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can i tag you?

i really kinda wanna tag you guys in things i made (edits, moodboards, aesthetics, poems etc) but i never know exactly who to tag? like idk who would be interested, so reblog this please if youre okay with it so i can always tag you in my things :)

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ok i know katelyn’s 10.0 from today was a lot less controversial than the one she got last week (? it feels like longer than that?) but i just wanna say that im #emotional bc of how much she struggled all throughout her elite career with injuries and constant comeback status just to get injured again and it was so hard for her but now shes at ucla and shes just enjoying being a gymnast and doing gymnastics again and shes in a place where shes successful and appreciated and it just makes me wanna cry bc i look at her and i see that girl from 2012 junior nationals and the 2013 american cup but i also see how much shes grown and idk it makes me so happy that shes so happy you know???

Okay guys I really hope you enjoy this blog…I’ve been quite unsure about it lately… Also I try to make this to be nice place for both fandoms so.. Im kinda struggling with finding things to reblog lately so I browse several blogs and tags a day just to make this blog “full” but Im just so unsure of everything I do so let’s just say I really hope you enjoy everything what I do for this blog

“There’s a hole in my soul

can you fill it? can you fill it?”

i feel like iko would like,,,, be really good at photography? like she would really enjoy doing it? idk its just a random headcanon but imagine iko with a camera. she would be really good at like taking candid shots of her friends. cinder laughing at one of her jokes. scarlet giving a soft look at wolf when she thinks no one’s looking. of course she would do photoshoots of her friends for free, professional ones with backdrops and wardrobe changes, but like. iko notices her friends, its one of her traits and its one that makes her the most human, you know? and so i feel like she would get into photography bc she would be able to express those little things she notices about her friends. the way cinder’s nose crinkles when she laughs, the way the tips of cress’ ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.

and of course she’d take hella selfies tbh

if you ever begin to think youre important to someone just remember, you will always be second

I don't understand why some people decide to dislike Jung Hoseok aka the sun

This is somewhat similar to the Namjoon post and I made that post on an impulse decision and yeah LOL.
But anyway.
Here we go.
I just don’t?????
What made yourself so bitter and negative to hate on such a loving person such as Jung Hoseok??? Like what happen to you all that made you like this??? Do you do it because you wanna feel better about yourself????? That not a very good and healthy way to do that to make yourself feel better by hating on others???you just like getting shittier and shitter….by doing that, if you wanna feel good about yourself, you can like idk do positive things and live your life instead of trying to ruin others like put yourself before others.
Haters that hate on Jung Hoseok aka the sun the golden hyung…are the people who choose the shitty potato salad at parties and such, and just eat it anyway, cuz they feel just as shitty as the shitty potato salad.
However you are always welcome to change your ways and choose the lovely wonderful homemade potato salad that your grandma makes when she comes over.
Basically what I’m saying is choose the amazing potato salad that your grandma makes and stop hating on Jung Hoseok and telling him to leave BTS and making death threat tags etc.

He is such a loving person and he doesn’t deserve this bullshit.
Love Jung Hoseok.
Also support his next mixtape and keep listening to 1Verse.He is gonna burn us all alive and we shall enjoy.


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I think you've mentioned this a loong time ago, but if someone asked (while not an anon) would you check out their blog?

I guess? I’ll gladly check out someone’s blog if I have the time. I really like looking at other people’s work!

But… If someone where to beg for me to like, reblog, and follow them then don’t count on it tbh. I know I sound like an asshole for saying that but I mean???? I don’t like it when people beg for stuff like that, ya’know? Like some people beg for fame and beg to be noticed and it just?? Makes me not wanna follow them??? Like they want me to feel bad for them and follow them out of pity but that’s just not how you get people to follow you. idk if that makes any sense, I probably sound like a jerk for saying that >~> …

In my personal opinion it’s not about how ‘popular’ you are or how ‘good your art is’, it’s about who you are. If you’re a kind person and treat other with kindness, then that’s all that really matters and you deserve all the followers in the world <3

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Oi listen im trans and it bothers me not only when people do it with ocs (of other people) but it also bothers me with ppl who make trans hcs on any character!! It just seems like ur fetishising trans people bc you "want them to be trans" or u want to "relate to them." U dont have to make a character trans to relate to them ??? Smh if u wanna make a character trans make ur own characters?? Idk thats my opinion ? I just feel pissy when ppl do stuffs like that. Also i agree with u 100% on oc hcs.

