i just feel such a kinship with these people

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Wow. I have a pretty big YOI account on IG and that shit bang honestly makes me feel like shit. I dislike part of the YOI fandom so much right now- can't people just let other people ship/write/draw/etc. whatever they want? I thought the YOI fandom was all about accepting eachother's differences and stuff? It's just becoming toxic right now and that makes me feel so stupid for being part of the fandom..... Maybe I'd expexted too much from a fandom this big :/

anon.. that’s what huge fandom do..
there’s always some people who messed the kinship of the fandom.
you just have to deal with it and move on.
actually there is no such thing as “accepting each other’s differences and stuff” in every fandom. some people will support you, some will not, and some will stab you in your back
go outside of your hiding and you’ll see the real hell of a fandom

that shitlist thing is just some people’s preference of enjoying yoi. but I think they’ve gone too far by dumping literally every artists and authors in yoi fandom into their shitlist. dumping them into the shitlist also lowkey calling those artists and authors’ works “shit”.

it’s RUDE.

the amount of hardwork, backache, eye strain, digging for ideas, etc is tiring! they spent their days, weeks, months to create it so the fandom live. that’s…… if you ever create some artwork or fanfiction tho

they won’t reblog if certain art or fanfiction contains Yuuri wash the dishes, Yuri cuddling with Otabek, Mafia AU, etc.

don’t worry people outside that pure innocent yoi circle will still reblog and kudos your works. the scale is like 1:100000000000000000000000000000000000

I see they also hate seeing yuri have a kind of “feelings” toward ANY characters. they prevent yuri to growing up. in their opinion Yuri has to be a baby agape who can only chewing on pirozhki.

WELL DUH maybe you have to see the leaked comic book Kubo-sensei wrote for Yuri’s Welcome to The Madness.
it’s OFFICIAL that Yuri, who is written 15 y.o BEG TO COME ALONG WITH OTABEK TO THE CLUB.
HE LOVE WTTM BECAUSE IT’S EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS PERFECTLY. without those girly ballerina moves like in agape and in allegro appassionato he actually didn’t fond of.


in official Yuri is a rebel edgy teenager. he’s more mature than what you think. if Yuri was real, he would hate everyone who call him little kid.

the point is just keep doing what you like most. DRAW MORE, WRITE MORE. let those antis mind their own businesses. there’s still a ton of people in the fandom that will support you

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I have a theory as to why Sock wears a skirt.
Sock has a middle name Maxwell that comes from the Scottish steam that was called "Maccus Wael", and as we all remember, Scottish people wear kilts. So, I guess Sock just feels kinship with his distant relatives and shows it by wearing a skirt, but he doesn't really care if it's a plaid kilt or a plain skirt with jeans underneath. No one gets it and he either has to explain it to everyone or ignore endless questions. Did I get to the truth?

Oh, huh!  I wasn’t aware that Maxwell was derived from Scottish “Maccus Wael” but that makes sense.  You know what’s kinda funny is that early on, I envisioned Sock’s skirt being a plaid purple, but mostly just because I like plaid.  Additionally kinda funny, I visited Scottland when I was maybe 13 or so, and went to a kilt shop (I really wanted one), and we asked a lot of questions about all the patterns, because we didn’t realize going in that every tartan pattern corresponds to a specific family/clan.  Anyway just for the hell of it, I googled it, and the Maxwell clan’s tartan is this:

Here’s a little more info on it

So that’s kind of a neat idea, because you could actually trace it back to something if you wanted to!  (Even if Sock doesn’t necessarily know anything about his heritage).  

I also admittedly didn’t think about the name Maxwell being a part of his heritage, but it’s definitely a cool idea!  And as for answering questions about his skirt… I was kind of planning on it just never coming up.  Like no one in the W2H universe questions it or seems confused by it at all, they’ve got other things to worry about.  Haha.  If only it were like that IRL, right?

Anyway, cool theory!  I dig it.  

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i really don't like harry's pr strategy. and that's not on him. but i really, really dislike it. and the fact that it's being met with a divided reaction should be a huge red flag to his team. a debut should be met with overwhelming excitement from every angle. they should strive for that, not an enigmatic persona. and the fact people are asking for so little(social media, clear announcements) is just... sad. and the fact we're being guilted for actually wanting so little? just ugly.

Well, it is on him. We should be clear about that. He makes decisions too.

I fully understand this tbh, and I’m sympathetic towards it. I think everyone here (specifically in fandom, I mean) enjoys being part of a community. And enjoys the kinship they’ve found with fellow fans and with the band. It always felt like a team. And it feels good to be part of a team. 

I think with Louis, Liam and Niall they’ve all made efforts to make sure fans feel included. And that feels good! After being belittled by people for liking this band for so long it’s nice to feel validated that your support is still important.

I am going to caveat this next bit that I have always supported Harry’s choice to pursue solo music and I have expected it from him during hiatus.

I’ve struggled with feeling a connection to Harry over the past year. And my origin into the fandom was almost solely because he reeled me in. Firstly because of his absence and secondly because of how the fandom has changed. I’ve never felt comfortable engaging with the HS-only part of the fandom. I’ve actually don’t think I follow too many people who focus on only one member. It’s just not for me. So I wasn’t left with a lot to fan over. The aloofness and distance have made it feel less and less like a team. Less like a wink wink nod nod from him to us and from us to him. Less like we’re in it together. And that’s an adjustment. Maybe it means I’m not as much of an engaged fan as before because he wants things at arm’s length. Maybe that’s ok. Or maybe for some people, it means they lose interest and that’s ok too.

