i just feel so weird posting my art


Looks like staying up too late to draw bakushimanari comics that make sense only to me is becoming an ill advised habit

Hi guys! So someone recently told me my art is on Instagram! Which is weird! Because I definitely don’t remember putting it up there or being asked if it was ok to put up. So I just wanted to be clear: please don’t repost my art without permission. Don’t give other people permission to repost it. 

Stumbling upon your work on another person’s account is a terrible feeling. 

I’m glad my art makes you happy but that’s not a reason to screenshot it and post it on your own account. Not cool. 

I made an instagram account and asked a few of them to take my stuff down but there is a lot of art on here and here that I know hasn’t been run by the original artists.  

“But i’m giving the artist credit! That makes it ok!’

No.  If the artist hasn’t given you consent to post their work, it’s not ok.


Here are some detail photos of those stickers I bought of @brontide-art’s art if anybody else is interested in buying their stickers! This is a set in large :0

i really feel like a has-been with mtg fanart like my art blog was only ever popular because there was nobody else, but now there is, which is why I never post mtg there anymore because I feel like if I did I would just be getting on people’s nerves. And then I remember I never even was all that popular, people just made a big deal about having to see my posts all the time, so I’m not really a has-been but a never-was. it’s weird

yesterday i was 24, and today i am 25

2016 was a hard year for very many people, i always felt a bit guilty because it was actually very good to me. did something good happen to you? i hope so. please share with me if you wish!

it feels weird, i started posting on tumblr when i was 19 and didn’t know anything, now i still don’t know anything but people ask me for advice and help. that means a lot to me. thank you for putting your trust in me! i will try to keep doing my best.

thank you all so very much for your continued support, whether you just started following 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago (!!!), it is really a joy to get to share my work with you guys, i hope my art makes you happy sometimes. 

love you with my whole heart  ❤ enjoy the new pokemon game soon (who is your starter going to be? i think mine will be rowlet)

A little gift for @miniscule-eds ;)

I… I have no words. Maybe I was so preoccupied with whether or not I could, that I didn’t stop to think if I should. 

Its Eddy Rotten and Sporta-Edd… This exists now. And its basically a culmination of our two gay OTPs from kid’s shows. lmao

I was inspired after she posted that picture of Double Dee dressed as Sportacus, because that shit was amazing and nearly made me choke laughing. And a few days ago, she showed me the most amazing clip from Lazytown that made me literally lose my shit. (Seriously just type in “mmmmm creamy” on youtube.. you won’t be disappointed.)

So then, I imagined Eddy saying that to Dee, and well… this happened. 


..Okay but Edd is low-key rocking that little mustache.


aaaa so this post is a little bit overdue but I’m finally posting commission prices just in case anyone’s maybe interested,,!! if you’re interested in commissioning me you can email me at camrazcommissions@gmail.com!! 

I didn’t have any better examples of art for those last two,, two of those examples aren’t shaded and that last one is super old so my style looks a little different now but I couldn’t find any better ones :( they still are pretty close to the descriptions though!!

each extra character is +$5!

I WILL draw: 


-your OCs,

-characters from any show/movie/game, 

-ships (within reason), 

-light/suggestive NSFW 

I will NOT draw:

-furries (im not against furries or anything I just can’t draw them D:),

-complex machinery,


-heavy gore/NSFW

sorry that this post is kinda long,,!! even if you’re not interested reblogs would be appreciated if its alright!! thank you! 

ive been feeling all weird and emotionally messed up lately but it always helps to talk about thing i love so im just gonna make a post about my fave blogs and list all the things i loev about them. 


  • her tags are literally rhe funniest things ever even though half the time i cant understand em 
  • shes always there for me when i need to tslk and even though she says shes bad at showing affection shes sent me reminders that she loves me and those measseges mean the world to me, im a sappy bhicth 
  • um the sneeze pic is art nd i even have a link to it on my desktop theme titled beauty
  • shes got a lot going on with school stuff and yet she still finds time to come on and even apologizes for not being on, like bIHTCN TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED WE STILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT
  • moisturizes her hands by just rubbin em together, no lotion or nothin 
  • idk how to put my feeling into words so ill just say that i love her to the moon and back a hundred times *like 20 heart emojis*

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT @almondyoongi

  • the softest and sweetest person i know 
  • tags me in cute things when im not feeling good
  • hates milk
  • we havent actually messaged each other that much but we always talk in the tags and i love it so much
  • sometimes she says shes annoying and im still learning to accept the fact that she lies sometimes because shes so amazing and could never annoy anyone 
  • shes also super cute whenever she posts selfies i look at them forever, that cute lil curl that hangs by her ear is the most adorable thing evr

