i just feel like wanna make this idk

why is it so damn hard to find a nice, inclusive, gmt-friendly, active roleplay group nowadays ?? does anyone have any recs, perhaps ?? appless or not, idk, just gmt-friendly ( perhaps w a nice amount of gmt players idk ), active and inclusive group. welcoming to new members, nothing too massive of special – i’m down for any basic plot you know ?? i just want to feel AT HOME and welcome in a roleplay; i wanna be a part of an active group and just… make friends, plot a little, you know… like the good old days ?? do roleplays like that still exist ?? cause if so, pls send them to me… xoxo

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hey yeah follow up. im personally ok calling myself achillean but my fear is like ? imma make other people uncomfortable ? bc i look like a girl but im not ya feel. i just don't wanna invade y'all's space or anything ya feel ? idk should i come off anon & talk to you about this or something 😂

As long as you personally identify with the label of achillean, regardless of outside presentation, you are not invading this space! This is your space to occupy!

rant about thai k-idols

okay so,,, i’ve seen A LOT of ppl using a thai idol’s real name as if it’s normal (esp in fanfics) and as a person who grew up in thailand and is thai,,, that is actually very awkward. a thai person is born w a first name, last name, and nick name. the nick name is the name you will be called by throughout your whole life and many of your friends would prob never know your full name tbh. your full name is only used in official papers and business type situations. for example, in school, the teacher would call you by your first name and your nickname (it depends what they’re saying,, if it’s roll call or smth like that it’s your first name!!) i’m going to use ten as an example, so bare with me. if you’re friends w ten, you would never call him ‘chittaphon’. not even his family would call him ‘chittaphon’. it’s really just used for MAINLY official papers. please just call your thai idol by their nickname (which is most likely their stage name). i’m sure this is hard to understand bc different culture,, but i’m honestly rly uncomfortable w it??? it’s okay that you’ve been ignorant to this, but i hope you guys learned something new!! feel free to msg me for any questions!


I just want to take a moment to thank Yoon Jisung for being the most amazing person on earth. Literally half of his video was him comforting trainees who were eliminated even though he won. Just look at the way he comforts Samuel who is literally sobbing and clinging onto Jisung. I know a lot of people see him as just comedy relief but in all honesty he is a trainee who went through a lot. Especially as an older trainee (He’s 26/27). I’m also really upset with the result of P101 but if there is one person that I will support from Wanna One, it’s Jisung. Because even though he’s hilarious, he is talented and he’s easily the most caring individual in the show. If one thing went right yesterday it’s that Yoon Jisung finally got his chance to shine.

Also I feel like Jisung would make a great leader. I never expected Jonghyun not being the leader  but since he can’t be one, I want Jisung to lead Wanna One. He really has a fatherly aura around him when he isn’t being a meme. I truly think that he would do a great job. © ©

If there’s a bison miraculous it should go to Kim, just saying… cause he’s bi and he’s my son


okay i condensed this one a bit since it’s longer but listen this is beautiful and added at least ten years to my miserable life so

this is the soft shance content i needed today

moon in the houses and what makes you sad :’(

moon in the 1th — you’re sad if deprived from expressing yourself.

moon in the 2nd  — you get sad if something you value get taken away from you. or if you don’t have the money to purchase something you desire.

moon in the 3rd — lack of communication or being deprived from expressing your thoughts makes you feel sad.

moon in the 4th — you get homesick very rapidly so being away from home makes you feel sad.

moon in the 5th — being deprived from fun makes you sad.

moon in the 6th — feeling like you’re not helpful makes you feel sad.

moon in the 7th — being unable to socialize makes you sad.

moon in the 8th — being cheated on or lied to makes you extremely sad.

moon in the 9th — if deprived from traveling or expanding your knowledge makes you sad.

moon in the 10th — i almost feel like you’re saddened if you’re the center of att bc u get easily drained or maybe being /away/ from the public eye makes you sad

moon in the 11th — being alone makes you sad.

moon in the 12th — you don’t even know what makes you sad bc you’re always absorbing other people’s sadness. but basically you feel sad if you’re around a lot of people and u don’t wanna be there bc u just wanna be alone in your bedroom.

those are so predictable but i feel like writing sooo


Repressed Crush - Mitch Marner

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Note: lol bois its been like 6 weeks since I’ve been productive, so sorry. But here’s the long awaited imagine, love yall. also pls enjoy my meme.

