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Lorde's album; Melodrama ask
  • Green Light: Time when you danced like no one was watching?
  • Sober: Time where you felt completely out of your comfort zone, but it's ok because it was fun and exciting and new?
  • Homemade Dynamite: Favorite night you spent with your friend(s)?
  • The Louvre: Do you ever crave the feeling of being on display for everyone to see?
  • Liability: Ever felt used by someone?
  • Hard Feelings/Loveless: Describe the time where you felt like you were in a movie.
  • Sober II: What is something you broke that you wish you could fix?
  • Writer in the Dark: Someone you really miss?
  • Supercut: Song that still resonates with you?
  • Liability (Reprise): Time when you felt completely lost emotionally?
  • Perfect Places: When was the last time you felt like you were apart of something bigger than yourself?

I’m glad I was lucky enough to watch yuri on ice while it was still airing. I remember watching episode 7 for the first time, seeing the kiss and screaming. Rewatching it in disbelief through tears. Witnessing history being made. Then again in episode 9 and 10 with the engagement, and finally in episode 12 with the pair skate. That feeling of complete shock and happiness. Sharing the joy with people online who were equally exited and in shock that we really got a see a love story from these characters. I’m glad I got be part of such a great experience.

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I think Harry as the anti Z will be a big part of his promo. Its there already in AM, 'I have no regrets or complaints', 'our amazing team'.As in I'M not ungrateful, like Z! Which is soo snakey. 1. Because he knows right well the larrie narrative of awful mgt but left all the denials on the others, so theyd take the flack while he could be painted as a suffering martyr by carrying around trinkets or wearing a gd bandana. 2. It should be plain to anyone their wonderful team, with....p2

2. Zionists Winston and Cowell, were never ever going to promo Z as they did H. Making him always shave his beard for the US, erasing his own father, (the only DILF on the scene lol? Because god forbid the world get to know a nice Muslim family as actual human beings? I'td make it so much more awkward to bomb them/profile them indiscriminately :/…p3

P3. Anyway as soon as H started that ‘Im the whitest purest not-Zayn in the world schtick Ive been thinking the about Azoffs have been ‘advising’ 1D mgt for far longer than we think. Because one of the ways band they were heavily marketed to the US was as the anti-Biebers. The politest sweetest whitest angels vs that Usher managed rnb loving brat. ( Hence the extreme bleaching of Zs identity). Lots of Hs promo is subtly aimed at people who r nostalgic for a white past. However to negate that…p

ok so i wanna pick up on one specific part of your message here (i didn’t get anything beyond part 3 so im not sure if there was more :/) but i’ll start by saying that i just flat out agree and retweet everything you’re saying about the way zayn was (terribly) treated [your point about 1d as the anti-biebers is really interesting] and how harry has been positioning himself as the ‘anti z’ like you said in order to capitalize on the critiques of zayn. i feel like this element of harry’s promo is getting a fair amount of discussion from our side of the fandom so i’ll leave it there to allow space to discuss some stuff you mentioned in here that really made think and that i hadn’t considered before 

you referred to the ‘larrie narrative of awful management’ and i think people are REALLY underestimating how much harry has, is and will use this to his advantage. i think this is not just a narrative but an entire mindset about a passive harry, a non-complicit harry. it’s a mindset that has allowed him to be painted as the suffering martyr you mentioned and it is what is facilitating the cognitive dissonance in a lot of fans i think. 

this is the stuff that (in part) blinds people to the double standards between harry and zayn which harry is then able to leverage to posture as the ‘anti z’ without getting any critical stick for it. the lack of control and blaming everything on media/management has always placed harry in a more passive position while louis is often viewed as (though still not in control) somehow more ‘complicit’ or ‘to blame’ or ‘participatory’ in the denials, the stunting, the everything [this is a conversation for another time but it KILLS me how larries fall into this trap and ridicule louis for his personal life drama (stunt or real is beside the point) while harry gets to play both the mysterious and martyr card a lot]. this passivity and mystery/enigma around the harry-side of larry has allowed for a lot of larrie discourse to just accommodate him in whatever way fits their vision of larry if that makes any sense…

i think those larries are in for a rude awakening as harry becomes increasingly more visible with his solo material and by that i mean: (if i was a bettin’ woman) harry will no longer play the passive + mysterious role he has re: larry for all these years and will start talking about being single, his past public relationships (taylor swift), etc. shit he might even fucking deny larry straight up or have all kinds of lady lyrics who knows. obviously this is speculation on my part BUT i feel like im basing this off the early doors stuff we’re already seeing (the mtv snapchat story has a ‘harry on why he’s single’ cover, a few quotes from his interviews have already come out, etc.)