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT @starboy-jaebum

  • literally only talks about kurt and jimin, its pretty cute her and kurt are engaged to be married
  • is the biggest history nerd ever adn always sends me memes that i dont understand
  • sent me a pic of herself with shrek jizz all over her face at like 6 in the morning on a saturday 
  • has like 20 ult biases
  • idk what else to say but shes just so lovable?? my heart beats for rin 


  • sends the best inbox shitposts nd i always feel bad cause i never have a funny response
  • doesnt know how to use the messaging system, hes lucky i dont mind spamming my blog with our conversations 
  • hes just?? really easy to talk to and i love our convos so much although idk how he puts up with me im so boring 
  • is from minnesota, idk why but its nice having someone from trhe same place
  • hasnt posted an actual selfie yet but i still have that one eye pic saved on my phone and its the best pic out of the 2000 in my camera roll 
  • is literally so talented i cant believe, he can sing and draw and write and hes so good at all of that im jsut so amazed by him all the time

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT @savage-yoongi-gives-me-life

  • the sweetest girl in the world, she was the first person on tumblr to ever initiate a conversation with me and im so happy that she did
  • we definately dont talk as often as we should but i still love her with all my heart 
  • has a main blog nd i didnt realize it was her until like a month after we started talking asldkjgf im so slow
  • always tries to type correctly nd not make any typos its so cute
  • whenever im having a problem shes super helpful and nice and sweet, i owe her m life 
  • her selfies are da most adorable things ever


  • weve never actually talked but youre probably my all time favorite blog on tumblr youre so funny its unbelievable 
  • whenever you answer one of my anons ive sent my heart skips like 15 beats, youre always so sweet 
  • um youre literally the most beautiful person ever like??? pretty sure you would have outshined sehun at the fashion show
  • i love how much you interact wiht your followers its really  nice
  • chanya’ll die is my new catchphrase, i say it at least 57 times a day

 theres so many more people i want to add to this but i cant think right now and considering i follow like 800 blogs its hard to pick favorites i love you all so much. i hope yall dont mind me being all sappy and gross all the time 

Man I do a lot of thinking about Karamatsu aha… Especially concerning how he got from Osomatsu-Kun to Osomatsu-San. We’re given basically 0 info on how their teen years were so I’m just gonna… Make some up of my own under the cut! 

(Oh also as for Ichi’s weird school photo, I feel like he was totally that kid that was always photographed mid-sneeze, and that no one ever took the time to retake any of them.)

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I’ve had this tumblr for a few years now and I’m kinda feeling really blah about it because it’s always been about sharing my art and improving but lately it feels like make art just to post it online rather than post it online because I love what I made. So if I’ve not been engaged w this blog over the last 6 months it’s because I’ve been grappling with this kind of weird faux sense of productivity and improvement that I’ve been deluding myself with and for those of you who stuck around anyway, thanks!

Just a small doodle of the truest OTP in all fma fandom…

Hawkeye and puppy Black Hayate makes me so full of feels <33

Black Hayate didn’t come out too weird, so it’s kind of a victory *thumbs up*

Later I’ll post a Fma & Lotr Crossover doodle of RoyEd.

Hope you guys enjoy this lil’ doodle until then! ;)



Finally had a chance to get up some pictures from the baby shower. Thanks so much all of you for coming. I guess calling it a baby shower is a little weird, mostly it was just a time for us ladies to get together. Women’s circles have always been such a big part of my life, since moving away from my last, it’s nice to bring back that feeling a bit.

Mostly we talked, made art, filled up on good food, and played a few party games. I really wanted to do henna to celebrate and protect the new baby.

I never had a shower with Luc. Honestly, I didn’t really have anyone I would invite, and I’m not usually big on parties like this anyways. But it was a great time. Hopefully I’ll be a more ambitious hostess someday and have more people.

@mlilah @thentherewas5 @magicbabymama @fivefinelives @bebepout


i feel like this line has been used already but just let me feel original ok

thanks so much for the request anon!! here’s a messy comic, i hope that’s ok ;;; i love me some flirty koga and jealous inuyasha~ also i’m really glad you dig my art 👌🏽

Hey so convention season is coming up and I won’t have a lot of time to dedicate to One Piece or Mushi Parade babes. It feels weird to just leave this blog empty for 4 month so I’ll be posting pictures of my merchandise (like this post) to fill the gap. If you aren’t interested in seeing these types of posts than feel free to block the tag #convention

So what do you think? Do you prefer a strictly art blog or a general blog?