I think Harry’s social media presence has probably changed forever. I don’t know if it’ll ever be like before. But I do hope that very soon we get to hear from him. Because I think a lot of people really truly do want to be excited for him. But they feel left out of the process and they feel left behind and they feel like they don’t belong in his future. They feel dragged along for the ride.

I will say that it is very early days. Things are moving, but they are moving BTS not at the forefront. There is every chance that he’s going to be more open with everyone soon. Maybe patience and a little faith is what we should all have. 

And to head off the pushback, no he is not obligated to handhold fans along with him, but conversely, fans are not obligated to stay if this is a place they don’t want to be or don’t feel like they’re having fun. And we should all recognise that the concept of things changing or leaving is actually probably very emotional and maybe we should be more compassionate about it.

(Also this is actually quite emotional for me to talk about and I’m being very honest. I really don’t want to get picked apart for it. I’ve thought a lot about it. And I wanted to give this anon a fair and genuine answer)

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How can you possibly look at that class photo of Eric taken on March 4, 1999, look into those eyes of his, that stare he is giving to the camera and say he is NOT a psychopath. He was clearly, by all accounts, a clinical textbook psychopath. Even his own parents have come to that conclusion. You are in utter denial. It's best NOT to over-analyze him or his motives. He doesn't deserve that. His victims are the ones who deserve attention not him.

Do you really mean to tell me that this one picture, frozen in time, is enough to convince some people that Eric was a big mean old psychopath? Wow. That just goes to show that if you put a little effort into looking the evil part, the rest of the world’s going to do your work for you and call you that for the rest of your days. Of course that picture is Eric at his most Reb-like, purposefully vicious and completely hellbent on making that picture a “fuck you, this is me being a neon warning sign you won’t see until it’s too late”-moment. Dylan, right next to him, is giving a pretty similar look into the camera. Funny how Dylan’s excluded from the psychopath narrative, despite them both looking like they could eat us alive. I guess that the whole “look into his eyes and tell me he’s not a psychopath”-thing only really counts when it comes to Eric, huh. Double standard much?

I also want to say that ‘clinical textbook psychopath’ is a more problematic descriptor than the standard account on Eric has any right to be. Psychopathy is still not an officially accepted clinical diagnosis, after all, and both the ICD-10 and the DSM-V do not recognise it as a standalone disorder. Psychopathy is recognised in the latter as a symptom of Antisocial Personality Disorder, but that inclusion took almost fifty years of research and debate about its validity. ASPD and DPD (dissocial personality disorder) are currently the clinically accepted measures that come closest to what we call 'psychopath’ in layman’s terms. I would strongly advise you to read up on the many criticisms on psychopathy, so that you will come to understand why this is still subject to debate and not yet recognised as an official disorder by the standard works in the psychiatric world today. Arguments countering psychopathy as a disorder include doubts about the neurological concepts of psychopathy, arguments that it could have a sociological stigmatisation effect, concern about its potential incompatibility with evolutionary models of empathy, and so on and so forth. It’s well worth your time to take a look at these critiques, because nothing about this potential diagnosis is currently 'textbook’ due to its still-evolving state.

While it is true that his parents gave off the impression of accepting the conclusion of psychopathy, it is also important to note that we only really know of two moments in which they spoke of Eric after the massacre. One of them is the talk with the Mauser family, in which they did seem to accept the standard view of their son, and another is an account in which Wayne Harris stated that he had two sons and that one of them died at Columbine. To me, that’s not enough to go on to definitively say that Eric’s parents have come to that conclusion you say they arrived at. It’s possible that they did accept it, of course, and it’s even more possible that they decided to not challenge the official narrative even if they personally have their doubts about it. When all the world tells you that your child was a certain way and leaves no room for doubt about that, it can really screw with your perceptions of who your child was and mess with the memories you have of time spent with your child. The Harris family has lived with people telling them their youngest son was a psychopath for close to eighteen years now. That’s as long as Eric was alive. That’s a long time in which to hold on to another view of him that may not fit the psychopath-narrative. It’s entirely possible that, in the privacy of their own home or even in the quiet space of their own mind, they might yet feel differently about their son than we currently think they do.

It’s not just about what Eric deserves. It’s not that simple. It never is. I would argue that we don’t analyse Eric’s personality or his motives for Eric’s benefit to begin with, as Eric is dead and gone and nothing we uncover right now has the power to help him. The reason why we want to get to know his motives is because there are other people out there with similar motives. The reason why we should take a very close look at his personality is because there are other people out there who recognise themselves in him and feel a kinship with him. We owe it to these people to uncover the truth about Eric and analyse what was going on with him, because that is the only way in which we will be able to provide these people with the help and support that they need. These people deserve our open minds and hearts. The last thing that they need is for us to conclude that Eric was a psychopath who couldn’t be saved by anybody. What kind of message do you think that sends? What do you think it tells those kids who feel the way Eric felt, who see themselves in him, who want to follow in Eric’s footsteps someday? What do you think happens to our hopes of helping these people when you say that Eric was less than human or not even human, as Dave Cullen did?

