i just feel... off in it atm

okay now that that is finally out of the way, what do you guys want to see from me next? the possibilities are endless! for example:
- a part 2 to the josh x yn x jordan thing
- one where one of the boys teaches innocent!reader about bdsm
- brendon x reader x tyler
- just brendon x reader ???
- tyler x yn x josh
- more smuts based off of songs
- anything gay (joshler, jenna x reader, sarah x reader, someone said something about jenna x reader x sarah i think.) i haven’t written any gay stuff in a minute..
- more innocent/sub/switch either of them
-maybe another tylerenna x reader?? idk man like i said, the possibilites never end

just whatever you guys are feeling atm! let me know :-) never be afraid to request things from me!

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Hey dude!! If you get the chance would you be able to write some Dallas trans HC little things. Rather it be him coping with his shit or just little tidbits. I'm feeling hella dysphoric ATM and I would love to see/hear abt my son.

Buddy, I hope you feel real better soon!

Dallas is STRONK. So strong, but he is no match for when he has to remove his binder. He struggles to the point he’ll be rolling on the floor with his giant dogs surrounding him, concerned. When his binder is finally off, he’d be gasping on the carpet, laughing with his dogs, “it’s off.”

During the summer, Malek lends Dallas his clothes because it’s too hot to wear binders. Dallas is sort of flat, and if he wears overlarge clothes, no one can really tell. Sometimes he’d get anxious and wear a sportsbra (his mom’s) since it’s cooler.
His only consolation is that Malek’s clothes smell Good always. Like Downy.

When he was 13 and he had to deal with Satan’s Monthly Blood Subscription, Hazel would come over his room and watch Carrie and a bunch of horror stuff with him. She’d let Dallas rest his head on her lap and she would feed him M&Ms, gently put a warm bag on his aching abdomen. She Worries. The dogs would come and lie on Dallas’ tum for Extra Warmth.

(It was a relief when The Subscription was slowly terminated when he started T.)

Dallas doesn’t formally come out to Poppy at 16, but I mention there’s a silent understanding between the two of them. Dallas and Poppy sleep cuddled to each other a lot, and Malek used to be sort of jealous when Dallas let Poppy rest her head against his chest and have her arms playfully inside Dallas’ shirts when it’s cold. He’d never let Malek do that stuff.

When Dallas was 16, Ben slapped his back one day and winked at him, “puberty making you sound less squeaky, boy”
His voice was changing and it was? Really cathartic. The smile he gave Ben was similar to the smile Mulan gave Shang when Shang caught her cheating the arrows with tomatoes. It was big and crooked and embarrassed. But he was sooo happy that day. His voice was /changing/. Everyday he’d say “hello” to Ben using the deepest voice he could muster, and Ben would wink at him every time. He is so cute.

He comes out to Malek, finally. It’s also him coming out formally to Poppy. His mom signed a permission slip for his top surgery and Poppy is so happy she’s incoherent and crying. Dallas is happy too but he’s uncomfortable being the center of attention. He mumbles “it’s no big deal,” but Malek who was Stunned into silence, interjects, “it is a big deal!” And he pulls Dallas (and Poppy) into a massive bear hug that lasted a full on 10 minutes.

Despite all that, Nobody treats him any different. Sure when he changes clothes, the rest of the team politely turn their backs because he says he’s not comfortable with them looking yet. But he’s just Dallas. He is, and will always be one of the boys.

I started watching the lazy town stage play(s?) and here’s what I’ve gleaned so far:

-its a fucking trip for starters 

-Srsly I have no idea what the fuck is going on

-is this like…meant for kids? Adults??? What’s happening here?????

-because all the kids are played by adults but that doesn’t make the upskirt shots of Stephanie and her tiny ass dress any less weird

-or that time íþró broke into Pixel’s house or grabbed Trixie’s hair (not that she didn’t deserve it but jesus)

-Trixie, by the way, is a fucking bitch

-Stingy on the other hand is like…kind of a putz? Idk I haven’t seen the whole thing yet

-why are they always singing about piss

-oh my god that reminds me. Glanni. Where do I even fucking start

-I see why ppl characterize him as a sauve pretty mettaton-type character but he seems like the kind of guy who lives in the trash and wears mismatched stuff he reclaimed from a dumpster, maybe after tossing some glitter on it

-I mean he owns it, he’s clearly king bitch of trash mountain here but…still

-I guess he appearently killed flowers by how bad he smells

-he also poisoned the town or something??? I’m not at that part yet

-Damn Glanni chill the fuck out that’s intense. This is a children’s show. I think

-its extra weird bc Robbie Rotten is like Dr. Doofinshmirtz evil. He thinks he’s the devil but clearly he’s the towns lovable minor inconvenience at best. Glanni would stab a man over the last McDonald’s fry at the bottom of the bag

-the thing is he’s also a total dork like Robbie tho and I wish ppl played that up a bit more too. He’s like Bill Cipher-ish in his ability to be both threatening and a petty dumb goober 

-Petty. He’s so petty. God. I love him. 

