become the very alluring man we had grown to love so dearly. 

Park Jimin ft. other characters

High school au

Some fluff, some smut, a bit of comedy, a bit of angst

A/N: I made this drabble in first person so hopefully it’s not a bit weird. It’ll be told from Jimin’s POV because I wanted you all to get a little bit deeper inside his head and hear his hopefully somewhat relatable inner monologues, so I decided to stray from my usual POV style. Please read it as if you were listening to Jimin telling you this story! Enjoy! ^_^

Originally posted by 9taefox

            I wasn’t always Red Mask.

           Contrary to what I made everyone believe, I wasn’t always this charming, good looking, attractive, sexy, incredibly skilled –

           “PARK JIMIN, please get on with your flashback!”

           You get the gist.

           I wasn’t always the person that you’ve all met. In fact, I was pretty much different. I was naive and gullible. Unconfident and timid.

           Back in my younger days, I didn’t think much about love. Love and relationships, to me, were just some sort of rite of passage. Everybody would get love. Everybody that was older than me was in a relationship. And one day soon, it was going to be my turn.

           Love to me back then was probably what most children envisioned. The passion, the romance, the butterflies, the awkward moments that end up being romantic and cute anyway. The perfect girl was someone whose hair billowed in nonexistent wind when she walked into the room, and she would flash you a smile that would stop your world for a few seconds. And when your eyes locked, you both would know that you two were destined for each other.

           Love to me seemed so simple.

           Once two people liked each other, that was that. Happily ever after!

           So I fell in “love” constantly. I use quotation marks because who, at such a young age, could truly say they were in love with someone they hardly knew? Someone they fantasized about; someone they saw through a beauty filter; someone who they thought was perfect.

           I had many, many crushes. And while I was always a proponent of nice guys being the best choice, it never turned out that way.

           I was just average in all fields. I didn’t stand out particularly. I was decent looking, but not enough to turn heads. I still possessed some of my baby fat and I later found that that made me look more childish than attractive to others. While all the girls were sweet and friendly to me, I soon realized it was because I was harmless to them.

           They didn’t even consider me an option.

           I was always, always friend-zoned.

           But I didn’t give up. No, I just stepped up my game. I found things I was good at– dancing, drawing, singing– and I tried to use that to my advantage.

           You could say Red Mask was born from the culmination of rejections and excuses that I was given throughout my years. Every time I heard “I’m sorry I don’t think of you like that” or an “Oh you’re a great friend Jimin, but I don’t have feelings for you” or my favorite one, “Oh no. I really like your friend…does he know that you like me? Can you put in a good word for me?”, I began losing my ideals and beliefs about love. That foolish yet elusive feeling.

           I became frustrated. What was I lacking? What was not good enough about me? People who I considered less talented and less good looking than me were getting girlfriends, why was I asking all the wrong ones out? Why wouldn’t anyone give me a chance??

           But then in high school, someone finally did.

           Let’s call her Temptress.

           Because she was seduction personified. She was one of the girls that bloomed early and filled in her uniform well. She walked with dignified confidence, with her large chest out and a bright smile. She knew that the boys went crazy when she smoothed her fingers through her hair, and she would lock eyes with you if you were staring, just to fluster you. Even the girls befriended her out of envy.

           She was the alpha female of my class.

           And like most of the guys in the school, I immediately fell for her.

           I gave her homework when and if she forgot it, which was often. I let her copy off my tests just so she would flash me one of her smiles and nudge me while saying, “Thanks, stud!”. I literally melted into my seat whenever she called me that.

           Eventually, I confessed that I liked her, expecting to get rejected of course, but I just couldn’t hold my feelings in anymore.

           "I like you!“ I yelled as I handed her a bouquet of roses.

           She smiled sweetly and took the flowers out of my grip. I perked up expectantly.

           "Jimin.” she called as she cupped my chin with one hand so I could look up at her.

           I gulped. “Yes?”

           "Have you ever been with a girl?“

           I, of course, being the honest, innocent kid I was, shook my head. "Never.”

           "So you’ve never…kissed anyone before?“

           She traced my lips with her delicate fingers and my heart was racing faster than an ambulance at this point. No girl had ever been this close to me, much less touched my face. It was almost always a light smack on the shoulder as a sign of gratitude or a reflex if they were laughing at something funny.

           "N-n-no.” I stammered foolishly and then mentally kicked myself for being so uncool.

           "Aww…“ she pouted. "Poor Jiminnie.”

           She leaned closer to my face, and I can honestly remember my eyes bulging out of its sockets. I wasn’t prepared. Yes, I had fantasized kissing girls more often than I’d like to admit, and in middle school, I embarrassingly tried teaching myself by watching videos and kissing pillows, but obviously those never prepared me for the real life event.

           I panicked as ten thousand plans and questions ran through my mind.

           Should I stick my lips out? Did she want tongue? What the hell do I even do with my tongue when it’s in there? (Videos don’t really show us what’s happening in there, you know, for aesthetic purposes.)

           Oh my goodness, did I brush my teeth? What did I eat for lunch? Oh no, do I have bad breath? What if she hates it after this? What if I’m TERRIBLE? How should I move my lips? Is it slow? Fast? What is slow or fast? Should I just run? What if she’s not even kissing me and I’m freaking myself out? Oh wait, I should close my eyes. Right, that’s step one.

           So I shut my eyes tightly and pursed my lips out.

           And she chuckled.

           I felt my cheeks warm up immediately. Well, chuckling was definitely not what I expected to happen in this situation. Did I screw up already?

           "You’re so cute, Park Jimin.“

           The Temptress called me CUTE. I was literally soaring, having an out of body experience.

           "Relax and follow me.” she whispered.

           Surprisingly, she didn’t back away. She simply traced my lips again to relax me and I felt my knees buckle with the sensation. Suddenly, I felt her soft lips against mine, and I pushed forward eagerly. She pulled back and laughed.

           "I told you to follow me.“ she repeated. "I’ll show you how to kiss.”

           My heart was beating rapidly. The most popular and gorgeous girl at my school just KISSED me and she’s KISSING ME AGAIN. She leaned back in and this time, I closed my eyes slowly, and took in the full feeling of her lips.

           It was steady at first. Like what little kids do to each other because they were mimicking their parents. Lip to lip, we stood there for a few seconds not moving, but despite the lack of action, I still felt my entire being tingling. Then without warning, she parted my lips with hers and slipped her lips into the space between easily. She grabbed arms and pulled our bodies flush together. I literally felt like I was on fire.

           The kiss was a bit…wetter…than I had imagined it to be. And there were no big fireworks or angels singing or anything, but damn did it feel good, especially with her breasts squishing into my chest.

           I was a hormonal teenager (but I guess that much hasn’t changed about me) and I felt my male instincts being enflamed. I followed her lead clumsily. Our teeth clashed together a lot because I really had no idea about the spatial awareness between our lips, or anything for that matter. I was just so enthused about being kissed by my crush that all I could think about was keeping my lips on hers forever. Kindly, she didn’t scold me or make fun of my lack of skill. She just pulled back a bit, adjusting herself, and kept on kissing me until I found the proper rhythm.

           Every time I made a mistake, I would apologize, but she would hear none of it and just grab my face to go back at it again. Eventually, I felt comfortable enough to grab her waist, and as if I had passed the first round boss, she gave me a reward that caused my knees to buckle immediately. Her tongue snaked into my mouth and slid against mine.

           OH. That’s what it did.

           "Oh Jimin.“ she cracked up as I literally gasped for air and stumbled back. I had lost all ability to breathe with the new sensation. Frankly, everything about the moment was overwhelming.

           Here was a beautiful girl kissing me…a lot. And not to mention that I had had the biggest crush on her for a year now. I had my first kiss and my first French kiss on the same day with the hottest girl I had ever seen.

           Talk about saving my luck.

           "Breathe Jimin. You did good.” she smiled and patted my back. “Would you like to learn more things from me?”

           My eyes widened. Was that her way of saying yes? Who was I to turn that offer down?

           "Yes, please.“ I squeaked out breathlessly.

           "Perfect.” She kissed me deeply and I swear I almost fainted on the spot. “I’ll meet you here, same time, tomorrow?”

           Obviously, I showed up bright-eyed and eager to learn the very next day. Maybe a little too eager because I showed up an hour early.

           But anyway, for an entire two weeks, we made out constantly after school. Each day, I learned new techniques by following her lead. And soon, I was pulling her moves out on her and she would become more aggressive. Until one day, on our third week of us being girlfriend and boyfriend, she invited me over her house.

           Boy, I was REALLY not prepared for what she had in mind.

           Shakily, I rang her doorbell, holding my books to my chest tightly. When the door swung open, she welcomed me wearing a thin, satin robe that left nothing to the imagination. My grip slackened and my books scattered onto the ground as I gulped. Immediately, my hands flew in front of my face to cover my eyes.

           "Wh-wha– I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have come so early before you got to change!“ I panicked.