I personally chose to come to different conclusions about Eric over the past five years. And, let me tell you: that was not very hard to do. It’s not difficult to create a narrative for Eric that has a strong background in psychology and child development without straying into the psychopath-territory in the process. It’s possible to speak about Eric in the most basic, human terms you can conceive of and still have that make perfect logical sense without detracting in any way from the horrible things he did. The Eric I saw when I began my research was very angry, very hateful, and very aggressive. The Eric I see today is still all of those things. Were I to be in actual denial, I would not recognise the validity and presence of these things in him as much as I do. The only thing that has changed is how I choose to look at them. Are they all that Eric was, as the official narrative goes, or are they the symptoms of something far more complicated?

In my opinion, following the official narrative is what Eric would want us to do. He’d love it. He’d push for us to believe it every step of the way. Hell, I could even argue that he already played it up as much as he could while he was still alive. Do you really want to give Eric Harris the satisfaction of having his story be told exactly the way he wanted it to be? I personally feel he doesn’t deserve that courtesy. I think he deserves to have his narrative blown wide open, so we all get to see the insecurities, the self-loathing, the doubts, the loss, the fear, the anxiety, the rage, the isolation, the loneliness, the child behind those staring hateful eyes. He’d hate that. He never wanted us to see that and worked so very hard to avoid that we would be able to contemplate it as the truth about who he was.

It’s not overanalysing when it brings you closer to what’s true and helps other people feel heard in the process.

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What wrong with the invader zim fandom? back in highschool a friend of mine said the show was cancelled because of the fandom and i'm curious to know what's wrong with it.

Oh, it was most certainly not because of the fandom that the show was cancelled.  It was more an issue of declining ratings and high production costs with a tiny dash of politics (post-9/11, network executives were particularly jumpy about scenes of destruction, or themes of world domination).

It isn’t solely Invader Zim fans, but fans of Jhonen Vasquez’ work in general (and I happen to be one of them, mind you, so this is coming from a place of experience).  His fans have a tendency to go through an obnoxious phase in which they think being “random” is the funniest shit in recorded history.  Examples of being “random” tend to include: Constant mentions of monkeys, waffles, squirrels, or clowns; screaming, running in circles, and being generally insufferable.

Now, some might point out the fangirls that pair Zim and Dib together as being a bane of the fandom’s existence, but honestly, that’s common and predictable to literally any fan base.  Even if there are no males in a series, yaoi fangirls will find a way (”Oncesluts” have already shown us that needing more than one male character is already not a necessity for their needs).

The other real complaint is that Jhonen Vasquez’ work appeals most to “goth” and “edgy” teens, in spite of openly mocking them at every turn (this fact was depressingly confirmed when one fan decided to mail him an actual dead squirrel).  Of course, these people tend to be social outcasts already, and feeling a warped sense of kinship with comic book characters only exacerbates this, and makes them want to “stand out” and be “unique” all the more (again, I say this from personal experience).

It is through no fault of Jhonen that this occurs.  If anything, he is keenly self-aware as a comic artist and writer, and his work resonates with a certain level of intelligent self-deprecation, as well as a more realistic outlook on life (one many people don’t want to think about when they pick up a comic book).  There will just always be nitwits that misinterpret content, project themselves onto it, obsess over it, or just take it way too fuckin’ seriously.

Moana and Auli'i saved my life.

Not in the sense that I was suicidal, but in the sense that they saved me from losing myself. I know that sounds like the same thing, but I mean in terms of identity.

You see, Moana—and by close association, Auli'i—have come to mean a great deal to me. I knew I was going to like the movie, sure; but I didn’t expect how I would react to it. As with Frozen, I found myself blindsided with emotions and revelations I couldn’t have ever expected to occur. While Frozen opened my eyes to what my heart already knew—that I was in fact not straight, but rather very gay—Moana did something arguably greater.

Moana made me realize that I was lost.

I know next to nothing about my heritage; all I know is that I’m a quarter-Portuguese, my mom and her brothers being half and her dad the full-blooded. But that’s it, that’s all I know—I don’t know about anything else, but it only gets worse. I know nothing regarding Portugal. I barely know three words of the language, I only know about one dish, and the only history I’m aware of is the general stuff everyone learns. That’s not where the worsening stops…my maternal great-PORTUGUESE-grandparents actually refused to teach my mother and her brothers anything. Forget my father’s side, they don’t even have any idea what they are.

None of the language, none of the history or the culture—nothing.

Beyond that I know nothing about my heritage, about me. All I have is a quarter of a claim, a shit ton of ignorance…and…

…the first time I saw the ocean.

Ironically enough it was the Pacific, and by the Lord…I couldn’t think, couldn’t speak, I couldn’t even bring myself to blink, let alone take my eyes off of that horizon. In my short 21 years, it was easily the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and one of the best moments of my life. I didn’t want to leave, but I couldn’t stay, and I still think of it every now and again.

Then, fast forward years later, I go to the last World’s Fair ever hosted at Silver Dollar City, where I got to watch the Island Fire dancers. They were spectacular, and I swear I felt so drawn to them, I remember wishing I didn’t have to blink during their show. They even played my favorite track from Lilo & Stitch during one portion, and honestly it made me tear up. I later got to speak with a couple of the Fire knife dancers, and asked for the price of one of their practice ones for sale. They only took cash though, and I only had card…

…so I ran like the devil was after me to the nearest ATM, got what I needed, and booked it back and bought it.