-that hat. I would mug him for that hat 

-speaking of hats…íþró…what the fuck are you wearing

-that doesn’t match at all what the fuck its like bright orange

-I’m sorry íþró Sporty has a way better uniform thing going. It looks like he’s wearing a race car; you look like you rummaged through the Halloween costume bargain bin at the thrift store on November first 

-(in cause you’re wondering why I just call him íþró but used the dipthong I was dedicated enough to look up the Icelandic language wiki page and download the Icelandic language keyboard but I’m too lazy to either write out his full name or copy paste it atm so this is what y'all get. That’s all you need to know about my personality btw I feel)

-(anyway back to dragging him)

-ngl the boyo is cute. He’s not as pure as Sporty but he’s still pretty pure and it hurts me 

-that mustache tho

-Appearently the guy who plays him also wrote the damn thing and created the lazytown tv series so I’ve gotta ask… is this whole thing just so Magnus can do some sick kick flips and shit. Like did he write this entire thing around him showing off his hella parkour skills. I need answers here

-íþró’s name appearently means “sports elf” like that’s his name

-ngl when I first started reading lazytown fic I thought ppl made that up but everyone just accepted it as canon, like the lotr elves having pointy ears or Suzumiya Haruni being god. I just thought that was fanon

-nope. Dudes literally a “sports elf” whatever the fuck that is

-Fae!Robbie and Glanni is appearently fanon tho. Bummer. It would explain a lot

-um…damn I’m not super far in. I’ve just seen little bits and pieces to get a feel of what’s going on

-Glanni literally threw away text books I’m…wtf

-actually what the fuck is his motivation btw I mean Robbie just wants everyone to shut up because he’s a raging insolmniac who lives under this noisy ass town, and if some guy in a blue tracksuit and a night cap jumped around me like a hyperactive jackrabbit and told me to eat a vegetable id hate him too. Whys Glanni so bent out of shape

-Glanni is a good meower 

-the mayhem town gang…what….

-what’s with the weird bird puppet

-he went from throwing away text books and vegetables to poisoning people? Glanni calm the fuck down 

-the visual effects are like? Really good?? Just like the series???

-pixel being white is weirding me out btw

-I relate to all versions of pixel tho as it turns out. Fuck going outside. I can watch tv AND write. im doing it right now 

-the remote belt is great btw. I need me one

-omg I love how that meme about sportacus jumping out of the tv to tell you to go outside is canon tho

-*íþró jumps out of my screen and crushes my skull between his athletic thighs, killing me instantly*

Neymar’s behavior on training has me FUCKING FUMINGGGGG!!!

I get you’re under a lot of pressure. I get many people are pulling at you in different directions and I get this is a tough time for you.

BUT CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!! What kind of behavior is this??!!

Your ass want to go to P$G to be the leader??? Well you showed them today what a leader you could possibly , huh? *sarcastic applause here*

Your temperamental ass has gotten you in trouble so often and this time again.

This whole tour has been nothing but the “Where is Neymar Jr gonna go to”-tour and by now I’m D O N E. FUCKING D O N E.

Either you stay or you go, but don’t show any of this childish behavior when you wanna be a fucking leader!

I know I’m being harsh right now, but the amount of disappointment I feel ATM… I just feel like I need to get it off my chest.

And I love this kid. I really do, more than you may realize. And more than I ever have for a player. But I can’t describe how the past week has been for me and how these rumors made me feel. I never thought rumors about him leaving would make me feel so down, like someone is choking me and just overall quite sad…

The past few years I’ve gotten to know so much about Neymar. I’ve seen him grow and seen him achieve some of his dreams with my favorite team and one of my favorite national teams. I’ve also seen the many downs of him and though there is always some drama surrounding him, after a week of me already feeling like absolute shit this is just too much for me.

How dare he as a established player in the team and a world class one act like that towards newby Semendo??! And he wants to be a leader??? SAY WHUUUUUT???

Again: I love this guy to bits - I don’t think you will understand. But I will NOT approve of this behavior.

He’s not the first player to have a fight with a teammate during training. YESS I KNOW THAT!1!1 But when he’s already testing 100% of the cules patience this is what will push everyone over the edge. Especially when he wants to be a leader. You won’t see Leo act like this.

He owes Semendo, the team, club and all of us fans a big ass apology.

Hello everyone! I have updated my commission sheet and prices! I have been wanting to open up commissions for a while now and am very excited to finally get the chance! 

I made this a little confusing so here is a couple examples of how the price for a piece will be totaled. 

If you would like to negotiate prices please feel free to! Just be aware that does not mean I will draw you a 90$ piece for 10$. If the design is simple I will be more than happy to tack off a few bucks but just please know that this is my only source of income atm and I have a lot of monthly payments I need to be making. <3 

If you have any questions or need any clarifications pls email me at lncastillo123@aol.com or message me on here <3 

Thank you for your time!