and when/if harry starts doing that kind of het image, active larry-denial (in word and in deed, i.e. getting a girlfriend) that louis/@louis has been doing for YEARS i want to see how larries will handle it and how they will incorporate it into their understanding of harry. will that be the final straw that makes them see the hard truth about harry? i think it’s going to be tough for them to realize that harry hasn’t just being leveraging zayn/zayn leaving for his own benefit he’s been leveraging larry, larries and the benefit-of-the-doubt they give him. but those ties are going to have to get cut when he starts trying to maintain his solo fame with the exact same tactics taylor swift uses

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did u write about alters before u knew they were alters too

i mean, from my perspective, they’re more like fictive introjects of the characters i was originally writing :V (tho, i recognize that Serpent disagrees on the timeline there, and i don’t really talk with Val about that whole thing)

it was actually getting headmates who weren’t directly connected with writing that necessitated a shift towards “ok maybe this isn’t just Normal Writing Muses, maybe it isn’t usual for Normal Muses to comment on non-writing stuff this often, hahahh oops”

- Ace

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having the creativity and musical talent to arrange songs to best suit you / Yes! I remember when I first heard This Town, I was a bit reserved about it until he got to "the words I never got to say the first time around," and then I melted. He didn't need to do a riff or a high note to make me feel that regret and nostalgia. Issues was another revelation, I love how he let loose towards the end. I feel a bit drunk on Niall at the moment, tbh, and I'm ok with that!

‘this town’ was such a trip for me because it just seemed unbelievable that we’d really be getting this lovely, achingly nostalgic ballad right out of the gate that might’ve teetered too far toward saccharine if he’d not sung it the way he does! niall’s so good at walking this fine line between being emotive and expressive - like with ‘issues,’ especially the last ~45 seconds or so, as well - and not making himself or his voice the centerpiece. it’s beautiful for sure, but what he’s done so far puts the emphasis on the story he’s telling, and it makes for such good storytelling!

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Imagine how cute it would be if Goku and Chichi had a daughter, he'd probably spoil his baby ox-princess rotten

AFSFSDFSD OK Looking at how he treats Panny Pan I’m PRETTY sure that if goku would have a daughter he would spoil her. Like a lot. And share his food with her. ///

There is just something really special between these two and the way goku treats his granddaughter almost like if she was his own.  (and ok it’s just REALLY cute to see this big guy with a little girl. ) Also seeing from how Chichi treats Pan we can tell that if Goku and her DID have a daughter she would want to raise her as such:

And like some japanese were joking about, She will probably want her daughter to dress into the Ox Princess outfit xD

Also if we rewind a little in time with episode “He’s always late”, where Goku goes and “sees the baby dinosaurs and he get nostalgic about babies/family ,and grandpa” I get the feeling that he probably wanted another baby but maybe Chichi or him couldn’t have any? (Idk that’s just the interpenetration I get with goku wanting to see the baby dinosaurs so badly. I’m prob wrong) And then toei throws in that joke where Chichi says “he’s having a baby!” 

and 18 goes like *GASP* “A WHAT?!” IDK that just furthers my assumption….(btw I think this is mentioned in the japanese too but IDK someone correct me on that)

But ya with how they treat pan sometimes I feel like these two loosers really wanted a daughter at some point in time but couldn’t have any xD (this is just my personal opinion) And I have a feeling that in some way it would be the same like with Gohan and Goten, Where Goku would really want to train his little girl and chichi would be like “no! She’s a lady and I want her to go to school!” And they will probably bicker about that until the little girl wants to train and help her dad. And then Chichi would give in/soften because she would see that her daughter is strong and at least her and goku can help her to control her powers. 

Favorite Pictures of My Bias (A Namjoon Appreciation Post)

  So I was tagged by gimtajoo, korean-bacon, no-seoks, yoongho and randomactsofawkward (i kno, it’s been a long time since u tagged me but I’ve been busy/lazy so yeah sorry lololol) And y’all know Namjoon is my bias so get ready for a world of pain! :D 


This is also a really fucking long post that took me a week to make so yeah!!!