I’ve always loved the Polynesian cultures, just so much I can’t begin to describe. To the point I often try to hide away in whatever bits of it I’d managed to learn, which I’m sad to say is not much at all. For the longest time, all I had was Lilo & Stitch and its soundtrack, what words in Maori I knew thanks to BIONICLE, and eventually my own (practice) fire knife. But for so long, that and the moment I first saw the ocean was it.

Till I saw Moana.

It was like going home, like seeing a world I loved and wanting more than anything to be a part of. Everything about it felt right, looked right, sounded right. The instrumental at the beginning of “Where You Are” was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard, as it reminded me of the score of another fictional island that means the world to me. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but I could never decide what I wanted till I was reminded of Polynesian style ones. I just…everything was so right, I felt like that was all something I should be. But I’m not…and that’s why Moana is so important to me. My Portuguese heritage abandoned me, left me stranded in the middle of the ocean with no paddle, no knowledge, nothing but the knowing that what I should’ve been a part of left me behind.

But on the day I first saw Moana…that was the day she found me, and pulled me out of the water and took me away. I was drowning in my ignorance, in my loneliness; but she found me, a kindred spirit lost at sea, and she rescued me. Better yet, her father is voiced by Temuera Morrison, the man that is Jango Fett, the progenitor of the Clones who I always felt a kinship towards and now even more so. I already knew and loved her father…so how fitting that Moana would be the one to rescue me… Not only that, but I have a very similar relationship with my grandmother hat Moana had with hers.

Lastly…imagine my sheer joy to read on the trivia of Auli'i’s page of IMDb that she has some Portuguese in her. So much joy…that I can’t even begin to tell you the importance of the tear shed.

I am white, I am not Polynesian of any kind, not by blood…but I feel I am by spirit. It’s the only explanation for the powerful affinity and kinship I feel for its people. I want to go to Hawaii so badly…I want to know everything I can, their foods and cultures and history, I want to know everything about their myths and dragons, I want to actually be a part of something. I see Auli'i and I see someone I feel like I would know, someone I could have the honor of calling friend…

I’m tired of feeling so alone—America should be the melting pot, but I just feel alone here. I want to be some where I don’t feel abandoned and discarded. I want forests and mountains and oceans all at once, I always have.

I wish I could be a part of their world…where all the elements are together in peace…

I want to know I’m not alone…

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I'm a bisexual trans guy, but for years before coming to terms with being trans, I identified as a lesbian. Now I follow a couple of lesbians on tumblr and every time they make a post about being gay about a girl or just like things about the lesbian experience I always feel a sort of? Kinship? I'm just always like "haha yeah me too" but then I feel terrible because I'm not a lesbian. And I don't know how to stop feeling a connection to those people or stop myself from feeling awful afterwards.

It’s okay to find womens or femininity or lesbians relatable, it makes sense!

We were socialized as women, despite not being them, so it makes sense to find their experiences understandable.
It doesn’t invalidate you in any way!

Trust me, I do it too 😊

-Avin 👽

I’ve been reading The Turner Diaries for some time and I’m nearing the end. The books is pretty much what you’d expected from a piece of white supremacist racist propaganda. What I find the most absurd about the dang thing is that although it presents a transformation of the US into a system seen as an utopia by the author, it is ideologically empty. How can a transformation to a better world be accomplished? Get rid of Blacks and Jews. What would be the political system? No Blacks, no Jews. What would be the economic system?  No Blacks, no Jews. What about territorial self government? No Blacks, no Jews. What would be the basis of the justice system? No Blacks, no Jews. You get the drift. How the hell something so shallow inspired real life terrorists in unimaginable to me. The philosophy behind it is devoid of any meaning aside from a simple us vs. them mentality.

One of the real gems that appear in the book is basically the explanation what it would take to make communism work. The context is that the Organization (the supremacist group) gained a foothold in California and got rid of all the “Blacks, Chicanos, Jews and race traitors” then the revolutionary government organised the labour collectively (for example there’s the Department of Food and so on). And of course that made everything work fine, there was no violence, no corruption, no crime, everybody just worked happily together because they were all white.

My most profound impression comes from the fact that every face I saw in the fields was White: no Chicanos, no Orientals, no Blacks, no mongrels. The air seems cleaner, the sun brighter, life more joyous. What a wonderful difference this single accomplishment of our revolution has made.

 And the workers all feel the difference too, whether they are ideologically with us or not. There is a new feeling of solidarity among them, of kinship, of unselfish cooperation to complete a common task.

Y'see! The communism has to be all white! It’s that simple! That’s the only way people are going to abandon their selfishness and work towards a common goal. The Soviet Union only failed because it had too many Jews and Asians.

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I feel weird in this community. I identify as a dragon fully and thoroughly, a dragon in human's body who would go back to my true form if the choice were available. But I've heard how some people in the community say you have to be a human to be Otherkin, you just feel kinship with your kintype. Is there something I can say to tell people what I really identify as?

I don’t know how to answer this as I experience my kintypes spiritually and metaphysically, as an extension of my humanity rather than a replacement for my humanity.

Like I understand that you feel differently, but I don’t have the answer to your question.

So like, as I go through my notes it turns out that a lot of people have been reblogging my post about Transformers romance and feeling a kinship with it as asexuals in romantic relationships.