           Temptress chuckled and pried my hands away from my face. My eyes respectfully stared above her head, not wanting to gawk at her clearly exposed body. I had never seen a naked girl in real life before. Sure, there were magazines and videos…but it was like watching a movie or reading a book. But this…this was beyond anything I had imagined, my body was hyperaware of all her curves and I found myself wondering how soft women actually felt.

           I shook my head and turned around, embarrassed as she bent down to pick up my books. Her cleavage was deep and the sides of her breasts were peeking out from the thin fabric.

           "You’re so cute Jimin.” she giggled. “Come in. I’ve been waiting for you like this.”

           I stepped inside backwards, still not wanting to rake my eyes over her body, in fear that I would do something she didn’t like.

           "I-I thought we were just going to do homework and watch TV together.“ I stumbled a little.  

           "No Jimin.” she chuckled as she grabbed my shoulders to turn me around. “When a girl invites you over after making out with you several times, they most likely mean they want to have sex with you.”


           "Yes. Please tell me you’ve at least HEARD of sex, my innocent little nugget.” she squeezed my cheeks.

           "Of course I have…I just…well… I thought we’d at least…you know love each other before thinking about that.“

           "Oh Jimin.” she shook her head and threw off her satin robe boldly. “So are you saying you don’t want to have sex with me?”

           I felt my cock twitch as my eyes were now fully allowed to peruse her body. Nothing compared to seeing a real, live, lingerie-clad female in front of me.

           "Can I?“ I reached my hand out towards her breasts curiously.

           "Please.” She took my hands and put both of them on each boob.

           "Oh my gosh.“ I gasped as I just cupped them awkwardly; my hand a little stiff, like they would pop if I pressed too hard. "Now what do I do?”

           "Massage them Jimin.“

           "Um…okay…” I moved my hands in small circles.

           "Jimin, they’re not going to break, massage hard.“ she guided my hands. "Make me feel good.”


           I was sure my entire face and neck was red. Was it out of embarrassment? Out of excitement? I couldn’t exactly remember the emotion that overwhelmed me at that point. But regardless, I had never seen, much less touched a real breast before and there I was, massaging two for the first time. I hadn’t even gotten this far in my research on women.

           "Come here, Jimin.” she whispered, tilting my chin up so she could swipe her tongue across my lip.

           I moaned as her lips traveled down to my neck, as it usually did when our make out sessions escalated passionately. As a reaction, my hands worked her breast hard. My thumb accidentally swiped across her nipple through the see-through lacy fabric and I felt myself harden when she breathed desperately into my neck. Enlightened, I repeated the motion and found that it had her react in the best way. She nipped at my neck and brought her hips closer to my erection. So mustering my courage, I began drawing small circles around her nipples gently. She began grinding into me, her voice breathy and needy.

           "Come with me.“ she grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. "Get on the bed.”

           I nodded meekly. I was unprepared, but there was no way I was going to break this series of events. She wanted me. She wanted to have sex with me. Something I had only dreamt about. Something I thought I wouldn’t get to experience until much, much later in life.

           I lay on the bed and watched her shut her door softly. She had a supple ass, round and perky, and her legs were fairly toned. If I remember correctly, she was an athlete of sorts. My thoughts stopped short when I watched her hands come up behind her to unclip her bra. My mouth immediately became dry and there was a fire of need brewing in my lower region. My pants suddenly felt too restricting.

           "Would you like to taste?“ she smirked, probably seeing the way I was gawking at her like a starving child.

           All I could do was nod and she climbed over me. My eyes were wide with awe as she lowered her breasts in front of my face. What was I supposed to do?

           "Have a taste.” she urged.

           "Um…“ I looked around nervously. "Is like…milk going to come out or something?”

           She threw her head back and laughed. I felt myself press my body further into her bed, ashamed.

           "No, Jimin.“ she looked down at me amused. "But it’s going to make me feel really good.”

           "Um so…like…“ I nervously stuck my tongue out and licked her nipple.

           Her body reacted almost instantaneously. She sighed and her elbows buckled a little. I felt empowered so I did the same thing.

           "Suck on it, please.” she pleaded and I covered as much of her breast with my mouth. “The other hand, play with my other one.”

           I followed her instructions obediently, and watched in surprise as those simple actions had her whispering my name and rolling her hips into mine. What was this magic?

           "I’m so wet for you Jimin.“ she hummed.

           I raised an eyebrow. Wet? Did that mean I was using too much saliva on her boobs? But it didn’t sound like a bad thing.

           As if seeing my confusion, she chuckled and pulled herself out of my mouth.

           "I’m wet for you down there.” she explained.


           I gulped as she tugged her panties down and rolled over on her back beside me.

           "Would you like to feel?“

           I nodded, my words still failing me.

           "Give me your hand.” I did so, and she guided my fingers lower and lower…until I felt something sticky and warm. I flinched a little. What the heck was that?

           "That’s how good you made me feel.“ she smiled. "I’ll show you how to make me scream your name and beg for more.”

           I blinked. Those words flustered me, but something inside me really wanted to hear her screaming my name and begging for me, so I moved down so I could see her entrance clearly. It wasn’t as attractive as I thought it’d be. A valley of pink folds lay in front of my fingers, and I had no idea what to do about them.

           She still held my hand, guiding my thumb over a certain part of herself and she gently had me rub it. She winced and moaned, throwing her head back. I panicked, thinking that I was hurting her, but she gripped my wrist to continue. Worriedly and carefully, I continued as she writhed under my touch.

           "Put a finger inside me.“ she instructed.

           I furrowed my brows. "Where…uh… ”

           She smiled and grabbed my index finger, pushing it into one of her holes as I spazzed out at the tightness. Something was clenching around my finger and I was afraid to go any further inside. Just how far did this go? It was a weird feeling. My finger felt like they had just dipped themselves in a narrow jar of thinned out honey.

           But she shoved my finger inside and cried out. My cheeks were flushed because as scared as I was that she was in pain, her noises were turning me on. My boxers were soaked already just from how she sounded and looked. She hadn’t even touched me yet. I shivered at the thought.

           "Push in and out.“ She panted, and I began moving my finger in and out of her hole, mesmerized by the way my finger disappeared and reappeared; by the way she clutched the sheets and bucked her hips up at the command of my index finger. "Add another.”

           "But–“ I protested. There was no way another finger would fit.

           "Do it…please.” she begged.

           Did she like pain? I pushed both my index and middle finger inside her and found her stretching accordingly to the size, much to my surprise. She yelped loudly.

           "Oh my god, Jimin.“

           I decided that I very much loved hearing that phrase, in that manner, in that tone. I smirked and began pushing in and out of her with my finger.

           "Jimin…” she heaved. “Remember that place where you rubbed your thumb before?”

           I nodded as I concentrated on my fingers staying in the proper hole, maintaining the proper rhythm.

           "I need your tongue there.“

           I looked at her in disbelief. She wanted my tongue…where?

           "My tongue?”

           "Yes, taste me. Please.“

           My ears warmed at her request, but I couldn’t refuse. I licked my lips nervously. Was it edible? Would I die? Would I gag? Would she taste okay? I flicked my tongue out and pretended like I was licking ice cream; my fingers still continuing their motion.

           "Mmm…” I hummed. She didn’t taste bad at all. It was soft. It kind of felt like a small version of her lips. Her hips began moving wildly as my tongue worked its way again.

           "Oh my gosh. Yes. Like that.“ she moaned and it ignited my confidence. My body took over, wanting to taste every inch of her nether region, wanting to see how deep my fingers went. Suddenly, I felt myself being ripped from the steady motion, only to have her tongue enter my mouth. The thought of her tasting herself was a bit nauseating, but I shoved that thought away when I felt her unzipping my pants.

           "Wh-wha–” I was flustered and climbed off the bed nervously.

           "I need to return the favor.“ she grinned as she approached me, and pulled down my pants, boxers and all, in one motion.

           I covered my cock timidly. I felt so exposed. I was worried about what she thought of my body.

           "Hands off.” she swatted them away as she knelt down, and stared at me hungrily.

           Was that a good or bad thing?

           Then she opened her mouth and dipped her head down my entire length. I stumbled backwards slightly, but her grip on my hip steadied me. My eyes rolled back at the wave of pleasure that had just coursed through my body.

           "Oh…oh my…“ I moaned as she bobbed her head back and forth.

           I looked down and felt like I was about to faint at the sight. For some reason, it was extremely hott. She was on her knees in front of me, humming happily as she pleasured me expertly. And to top it off, this wasn’t a dream. It was reality. She was sucking me off and enjoying it. And when she added her tongue to the mix, my hand instinctively grabbed her head and slammed myself deeper into her throat. Then I realized what I was doing.

           "I’m so sor–”

           "Do it again.“ she looked up at me in pure delight. "I liked it.”

           She covered my length again and I bucked into her, gripping her hair tightly to keep my sanity. I needed more. I wanted more. This felt so good, it was indescribable. I was addicted. But just when I thought it was already wonderful enough, she pulled away and stated something that had me leaking shamefully.