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Hey,, Sorry - I know requests are closed atm but someone really close to me just passed away and I've been needing something to lift my spirits.. Anything fluffy as all shit is fine I just need to take my mind off things

14 and 27 from the last post? Please you can write it with modern!kylo? Thank you a lot, and I am sorry for my English

It’s alright hun, my requests for drabbles are still good so I’m gonna do this little piece for you. I’m sorry for your loss and may they rest in paradise. Keep your chin up and feel better (in due time of course). I hope you like this :)

(also to the other anon, don’t apologize your English is perfectly fine :)  )

Modern AU Triplet Kylo Ren +  “You did not just wake me up at 2am just because you’re in the mood… We aren’t even dating.” +  “Is that my sweater?”

Suddenly you felt yourself being roused from your sleepy state by a deep whisper.


Your brows furrowed as your eyes just barely started to peel open. Even in your blurry line of vision, you could distinctly make out Kylo’s face before you. You were used to waking up randomly when living with the Solo-Organa triplets, but never had they dared rouse you from deep slumber this late in the evening. 

You groaned, “What?”

“Wake up.”


“Come on.”

Seeing you still not budge even the slightest Kylo groaned as walked around to the other side of the bed. To your surprise the mattress dipped as he scooted closer to you, feeling his broad frame brush against your back side your eyes instantly shot open. Practically falling off the side of the bed you moved away as you glared over your shoulder at him.

“Whoa! What the hell?”

“I’m trying to wake you up.”

Your brows furrowed, “You did not just wake me up at 2am just because you’re in the mood… We aren’t even dating.”

Kylo sighed, “I’m aware. That’s not why I’m waking you up.”

Your brow arched as you waited for him to continue, obviously wondering as to where this was going. 

“I have something I want to show you.”

You sighed, “Can’t it wait until the morning?”

“It won’t be here in the morning.”

You paused for a moment, considering the patient expression on his face. For the time you had lived with the triplets, Kylo had continually been the most closed off, the most abrasive. This was not a side you were used to seeing. Maybe, just maybe, it would be worth entertaining his change in mood.

You groaned, “Fine.”

He gave you the faintest hint of a smile you had ever seen grace his features before climbing back out of the bed. Slowly you sat yourself up, stretching as far as your limbs would allow with a little pop in the joints. Humming in content you lifted yourself from the warmth of your bed.

“Bring a coat or something.”

You rubbed your eyes, “What?”

“It’s outside, get a jacket.”

You sighed as you gave Kylo a nod, “Alright.”

Turning to your dresser you quickly pulled out one of the drawers as you fished a sweater out from the collection. Content with how heavy it felt you slipped it over your head and carefully shimmied yourself inside. Looking you over Kylo suddenly paused with furrowed brows.

“Is that my sweater?”

You shrugged, Kylo seemed to be hesitant. Almost offended that you were in possession of one of his sweaters. You yawned, “Where’s the thing?”

Kylo nudged his head towards the balcony, the very small perk of your apartment. Despite your lack of enthusiasm for the complex as a whole, it was certainly a perk you did not expect to have. Luckily for you, it was spacious enough to fit all three hulking triplets and yourself. Sliding open the door Kylo moved aside as he allowed you to pass him to the outside. Yawning once again you wrapped your arms around yourself. 

To your surprise it appeared as though Kylo had already been out here, a telescope was sitting on the edge of the balcony and a whole array of cushions placed before it. It looked surprisingly nice and in a way, peaceful. Closing the screen door behind you Kylo moved closer.

“Come sit.”

Not bothering to wait for you, he sat himself on the cushions, adjusting himself comfortably. With a sigh you brought yourself beside him, gently seating yourself beside him. The second you found yourself on the cushions, you suddenly felt the warmth of a thick blanket engulf your legs. Kylo had splayed it out across himself as well as yourself, protecting you from the frigid night air. 

“Why are we out here?”

Kylo looked to his phone for a moment before he nudged his head towards the sky.

“Just look.”

You sighed, already fed up with his vague answers. Obliging to his request you looked up to sky, wondering what on earth he could have possibly woken you up for. The instant your eyes went to scan the sky however, you found yourself instantly slipping into awe. Not only were the stars shining particularly brighter, but a blaze was flying through the sky above you. The Haley’s comet itself, gracing you with it’s presence. 

Taking note of your suddenly jubilant expression Kylo smiled, “That’s why.”

Though he wouldn’t tell you, Kylo had taken special notice of just how down you had been feeling as of late. As the quietest of the triplets he was naturally more of an observer, and considering how much he already watched you, it was only a matter of time before he caught on. To him, this was a hopeful gesture to lift your spirits. 

“It’s beautiful”, you smiled as the haze of sleep disipated.

Kylo smiled faintly as he pointed to the telescope, urging you to take a closer look. Practically scooting into his lap you leaned in towards the telescope, dying to get a closer look at this spectacle. 

Seeing your strain to get a good angle Kylo suddenly placed his hands at your hips, moving you into his lap effortlessly. Despite your cheeks turning ablaze from the contact, you comfortably settled into his lap. Looking up into the telescope you smiled, staring at the comet in awe. 