And I’ve just gotta say; while I didn’t intend for the post to be that (it was basically just me being really frustrated with certain parts of the fandom), I’m so glad that it went in that direction and I completely support it. Rock on romantic aces! =D

A Christmas Miracle part four

Enjoying your presents with Negan

Negan x wife Number 6 (reader Y/N)

2200 words

Warnings- Negan smutty goodness, NSFW, smutty aesthetic, language

Catch up with A Christmas Miracle part three

Not super happy with this. There will be more, this is far from finished

Definitely not tv or comic Negan canon.

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I love the parallel of both Jon and Arya having to give up the comforts of a castle to live amongst the smallfolk (wildlings and commons) in order to survive; even more interesting is that they both end up finding a kinship and an empathy for the commoners’ plights. Jon sees that the wildlings are freezing and just trying to get away from winter and the Others, and Arya witnesses firsthand how the war of kings and lords affects the peasant class. Even their first “love interests” are common-born, both relationships examples of teamwork in a violent time, and each finds shades of the other in Gendry and Ygritte.


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its just makes me feel so sad how many people feel such a strong kinship to the c*lumbine sh*oters because like…there are so few people who have openly suffered from mental illness that the only role models some of us have to latch on to and believe understand the struggle it can be are people like…that.

i hope y’all can move on from that someday and find a better outlet for your feelings, a person more deserving of your pity and admiration, i really do.

god this sounds so condescending but i dont mean it to be lmao like i get it i’ve been there, i really truly do understand the temptation to put people on a pedestal like that. i felt the same way about myra hindley & aileen wuornos for a long time

The Prince & The Falcon

Castiel’s dream is fulfilled when he is cast as a face character at Disney World, playing the first “Gay Prince” in the company’s history. Too bad he’s paired with Dean Winchester.
 Written for supernaturallynoble as part of my 1K fic giveaway (thank you so much for your patience). Partially based on this prompt


Castiel sits in the waiting area of the Disney World Casting Offices, twisting his sudoku book between his fingers. Since he was three-years-old and set foot on Main Street USA for the first time, Castiel has wanted to work at Walt Disney World. He didn’t care if it was as a cashier or a ride operator or the guy who cleans up the puke outside Space Mountain, he just wants to spend every day at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

Hell, it was the reason he moved to Orlando in the first place.

Playing a Face Character though, was the dream, and when he heard about Disney’s first “Gay Princes”, he knew the role he wanted.

“The Prince and the Falcon” had, of course, been a major hit: A love story featuring the first openly homosexual couple in an animated Disney film. The story was rich and in-depth and the characters were flawed but ultimately likeable. There had been some backlash from family groups, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on the film’s success.

Castiel had scoured Disney’s casting site for months, hoping soon the notice would go up for either of the princes, Maurizio or Pietro. He’d almost given up hope when Gabe had showed up with a newspaper announcement.

He had prepared a song, just in case (“Go the Distance” from Hercules) and found a Beckett Monologue. His first audition was relatively basic, just a cattle call-style audition in front of a camera with a single scripted scene.

The second one was more extensive, lasting almost two hours, in which Castiel received actual direction. It also required a lot of improvisation since he was given no script for that round.

When he got his third callback, his roommate Gabriel had preemptively shoved a paper bag in his face in case of hyperventilating or vomiting.

Unlike the first two rounds, the waiting area this time is empty, save for one other guy. He looks much different from Castiel, with lighter hair and freckled golden skin. Castiel finds himself strangely fascinated with the guy. He’s has the good looks that you expect in a prince, but there is a rough edge to him as well that you see less often.

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mmm... I think what JKR was trying to do with the 'wizards don't have racism/sexism,etc' is part 'fantasy idealization of fixing things in our world' part a parallel on how some countries are more advanced in certain things than others (exs. How Europe don't have the rampant gun violence the US have or places like Norway have better education, health-care, compared to US) obviously that concept gets murky in 'wizards vs muggle treatment of NA, and wizards not helping NA when massacred'

Okay so like IA broadly that this is probably what JKR wants to do but I’m really not interested in understanding her motivations right now because - and keep in mind that I rarely rarely use this term on here, so I’m not using this lightly at all - a) this reeks a lot of white guilt to me, the kind that would much rather imagine that an issue has disappeared completely than tackle it head on and b) this shit hits just way way too close to home & answers a bunch of questions I’ve had a long long time that I suspected would be answered the way they were but hoped they would be answered elsewise. 

This is really much much more than “'wizards vs muggle treatment of NA, and wizards not helping NA when massacred'”. I’ve been trying to be dispassionate about this ask and give you a well-reasoned answer but I can’t achieve emotional distance from this right now, so instead I’m going to dump back a bunch of questions at you that I’ve had for some time, that fans have raised in response to this and other emotional stuff for me that’s bound up in this that might help explain why people are so worked up about this.