           "I need you inside me.“

           When I agreed with her using a subtle nod, she handed me a condom wrapper, "Here. I’m not planning to get pregnant anytime soon, so I always have some protection on me.”

           I nodded understandably and fumbled to open it with much difficulty. I must’ve looked extremely foolish because she gently ripped it open for me. With my hands shaking, I took the rubber and tried to line it with the tip of my cock, but it kept missing. I was growing anxious by the second.

           "Relax.“ she guided my hands and I was able to roll it down easily.

           I took a deep breath. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this was all happening.

           "Since it’s your first time, how about I top for now?”

           "Top what?“ I tilted my head inquisitively.

           She looked at me amused. "Lay on the bed, Jimin.”

           I got back into the sea of blankets, my heart racing incredibly fast. I was dazed and beyond myself. I wanted the pleasure back, the high that I was climbing to a few minutes ago with her mouth around my dick. I felt the bed dip a few seconds later and she soon straddled me. Her warmth was right above my cock and my breathing became labored as she pushed herself down. I groaned and grabbed her thighs tightly. What was this feeling of unrivaled pleasure and electricity? My blood rushed downwards and I was sweating profusely. This had to be illegal.

           But I was wrong.

           When she started riding me, first slowly then roughly, THAT was illegal. Embarrassingly though, I finished quickly, releasing myself before she even built up to her climax. But she didn’t press further; she slid off of me with a satisfied smile.

           "It happens during your first time. Don’t worry.“ she cuddled beside me after I had thrown the condom out and plopped onto the bed. I was extremely sleepy and exhausted for some reason. I hadn’t even done much, but it felt like I had worked out intensely. "We’ll be doing this a lot more often and you’ll be great.”

           She whispered into my ear as I was lulled into sleep.

           And she was true to her word. Every time we met up, it would end up with our bodies tangled in her bed, sweaty and panting. She taught me a lot, and I learned a lot about women and my own body from our sessions. We hardly saw each other in school, but knowing that we had a set time to meet up afterwards, made it all better. I mean, girlfriends and boyfriends didn’t HAVE to be attached to each other all day. Although, I did really want to walk to class holding her hand, flaunting that I, Park Jimin, was dating the Temptress.

           But I soon found that I had been deluding myself all along.

           I decided to search for her during lunch time one day. I had seen her walk out with one of the popular guys so I followed her, worried that he would ask her out or something like that. I lost their track, so I wandered around. They were heading towards the bleachers for some reason so I perused the area. I was about to give up when I heard a very familiar moan coming from underneath the bleachers.

           Nervously, I journeyed there and found the popular guy rocking into her roughly while she grinned, her face painted with pleasure. I stood there in horror. I knew I should’ve ran. I knew I shouldn’t have stared, but I was floored. What was she doing? Why was she looking so happy to have someone else inside her? Why?

           They both finished and only then did she notice me.

           "Oh. Jimin. Hi!“ She beamed as she patted down her skirt. She dangerously had no underwear underneath, but it had given the other man easy access. "Did you want some to? It’ll be easy to slip inside me now.”

           I stared at her, nearing tears.

           "Why…what’re you…“ I couldn’t form any coherent sentences because I was so overwhelmingly upset.

           "Oh honey. Did you really think I was your girlfriend?” she chuckled as she walked over to me.

           "But you kissed me and we had…“ I leaned over to whisper (because I thought it was such a taboo word at the time). ”…sex.“

           "Oh Jimin.” she looked at me sympathetically. “I felt sorry for you. It was clear you were new to everything and I wanted to help you out.”

           "What? But the sex…you said I was amazing. It felt amazing!“

           "Oh sweetie.” She giggled as the popular guy approached her, giving her a warm embrace from behind. “Sex feels amazing even when you don’t love someone. And most of the time, people don’t do it for love anymore. That’s so old fashioned. And if you wanted it to be so special, don’t you think you should’ve been more careful about who you had your first time with?”

           She cupped my face gently, and I was torn between chucking her hand away, having seen her touching another man with it, and holding onto it tightly, afraid that the only girl who had ever shown interest in me would disappear.

           "You have a lot of potential, Jimin. I sensed it in you all along. Out of all the guys I taught, your skills genuinely turned me on. And if you’re looking to learn more in the bedroom, you know how to reach me. I really think you would be fantastic in bed with more lessons. But let’s make it clear that this doesn’t mean we’re in a relationship, okay?“

           I hung my head down, mind blown. In those few minutes, my entire notion of love and sex was shattered. But I nodded. If there was one thing I understood from everything she said, it was that she didn’t love me at all.

           But I refused to believe that she didn’t like me.

           I remained naive and foolish, and I continued to go for lessons at her house, doing my best to learn how to please her, reveling in the way she focused on just me when my fingers or my dick was inside her. Just for that moment in time, I wanted to believe that she was attracted to me, that if I could show her just how amazing I was in bed, she wouldn’t need to go to anyone else. I was determined to make her fall for me, by being the best of her pupils.  

           But one day, my plans were foiled.

           "Jimin. We have to stop this.” She smiled warmly. She had asked to see me after school and I thought we were going to try something new excitedly. But she had actually called me out to sever whatever it was that we were doing. “I found someone that I want to keep forever.”

           "What?“ I felt the wind get knocked out of me.

           "I have a boyfriend now, and you’ve honestly learned everything I could teach you and mastered it.” she grinned as she caressed my cheek. “I am so proud of you.”

           In anger, I slapped her hand away and sprinted from her, ignoring her calling my name. If she had wanted a boyfriend, why hadn’t she chosen me? If she had wanted to be in a stable relationship, I was always there, waiting for her. I was infuriated and couldn’t see which way I was going so I ended up bumping into someone in the middle of the hallway.

           In my rage and pain, only one thought coursed through me –I wanted to feel someone want me, even if it was forcefully. The girl looked up at me surprised as I stared at her. She was pretty. So I grabbed her face and pressed my lips against hers. She struggled a bit, but soon relaxed and kissed me back.

           "Do you want to have sex with me?“ I breathed desperately against her lips.

           Surprisingly, she nodded, blushing profusely. So I took her to an empty classroom and pleasured her the only way I knew how. I touched her the way the Temptress enjoyed, finding that it wasn’t just specific to her; it worked on girls in general. I was prepared with a condom, and I released my frustrations and desires into this girl, who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. But she had agreed without questions, so I just let go and did what I wanted until we were both satisfied.

           "Wow…that was great…” the girl heaved as she slipped back into her uniform.

           "Yeah. Thanks. I needed to just get that out of my system.“ I ruffled my hair.


           "Thanks for that.“ I smiled at her.

           "Wait…you didn’t have feelings for me?”

           "Oh…no. I’m not even sure who you are.“ I blinked.

           In the next second, I felt a sting on my cheek, and it didn’t dawn on me until a few seconds after that I had just gotten slapped.

           "We’ve been in the same class for years you asshole!” She hissed and ran out of the classroom, leaving me stunned, but not feeling guilty in the slightest.

           It was her fault for making assumptions, just as it was mine with Temptress. 

          So with renewed vigor, I pursued Temptress seriously this time around. My pride and my social standing didn’t matter anymore as long as it ended with me getting her. I professed my love to her childishly and boldly. In front of school, in the middle of school, after school. I showered her with roses, made her lunch, anything that I could think of to have her look my way.

           But she soon had enough.

           "I need you to stop this, Jimin. I will never be with you. You need to get over me and move on.“ Temptress crossed her arms angrily.

           "You’re the only girl I ever wanted to be with. I wanted the person I shared my first time with to be my one and only. I truly believe that we’re meant to be.” I confessed desperately.

           "Jimin, whatever you think we were is only in your head. I was seeing about five other guys while we were having lessons. And I slept with someone right after you left my house every single time we had sex.“ she admitted.

           I gawked at her, not believing what I was hearing. I really wasn’t the only one. I never was the only one.

           "Jimin. You’re forcing your ideals and desires on me when you don’t know the first thing about me. And besides, love hurts. So why bother with it? Sex is enough to keep me happy. I don’t want anything other than that. It’s too much.”

           "But you have a boyfriend?“

           She laughed. "Yeah. He’s hott, fantastic in bed, and rich, but I don’t love him. I do want to keep him as long as I can though.”

           I collapsed on my knees, overwhelmed.

           "Goodbye Jimin.“

           As she walked away, I felt my world crashing down and I wondered if everybody around me was actually the person I was seeing. Did everyone have a darker side to them? Did everyone feel this nonchalant about hurting someone else? Did everyone think of love as something so trivial and unnecessary? Was I not worth loving?

           I was filled with doubts and trust issues. I was terrified of getting hurt again. Day after day, I was traumatized by past memories and the unknown future, all the times that I had gotten rejected.