Idk i can’t really say much about trans headcanons as i’m not trans myself but it does seem weird now that you mention it! Like i’m sure it can be a comforting thing for people, but you ought to be able to relate to other things about a character besides their being transgender or not. Like i’m sure ppl do it for a multitude of reasons beyond that, like maybe it’s just to relate even further to the character or something, but still it does seem odd. Thank you for sending this in!!!


The guys in the Dishonored chat gave me the idea to do an Outsider-inspired makeup, however it turned into some kind of closet cosplay just to get the right whale satan mood (I also edited the eye and hair colour). My idea was to make it look like his skin is breaking off to reveal sort of odd-looking veins of whale oil underneath. Idk it’s some kind of void nonsense at least, and it was super fun to make. <3

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1. How you started drawing, 2. Your sexual preference, 3. If you could date anyone from bts- who would you choose?(are they your bias or do you think you'd just get along really well?)

((1. I started drawing when I was really young cause I was a weeb and wanted to be a mangaka. Fuuuuuck that. Now I wanna be a character designer/freelance painter so I am attending art school.

2. I am heterosexual but I am visually attracted to all genders (Idk if there is an actual term for that or if that really makes sense???)

3. Jin is my bias but I would date Jungkook cause we the same age and I feel like our personalities are kinda similar. Plus I love his thighs fuck))

Okay but what if one of them is actually not that into romantic feelings? What if they’re just in a happy, successful, platonic relationship? What if that’s enough for them; all they ever need? Is it really that hard to accept that?
I don’t wanna assume any of their preferences nor gonna label them since I don’t like labels much but as a “Aromantic” person I do in fact see similarities in what I myself consider a healthy relationship. It might just be me but that’s what I think about them.
And I see nothing wrong with it. One doesn’t have to be sexual or flooded with romantic feelings to built a healthy, working partnership. Nevermind if it’s platonic or not.
Idk if I’m just rambling here or not but actually maked sense to me and my idea of “Love”


“Kuroo and Hinata soon find out that there are a lot of first times in their relationship.The first kiss after an harsh argument. Lips still firm and eyes burning from held back tears. The first time they buy their own vacuum cleaner. It feels like they are finally proper adults.The first time Kuroos favorite cup slides through Hinas hands and shatters into thousand tiny pieces. Slience lies heavy between them, Hinata doesn’t dare to look up. Doesn’t dare to see the disappointment in Kuroos eyes. Until he feels warm hands on his shoulders, wandering up to caress his cheeks. “It is okay, sweetheart.”

The first time they realise the fireworks are gone. There are no longer butterflies and nervousness, but security and the feeling that home is not a place but a person. “I love you”, Hinas grin is so bright it takes Kuroos breath away, leaving him unable to answer”- @cutiepiehinata

Happy Birthday

((Mod: He’s a slut for Doritos))


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I agree with everything in your marliza headcanons (cute btw) except for I feel like Eliza would say I love you first and Maria is kinda shocked and emotional because no ones really said that to her and really meant it before

thanks man !!
i said that Maria would say I love you first bc i think that in the span of their relationship, she rly feels that her relationship w Eliza is so much worth it rather that being w James R. :0 And that she’s very risk taking??? idk if that makes sense i just rly wanna see Maria being proud of all the things she does if she isnt being held against her will lmao

You know what i feel like doing today? Lying in bed in Luke’s shirt, whilst he lies beside me shirtless and i want to trace all of his freckles and create constellations all over his shoulders and chest. Maybe share a few soft kisses and listen to his favourite playlist that just so happens to be filled with all of our favourite songs, just wanna soak in his presence and be consumed by him just for one whole day 

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I was going through your art tag and I just wanna say that something about your style is so, like, nostalgic (I can't think of a better word idk, it makes me feel really happy tho)??? It's beautiful and I love looking at it, and it inspires me to draw each time I stop by your blog 💖

ahw i don’t wanna cry, but this makes me so happy. I know how it feels to have art blocks, so if i can inspire people with my art, it moves me soo much. *hug* thank you anon

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Hey so I have a crush on this girl and I really like her but I've always been attractive to guys and idk how I'm feeling. Dose having a crush on a girl make me gay? Idk sorry I'm confused and just wanted to tell someone btw love ur blog.

you don’t need to label yourself. you can like whoever you wanna like and not call yourself anything. i hope that helps!