i just feel like buying presents for everyone

As We Dream By The Fire

Some post Christmas SnowBaz! Super short domestic fluff. I definitely consider this a modern AU, though it is not really that specific!

Buying Snow a fire pit for the back patio was the best present I gave myself this Christmas. We already had the comfortable lounge chairs that seat two if you try hard enough and feel like miniature sofas.

Convincing Snow to test it out immediately was the second best present I gave myself this Christmas.

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So, my sister’s birthday is coming up in a little over a week and for once, I’m really glad that we agreed to not bother with presents for each other anymore. It kind of takes the fun out of it, but I don’t know. I feel like it gets harder and harder to buy gifts for people as everyone gets older. Maybe it’s because we can get what we want for ourselves or we’re just not into asking for outrageous things like when we were kids, but I feel awful making a birthday wishlist. I can’t be the only one who continuously requests socks, right?

11 things I learned before turning 20

1. Don’t rush into anything whether it’s projects, careers, growing up, relationships (especially relationships) because it’s never going to end well. Take it slow and everything will be fine

2. Stop doing drugs it’s seriously not cool. You are going to regret taking that line of cocaine even though you live and breathe the feeling of an ungodly amount espresso shots

3. Be present. Don’t detach, don’t depersonalize, don’t remove yourself. Keep your eyes wide

4. Take more naps, just do it

5. You are SANE! Your thoughts are everywhere you can’t make sense of it, it literally seems like you’re crazy. You are just confused as everyone else. Chill out take some deep breaths and go look at pictures of puppies

6. Take care of yourself and be healthy. I know it seems like a lot because you are lazy but it’s worth it in the long run

7. Buy more vinyls, sunflowers, and iced coffee. The simple things make you the happiest

8. Boys suck and they’re so mean but you’re so young you have so much ahead of you. Don’t get blinded by how much you like that one boy down the street. He’s going to make you leave his house, not walk you to the door but make you walk yourself out the backyard gate, smoke all your weed, and keep your bong during winter break. You’re going to sit in silence because he doesn’t want to make an effort to at least be friends You’re going to sit there and think it’s totally okay when it’s not

9. Take your birth control on time.. Please just do it. It’s not fun spending money on plan b pills and pregnancy tests

10. Start doing things that will benefit your future. It seems impossible when you have big dreams but the small ones count just as much as the big ones

11. You are a sad girl but that it’s okay. There’s so much room to grow and start to radiate happiness, even though it seems like it’ll never happen. It’s there deep deep down inside. The people you surround yourself with bring out the best of it