           To make matters worse, the girl that had turned out to be in the same class as me, had told everyone about how I had used her. I was permanently labeled as a playboy and gossips ravaged that I toyed with women’s feelings, that my nice facade had all been an act to get close enough to use them for their body. 

           I was isolated, bullied, and looked down upon. The girls that had been so nice to me before distanced themselves and began looking at me with wary eyes constantly, like I had betrayed them, when in truth, it was I that had been betrayed. 

           And finally, one day, as I stared at myself in the mirror, it all clicked. A switch was flipped inside me, and I smirked at my reflection. I had had enough of it all.

           "Fine. If it’s a playboy they see,” I combed my hair up, exposing my forehead. “then a playboy they’ll get. Park Jimin doesn’t need love. Sex is enough to make me happy.”

           I accepted my fate, and became the bad boy openly. Once I embraced that side of myself, I realized that women fell and swooned for me. I had the power of seduction at my fingertips all along, but I had been suppressing it, believing that nice guys were what girls wanted. Even women thought they wanted good guys, yet they still found themselves magnetized towards the bad boys for some reason.

           No longer was I friend zoned. No longer was I not seen as an option. No longer did I take a backseat to all the other guys. No longer did I set myself up to get hurt.

           Until of course, I fell in love with someone just as excellent in bed and just as attractive as I was. And it made me realize that I no longer wanted to live that kind of life and be that kind of person. So now, here I am with a successful job and a beautiful girlfriend who I am insanely in love with. And hell, I have the best sex life ever!

           Yet, when I received an ominous letter, I sat in my living room, staring at it in horror; the flood of negative emotions coming back to me. Three simple words froze time and whisked me back to the days when I was the most vulnerable, to the days that had started it all, to the days that had given birth to Red Mask: High School Reunion.


“Kooooooookie” you groan in annoyance. You glare at your best friends sleeping figure on the bed shaking him slightly. “Hey you. Wake up” you budge him with your foot gently. “Shhhh y/n” He grumbles sleepily. You lean forward and whispers “breakfast time” into his ear causing him to shoot up. “What? WHAT IS IT!?” He shouts looking around the room. You slap your forehead and roll your eyes. What the heck man you think to yourself. He sees nothing of importance and wraps his arms around your waist pulling you down next to him. “DO I have to get up? Why can’t I lay in bed with you all day” You push away your best friends sleepy advances too embarrassed to allow this to continue. You look around looking for any excuse to get up and start to shuffle your legs around when you feel more of his skin then you would if he was wearing shorts or pants to sleep. “Uhhh. Jungkook you aren’t sleeping in your boxers are tou?!” You begin to raise your voice slightly “mmhmm” you hear him hum. Your heart begins to race when you feel a slight buldge begin to form. “Kookie I get that it’s the morning and your a boy and all but this is a bit much were friends and friends don’t get boners over friends.” You state trying to knock some sense into the sleeping boy gripping onto you tightly. “Jungkook pulls you in tighter slipping one of his legs in between yours unknowingly rubbing against your womenhood.“y/n you smell good” he slurs in a gruff voice. He puts his face in your shoulder and begins to softly plant kisses along the skin there. “Kookie. Stop it. Wake up.” You begin to shuffle around nerves taking over. He nips softly at the skin causing moan to escape your mouth right next to his ear. His eyes shoot open “Y/N???!! What are you doing here!!” You shove your way out of his bed fixing your clothes. He shoves the blanket off his body to expose a buldge coming from his white boxers you find the nearest pair of shorts and throw them at him. “Just get dressed weirdo we had plans to go see a movie today remember?” You turn around your cheeks flaming. You walk out and slam the door behind you. You walk over to your best friends bathroom and splash your face with cold water to try and extinguish the flames on your cheeks. Jungkook walks in behind you and passes you a towel “are you hot y/n? You’re kinda sweaty.” He chuckles. You pat your face dry and throw the towel at his face. “What?!” He exclaims as you Storm away still embarrassed by the events that just unfolded. “Sorry y/n” he says walking out towards you pulling a white shirt over his head his soft toned muscles flexing, you trail your eyes over his body his lean toned body taking it all in ‘Since when did that boy… stop being a boy’ you think to yourself. You lean towards him crossing your arms “You think I’ll forgive you so easily. You’ll be buying me an ice cream later just for that” you tease him. “Fine fine fine” he chuckles as he pulls a black cardigan over his shirt. The movie not catching your attention, you begin to doze off slightly causing you to lean into Jungkooks shoulder. He looks over at you surprised and looks down to see your tank top being pulled down showing off the top of your black laced bra. Jungkook swallows a lump that begins to form in this throat and softly shrugs of his cardigan and lays it over the top of you. He takes a deep breath and begins to think ‘how do I casually tell y/n that I can see her bra? How do I tell her her chest is hanging out? How do I tell her she has nice soft skin?’ He sighs and continues to watch the movie. After the movie you awake to hear Jungkooks voice whispering your name. “Let’s go get that ice cream” You rub your eyes as Jungkooks cardigan slides off your shoulders you notice your bra showing and looks over to see Jungkooks cheeks turning a slight shade of pink “please keep that with you” he coughs out. You tie it around your waist and walk out of the theater. You guys arrive at a small ice cream parlor and both order a cone. You walk outside to sit in the sun while you eat your ice cream in an awkward silence. “So how was the movie? Also your ice cream looks really good” you say to break the silence as you lean forward and take a small lick of his ice cream. His eyes widen and he turns his head “it was boring not worth the money spent” he says looking at a bird walking in front of the table. You cock your head to the side in confusion because you guys always share foods and he never reacts like this. “You fell asleep about halfway through and looked cold so I gave you my shirt.” He says smiling at you trying to act as if he didn’t just blush. You lean back into the warm metal seat and lick at your ice cream until a part of it melts down off the cone and down your hand dripping onto your chest. “AH fuck.” You groan as you lick the ice cream off your arm leaning forward to grab a napkin causing the Ice Cream to melt farther down your tanktop. “Kookie a little help here please man?” you say looking at him. He looks at the small mess and licks his lips “uh yea sure no problem y/n” he gets up and throws away a half finished cone. He grabs a napkin and softly whipes up the mess on your chest. “Umm y/n I think thats enough ice cream for today” he chuckles nervously. You guys walk back to his house and he opens the door for you letting you in first. As soon as you step through the doorway you feel him rush in quickly behind you. He throws you over his shoulder and walks over to his room. He throws you onto the bed and walks over to his closet throwing you one of his shirts “Put this on please y/n. This is torture just put it on I’m begging you.” He looks at you pleadingly “uhhh ok?” You say making a face you throw his shirt on over your tank top taking in his smell. ‘He smells nice’ you think to yourself. You slip off the tank top and drop it onto his floor. “Happy?” You ask him. He takes a deep breath and walks over to you “noo. I’m not. This is weird. When I saw your bra I just felt all weird. When you had me clean up the ice cream like I usually would i just got really nervous. I can’t stop staring at you today.” He leans forward and pushes you back onto his bed laying on top of you pressing his knee between your legs. “Kookie what the fuck dude-” You begin to shout as he interrupts you by kissing you. He takes a large warm hand and slides it up your borrowed shirt and grabs at the soft tummy skin pulling your lower body closer to his. You begin to protest but quickly decide against it loving the way his lips mold perfectly against yours. You slide his white shirt up off his body leaving him gloriously shirtless.you pull away from the kiss breathless “ok so what does this mean for us now” you say in a shaky breathless voice. He quickly replies with “obviously we see eachother as man and women now instead of friends. If you’d have me I’d like to try being your boyfriend seeing as how we practically already were” he says in between planting kisses down your neck. You lean your head back and bite your lip ,nervous since you know for a fact this is both of your first times doing something like this. *** pg 13 and R rated stuff so back off if you a kid mk?***** You wrap your legs around his waist causing his hard member to press against your dampening womenhood. He begins to grind into you between the clothes in between you. His clothed tip gentally pushing itself unknowingly into you cause you to let out a slight hiss. He stops and begins to fumble with his pants as your hurry to take yours off in pursuit. He throws his blanet over you and presses his tented member against you feeling the dampness against him. He lets out a deep moan at this feeling. His head leans back in a delightful manor. He slides one hand down your lacy panties as you slide one into his now painfully member. You smear precum over his head as you begin to pump his hard hot member. He inserts one finger into your core and pumps at a painfully slow pace. He pulls both pars of underwear down to get a better rhythm. You lean over underneath his bed to grab a condom from where his mom gave them to him just for when he finally chooses to be sexually active. You push it against his chest as you plant kisses and bites all down his neck and adams apple. He unwrap the rubber and slides it down his member and looks at you waiting for a positive sign that you are sure about this. You nibble his earlobe and pur softly “do it.” He begins to insert it as tears fill your eyes at this new painful sensation “FINALLY! WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR THIS” You gasp loudly and quickly pull the cover over your body to see the boys standing in his doorway with big cheeky grins. “GET OUT” Jungkook yells as he throws a pillow at the door making all the boys run out of the way. He gets up and runs to slam the door shut and throws himself on to the bed. “I’m sorry. I got carried away I didnt hear them come in i didnt know they were coming over” You pull him into a sweet kiss and whisper “why let that stop us. Now where were we” You say seductively pulling him back down on you

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Sooooo you said in your tags that chris wouldn't know what to do if yuuri said yes to his advances... could we maybe get a drabble about that, if you're still taking requests? :)

Anonymous said:I think we need some drunk drabble! Take your pick on who’s gonna be

It had been a day.  A horrible day and the only thing that made it better was that it wasn’t a competition day, so maybe, just maybe, Yuuri could turn it around and make it a not bad day.  How he didn’t know, but hopefully, something would just click.