Mentions: Auston Matthews, JVR

Warnings: like idk man, rude mitch

Requested by Anonymous: Hey can you do an imagine where the reader and auston are best friends but the reader and marner act like they hate eachother but they actually love each other? Maybe they figure out that they love each other by auston teasing them that the reason they act like they hate each other is because they both secretly have a crush on each other? Maybe Marner kisses her to prove that there are no feeling but there actually is? idk if that makes sense but thank u :)            

Up Next: Man, who knows. Probably Jesse Puljujarvi

Teaser: “cOnGRaTUlaTe hIM oN tHe gOaL (Y/N).” Your mocking tone inspired the glare that your best friend sent to you, as a few of the surrounding Leafs chuckled.

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if you ever begin to think youre important to someone just remember, you will always be second

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include...

Okay I LOVE RIVERDALE and I am high key in an Archie mood rn lmk what y'all think!! This is on mobile so f there’s any errors I’m sorry but I’ll try to correct them tm! Also friends this week is super busy with school stuff and family atuff so I’m slowly getting through the imagines in my inbox but I have like 19 to get through so I wanna make them good but I can only do so much on mobile so like if you want something request a Drabble or a list thingy like this idk lol it’s short and easy to do on mobile cuz I feel bad I’ve been so inactive but I’ll be back soon hopefully xoxo 

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  •  being the first one to notice his glo up bc he’s helping build your front porch over the summer
  •  making sure to sunbathe outside in your skimpiest bikini while he’s there 
  •  him finally just asking you out 
  • PoWeR cOuPlE amiright 
  • wearing his football jersey to games 
  • being front row whenever he plays a show
  •  "baaaaabeeee Archie cutie sweetie honey pie write a song about me"
  •  spending more time with Vegas than with Archie 
  • HIS ABS 
  • “y/n I love you but you have an unhealthy attachment to Vegas and honestly im not really sure if you’re dating me for me or for my dog" 
  • "you know i love you but my moms allergic to Vegas and not to you so like Vegas is a rare commodity in my limited canine economy" 
  • "I love it when you talk nerdy to me" 
  • movie nights in his basement with old eighties films 
  • wearing his varsity lettermans jacket and stealing his oversized sweatshirt 
  • Archie not speaking to Jughead for a week because Archie tried to get you to sleep over ;) but Jughead refused to leave his air mattress because he knew what Arch planned 
  • going to flea markets and shopping for old vinyl records tg 
  • studying dates where Archie tries to distract you but you make sure he stays on task by rewarding him with milkshakes 
  • sharing a shake at Pops then Archie getting pissed when you ate the cherry until Pop came over with another one for him 
  • you sleepily curled up next to him while he absentmindedly strums and writes 
  • "arch I think I’m falling in love with you" 
  • "I already fell." 
  • Fred loving you like a daughter 
  • "Archie you actually have an eight pack and that’s just not fair because when I eat three burgers and a large fry I gain ten pounds and you just very simply stay chiseled and I don’t-" 
  • him coming over for thanksgiving dinner and playing touch football with your family 
  • he’d pick you up over his shoulder and you’d be giggling so hard 
  • then he’d laugh and you just would lose it cuz his laugh is beautiful 
  • you coming over to help Archie rake leaves and then just kind of jumping in the pile because you can’t help it 
  • snow angels and snow men and hot chocolate every snow day
  • Archie just looking at you and breaking into a smile because despite all the shitty things going on you’re the best thing that’s happened to him and he’s never been happier 
  • also can we imagine Archie in a SnapBack y'all r welcome

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1/2 So uh. I was feelin’ the muse today and. Wrote. Luro smut? Except it’s lance masturbating and kuro with a dick piercing. So. Uh, if you wanna read it, I refuse to take credit for it but I can submit it to you? So you can post it or just read it? Just, idk if its like, ooc or anything. I just really wanted to write it. If this is weird or makes you uncomfortable, just ignore me!!! random anons coming to your inbox w smut can be wierd. So don't feel pressured to accept or

Dude. I’m all in for the smut :D
Bring it on!
Me - and I guess a lot of other people need way more Luro smut anyway. ❤
So, thank you for making this!! ❤ I’ll definitely read it :3 And maybe draw something for it or something. :)

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I'm a lesbian but I feel like I don't dress like one? like I feel really fake because I don't know if I even fit under femme, which i thought I did but someone said otherwise. idk i just feel like i don't know what butch and femme mean so i'm not dressing 'right'? sorry if this doesn't make sense, have a good day

if u wanna kiss girls and ur wearing fabric, ur wearing the correct lesbian clothing

Ethan trying to flirt with you would include...