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I feel really nostalgic about G7. Yuri is no longer the daughter-in-law of the nation, just another TaeTiSeo backup dancer, Sunny is no longer that cheerful and I just hope that she is OK, Kara disolved and we don’t really know what will become of Hara’s Career, Hyuna is no longer a whinny kid, she is now a sex symbol; Sunhwa has the acting career she longed for, but Secret seems long forgotten; Narsha doesn’t need fortune telling for her love life anymore and I’m happy for her; Hyomin finally has a name of her own, but the Hwayoung scandal had sunk it; Victoria is successful despite struggles; Jooyeon graduated, but that really didn’t make any difference, she has always been overshadowed by Nana and Uee… And Sori, poor Sori, her only ‘successful’ single reached attention because she was sexy and not because her powerful performances… It’s so sad that that generation of kpop is ending

First year's tough love.

As I’ve promised, I’ve summed up my feelings from the whole first year, so you can get an idea about what to expect. Despite being European student and having majority of audience from overseas, I believe that medical schools are almost the same, no matter where you study.  

We all come to this school with sort of religious fear and zero idea about what to expect. I was really stressed and sometimes anxious during my first semester before I learned how to cope with things. The second semester was more relaxed, because I somehow figured how things work out. I started liking the pace and couldn’t imagine studying anything else. Maybe I am just being overly enthusiastic - and I am certain I didn’t feel this way about it in the course of my first year - but the first time in autopsy room, first time holding someone’s heart or just seeing someone who died recently, first time seeing cancer cells under the microscope… ok I am being nostalgic here. But it was all first time. It just gets slightly downhill from there, because you get used to all these things and it’s not special anymore.

First thing you should do (and seriously, do it!) is to print the syllabus for every subject (or at least every major subject). 

The major subjects of first year may vary from university to university. Usually it’s anatomy, histology and embryologybiochemistry, biophysics, biology (molecular, genetics) and some basic ethics and communication with patient. Syllabus is a list of topics you will go through in lectures and labs (and with whom) and it will help you get ready for labs and just keep up in with where you are. It also doesn’t hurt to learn to operate the student/university information system, find out how to sign for exams and just know where to find what.

For the more variable part - each subject usually consists of lectures, seminars and labs. Lectures are usually voluntary, seminars might and might not be voluntary and labs tend to be obligatory. Now the fun thing is that at least in my school you have to attend every class, you usually cannot miss one and if you do (for an important reason) then you have to take an extra class out of the schedule. And to be honest, most of us wouldn’t even want to miss one, particularly in the first year. But I will tell you about that later, when I talk about anatomy.. 

 Lectures tend to divide people into 2 groups. First ones will tell you that lectures are useless and they usually don’t attend any and second one wouldn't miss any. There is not one way out of this. You will have to see for yourself if it has any asses for you or if you just go there to take a nap (and not very comfortable one). I myself found that some lectures, or rather lecturers are just worth waking up for, because they give useful tips on exam questions, they pinpoint interesting things about the topic and just make it fun. Then there are unfortunately also those who just read the powerpoint presentation and that is just a waste of time. So I am a pro-lecture person, but if I know that the lecturer who is about to have the lecture sucks .. I rather stay in bed longer! 

Seminars as I’ve said tend to be obligatory. Seminars are usually more important than lectures. They focus on the most important things from each topic and they tend to be held before labs, so you can revise (or learn :P) the things that you should know for the practical part.   

Labs are gonna be the most fun part. I was really scared at the beginning, because the real science happens there. That’s the part where you learn to use the microscope, scalpel, do blood tests and experiment. It’s essential to study for the labs. Not only because (at least here) it is a rule that every lab starts with oral examination or test to find out if the students know theoretically what are they gonna do, but because you won’t gain anything from the lab if you learn it while doing it. There is always a way to cheat on the tests, and I am not saying I’ve never done this, because sometimes you just have to set your priorities.. and sometimes you just really need to relax to keep yourself sane. ;D 

First year is difficult and it may feel more challenging than the following years (even though the amount of information is gonna double, triple..) and it goes really fast. It’s difficult, because you have to master time-management, you have to learn to set the priorities, to be systematic and (and that’s the most important part) to study. You may think you know how to study, I used to think that too.. but I had no idea :D. You won’t go far with learning by heart, because it just doesn’t fit in the head. You won’t go far with the typical high school studying either, because you need to know things in detail and keep them in your head. You will have to be smart in picking studying materials and methods, distinguishing important information from unimportant ones and connecting it all together. That’s probably the biggest challenge of the first year. Not that you have to be actively thinking about doing all this though, it will just come to you naturally! :D

 Next time I will start going through the main subjects I’ve mentioned. So this is all for now, I hope you like it! <3

It’s OK to Want to Be in a Relationship

Feeling very emotional, nostalgic, hopeful and full of trust for what’s to come. I connected with a friend recently. We spoke about past experiences, relationships, people we’ve dated, growing up, views on love.