Though Kylo enjoyed the view of the comet flying across the sky, he couldn’t help but smile in content at the sight of you finally smiling. It felt like it had been weeks since he had seen your genuine smile, and now it was beaming across your face. Pulling away from the telescope you sighed, turning to look at Kylo over your shoulder.

“Thank you.”

Kylo gave you a faint smile and nod before he turned his attention back to the sky with you. For the first time in a while, you were content and so happily in awe. All thanks to the least likely candidate under your roof, Kylo. 

You’ve Been Studying All Day - GOT7 reaction

I’ve been such got7 trash lately and the comeback didn’t help so hERE WE GO + gifs bc, as previously stated, I am trash



He would poke and prod at you to get your attention. When he finally had it, he’d try with all his might to convince you to take a break because “you can’t study all the time! Breaks are healthy. Did you know cuddles improve your mood by 110%?”

“That’s nice Mark, but will they improve my grades by 110% too?”

Mark would kind of pout and mope around you until you agreed to a break. Then, he’d want to go for a little walk or something to help get your mind off things; he’d ask a little bit about your studying, but would want to focus on other aspects so that when you returned to your piles of notes, you’d be refreshed.

Originally posted by ceohan


You would have totally forgotten about your date night, so when JB showed up at your door with expectant eyes only to find you wearing loose sweatpants and your “coffee makes everything better” shirt, you’d feel awful. He’d be a little disappointed, but as soon as he saw your open textbook and messy notebook on the coffee table, he’d understand; you stuck with him while he worked, so he’d want to do the same. He’d make some food and/or tea for you both and would sit in the room with you, careful to not be in the way but also letting you know he would help in any way he could.

Originally posted by jehbum


He’d remind you of all the hard work you’d put in during class time and the past couple of nights; at this point he honestly thought it would be impossible for you to be capable of forgetting even the smallest detail. Still, he’d accept your worrying and decide he’d help you study. Of course, he’d propose a game. He’d leave the room for a few minutes and come back looking like… the Stay Puft marshmallow man. He’d wriggle his eyebrows, explaining that every time he asked a question and you got the correct answer, he’d remove an item of clothing. You’d go through the layers quickly, though stopping to die of laughter when you saw him with one of your lace bras over a t-shirt. 

Originally posted by jypnior


He’d 100% join you in your piles of notes, reading through them quickly to understand the gist of the subject matter if he didn’t already have an idea of what you were dealing with. He’d start asking some questions to figure out how to best approach studying for the assignment, and it would snowball from there. He’d start with a small idea, and you’d pick it up from there, maybe correcting him, and pretty soon you’d be bouncing all these ideas and facts off of each other. Instead of reading and rereading the information, he’d get you to talk about it as much as you could, reading through your notes to make sure you were on the right path and didn’t stray.

Originally posted by got7official


He would be kind of similar to Jackson with his approach; he was sure you knew everything there was to know about the text/exam’s subject, but he understood your worries. However, he’d absolutely hate to see you so stressed, beating yourself up after you didn’t get the right answer, never taking into consideration that your brain wanted you to slow down and change things up. So, being the sweatheart he is, he’d propose a game to you in which he would ask questions based on the review your prof had given you and the notes you had in your notebook, and for every right answer you got, he’d give you a kiss. It’d probably be the giggliest, cutest study session ever tbh

Originally posted by jypnior


He would shamelessly annoy you because he wants you to spend time with him. He’d own up to being selfish, but wouldn’t care too much because he just wanted to cuddle with you and talk about memes his day. Bambam’s relentless and random screeches, cheek poking, and giggles would go from endearing/funny to frustrating really quickly; no matter how many times you told him to bug off, he’d continue. Finally, you’d turn to him, cheeks red with the nasty words you kept inside, and create a compromise: you cuddle with him for an hour, then he helps you study after you grab some dinner. He wouldn’t mind helping, he was just happy he got his cuddles.

Originally posted by isabelle-c-r


Yugyeom would walk in and see your papers and hands covered in coloured ink, and immediately take things into his own hands. He’d stop dead in his tracks and start asking general questions like “what are you studying (Y/N)?” “when’s the test/exam?” but pretty quickly he’d get more specific, asking the relevance of something you had just mentioned to the unit you were studying (or on the world ?). You’d start to get annoyed because, as much as you loved him and talking to him, you needed to study. You’d tell him just that, but he’d brush it off and continue. After a few more questions, reapeat what you had said before. Then, he’d simply look at you and say: “But you know it all already; you explained it perfectly to me, without any difficulty.” You’d just kinda stare off in amazement because dammit he was right.

Originally posted by yugyeomism

I have an Sehun (EXO) scenario that’ll be posted tomorrow night, and a Svt reaction coming soon (I’m actually drowning in homework atm and wifi is beyond terrible everywhere I go besides McDick’s what is this) ! In the meantime, feel free to request :)

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Do you have any thoughts on what Operation Kuron is?