-stumbling over his words

-rocking back and forth on his feet

-fidgeting with his hands

-nervous laughter

- him turning hella red

- struggling to make eye contact

-being cheesy to hear you laugh

-messing up his pick up lines

-but still doing anything to make you laugh

-smiling super big

-being blown away by your beauty

Idk I just feel like Eth would be a little awkward cutie at first.

SORRY IF THIS ONE WAS BAD. ITS MY FIRST ONE. But anyways let me know if you wanna see more things like this, also should I do more Ethan or Carl stuff??

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Starmora #20 please! Love your writing!

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Takes place after vol 2 

She didn’t intend to eavesdrop; it just sort of happened. She hadn’t even reached his door yet when she heard him talking.

“Do you think I should do something more elaborate?” She heard him say.

“I am Groot!” The little tree wasn’t exactly quiet either.  

“Yeah, you’re right. She’d prefer straightforward.”

She paused with her fist poised to knock, curiosity getting the better of her.

“I am Groot.”

“Okay, how’s this? Gamora, will you go on a date with me?”

“I am Groot.”

“It’s too formal? How else am I supposed to say it?”

“I am Groot.”

“What do you mean, what if she says no? She’s not gonna say no… do you think she’s gonna say no?!”

She’d heard enough. She retreated as quietly as she could, feeling puzzled. Why would Peter be stressed about asking her on a date? True, they’d never been on one before, but they’d already kissed - a lot. She’d more or less admitted that she loved him. What could he possibly be worried about?

She pulled out her holo; time to do some research.

Some time later, with a new understanding of Terran culture and a handful of the reddest flowers she could find, she found Peter messing with some wires in the cargo hold.

“Hey, Gamora!” He said, standing up when he noticed her. His eyes went to the flowers. “What are those for?”

“For you.” She thrust them towards him and he took them, though with a very confused look on his face – did he not understand his own culture’s customs?

She pushed on. “Would you like to go somewhere to eat and then see a movie in public?”

“Like… a date?”

“Yes,” she said, relieved that he got it. “I’ve done some research, and apparently first dates are very significant on Terra. One person is supposed to present flowers to the other, and then they go eat at an upscale restaurant and watch a movie.”

Peter’s lips had been twitching during her entire speech, and he finally broke out into a grin. “Yeah, we don’t get a lot of information about Terra out here. For one thing, I’m pretty sure it’s the girl who’s supposed to receive the flowers.”

“Fine, I’ll take them back –“

“No!” He clutched them to his chest, crushing half of them in the process. “That’s a stupid custom. I’m keeping them forever.”

She tried not to look too satisfied; she’d known he would like those. “So?”

“Oh, yeah. Of course, let’s go on a date!” He looked ecstatic, and Gamora was pleased that she’d taken the pressure off of him. As cute as Peter was when he was nervous, she didn’t want him to stress about something as simple as asking her a question.

But then he frowned. “Wait. Do you even really want to go on a date, or do you just think it’s something we’re supposed to do?”

“I… want to spend time with you,” she said honestly.

“But not at a fancy restaurant, right?”

“Is that not a requirement for it to be a date?” She asked. Maybe she should have checked more than one website for information.

Peter laughed. “Hell, no! I mean, I don’t know if Earth customs have changed, but a date can be anything.”


“Yeah!” He grabbed one of her hands with his free one. “Wanna go watch a holo movie and make out?”

“That sounds like a much better idea.”

Hey how many gaye trans guys want to dress kinda revealing sometimes or in tighter clothes that accentuate curves?? But they also don’t want to be labeled femme or androgynous or anything??
Just like “hey I’m a dude but I like to be a Gaye™ and show off ”

hey the rest is under this cut because it’s kinda long but pLEASE if ur a trans guy check this out and leave me ur feedback on this kinda thing?? cuz I feel like I cant really talk to anyone about it?