In April, I was getting to know someone new. You know how you cross paths with someone - apparently multiple times before, but don’t really notice them? It was one of those things. It was really fun just spending time with someone new, getting to know them, them getting to know you. My friends I’m around often over time realized I was experiencing someone new, but I didn’t tell them who it was. I didn’t want anybody determining who this person was on my path before I did. Sometimes when you share things, whether it’s prematurely or at a developed stage, other people put energy and expectations behind what is - and, if we allow it, it messes with the equilibrium.

Aside from having someone who genuinely cared about my perspectives and having someone to hold me, because yes, human touch is incredibly important, the experience served its purpose on my path. I know I’ve been getting glimpses and snippets of who’s to come through other people. Going to California really opened me up to new realities, new ways of beings, new thoughts, new experiences.

A couple of days before I was getting ready to leave Cali, I realized something very important - I want a relationship. I want a relationship and I’m not interested in engaging with anyone intimately if they’re not interested in the same thing. Sometimes you want to come off super cool and nonchalant and tell someone, “I’m just interested in being friends.” Then, you carry out activities, share energy, engage deeply and then, the other person or perhaps you reply in return, “I’m just interested in being friends.” For me, that.. that’s not enough. I want a commitment. Because short-lived passions are unsatisfactory for the being ready for a shared journey. The inability to show up past the surface - it’s not enough for me. I like to go deep, feel deep, experience deep and be transformed from it. Nevertheless, I’m so grateful for this person’s presence on my path because it helped solidify in my mind what I want unapologetically. I’m happy I don’t have to deal with those around me asking, “What happened to such and such?” Because they don’t know who it is.

I shared this experience with my friend who was just getting to know someone. She explained to me how he was as a person, but she was feeling some sort of doubt about him. I told her to pay attention to that feeling. Don’t push it aside. Sometimes we’ll meet someone and intuitively we’ll know whether or not they’re into the kind of experience we’re looking for. Sometimes we engage anyways. It results in disappointment. Anyways, long story short, the person my friend was getting to know ended up revealing that he wasn’t ready for any commitment. I could tell it really hurt her feelings. A feeling I understand myself. I wanted to hug her and let her know that everything would be okay. It’s better to know early on what a situation is, you know? Save yourself from the energetic affects.

I felt like I needed to share that. Someone’s ability or inability to show up is an individual experience that has nothing to do with you. Someone’s inability to show up bears no reflection on you worth. It’s not because of you. I read on Instagram today, “You will never be good enough for the wrong person. Walk away.” and “The wrong person will have you thinking you’re really asking for too much, when it’s them who can’t offer you that much.” You are enough. You don’t have to change yourself to be enough for anyone. I know you get lonely. I know you’re ready to love. But don’t allow your desire to love move you to settle. Who’s for you is on the way. Stick to your truth. Pursue the one who’s seeking the same thing as you. Stay committed to your self, your path, your passions, your love, your heart. The one for you will meet you and they will accept you for who you are. It will be right because you will be seen and adored for being you.

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hi *whisper voice* i like your blog! whats up? I'm bored...what's your fave dan and/or phil video mine is the one dan did with louise where they told us all of their awkward moments also aaaaaaall of the pinof videos ok byyye nice chat

hi! actually that video with Louise was uploaded when i first discovered his channel :)

well off the top of my head i’d say Psycho Thoughts

 the first AmazingDan

 and also the one where he watched strange porn with Tyler was great and this collab in general was such shock for me.

but to be honest i sometimes think Dan’s liveshows especially 2012-2014 are more important for me because danisnotonfire is danisnotonfire, and in his liveshows he talks more about himself. 

from Phil’s videos..hmm. i just really like you know make myself a hot chocolate or smth and watch his 2008-2010 videos like CLAW/♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥/Snokoplasm. they make me feel very cosy, relaxed and a bit nostalgic ;)

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'You kissed me in 4th grade before you moved away and now we live in the same dorm building and you don't remember me' au for bechloe? Thanks:)

It didn’t come as a surprise to Beca when her roommate, Emily, called her up telling her she had forgotten her room key. Again. This had happened at least six times and they had only been in the room for three months.

“And, what? Am I just supposed to leave the door unlocked for you?” Beca huffed, her phone trapped between her ear and shoulder, making sure she had her key in her pocket before she closed her dorm room door behind her.

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