“Yuuri!  How was practice?”

Yuuri gave Chris a look but moved his bag off the seat next to him.

“That bad?”

“Just a series of not quite horrible things that culminated in my lace snapping on a triple axel during practice so I fell hard on the landing.  All told it just sucked.”

Chris signalled to the wait staff that he was ready to order.  “That’s unfortunate, but there are things we can do to fix that!  Have some fun!”


“Hmm.”  At the server’s approach, Chris grinned.  “I have just the thing.”  He smiled and turned to the young woman.  “Two vespers.”  She nodded and headed off to the bar.  “Time to teach you about martinis.  And there is no better way than with Bond’s.”

“This is because you’re skating to the Bond soundtrack, isn’t it?”

Chris just shrugged.  “Doesn’t matter!  First martinis and then something that will make you laugh.”


Two and a half martinis later and Yuuri was slightly stumbling into Chris’s room and the only thing that made it better was that Chris was no better off than he was.

“Martinis learned.  Now you said you’d make me laugh?”  Yuuri groaned.  “But my coach can never hear of this.  He’ll kill me!”

Chris snickered.  “Mine too.  Secret musketeer pact!”

Yuuri giggled and fell down into the chair while Chris fell down onto his bed and reached for the controller.

“I bet there’s something on TV.”

“I don’t speak French.”

Chris paused.  “That… makes it more difficult. Oh, wait, I know!”  He rolled to his side and pulled out his phone.  “I, uh, I have just the thing that will make you laugh!”  Chris started messing around and Yuuri let his head tilt back up to look at the ceiling.

Yuuri’s head was just a little buzzy, like he was floating.  He wasn’t completely an innocent when it came to drinking, it just wasn’t something that he allowed himself to do often, though this point, where he was still all there but just kind of loose was the best.  Didn’t think it would only take two and a half martinis though.  Didn’t know that martinis tasted like that.  Not bad.

Chris’s voice broke Yuuri’s chain of thought.  

“Chris laughs as he approaches the pool.  “And here I wanted to go skinny dipping,” he says as he slides down to sit on the side of the pool letting his legs dangle in the water. “What are you two doing here?”

““Nothing much,” Viktor says.  He’s floating in the pool, his hair looking like a silver halo around his head.

““Waiting for you.”  Yuuri lifts himself out of the water next to him and Chis catches his breath as the rivulets of water run down his well-toned stomach and arms.”

“STOP!  Chris, oh my god, please stop.  What is that?”

Chris tossed Yuuri his phone and laughed.  “It’s one of the Explicit Three Musketeer fics.  It’s not too bad.”

Yuuri dropped the phone like it was cursed or poisoned.  “Why would you read one of them?!  Don’t do that!”

“But they’re funny and sometimes even hot.  Seriously, skinny dipping in December?”

Yuuri just raised an eyebrow.  “Didn’t someone start something a couple of years ago during the Olympics… something involving swimsuits.”

Chris laughed.  “All right, you got me, but really, it is funny, and there’s this position and sometimes I wonder if they know the limits of the human body.”

The bad thing about alcohol – and Yuuri could admit this to himself only because he was a little tipsy – is that it made him curious.  Or rather, it let him give in to his curiosity.  So he picked the phone back up and skimmed, his face getting more and more red as he read.

He swallowed.  “That’s totally possible, if you stretch before trying it.”

Chris just stared at him for a minute.  “No.  Really?  You want to try?”  His voice was teasing and obviously not serious.

“Sure.  Why not.”  Yuuri stood up, his fingers playing with the hem of his shirt.  “I’m still pretty limber from practice.”

He’d never seen Chris move so far so fast when he wasn’t on the ice.  Chris was always languid. Like liquid sex.  Or what Yuuri thought liquid sex would look like as a person, but the deer in headlights look on his face was as far from sexy as Chris could get.

Yuuri fell back into his chair with a laugh.  “Bit off more than you could handle, Chris?”

“You… you weren’t serious.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “No, but I wanted to see what you’d do.  You’re right, you did find a way to make me laugh.  Thanks.” 

seeing you again pt.3 | park jimin

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Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 2.2k

Summary: It had been almost 3 years since Yejin saw Jimin, but on that one afternoon, fate had something unimaginable in store for her.

Parts 1 2 3

Sequel To: Falling For You (Jimin Series)


Just as I felt his hot breath over my lips, images of that day with Suri filled my head. The way she kissed him, held him and spoke to him like he meant everything to her, flashed across my eyes.

My eyes flew open, as I pushed him away abruptly, my hands against his chest. Breathing heavily, I looked to the ground while Jimin stood there, his eyes wide open as he stuttered, his hands fumbling around nervously.

“Yejin..I-I’m sorry. I, I don’t know what came over me, I swe-”

“Jimin?” a voice questioned from the distance.


Lifting up my head in surprise, I looked towards the direction of the voice, my lips parting in disbelief at the girl who stood in front of me. As her eyes narrowed at the both of us, her arms crossing against her chest, her foot tapped impatiently, as she asked again, “Jimin? What are you doing here?”

Jimin looked from me to her, his face mirroring a lost puppy as his mouth opened and closed, unable to say anything. Scoffing at him inwardly, I looked towards Suri and gave her a sweet smile, although completely forced, “Suri unnie, It’s just that I was taking a walk here and I met Jimin, so we both just decided to catch up for a bit.”

Although her face betrayed her, she replied sweetly, cocking her head to the side, “ Ahh, I see.”

She smiled and continued, “It’s nice seeing you again Yejin-ah.” Looking down at the bags by my feet, she continued, “I see you went shopping?”

Nodding immediately, “Ah, yea I did! I’m starting at SNU on Monday, so just some last minute shopping.” I replied, letting out a forced chuckle. As an awkward silence filled the air between us, I dared to look up at Jimin who was staring back at me, his face emotionless.

Piping up again, I said, “Well I should be leaving, it’s getting quite late.”

Picking up my bags, I nodded at Suri and waved goodbye as my eyes met Jimin’s for the last time, before turning around and making my way back to my apartment, before the tears of frustration began welling up in my eyes.

Throwing my bags on the ground, I flung myself on the couch as I let out a groan of irritation. Running my hands through my hair, I tied it up into a messy bun as I slowly made my way to the bathroom. Staring at myself in the mirror, I let out a humorless chuckle, as a pair of slightly red, puffy eyes stared back at me.

I was so pathetic.

People told me, love was something that you could never escape. The moment you fell, trying to climb back out was almost equivalent to torture. It was like trying to fall asleep but having insomnia, all these restrictions holding you back, locking you in place, not letting you do anything.

Turning the creaky, faucet knob, I splashed the cold water on my face, removing any trace of tears that were there. As I wiped the water off with a towel, I heard my phone ringing from the living room. Walking out, I took my phone off the table just to see Jungkook’s picture on the lock screen.

“Hello?” I said thickly, answering the call.

“So, I heard what happened.” he replied, his voice deep and husky on the phone.

Sighing, I closed my eyes shut as I stated, “He called you?”

“Of course.” he replied, “I’m on my way by the way.”

“I figured,” I replied knowingly, adding, “You know the address right?”

“I’ll be there in a few and yea I do.” he said, the sound of the car engine roaring in the background.

“I’ll see you in a bit.” I said, as I hung up on him. Going back into my room, I stripped myself of my clothes and changed into something a bit more comfortable. Just as I made my way out, my eyes fell upon the dress that Jimin had bought for me just hours ago. My fists tightening at my sides, I quickly took the dress and shoved it deep into the depth of my closet, hoping to never see it again.


Leaving the kitchen where I was making myself and Jungkook a cup of tea, I walked towards the door and opened it, revealing a tired Jungkook. His hair was covered up in a beanie as he walked in, wearing a leather jacket paired with jeans and a plain white tee.

“Come in,” I said sarcastically, as he already walked past me, taking off his jacket and putting it on the coat hanger beside the door.

“You look depressed.” he commented, causing me to shoot him a glare.

“I’m not depressed. Just confused and frustrated by everything that’s going on.”

Sitting down on my couch, he patted the seat next to him motioning me to sit. Sitting down with a sigh, I laid my head down on his shoulder casually and mumbled under my breath, “Jungkook-ah, should I just move on?”

