i just feel like sharing these psds :)

Followers Gift?

Ok, so.. let’s completely ignore the fact that I have been neglecting the idea of a followers gift altogether, but I feel like I shouldn’t do that anymore. That being said, I am almost at 600 followers (❤) and once I am done with my finals, I would love to share something with you guys. 

The problem is (and the reason why I haven’t been doing this up until now) I have no idea what to gift :D so, I suppose, I am open for your suggestions/requests ^___^ tell me, what should Airi make for you?

Poses, builds (houses and/or rooms), sim requests, base sims, PSDs, just to name a few. Or is there anything else you would fancy? Feel free to comment with your ideas, or send me asks, I will consider them all and will see what works best! 

Thank you for following me! *ugly crying*

I am getting closer to my next follower milestone and I was gonna do my typical resource pack but idk if people truly like those! So I was thinking of just making a psd pack since some people have been asking for tutorials and such lately. :) What do you think, my typical resource pack or a psd pack (prob 4 psds)? Or please feel free to share any other ideas you have?

i just reached 3k followers!! thanks so much you guys. i’ve had this blog for a month and 2 weeks and i’m so touched that 3,002 of you chose to follow me, thank you beautiful people. ❤❤❤

idk what i’m gonna post yet for 3k but if you guys want me to share anything like icons or psds feel free to tell me!! i’m also planning on doing a follow forever but i only follow 16 blogs lmao idk hahahaha

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share your cpd psd

After much trial and error I finally made a psd that I use for just about everything that I’m not really interested in giving out, although I will share one of my psds that I’ve used in the recent past, that is somewhat similar to my usual coloring. You will probably have to adjust some layers to fit different scenes, if you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

Please like or reblog if saving, and do not reclaim as yours.  


download psd