Anonymous said:Hey! After you’ve watched vld s3, do you think you’d be able to give an analysis of how Shiro is/ acts? I just binged watched the whole season, and something feels off, but while the popular clone theory is really interesting and easy to get drawn into I have to wonder if it’s all just bc Shiro just went through some serious shit. Atm it feels like it could go either way, and it’d be great to get your analysis on what could be going on!

Anonymous said:I considered this after watching s3. what if the shiro we know was never the real shiro. what if that shiro was a clone and the real shiro had died in the arena and it was the clone that had escaped much later. probably not at all true but it would be a bit of a plot twist

My personal guns I’m standing by is this is ‘our’ Shiro, through and through. Otherwise given he abundantly has the same morals as the original in a context where it doesn’t benefit him to act that way…

(he’s alone with the two rebels, but, still chooses to stand down in a very Shiro-like manner and sincerely ask for their help rather than take it by force even though he’s not sure he can convince them) 

…Then the empire has made everything much harder for them by creating another Shiro who whatever potential fetters they have on him, is still going to do everything possible to work against them. At this point they probably assume their control is going to work, but, they assumed that much of Shiro in the past and it sure screwed them over.

I mean, I stand by, trying to hijack Shiro in any magnitude, whether that’s original flavor Shiro or a duplicate Shiro, is fighting him at his strongest point- the tenacity and force of will of the Black Paladin, which even if we look only at s3e5, he’s definitely got.

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For the poly ship thing I don't think I can or will ever get over IwaOiHina because man I love IwaOi and I love Hinata and it's just perfect

ヾ(0∀0*★)゚*・.。 friend same, this ship is a combination of sunshine and the Power Couple of Angst and I too will never get over IwaOiHina

  • They each have something they’re obsessed with, Oikawa’s obsession is aliens and space, Iwaizumi’s Godzilla while Hinata is obsessed with dragons. They all love volleyball with every fiber of their mind, body and soul and they each love the excitement the other gets when they’re talking about what they love. Hinata’s gotten really good at physics because of Oikawa talking about aliens and space then explaining astrophysics to Hinata which led Hinata to end up learning about physics more than he expected to. Oikawa makes Hinata and Iwaizumi watch so many crappy alien movies with Hinata making impressed crow noises at the effects because they’re getting decent, Oikawa’ll talk about theories while the movie plays and Iwaizumi will be resting his head on Oikawa’s lap with Hinata smooshed between Iwa’s back and the couch (he’s sitting in between the space??? I’m not sure how to describe this D:) with his legs over Iwa’s waist, Oikawa’ll stroke Iwa’s hair and Hinata will be leaning over to rest his head on Oikawa’s shoulder.

    Iwaizumi and Oikawa have watched so many movies with dragons in them for Hinata, they’ve rewatched How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2 over five times but its worth it when you see how excited Hinata gets and how emotionally attached he is to each character, Hinata has memorised most of the wiki information on the dragons in httyd and moved on to researching different mythologies and different types of dragons. Oikawa and Iwaizumi help a lot when Hinata goes off about a certain type of dragon or differences between dragons and how much he wishes he had a dragon if they were real.

    THIS ONE COMMENT led Iwa to be so inspired that he draws. So. Many. DRAGONS. With Hinata in the drawings and OIkawa there and honestly, Iwaizumi’s art is gorgeous and he deserves an award, he gets it when he sees Hinata freeze up and then tackle Iwaizumi to the ground refusing to let him go while he kisses Iwa’s face left and right, Oikawa’s dragged into it and they’re all a blushing, giggling mess on the ground with Hinata having the biggest smile ever than melts Iwa and Oikawa’s hearts.

    LISTEN LISTEN, HINATA AND OIKAWA REINACTING SCENES FROM GODZILLA TO ENTERTAIN IWA. They have so many onsies that Oiks and Hinata wear, Hinata ends up on Oikawa’s shoulders and Oikawa and Hinata make Godzilla noises while Oikawa stomps around the room, going past Iwaizumi before Hinata jumps off Oiks and onto Iwaizumi. CUDDLES ENSUES + EXTREME SMILES AND LAUGHTER.
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa adore Natsu. Honestly whenever she comes over Hinata is happy to see how much Natsu likes Iwa and Oikawa, she’ll often request that Oikawa lift her up to be like a plane or for Iwaizumi to watch a movie with her. Iwaizumi’s brothers already like Oikawa bc childhood friend perks, but when they first met Hinata they were so surprised that Iwa would be dating Hinata as well as Oiks, until Hinata gave them all a crash course on polyamourous relationships with Oikawa in the background giving them glares if they don’t accept their chibi-chan. Oikawa’s older sister adores Hinata (and Natsu but shhh) and the two of them tend to cook together considering Hinata can actually cook, not like Oikawa or Iwaizumi - but tbh, Oikawa can cook basic stuff, but living off rice and ramen is, apparently, not healthy so.