He chuckled, his body vibrating. Turning to look at me from the side, his eyebrows raised, he said, “Do you seriously think you can?”

I got off of him and stared blankly at him before my gaze fell to the floor.  A minute passed by, as the thoughts filled my head. Could I? Could I let go of the past that I’ve held on for so long, waiting years to be able to relive it again. Letting my eyes close, I groaned into my hands, “No. I can’t.”

“I don’t think he wants you to either Yejin-ah.” he said, making me scoff in response.

“That’s quite selfish of him,” I retorted. Rolling his eyes, he continued, “What I meant was he doesn’t want you to move on because, believe it or not, he still loves you.”

Feeling the sudden anger rise within me, I spat, “That’s some bullshit Jungkook. If he did why does he have a girlfriend!? If he did, then why doesn’t he break up with her? Why has he moved on when I haven’t….” I choked at the end, my voice breaking.

“Yejin-ah…” Jungkook trailed off pitifully, as his arms reached out to me, his eyes full of sympathy towards me.

“What am I gonna do huh? I feel so lost.” I cried softly as I fell into his arms. Pulling me against his toned chest, he rubbed the back of my back reassuringly, “I’ll figure something out I promise.”

A week later

“You.Did. WHAT?!?!??” I screamed at him as my eyes went wide open, my brain scrambling to piece together the information he had just told me. Furious, I walked up to him and grabbed the collar of his shirt and cried, “JEON JUNGKOOK! Ho-Why did you do that?!!”

Looking at me sheepishly, he raised his arms in surrender and said cautiously,  I thought she’d understand!!“

Internally face palming myself, I groaned in agony, "No girl would understand if someone said that their boyfriend is in love with someone else you dumbass!!!”

Rubbing the back of his neck, he whined, “Well I didn’t know!! I just wanted to help you Yejin-ah!”

Sighing, I rubbed small circles against my temple as I felt a headache coming up.

“Hey..I’m really sorry..” Jungkook suddenly said, when I looked up to see his lips form a small pout as he blinked his innocent doe-like eyes at me.

Giving him an incredulous look, I scoffed,“Oh no you don’t. Don’t think you can get out of this by acting all cute!

Frowning, he hit my arm playfully and muttered, "Shut up, and let’s go fix this mess.”

According to Jungkook, after he had told Suri that Jimin was supposedly in love with me, she had wanted to meet me.

This, of course, making me scared out of my wits.

Jungkook and I walked towards the park where Jimin and I had met up earlier that week, the both of us standing by the bridge as we waited for Sure to show up.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” I cried in despair, as I nervously tapped my foot on the ground.

Jungkook looked at me and said, “You mean, you can’t believe you’re doing this.”

Shooting him an accusing look, I retorted, “Um, excuse me! You’re the one-”

But as soon as Jungkook saw her figure aalking towards us, Jungkook quickly backed away grinning while giving me two thumbs up. Scowling, I flicked him off before turning around around just as Suri approached me. Her stormy eyes met mine and immediately the atmosphere became tense. Taking a good look at her, I could see that her eyes were bloodshot red, her hair messy and not up kept like it usually was.

In all, she looked like she was in pain and my heart broke a little for her.

“We should sit down first, I think,” she said quietly, her voice small.

“Uh yea, of course.” I muttered, as I sat down by the bench near us. Sitting down beside me, she let out a small sigh. Looking up at me and said ,“I knew I was right. All it took was Jungkook to confirm it for me.”

My eyes widened suddenly, my lips parting in surprise, stammering, “W-what??”

Looking back down at her hands in her lap, she continued, “Ever since I met you that Saturday, I could feel the tense atmosphere between you and Jimin and things just felt off.”

She let out a humorless chuckle,“ And yet, you and Jungkook claimed to be dating, but anyone could see through that Yejin-ah. The entire night Jimin was acting weird, and when you said that you knew them both from a couple years ago and that they had lived with you, everything clicked. It wouldn’t have taken a fool to guess something happened between you two.”

“I-I don’t know what to say, Suri I’m really so-” I started, my face flushing with sudden embarrasment when Suri interrupted.

“Its nothing you can fix by apologizing because that’s just how life is. I mean it’s not like we dated for long. I’ve liked him for a couple months and finally just 3 weeks ago he accepted me. It felt too real to be true but I had thought, maybe this was it.” she said sadly, her eyes watering up as she quickly wiped away the tears that fell.

Her eyes met mine as she smiled, her smile so genuine that it made your heart ache in your chest, “But I’d rather him be happy with someone who he’s in love with than with me, someone who is just in a one-sided relationship with him.”

I felt my heart break into pieces as tears streamed down her petite face, making the guilt grow within my heart. This feeling was new to me, and knowing that to have the love of my life, I had to destroy another one’s had me crushed.

“Suri…” I trailed off. My eyes looked everywhere but at her, but when I finally gained the courage to continue, I gasped, “I’m really sorry but I-I don’t know if I could do this to you-”

She scoffed, “To me?! The damage has already been done Yejin-ah! I can’t go back to dating a man who doesn’t love me and ruin your life by dating someone who you love. Please! Please..just don’t worry about me.” she begged softly, her fingers tightening their grip on her skirt as they shook slightly.

Grabbing her hand in mine, I squeezed them as I choked out, tears welling up in my own eyes, “I promise you, one day, you will find the one. And he will love you for you, I promise Suri unnie.” I told her.

She shook her head lightly as she squeezed my hand back, “Don’t worry about me Yejin-ah. Now, please don’t let go of Jimin. H-He’s a special one.”

You nodded slowly at her, as you pulled her into your arms, giving her a long hug as you whispered endless thank you’s, when you thought to yourself.

He sure is.

Sam Winchester x Reader With The Song Dancing In Circles By Lady Gaga
I didn’t edit this, so sorry for any mistakes you come across. And I am sorry if my smut is boring.

“More traffic? You have to be kidding me!” Dean gave a dramatic groan and leaned his head against the steering wheel. “What’s this, the third time time now?”

“I’m sure.” Sam shifted in the passenger seat and shook his head. “I told you not to drive through the big cities though, back roads-“

He was cut off as his older brother held up his hand and mocked his tone. “Back roads are much faster than the highway.”

Y/N giggled from her spot in the backseat, earning a glare from Dean in the rear view mirror.

“Keep laughing Princess, and I’ll pick the music until we get there.”

She instantly stopped laughing and leaned forward so she could flick his ear as she pouted like a child. “Don’t you dare Dean Winchester, you promised I could pick the whole time!”

Sammy grinned as he kept quite and just watched the two most important people in his life interact. It was a sight that always warm his heart and was normally very entertaining.

Y/N had been with the boys for a few years now, after helping them with a case that they wouldn’t have been able to figure out other wise. She took to the brothers right away, forming a deep bond with each. Dean was her big brother, and Sam… Sam was her soulmate. It took almost a year, but he had finally manned up and admitted his feelings to her.

“Hey, since uh, we aren’t going anywhere…” Sam gestured to the unmoving cars in front of them. “How about I hope in the back with you?”

“Please Sammy?” She completely forgot about Dean, all her attention now on the younger Winchester.

As the big moose climbed over the back seat, nearly kicking Dean in the head, he gave Y/N a suggestive little smirk.

Sure, he would be content with just holding her. But why not have a little fun? Make a little game of it.

“I have an idea.” He whispered, pulling her into his lap.

“Oh?” Tilting her head, she licked her lips. “Tell me.”

“Let’s see how far we can make it back here before Dean notices.”

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Draw With Me [Feyre x Rhysand Modern AU]

!!! it’s here !!! thanks anon (also ur not weird for being a slut for angst because I am too!)

I have this automatic instinct to apologize for how i write and what i write, and I’m determined NOT to do that anymore. I will say i am sorry for how long this took me (school is GETTING IN MY WAY), and I REALLY hope people enjoy it even though it’s not perfect!! I had a lot of fun writing this and building a backstory for it - Also it’s nearly 6,000 words, so hold on to your hats!

I don’t want to spoil anything (HELION), so please feel free to read and give me your thoughts - i’m debating writing a second part depending on interest. :) thanks!!

Word Count: 5764
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Draw With Me

I was the first to enter the classroom.

It was 7:40AM on the first day of classes, and the hallways were already filled with students and professors as they made their way to their destinations. I had just breezed past two people, students I assumed, who were hovering in the hallway near my classroom.

I was practicing an introduction in my head, just in case, Hi, my name is Feyre Archeron and…

And what? I wondered if I should mention my age… or my preference for paints…

Caught up in my own thoughts and believing that other students had already entered the classroom, I just waltzed right in.

And slowly stopped in my tracks because… I was the first. And the classroom was completely empty. Whirling around, my eyes caught on the nondescript black clock above the door.


I knew I was early since class began at 8AM sharp, but… I had passed students and professors on my walk here. Well, since I was already here, I might as well choose my seat.