This is the first and the last thing I’ll say about this, so keep in mind it’s going to be really fucking long.

i. the worst case scenario

Here’s a starter post. Here’s some things to think about:

  • We’re told that wand magic is largely European and used because it’s easier and because it involves considerably less talent and focus than wandless magic. Somehow we’re expected to believe that wand magic spreading into America and the rest of the world is not in any way something that erases indigenous forms of magic, that this process has not in any way been violent, that this has not in any way scarred the psyches of Native Americans watching their magical practices (so bound up in their cultures) eroded and taken away from them because of the wand.
  • We’re supposed to believe that pre-statute of secrecy wizards weren’t puffed up with their own righteous supremacy the way a lot of europe was when they rationalized their conquering wanderings all across the world. That like somehow, these guys just saw this as fun cultural exchange and never thought ‘wow look at these weird folks doing weird shit’ and that never became ‘lol lets take their stuff for ourselves’. Because wizards apparently don’t suffer from the tendency to exoticize and fetishize people and view them as less than themselves /sarcasm/.
  • The puritans were ‘immigrants’ and the troubles they had with the native americans was ‘conflict’. not like you know, systematic fucking genocide.
  • Somehow despite the existence of Scourers, we’re meant to believe that wizards never participated in the slave trade.
  • Somehow despite the existence of the magic carpet ban, newly instituted, we’re supposed to believe that wizards never had trade practices which specifically targeted non western european cultures, that were specifically exploitative in the same way that colonialism was exploitative
  • Somehow we’re expected to believe that the need for the Statute of Secrecy was uniform across the world when the rest of the world had very different relationships with magic than christian Europe did. Somehow we’re meant to believe that fear of dark magic is equivalent to fear of all magic. Somehow we’re expected to believe that the equal application of the Statute across the world isn’t in any way an exercise of power by colonizer countries over other countries. 
  • Somehow we’re expected to believe that isn’t a metaphor for colonialism, because it’s just wizards showing solidarity.
  • Somehow we’re expected to believe Pansy Parkinson calling Angelina Johnson’s braids ‘worms’ isn’t vaguely racist, it’s just a bitchy girl being a bitch.
  • Somehow we’re expected to believe all of this. 
  • Somehow.
  • Despite the contradictions within canon itself.

ii. the best case scenario

Assuming we let ourselves believe all of the contradictions I’ve listed above, and we assume that no wizards are above all of this and there are actually really good reasons for all of this, it still raises a lot of difficult questions. I’m copying these questions from a chat with @zielenna, and keep in mind this is a thing that has been bothering me for ages about the wizarding world:

  • what do wizards do when the muggle world is persecuting people on the basis of ethnicity?
  • what happened in Rwanda in 1995 when hutus massacred tutsis? what happened in the DRC and later when there were tensions in refugee camps? did wizards just…. not participate in this? were they okay with LETTING PEOPLE WITH SHARED ANCESTRY GET BUTCHERED
  •  OR AFRICAN WIZARDS AND BLACK AMERICAN WIZARDS WHEN THEY SAW SLAVERY (whole communities and tribes destroyed and kidnapped from the continent and taken away to be slaves elsewhere) AND JIM CROW (their fellow black americans treated like shit by white people while somehow they’re treated just fine by their white wizard brothers - but their white wizard brothers won’t let them help, won’t do anything to help???)
  • I mean for fuck’s sake what about half the ethnic massacres that took place within Europe?
  • the Armenian genocide? the fucking holocaust?
  • like do jewish and roma wizards just……… ignore what their non-magical brethren are going through? or like do they just go ahead and keep on loving people like grindelwald because as long as we have magic we’re fine!!!
  • from @zielenna - I too am wondering rn how did wizards from Soviet satellites react to USSR fucking up life there for 40 years.
  • also from @zielenna - or how did Polish wizards react to muggle Russians and Prussians wiping off the country off the map
  • @zielenna - because what does it mean, kinship between Native Americans and Pioneers? how are they kin to 1 another?
  • What about goddamn colonialism. The ruination of three (four? Five?) whole bloody continents at the hand of white colonizers. What do native wix from Africa, South America, North America, Australia and huge swathes of Asia do? Are they supposed to find solidarity with white European & American wizards above their fellow kin? Are they supposed to find solidarity with people who probably are more keen on keeping them from getting involved with the very real hurts their country is experiencing because!!! statute of secrecy!!! (like, given the fact that they made rules to keep wizards from intervening in wwi I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED). What kind of fucking solidarity is that? What kind of kinship is that?
  • Are Irish wizards somehow supposed to ignore the plundering and division and ruination of their country at the hands of the English? Are they supposed to just… ignore the famines and everything in favour of solidarity with the English? (Is Ireland even an independent country in HPverse or does JKR’s paternalism wrt Scotland extend to Ireland as well?)
  • But I guess that’s the same kind of kinship we get from being part of the Commonwealth amirite? A ‘special friendship’. In which the former colonies suck Britain’s dick and Britain pretends colonialism never fucking happened.

I don’t know how to answer these questions in light of what JKR’s been telling us because everything she’s told us so far plays the Statute of Secrecy goddamn straight and assumes that wizards are just going to magically feel kinship across racial and ethnic borders irrespective of whatever the hell their muggle brethren are doing which is just NOT HOW THIS SHIT WORKS AT ALL. 

iii. my lack of objective distance from this:

so here’s the thing. I can’t be objective or dispassionate about this because everything JKR says is bound up in webs with things that other people have said and done, that other media has said and done, that is written into the history of my country and is written on to me in the way I constantly struggle with my identity. 