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29, 49 and 59!!!

lol Thank you again Ginelle! I’m really truly glad that you like these! It’s a really cool feeling when people actually like my writing. :)

“Come over here and make me.”

“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.” 

“How do I even put up with you?” 

You just want all the fluffy sexual tension, huh??? ;)

WARNING: swearing (the usual) and…possibly nsfw stuffs???…idk man, I haven’t decided yet. (Note: I’m halfway through writing this and I can confirm that yes, I did decide and this is now definitely smut. You can’t make a character say “make me” and not have it escalate! You just can’t! It’s not possible!)

I wanna put a gif with this so I’m gonna! 

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*nigahiga voice* teehee XD

It’s 10pm. I’ve been waiting on the Parker couch with May for four hours. Peter invited me to dinner, but never showed so I ate with his aunt. She had wine for dinner. I ate the stir fry she’d prepared. She broke out the bottle of wine three and a half hours ago, once she realized Peter wasn’t coming back, then spent the next three hours complaining about work. She let me have one small glass and finished the rest of the bottle in under an hour. She’s been passed out for about 30 minutes now. Peter still hasn’t come back.

I wander around the room and stop to look at the photos on the shelves. Peter hasn’t told me much about his family, but I can recognize his parents and there are a few photos of May and a guy who I think is Peter’s Uncle Ben, but I don’t know much about him. Peter mentioned him once, but then he barely spoke for the next few hours, so I haven’t brought it up again.

I grab my plate and take it over to the stove to get more food since I left the burner on low.

I’m a few steps from the stove when there’s a loud crash from Peter’s room.

I groan and set my plate in the sink then walk over to his room and open the door.

I’m not surprised when I find him in the skin tight red and blue suit with his back to me revealing the large red emblem on his back.

“Hi Spider-Man.”

He spins around and throws his right arm out ahead of him. I’m thrown backward and pinned against the wall by what looks like long strands of chewed white gum, but feels like hot glue with the strength of tightly bound metal chains.

“Oh god!”

I roll my eyes. “I knew it. I-”

“No you didn’t!” Peter cuts me off.

I scoff. “Yes, I did. I knew you were Spider-Man!”

“No. I’m not. I’m not.” He says quickly and clicks the black spider emblem on his chest. “This is just a costume,” he stammers as the suit slides off his shoulders and cascades to the floor, leaving him in only his boxers.

“Really?! I’m not dumb, Parker!” I laugh. “And you’re not exactly the best at being a ninja OR keeping secrets.”

Peter groans and slams his palms against his face and drags them down his cheeks in frustration.

“Plus,” I add with a smirk. “I helped with your laundry and you left some webbing in your jeans.”

“Shit!” he mutters. He raises his head slowly and looks at me, his expression softer. “You can’t tell anyone, okay? Promise me you won’t tell anyone.”

I curl my lips in and look up at the ceiling.

“I’m not kidding,” he says kind of sternly. “You have to promise. Swear to me that you won’t tell a soul about this. Please!”

I look back at him. He really is worried that he can’t trust me and that’s a bit of a punch to the gut, but then I remember I actually did just get webbed to the gut so I’m not really that sorry.

“Come over here and make me.” I smirk playfully. “If you don’t trust me, then come over here…and make me promise. I’m basically your prisoner, Spider-Man,” I gesture at the webbing I’m still covered in. “As long as I’m stuck, your secret is safe.”

Peter knits his eyebrows together, unsure of what I’m getting at, and steps out of his suit, slowly closing the gap between us.

“So what you’re saying,” he says playfully, “is that I could basically, I don’t know…torture you until you vow that you’ll never spill my secret to anyone?”

I nod and bite my bottom lip.

Peter walks over and closes the door then moves so he’s standing right in front of me, barely an inch away. I can feel the heat radiating off his body and his breath as it hits my skin.

“Your move, Spiderman,” I whisper. I try to swallow, but it catches in my throat. The anticipation is torture enough. “What are you gonna do?”