My eyes roved over the classroom, and while shrugging my backpack off, I picked my way over to an easel stationed on the western side of the classroom.

Just before I reached the easel and stool, two students sauntered in – the same two that I had breezed past just outside the classroom. They quickly surveyed the room and selected a seat, just as I had.

The female student was beautiful; she had warm brown eyes, and her long, blonde hair was braided and fell down the center of her back. She had chosen to sit at an easel nearby me, but closer to the door.

The woman eventually looked up and caught my gaze, and I narrowed my eyes at her.

Her brown eyes remained impassive as she just shrugged her narrow shoulders, her floor-length sundress rustling along the tiled floor, and gave me a small, guilty smile. Sorry.

Hmm. She didn’t look wholly repentant. They had purposely waited for someone else to enter the classroom first, but why…?

“The first always gets noticed.” The other student answered my unspoken question.

What does that mean? My eyes snapped to where he was seated across from me on the eastern side – in a chair with a drawing pad on his lap, twirling a pencil between his fingers.

Now that I really looked, I noticed he was also very good-looking, even with the hood shadowing parts of his face. He was dressed more simply than the female student, and I wondered if they were together. He wore a slate-colored, cowl neck sweatshirt, slim-cut black pants, and black combat boots.

I tilted my head, confused, but he didn’t seem inclined to say anything more. As I assessed him, I couldn’t tell whether he was an ally or a foe; his expression was mild but unreadable, although my predator’s instinct warned me that I was likely facing another predator.

However, his slumped position in the chair seemed relaxed enough, with both legs sticking out in front of him. I had no idea what to say or whether to ask him what he meant, but I figured, perhaps I would find out soon enough. So I ducked my head behind my easel and continued setting up my things.

After all, we were in the advanced introductory drawing class at a prestigious art university, the Velaris School of Design. Months after submitting my application and portfolio on a whim, I received a heavy, cream-colored envelope containing my acceptance letter as well as other important documents, including a course schedule. A note clipped to the schedule stated that I had been placed into a more advanced drawing class, but I had been more than thrilled that I had been accepted into the university at all.

When I’d opened the letter, Elain had been home tending to the garden but when she heard me screaming, she ran into the house and screamed with me. Then we called Nesta, who surprisingly picked up on the first ring.

“I had a feeling it was good news,” Nesta declared after I finished speaking, and then she added, “Congratulations, Feyre. You deserve it.”

She had sounded happy for me, proud, even. It was rare for Nesta, the coldest of us three, to show feeling, so her praise meant a lot to me.

I was shaken from my reverie by the sound of students gradually filing into the room, some in pairs and trios, and others streaming in alone. I fiddled with the arrangement of my pencils and graphite sticks, glad I had gotten here early so that I had a chance to observe my fellow classmates.

As I cast a wandering gaze around the room, I could easily identify which students had money, and which didn’t. Nobody noticed me, and nobody bothered to introduce themselves but I was happy to keep to myself.

I also noted that there weren’t enough easels, so students who filed in later would only have the choice to sketch on chairs loosely arrayed around the podium. Or stand.

Sounds of students chattering and chairs sliding filled the room; the familiar sounds of art tools clattering was both comforting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Sunlight streamed in overhead through narrow, horizontal windows on the northern wall and panes of long, vertical windows on the eastern wall of the room.

I glanced at the clock again; there were still 5 more minutes before class started.

I tried to look preoccupied with the materials I had laid out, and my mind wandered again…

It had been years since Hybern’s War, and luckily, my family and I had made it out alive – well, me, my two older sisters Nesta and Elain, and my father. My mother had died of disease during the early years of the war, but before she passed, she had made me promise to take care of our family.

I always wondered why she didn’t ask Nesta, or Elaine…

But I promised her. I said yes, and… I’d learn to provide for my sisters and my father, on my own. Alone. I hunted and killed, did things I wasn’t proud of…

As the war raged endlessly, the borders and lands of Prythian had been bent and disrupted, including our hometown. We lost our home, but saved our most precious family valuables along with whatever we could. It was many years before the war ended, but afterwards, the country slowly rebuilt and reknit itself because the High Courts of Prythian all united for the cause of rebuilding our war-torn lands.

As the war was winding down, my father took advantage of society’s momentary lapse in maintaining law and order, and he slowly began to rebuild some of his prior fortune. The money he slowly accumulated was just a fraction of the prior wealth we had all known, but it was more than we had had in a long, long while.

I still remembered and resented my father had been a lifeless husk, useless after his wife, our mother, had passed into the void…

However, even though it took a while, he saved enough money to eventually move us to Velaris, the City of Starlight. The city had been closed off for hundreds of years, but after the war, the High Lord of the Night Court had welcomed all those who wished to seek refuge.

Moving us to Velaris was perhaps the best thing our father had ever done for us. Within a year and a half, Elaine had met and married well to a serious but kind man named Graysen Tolliver. And Nesta was off doing, well, whatever it was that Nesta did – within a few months, she had quickly enrolled at a university in Velaris that focused on literature and knowledge.

But now I was here, in this classroom. It wasn’t the time to be thinking about the past.

Better to be grateful for what I had now, and the future.

I took a swig from my water bottle to try and clear my mind, noticing that the students near the door were starting to shift nervously and whisper in a hush. My eyes snapped to the focus of their attention – a woman now sweeping into the room, who I assumed was our art professor.

Her bright red hair was streaked with thick strands of white, lending evidence to her older age. I noticed her eyes next, which were ice-blue and hawk-like, as if she could simply see right through you. She wore a long, slim, navy-blue gown with pearls dotting her ears and silver bangles on her wrists.

Briskly, she stepped onto the podium with a no-nonsense demeanor. She commanded most of the room’s presence, as the students around me silenced near instantly.

I didn’t know too much about our art professor, only that she was renowned for her skills and that many lords and ladies often commissioned incredible works from her. So perhaps, it was to be expected that the fire-haired artist would feel so intimidating to students in an introductory art course.

I took a moment to relish in that thought – finally, finally I had the luxury of taking art courses, of honing artistic skills beyond my penchant for painting. I had worked hard, fought hard for my family, and now I finally had the chance to do something for myself. To attend university, and pursue art…

The professor stood on the podium. Clasping her hands behind her back, she cleared her throat. Every single pair of eyes in the classroom was already on her.

Her hawk-eyes were initially trained on the door, but eventually her penetrating stare roved around the room. “Well, it seems like most of us are here. Welcome, students. My name is Anaxandra Agnes. I do not want to waste precious class time with too many words, so I will assume you have all perused the syllabus before you stepped over the threshold. If not, there are copies of the syllabus on the table in the back.”

She gestured towards the stack of syllabi with one hand, and some students turned to look towards where she pointed. Then she clasped her hands behind her back again.

Professor Anaxandra Agnes began pacing slowly in a circle. “For today’s class, you will be showing me what you can do. If you are serious about art but cannot handle the pressure or expected to get an easy grade, you should probably leave now.”

She paused, and the whole room held their breath, collectively wondering if anyone would leave.

Instead, the door creaked open, and the whole room directed their attention to the tall, dark-haired man that slipped into the room, wearing an impeccably cut black tunic and pants. I craned my neck and watched as he immediately slunk off to a corner, seeing all of the eyes upon him.

Nobody got up to leave, so Professor Agnes continued. “I also don’t tolerate tardiness” – she turned and looked pointedly at the male who had just entered – “and contrary to popular belief, there is such thing as stupid questions.”

“My apologies, Professor. Prior engagements ensnared me.” The gentleman in the corner sketched a bow. I was surprised to hear that he sounded confident and that his voice was rich and deep, like red wine.

Recognition crossed her face, and to everyone’s surprise, the professor huffed a sigh and placed a hand on her hip. “Oh, Rhysand. You know I don’t like to make exceptions, either.

Even though I could barely see him, I was willing to bet money that the tall man – Rhysand? – was smirking.

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Can we pretend to leave and then we’ll meet again when both our cars collide.

Our lady of sorrows and all the angels see that the five of us are dying. My friends and I all are the same.

Mama keeps telling me “someone out there loves you” but I know that the world is ugly. I’m going headfirst for halos if someone doesn’t save me from this cemetery drive.

They used to tell me “the jetset life is gonna kill you” but I never told you what I do for a living so how the fuck would they know. I’m a destroya, there’s blood on my hands. The gun lying on the passenger next to me, the drugs I used over the years… they always warned me for the sharpest lives. I’m not one of the common people, I stayed too long in that house of wolves. “Make room!!!!!” I’m driving to the end. I hope they find me when I’m already dead!

They better bury me in black, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s a fucking deathwish. I’m going to have my own party at the end of the world. Maybe I should just drive into that lake, I never had any drowning lessons.“Fake your death and kill all your friends for a fresh start” I heard a voice inside my head whisper. “Heaven help us!” I screamed while ramming my foot on the brakes. “Mama, I’m not okay” I cried while leaning over the steering wheel.

