i just fell in love with those shots

 Do you remember those two best friends? One of them painted his nails of blue when the other felt too different for doing that, right? This one used to sneak out to see his friend, because his dad didn’t want they together. I guess they fell in love too? I mean, they kissed at a tent or something, and then they had to lie because no one could know about this. Oh, one of them got a girlfriend just to please his dad, but they still sneaked out to see each other, and one of them got shot? I mean, I don’t really remember, but this finally made them face the terrifying dad and be together as a couple. Then they went to a prom, I guess? And now one of them is in LA?
Oh, yeah. I remember all that.
And I miss it.

Another awesome shot of this stunning #cosplay from @karlibra
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Dude. When I started cosplay, i completely fell into it, not really expecting much out of it. I didn’t realize how much fun id have doing it, how much happier/confident I would become, and just how many people I’d meet and be touched by because of it. ❤️ Those of you who have known me for years all know that I like to speak for those who are weak, feeling depressed, and feeling alone. I love being creative, wearing my costumes and doing photo shoots and all that (and will continue to do all that still!) but now I aim for something larger and hopefully more impactful. 💙 I hope that as I continue to do cosplay and go to cons, that I can use my voice and really reach out to people who have struggled with depression, bullying, self harm, self esteem issues, anxiety, body dysmorphia, disorders of any kind, and gender/sexuality. A quick picture and a selfie are nice, but there’s more than meets the eye. I want to be the cosplayer that you are unafraid to spill your heart and your pains to, because I’ve been there before as well. I want to connect with as many people as humanly possible, hear your stories, and hopefully help brighten your day. I want to fight for you, and fight for us. I can’t wait until Comikaze and hope to see you all there. ❤️💙❤️💙
(Photography by the incredible and always magical @coslife_ ) #cospositive #tb #fb https://instagram.com/p/7wWzTHyqJc/