    Natsu one day asking if Iwaizumi can lift her and Hinata up and he does so pretty easily, its funnier because Hinata’s squawking in surprise while Natsu giggles so much and Oikawa takes so many pictures for future blackmailing purposes (Iwaizumi has so many on Oiks and Hinata, its stressful) until Natsu asks if Hinata can lift up Iwaizumi. To which Oikawa was 100000% entranced to find out that Hinata, in fact, can lift up Iwaizumi. Bridal style as well. Iwaizumi did yell out when Hinata carried him and he started to tell Hinata that its bad for his back, Hinata only responds by running while carrying Iwaizumi. Oikawa runs after them hysterical.
  • Oikawa being really good at putting make up on because when he was younger, he would watch loads of make up tutorials and then his sister got into it and then, naturally, Iwaizumi got into it after Oikawa ran over to his house in middle school when the winged liner on both his eyes were totally even. A few years after high school did Iwaizumi start a youtube channel for make up tutorials and designs, in them he has Oikawa and later on Hinata joins and honestly, have you ever seen Hinata try to stay still while Iwa tries to apply make up onto him?? Its a nightmare but its cute watching him be fascinated with everything.

    Oikawa runs a vlog account and talks about volleyball, aliens, Hinata and Iwaizumi, along with loads of discussions on important topics such as the lgbt+ community (he has a series of videos explaining each part of the community with everyone from hq!! to help expand on things), feminism, politics (he makes fun of politics. Its hella amusing) and runs an advice blog that Iwa helps with.

    Hinata doesn’t have his own youtube channel, instead is in so many of Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s that its like he’s part of them anyways, and if there are videos of Hinata as the main focus, its videos that are inspiring or uplifting.   BUT i have to say this, Hinata’s amazing at editing audio and videos and is often the person who edits Iwaizumi and Oikawa’s videos before they post them, depending on who’s video is being edited, that person will cuddle Hinata while he edits. (hinata also gets bribed with food and kisses to edit Oikawa’s videos first and a dragon plushie to edit Iwaizumi’s videos first)
  • Hinata wears most of Iwaizumi’s hoodies because they feel worn out and comfortable and warm, also because they smell like Iwa and it makes Hinata feel calm and happy, Oikawa wears Hinata’s t-shirts because they’re so dorky and the designs on them makes Oiks amused so why not, Iwaizumi wears Oikawa’s sweatpants because they are hella comfy and baggy and (he admits this begrudgingly) the fact that the pant legs are longer means Iwa can slip them over his feet that are pretty much cold 24/7. Iwa likes to bury his feet under either Hinata or Oikawa to warm them up and Oikawa screams and jumps away from the freezing things and refuses to have his butt used as a heating mechanism while Hinata just squeaks and turns until he’s comfortable and so that Iwa’s toes aren’t touching his skin, bc lets be real, Hinata and Oikawa never wear long trousers at home, either skirts, shorts or dresses.

    Also, magenta is very much Oikawa’s colour while grey is very much Hinata’s and blue and black are Iwaizumi’s colour af. just gonna put that out there
  • Lemme just say this, whenever Oikawa feels extremely insecure or anxiety is being extremely shifty, Iwaizumi and Hinata will do anything to make him feel better. Oikawa once ran out of contacts and had to go out to the mall for something really important and so had to go there with his glasses on bc Iwa and Hinata had classes at the time. Oiks hates wearing his glasses, he hates how it feels and how it makes him look and how it shows he’s a mess and it ruins everything he’s trying to build about his image, when he comes back with a new stock of contacts and everything he needed he just sits and overanalyses everything, he saw too many people he knew at uni and they all gave him this confused look, so many people from high school that had strange expressions on when they saw him with glasses and it hurts him inside more than he’ll admit. Hinata knows something is off the second he’s in the apartment because of the atmosphere, it isn’t as lively or energetic with Oikawa bouncing and tackling Hinata with a demand for kisses in order to properly enter their apartment. Hinata notices Oikawa’s glasses are on the ground askew and is immediately worried because he knows Oikawa’s insecurities are horrible when he starts to focus on them and by the way he hasn’t seen Oiks yet, he knew Oikawa was going through a bad moment.

    Hinata would call or text Iwa to bring things that Oikawa love, so much milkbread, incense and headphones while Hinata searches the apartment for an ipod that has instrumental music - especially violin, hella calming audio ones -  and when Iwa comes home they light up the incense, prepare the living room with a bunch of pillows and blankets and get a movie ready and walk into Oikawa’s room, cuddling up to him and kissing him everywhere, Hinata’ll kiss the nape of Oikawa’s neck and the juncture between his neck and shoulder, Iwa’ll nudge Oikawa’s head with his nose and then kiss his temple, when Oikawa looks up and sees Iwa wearing glasses he’s confused, when he turns and sees Hinata wearing glasses as well he’s very very confused.

    The three of them end up back in the living room with Iwa and Hinata making sure Oikawa knows he’s loved and that his insecurities will never drive them away and that his insecurities are 100% valid because they make him worry and Iwa and Hinata’ll try and get Oikawa’s mind off whatever made him upset even without saying actual words. When Oikawa seems to be slightly cheered up theyll bring out the milk bread.

    And just, protect him, protect Oikawa Tooru.