I always truly believed that I had a bulletproof heart until Emily showed up. Our romance was something special, she was not that kind of girl. I remember the horrified look on her face when the AMBULANCE had to take me to the hospital after overdosing. I told her “my way home is through you, the only hope for me is you” she smiled at me and asked me to sing her to sleep so I asked her if she would like the one about California. “We don’t need another song about California, sing me that desert song you love so much”

I remember Helena sleeping peacefully in her new room, she wasn’t even a teenager yet.

I went upstairs and kissed little Helena on her forehead as I softly sang every snowflake is different just like you. I walked over to my fiancée, peacefully sleeping in our bed. I realized I had to put those danger days behind me. I should behave like the demolition lovers we used to be before she’ll tell me “I don’t love you like I did yesterday”

The next morning I woke her up by kissing her softly; “Look alive, sunshine” I said while stroking my fingers through her hair. “Stay awake, my love” her eyes were trying their best to stay open. “Thank you for the venom” I said as I took a little package out of my pocket. She mumbled something while she struggled to open the package. “Kiss the ring” I told her when I noticed the breathtaking glow on her face. “Are those your famous last words as a bachelor?” her giggle was one of the most beautiful things on earth.

Burn bright darling, never let them take the light behind your eyes

I was under pressure the last couple days, I won’t let the drugs take the best of me again, I will give my wife and daughter all the love they deserve, even more. “Gotta love those early sunsets over monroeville” I said as we sat on our balcony with our daughter sleeping between the two of us. “I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love. How can I ever thank you enough for-” she interrupted me with a passionate kiss.

“Since the day I met you I stopped being so disenchanted with life. You blessed me with a beautiful daughter, Gerard. How could I ask for more? Save yourself, I’ll hold them back, remember?”, a tear streamed down my cheek.

“I love you, I love you so much.” I laid my arm around her and pulled her closer. We watched the stars together until the both of us fell asleep with little Helena in our arms.

Unfortunately my wife died years ago, the cancer spread quickly, the doctors couldn’t help her anymore.

All along I was living with ghosts, Helena got taken away when I relapsed into being an addict again. The ghost of you lived on darling.

All this time it was just a hallucination, I was still in my car with my hands clamped onto the wheel.

I remember her saying “may death never stop you” before she passed away.

I drove backwards, my hand was on the gear lever. 

“We’ll meet again soon my love, I’m coming for you”

The car took off with extreme force, pushing me back into my seat. It fell like I was flying for a few seconds until I crashed into the water. After hitting the water, the car sank in between 50-60 feet of water before coming to rest on the bottom of the reservoir.

Would I die for you? Well here’s your answer in spades.

Intervention/Stiles Stilinski Smut/Part2

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

So many of you asked for a part 2 so here It is! Check out part 1!

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Abandoned (Jun X Reader)

Jun X Reader
Genre: Fluff

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

I’d been friends with Jeon Wonwoo for about a month now. Even though I’d only known him for a short amount of time, he was my best friend.
There was one thing, however, that he never really mentioned: his friends from Seventeen.
Today was the first time I’d meet the fun, talented and charismatic boys.
The plan was to go to an amusement park.

“I’m really nervous,” I randomly said on the way to pick up Jihoon and Jeonghan.
Wonwoo shrugged, “There’s no reason to be. You’ll all make great friends.“

Wonwoo rang the doorbell and Jeonghan answered the door.
“Hey Wonwoo!” He said happily, then looked at me, “And you are?”
“(Y/N),” I answered and held out my hand.
“Jeonghan,” he said, shaking my hand.

Jihoon came from behind Jeonghan, kind of scaring me. He was much more adorable than I expected him to be.
“Hi, (Y/N), hey Wonwoo,” he mumbled. He was obviously tired.
Jeonghan laughed, “Jihoon crashed last night while we were working on some songs, and he literally just woke up.”
Jihoon rubbed his eyes, “Wait why the hell are you here Wonwoo?”
Wonwoo gave Jeonghan an annoyed glance, “Did you not tell him?”
“Nope!” Jeonghan giggled.
It took us a while to get Jihoon to come with us, but he finally agreed to

We were going to meet the rest of the guys at the amusement park.

“So (Y/N), when d'you meat Wonwoo,” Jeonghan said in a weird tone, making me uncomfortable. He probably thought we were dating or something.
I suddenly felt awkward, “Uh last month perhaps. We aren’t together though..”
Jihoon let out a little laugh.

We finally reached the Amusement park and met Mingyu, Seungchoel, Seungkwan, Vernon, Jun, Minghao, Soonyoung, Seokmin, Lee Chan, and Joshua.
Seungkwan was the first to greet me.

“HEY (Y/N)! I’M SEUNGKWAN!” Vernon wrapped his arms around Seungkwan’s waist, “And I’m Vernon!”
Jun was the last to introduce himself. He seemed kinda shy, but when he talked he didn’t sound shy at all.
Mingyu then grabbed Wonwoo’s arm and dragged him to a ride.
Soon enough, everyone was in a group or pair while I was confused and lonely.
Why did Wonwoo have to leave? He knew how awkward I was.

Just then I saw Seungkwan and Vernon getting ready to ride the Ferris Wheel.
I rushed over to them as they gave me a weird glance.

“(Y/N), you okay?” Seungkwan worriedly asked, “Did Wonwoo seriously leave you all alone?”
Vernon rolled his eyes, “I blame Mingyu.”

Seungkwan grabbed my arm and pulled me into the car of the Ferris wheel with him and Vernon.
“If Wonwoo’s being a dick, you can hang out with us,” Vernon chuckled.
“Smh,” Seungkwan giggled, “What a rude boyfriend.”
I shook my head, “What no! Wonwoo won’t ever be my boyfriend!” I then let out a laugh, “I couldn’t imagine it either.”

Vernon put his arm around Seungkwan’s shoulders, “Do you not like him like that…at all?”
I shook my head, “Nope.”
Vernon and Seungkwan kissed a little at the top of the ride. I felt rude for crashing what was originally going to be their own romantic date thing, but it was also really adorable to see them cuddling with each other.

When we got off the ride, Vernon and Seungkwan rushed off to the kissing booth leaving me alone again.
I shrugged this time, I didn’t try to find anyone else. I didn’t want to ruin any other dates.

I sat down on the bench and took out my phone. This wasn’t too bad.
What was I saying?
This was horrible. I was at an amusement park with Seventeen, and I was all alone.
I didn’t know what to do. I was in awkward situations like these a lot, but none of them were this lonely.

I just sat there for the next few minutes, looking around for what I could do next.
That’s when I saw someone walking towards me.
He was too far for me to recognize him, but when he was close enough; I realized it was Jun.

“Oh hey, Jun,” I mumbled.
He waved, “Why are you sitting all alone,
I shrugged, “There was just nobody to do anything with.”
He held out his hand and pulled me off the bench, “Well now there is.”

Jun and I got some slushies while walking over to find someplace to sit.
Just as I was about to put my straw in, some little kid ran past me and knocked the cup out of my hands.
“Darn,” I spoke, looking down at my cherry snow cone.

“Jimmy, apologize!” The boy’s mom ordered. Jimmy scratched his head, “Sorry…”

Right as I was about to throw my perfectly clean straw away, Jun stopped me and held out his slushy, “We can share!” He smiled.

The rest of the night was great. I spent most of it with Jun. Some of it was spent secretly taking pictures of Verkwan with Jun.
Most of the guys had already left, and that left Jun and I to go find Wonwoo so I could go home.
“Where could that little boy be??” Jun asked, calling Wonwoo’s number.
It went straight to voicemail.
Jun rolled his eyes, “He’s probably at Mingyu’s then.”
He called Mingyu and a lazy voice answered the phone, “Heyyo Junnie…” “Mingyu…are you drunk?” Jun asked.
Mingyu yawned, “Nope…just tired.”
“Anyway, where’s Wonwoo?” Jun said, changing the topic.
“Oh he’s right here. WONWOO!”
There was a bunch of arguing on the line.
“Yeah, sorry about that, Jun, Wonwoo is asleep and he can’t come to the phone.” Mingyu responded.
Jun sighed, “Well tell him he forgot about (Y/N). I’m dropping her off.”

He locked his hands with mine and lead me to the car, “Let’s go.”

“Hey thanks, Jun,” I mumbled, getting into the car.
He smiled, “No problemo.”

I fell asleep in the passenger’s seat, unaware that Jun would have no access to my house if I were asleep.
We finally reached my house when Jun gently grabbed my shoulder to wake me up.
“(Y/N), we’re here,” he whispered.
I opened one eye to see Jun looking straight at me.
Without thinking, I pulled his face closer and locked my lips with his.
The kiss lasted about a minute after Jun and I both pulled away.

Jun then got out of the car and opened the car door for me, “it’s getting pretty late (Y/N)”

I unlocked my front door and stepped inside.
Before leaving, Jun gave me one last kiss on the forehead, “Goodnight (Y/N).”

~The End~