i just feel it ok creys


Aapko kabhi pata nahi chalega ki aapke rashte mein kon ajnabee aapka humsafar banjaye aur woh…konsi ghadi ho jab koi anjaan aapke dil ko chhu jaaye…

suits spoilers

can we PLEASE talk about how the FIRST THING that came into Donna’s mind when Louis told her to sit down is that something happened to Harvey? Of all people, it could have been Louis himself with a problem or someone else but she just KNOWS that it’s something involving Harvey and I just—I mean, I’m just…I really loved that scene, OK. It shows just how much Harvey means to Donna and I can’t really go into an analytical state of mind at the moment bc I’m still trying to recover from such an amazing episode, BUT JUST GAH T____T this episode is everything. Creys.