Peter leans closer to me and my eyes are locked on his. His gaze keeps falling to my lips, but he won’t close the gap between us. He won’t give me the release I so desperately want. But, he does give me the one that I need. I don’t notice what he has in his hand until the webs on me start to fall apart and drop to the ground.

I don’t move until they’re all gone. The wait is long and agonizing, but the second the last bit of webbing disappears, I jump forward.

My lips collide with his as I throw my arms around his neck. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls my closer. The kisses grow deeper and sloppier and my hands get tangled in his hair and his hands make their way into my back pockets.

He breaks for only a moment and quickly says: “Jump.”

I do and his hands grip the back of my thighs as I wrap my legs around his waist. He pushes me back against the wall and I use as a bit of leverage to help hold myself up. My hands are pressed against his cheeks, holding him close, and he pulls my legs tighter around him.

“Peter,” I gasp, out of breath. “The bed.”

He turns around and carries me over to it. My weight doesn’t affect him, his strength keeps me up and his hands move to my back as he lowers me down onto his bed. My legs leave his waist as he crawls between them. My hands slide down his chest as his lips leave mine and start traveling down my neck. I feel his hands tugging on my sweater and I push him off so I can pull it up and over my head. I leave my bra on and I lay back down. Peter leaves a trails of kisses down my almost bare chest to my stomach, stopping at my jeans. His fingers fumble with the button and zipper, but he gets them undone and I lift my hips up as he tugs my jeans off.

As he crawls back on top of me, his bare feet brush my now bare legs and I shiver.

“Quit touching me,” I whine and he lets me go and sits back on his calves. I roll my eyes. “Your feet are cold, Stupid.” I grab his hands and pull him back down on top of me.

Peter’s palms slam onto the bed and he stops before his body collides with mine. His looks at me closely, like he’s studying something, examining me.

“What?” I ask shyly, my cheeks burning under his gaze.

He takes a deep breath and smiles. “Did you leave the stove on,” he whispers.

“Shit!” I gasp and jump out of the bed and run to turn it off then run back quickly before May has a chance to wake up and see me in my underwear.

“How do I even put up with you?” Peter laughs as I scamper back into the room

“Shut up,” I laugh and crawl on top of him. My knees on either side of his hips, this time it’s my turn to stop and study him. He takes my hands in his and plays with my fingers.

He smiles at me. “Whatcha thinkin about?”

I sigh and lie down beside him and rest my head on his chest. I close my eyes and listen to his breathing and his heartbeat as it tries to slow down.

“I promise I’ll keep your secret,” I whisper.

I look up at him and he smiles brighter.

“I love you,” he whispers then takes my right cheek in his left hand and pulls me toward him as he leans closer. I stop before his lips meet mine and I look at him and smile.

“I love you too.”

Oh boy. Is it hot in here?? My cheeks are burning! Are yours burning?

I think this should be it for tonight, but feel free to send me more messages and I write more tomorrow!

Send me numbers for drabbles with Peter/Spidey!

Also, shirtless Tom does things to me… God, he’s so hot!

Night! ;)



  • soft blanket
  • plushies (specifically spaghetti and sgt leggy)
  • ppl playing w yr hair
  • ppl resting their head on ur shoulder
  • holding hands while walking nd swinging em together
  • flappy hands bc of Excitement
  • grape
  • chewy necklace
  • bright rainbow colored things
  • shakey leggy
  • confy sweater…
  • spinning a necklace around yr finger
  • when ur cuddling w a lotta ppl and someone/a couple ppl just Lay on u the weight and pressure is Good as long as u dont feel like ur suffocating
  • koosh ball


  • when ur chewing and ur tooth brushes ur other tooth and makes scratchy sound that ur head cant stop replaying its like nails on a chalkboard and its HELL
  • being at a restaurant and they give u the food and the things are Touching that you want to Not Be Touching and for some fuckin reason it makes u so upset and u wanna cry bc u feel like an idiot
  • sleeping with Just A Sheet
  • alternatively, sleeping with Too Many Blanket during Hot Humid Summer Night
  • humidity and heat in general
  • the smell of peanut butter ice cream
  • pears that are Too Mushy
  • pears that are Too Not Mushy
  • when a lot of ppl are talking and u feel like ur supposed to b understanding what theyre saying but no matter how hard u try u cant focus on anything
  • loud footsteps
  • anything mushy