  • I keep remembering my human rights class people not being able to argue against ISIS because colonialism and their allyship involving preservation of culture over actual human rights & helping the marginalized with their struggles against oppressors even in formerly colonial countries and I could see the caution and the way guilt was written on them & the way my prof kept pushing them to fight for it but no. It just remained that weird cautious kind of guilt where they’d much rather say the correct, prescribed words of allyship than actually engage with the complicated question of rights in former colonial countries.
  • i keep remembering the time my friend sent me a syllabus for history in the UK in the gcse system which described the indian independence movement coming totally out of left field with the rowlatt act in the early 1900s and totally ignoring the fact that there had been tribal movements, constant battles, THE MOTHERFUCKING REVOLT OF 1857, the number of times we’d protested the Dalhousie act, all those struggles were erased in favour of describing it like we were ungrateful and magically rose up all of a sudden like we hadn’t always been fucking fighting against this, like we magically decided colonialism was bad one day and started fighting against the British for no good reason
  • i remember the time my mother was forced into a conversation by a Scotsman who insisted that colonialism benefited us - 
  • the way david Cameron refused to apologize for colonialism, the way Britain still refuses to actually accept its role as a colonial empire and 
  • the way no one knows that dadabhai naoroji estimated the amount of wealth stolen from us ALL THE WAY BACK IN 1910 so we still continue to have conversations about whether or not colonialism had some benefits for us - and this is a mainstream enough belief of the British (sure it was bad but there were economic benefits)
  • the way the economist thinks it’s a fucking joke to illustrate every article about india with ELEPHANTS but they’re totes not racist
  • the way the commonwealth has a ‘special’relationship with the UK but it’s the EU that gets all the actual meaningful economic benefits - we get loans and aid from DFID which we either have to pay back with interest & in currency stronger than ours (so we’re always paying back more than we get) or we do the economic reforms they want us to so that their businesses profit
  • the way our experiences and histories are constantly undermined and interrogated and asked - are you sure it was that bad? Are you really sure? Are you really really sure? But what about these facts? Are you still sure? Are you sure those scars are the result of that? Because we meant well. Because we’re your friends now
  • Wizards aren’t racist because of mutual kinship, its just that wizards of non-white western ethnicities are expected to shut up and not ever experience ethnic or racial solidarity because magic. trumps. all.
  • Fans of colour are expected to rejoice in how super-progressive this world is, which instead of grappling with their experiences & histories head-on, tells them these histories & experiences never occurred, were never real, don’t exist in this world because magic. trumps. all. because somehow wizards of colour, non-western, non-white wizards could turn the other way while their fellow muggle brethren were being slaughtered/killed/persecuted/systematically made extinct/forced to assimilate/starved/i don’t know insert literally any form of violence here. 
  • because magic. trumps. all.

I find it really hard to disentangle all of this from the tweet JKR made & the pieces she’s written on North America, where colonialism is just totally elided, airbrushed, swept under the carpet - even the muggle bits of it - so she can tell a nice linear story. 

So yeah, I’m sorry but it’s much more than a ‘murky’ issue or a ‘problematic’ one, it’s something that’s made me see red, that’s made me feel so angry I feel like crying, that’s just left me really exhausted wrt HP because dear god, I don’t want to engage with this or with any of the Discourse TM that will emerge from this. 

Anyone else wants to add on to this please feel free.

About Pharah being portrayed butch - and the criticisms therein

Okay so I’ve seen a lot of people criticising Pharah for being ‘butch’ or ‘manly’ and while I completely understand this aspect as being bad for some women of colour, we must remember that Pharah is not black. 

Pharah is an Arabic woman from Egypt, and while I completely agree with the argument that woc should absolutely not always be portrayed as ‘fierce and angry’, we must keep in mind that Arabic women, and speaking as a Palestinian, are so rarely portrayed in the media, and are so rarely portrayed as anything except meek and ‘oppressed’ by their religion. 

As a butch Palestinian, I have found myself feeling hurt and upset that people are this criticising particular aspect of Pharah. I am very butch, and I am non-binary, and I have masculine traits, and seeing those things in Pharah I feel an instant kinship. Having spoken to other butch woc I have found that they feel the same as I do: guilty for ourselves and our identity. 

Please keep in mind that Fareeha Amari is an Egyptian, Arabic, woman, and remember that different issues will apply to her. 

Common myths and misconceptions about otherkin

i see a lot of people who are making insults on otherkin, and i feel like they dont quite understand it completely

before we continue, for my otherkin friends out there, I’m a forest dragon, as well as fictionkin to bill cipher and invader zim.

Do otherkin try to act like their spiritual self? as in a wolfkin eating raw,uncooked meat, running around in the forest running on all fours?

No. Though some do try to feel as comfortable as they can, not all of us are uncomfortable with our human bodies. Many people misconceive us in this way.

We are trying to feel good in our environment: wolfkin are known for eating more meat than others, but this is natural instinct, as well as dragonkin naturally hoarding, napping and sunbathing. People who are in kin with forest animals usually keep a small garden, too!

Otherkin are known for having natural instincts from their kins and people misconceive that this is us trying to be our soul. Our instincts help us find out our kins, and even our fictionkins!

Do dragonkin really feel the want to consume coins and gems? will they do anything in their power to do so?

As a dragonkin i can tell you this is a myth. Though some do, they know that it is not healthy to eat actual coins and gems, and end up buying chocolate coins and gummy gemstones! though i do not have the want to do this, i can tell you its a myth that we eat real gemstones and coins, and that anyone you saw out there talking about actually doing it may be a troll, or just a seriously weird kin.