(‐^▽^‐) this ask did not destroy me at all, at all, my feels are totally in check atm, totALly, anyways, I hope you like my attempt!!

send a haikyuu!! poly ship for the game

I need to go to bed but for some reason I just keep scrolling mindlessly through tumblr and thinking about how horrible my writing is

Hello my loves ❤️ I’d just like to say that AitD part 8 should be ready to post for tomorrow! Perhaps even late at night (no guarantee on that tho). Anywho, I’m srry for being so inactive! Besides not feeling well, I got kind of overwhelmed with the huge amount of asks in my inbox regarding updates. Thus, i took a little break off from Tumblr to relax a bit. But don’t worry, I’m good to go now, and feel motivated again💕 So, I’ve decided to delete all my asks in my inbox atm, and I’m so sorry if you asked something that I didn’t answer! Feel free to ask it again💖

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JO ❤️❤️❤️ ish crying atm cos I went back and retread training wheels and I got my ion you. Idk I love the fluff and hurt I just crai my heart hurts and it's so good ilu bye

omg spare urself from rereading thats so,,,,,,,,,, ahhhhhh daedae i’ll always remember you as the first person to preset to me something based off my fics (your playlists, still crying abt it) so here: have some joseon era!! royal! au Σ੧(❛□❛✿)
@berry-happy-tokki i felt like ur my only tfbtia stan so here;;; also @crackedgrace i feel its ur kinda thing bc ur Soft;;;;;
origin? unknown. name? unknown.

and yet he was their best fighter. Golden One, they had called him, after finding nothing on him but a gold pendant around his neck, the only clue to who he was and where he came from.

he made his grand appearance in the royal courts, in front of the king himself, sedge hat seated sideways, hair messy and cheap fabrics on him all disheveled. he had thrown the regal red doors of the court open, before dragging the corpse of the leader of the assassins that had attempted to infiltrate the royal palace.

“this man brought twenty men trying to bring your empire down. i killed him.” the stranger says emotionlessly, throwing the dead body into the middle of the court, eliciting varied reactions from the magistrates and advisories, royalty and nobles.

“how disgusting! just disrespectful!”

“the commoner dare to disrupt a royal meeting with a dead body?!”

“this peasant certainly has absolutely no manners-”

hearing all these, the intruder makes a clumsy attempt at bowing to pay his respects to the king, kneeling and getting up before turning to leave. “some of your palace guards are injured, but it’s okay, the rest of the twenty i’ve stacked neatly in the courtyard. sorry for the disruption.”

another awkward bow, and the man with the sedge hat walks off, murmurs to outcry with every passing second.

“hold on a minute- what’s your name?”

“i- i don’t know, either.”

he’s the best fighter there is in joseon. nobody knows where he’d picked up such powerful and formidable techniques at such a tender age, but then again, he had pledged allegiance as soon as he had sparred with the crown prince. he’s never lost to anyone before, not even his deceased mentor, and now- he loses every one on one duel with the heir to the throne.

“again!” he shouts, blood boiling with rage, stray hairs undone from the red cloth pulling his hair back into a bun. it’s his 93rd loss. crown prince park jimin had a natural flair for sword fighting since he was a child, and as a blue blood he easily managed to be honed by the best only to surpass them. their Golden Fighter carries their flags of crimson peonies to all their battles and wars, and he fights every one of them as if it were his last.

while prince jimin’s strokes with his gyeom are precise and swift, he exudes grace and elegance with every stab, every movement masculine but also very beautiful, as if it were an art form. jimin had trained ever since he wielded a sword in his hands- practiced until his hands bled, practiced until the sun went down and rose again. their best fighter was young, stubborn, and had an unwavering amount of stamina. he’s the only opponent that jimin deems worthy of duelling.

when jimin steps onto battle ground- it’s automatically turned into victory ground. his movements are sharp, merciless; but the king never let’s him go, given his status, so sometimes he imparts these little tactics and tips to their fighter, when the two of them are alone, when there’s no one else looking.

when jimin fights with his sword, it’s like he’s telling his opponents come and get me, catch me if you can. whereas for their chosen one, it’s different. their representation of victory exudes the aura of i’m coming for you.

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Atm I am always on the verge of tears it’s fuckin ridiculous. Like I’m driving home and I’ll be thinking about smt that happened and pissed me off and I’ll be bawling my eyes out for 10 miles. Feels like the slightest thing makes me tip over the edge. Like I can’t have a full proper conversation ‘cause stuff that makes me angry just leads to tearing up and my voice starts breaking and I just can’t fuckin hold up. I just feel exhausted and on edge all the time. I’m just so angry at myself for having this weak state of mind. Ugh.

dissociation can be experienced in many different ways. some examples are

  • feeling disconnected from your body, as if it didn’t belong to you
  • parts of your body feel like they’re not there/not yours
  • your surroundings don’t feel real, as if you’re in a play or in a video game
  • something about you and/or your surroundings doesn’t feel quite right, like something is off and you can’t pinpoint what it is
  • spacing out duing conversations
  • not recognising yourself in the mirror, or feeling like something is off about your reflection
  • everything slows down, sounds seem distant, reality feels like a movie
  • your surroundings feel a little more distant than normally; too distant to feel comfortable and too real to make you panic, so you just feel uncomfortable

these are just some examples what i can think of atm. also, sometimes these things only take a couple of seconds for me. sometimes i suddenly feel sick out of the blue because i don’t feel like a real person but then the feeling vanishes and im like “what was that” yea

queen of spilling pasta sauce on my bedsheets

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I await them with open arms!