Are otherkin the same as furries?

No. Though most otherkin are furries, its because we enjoy representing ourselves as our soul. Otherkin believe their spirits are not human, or are made up of several parts. A full-on, non-kin furry is just making what they believe would be themselves if they where an anthro animal, and thats perfectly fine, too! i love seeing the communities designs, and i like looking at peoples kinsonas!

basically, otherkin ARE their sonas, while furries believe this is what they would look like if they where an animal.

Is otherkin a religion in itself?

This depends on the persons beliefs and opinions! As a ‘christian’ (i believe that all religions exist, and that my past soul decided to reincarnate) otherkin, i can say that some believe it is an add-on to a religion because it does not go against most religious beliefs, but some do see it as its own religion that revolves around reincarnation!

Do people in kin only get attracted to their kintype? as in a dogkin wanting to legitimatly romantically love a dog?

No! Im dragonkin but you dont see me wanting to fall inlove with a dragon, though i would love another dragonKIN. (i’m currently in a relationship with someone who is monsterkin: they are a raven with ram horns and 2 sets of wings)

What the hell are astral limbs? Are they in peoples minds? should i be worried for mental illness if my friend says they have astral limbs?

Astral limbs are kinda a mind thing, but at the same time a spiritual thing. You would expect that our spirits do not fit to our bodies, and our nerves are sensing it and making it feel like something is there. Most amputees feel astral limbs of the limbs they have lost, while otherkin feel limbs that their soul has but not their body. Its just more evidence that a soul exists! Even fictionkin, if they are in kin enough with the character (people separate the kinship with characters into tiers depending on how in-kin they are; tertiary being the least and primary being the most) will feel astral limbs from the character! i had a friend who was pokekin to pikachu, who felt eats and a tail, as well as another cipherkin friend who said she felt a bowtie and the slightest occasional tophat.

The thing most people find is that they have always had these limbs. when i was a child i would move my astral ears to react to things, and now i understand why i had them!

No, you shouldnt worry for mental illness. Otherkin has nothing to do with mental illness, and it has been around since the medieval times, i believe!

Is it true that someone can project out of their body and visit different dimensional planes?

YES this is very true! Ive done it before and its really cool! 

People appear as their soul in the astral plane. We cannot effect anything in our plane, but going to other dimensions, people there CAN see you and you Can effect things. Though ive found most people who are tertiary kin with a character (such as myself with bill cipher) are separate souls from the character, and dont appear as them when they are in that plane. I actually saw bill cipher watching a soap opera in the dreamscape so yeah… pretty sure i didnt pop up as hIM

People say “its hard being otherkin” a lot, and i dont understand what their deal is.

Some people are in kin with demons and monsters as well as villainous characters (like myself) and it effects our emotions and personalities a lot

after a certain point of time i will get irrationally angry, as well as i get dark thoughts and have a sick sense of humor, and i get thoughts of wanting to hurt things, and i get fully aware that this is the cipherkin side speaking.

as well as this, some people feel a bit of emotional pain from it. because of the tumblr community, inanimate objectkin feel like they are fake, and otherkin are put down at every turn, as well as some people have lost friends over it, whether its because they are kin or because their kin is violent or making them too hyper, as well as some winged kin feel stuck on the ground and just want to fly to feel emotional peace.

im hoping this clears up some misconception, and possibly helps some people find their kins! though i know it wont change everyone’s minds, but im hoping it helps some!

Confession: Marilyn Monroe was actually a strong believer in equal rights and stood up for black women/men. When she heard the beautiful voice of a local peforming black woman, she instantly was captivated. The black woman had done something along the lines of auditioning to perform at this restaurant that Marilyn had planned on visiting as a way to raise publicity for the owner. The owner, however, refused to allow the black woman to perform. In a way of protest Marilyn said that unless she was allowed to sing, she would never go to his business. The owner then obliged and the woman was able to sing.
The daughter of Marilyn’s therapist was quoted saying this about Marilyn;
“[She was] passionate about equal rights, rights for blacks, rights for the poor. She identified strongly with the workers.”
In a radio interview she also talked about how no one should be judged on their looks and how skin color should be dismissed.
Then, in her very last interview before her suicide, these were her last recorded words;
“What I really want to say: That what the world really needs is a real feeling of kinship. Everybody: stars, laborers, Negroes, Jews, Arabs. We are all brothers. Please don’t make me a joke. End the interview with what I believe.”

She did more, and I think it’s so important that people look at Marilyn as more then just the hot blonde. She was an extremely intelligent woman that believed everyone deserved equality. So much so that she was said to be conspiring to enforce communism which is basically the belief that everyone is equal, no one is richer and no one is poorer than another.

Things that happened in Penny Dreadful 3x01 #2
  • Vanessa: *is holed up in Malcom's house in one room*
  • Vanessa: *leaves dirty plates everywhere and lets dishes pile up in the sink*
  • Vanessa: *lies in bed and refuses to get up*
  • Vanessa: *doesn't mess around with actually making meals when she can just gnom a loaf of bread*
  • Vanessa: *reacts with fear and horror when there's a knock at the door and the prospect of PEOPLE*
  • Me: *feels a great kinship kindle as never it did before*
  • Me: We are sisters, you and I.