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Have a nice large gif of Alistair goodness to kick things off <3 <3 <3 <3 Seriously I am just having so many feels for Alistair right now. I’m writing about him going to find the Warden and working out my canon around the Blight cure and just urgh he’s so fooking amazing. I love him so *dreamy sigh*

ps if you have HCs you don’t mind sharing on the above subject, I’d be grateful to hear them! I’m going for the dragon blood route as a cure atm but still very interested to hear what others are doing.

1st day of my sick leave

I went to the doctor today and talked to her about how I’ve been feeling the past few months and she listened and felt sorry for me. She is so cute. And smart.
I got my sick leave. She said it should be a long one. Not just 2 weeks.
Got a referrals for therapie and an x-ray of my spine cause I need to do that before I get a referral to physiotherapy.
She offered me a prescription for antidepressants but I declined. I want to try therapy and time off first.

I don’t really feel any better or less sad atm but I am a bit more relaxed so that’s a good thing. I don’t feel like people atm so i don’t talk much but I did get some stuff done today.
I read a bit, it was nice. Fell asleep tho.

While I have lots of love for others, there is hardly any love for myself in my heart right now. But I’m working on it.

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People on tumblr are always so ready to jump on someone for not being perfectly socially aware. It ultimately, for me anyway, comes down to intent. Danny didn't intend to be biphobic, and I'm certain that he isn't biphobic. That's what really matters, at the end of the day.

I totally missed all the stuff about the interview yesterday coz I was sleeping haha and I woke up to tumblr being on fire lol well I already saw all kinds of opinions and posts about the interview and I understand both sides and I also understand Danny. I think its never easy to answer stuff in those kind of interviews especially when you don’t know where the sl is heading to or you don’t really like it yourself. I wouldn’t wanna be in his shoes tbh. People will always judge you for what you’re saying and if you say it in public they’re gonna tear it apart what you said. So give Danny a break pls. Now I am speaking for me (and its ok if you dont agree) I felt like he looked tired about the whole topic and didn’t really know what to say I know ppl say he should be prepared for interviews like this, yeah he should, but he’s human so he also can have an off day can’t he. I am bisexual and I never once felt offended by what he said at least nothing biphobic. It offends me more that he ED says that it’s not possible for a gay couple to have a strong bond like man has with a woman and their child?! thats what annoys me tbh coz seriously this works in real life and I’ve seen it. But again its a soap they’ll show us the worst, doesn’t mean I have to like it or be ok with it. Also it doesn’t mean you go and harrass on the actors for it ?!?!?!?! *takes a deep breath* I think we all feel very sensitive and vulnerable atm after everything that happend and we analyze everything way too much. I do think the interview was off and it made me feel weird. I didn’t think it was biphobic tho. I do value all your opinions on it and I respect them. Just don’t put more fuel to the fire and hate on each other for your opinions. Sometimes you just have to agree to disagree (winks to pauline*)

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Hey can you give me more Damien and Boze headcanons for any au. I feel like death atm. My stomach hurts and I feel like hurling.

You got it friend!! (I’m going with good ol TD au)

So Damien- he’s been moved around since he was a kid, having to leave behind his friends for the first time at age nine. Shayne was his best friend growing up, but they lost touch somewhere along the way. When they end up in the same school again, they catch up and he and Shayne bounce off of each other just as crazy well as they do irl. Shayne is one of Damien’s sole comforts, in that he finally reunited with his childhood friend. Through Shayne he meets the sg crew, who end up being some of the closest friends he’s ever had. He brings a certain spark of humor to the group, and he fits in like a puzzle piece. He’s a huge theater nerd and one of the stars of the drama club.

Boze will literally fight anybody who picks on her, regardless of size, and kicks other people’s asses slightly more often than she gets her’s kicked. She doesn’t care about getting beat up, though, she’ll just as soon jump into any fight after a beating. She and Lasercorn are the main defenders of the others from bullies and such, and build up a good amount of trust in each other from having each other’s backs in a scuffle. She tends to hop around from a few of her friends’ houses, and feels guilty about it, but the others always insist on having her over and secretly communicate with each other to make sure she’s always staying with someone, because going home is not an option and she shouldn’t be sleeping outside. She’s not the most emotionally expressive and tends to ignore talking about anything; it takes almost three months for her to open up about why she ran away. But every so often, she’ll mention something offhand because she doesn’t know how to go about bringing it up, and whoever she says it to smiles and feels a little special that she’d talk to them, and tries not to make a big deal out of whatever it is because that makes her uncomfortable. But she loves the crew with all of her heart.