i just fast forwarded to your scenes

You know, if ever they do make a Hamilton musical film. All I want towards the ending after Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story, towards the very end of the film is a post-credit scene where it fast-forwards to the modern day New York City. 

Inside a bookstore where the biography section is. You see a hand browsing through the selection of books and takes out a big one before the person walks up to the cashier to pay for it. The cashier then checks out the book. 

“Alexander Hamilton, huh. What made you wanna read this?”

“Nothing in particular. I just need a big fat book to read.”

The camera shifts up and reveals the person as…

Lin Manuel Miranda

DAY6 reactions when they find out that you like being kissed on the neck/collarbones

Hey, thank you so much for the request! It’s my first one, so I got really excited and freaked out a little bit. Honestly, it’s so amazing to see a request for my boys Day6 because people are somehow still sleeping on their talent. Also, somehow these reactions turned out pretty long, but I hope you don’t mind~ <3


You two were just relaxing, watching one of your most recent obsessions. You were holding your breath while Jae was violently shoving popcorn into his mouth. When the action-packed scenes died down, came a scene where the main characters started kissing. Usually, you didn’t like watching make out scenes, so Jae took the remote, ready to fast forward to the interesting parts of the show. But then, when one of the characters started leaving kisses on the other’s neck, your heart fluttered, the scene reminding you of when Jae did that to you. Before you knew it, you stopped him.

He looked at you with surprise. You had told Jae countless times how uncomfortable you got, and now, when he’s not using that to purposely torture you and is actually being considerate, you wanted to keep watching? After a few stutters, you shyly told him that you liked that kind of stuff and your confession caused a big grin to appear on his face. You opened your mouth, ready to wipe that smile off with a defensive comment, but your words disappeared when he shut you up with a kiss. He didn’t stay focused on your lips though, now knowing your preference.


Being observational, Sungjin always noticed little things that you or others didn’t. That came in handy when buying gifts or figuring out what was wrong and handling the problem, but he also often noticed what you liked even if you didn’t talk about it. Which was, in this case, collarbone kisses. Of course, for someone like him, who knew you from head to toe and could read you like an open book (I want to be your book, not your chapter~ if you know this reference) noticed how that particular thing affected you more than anything else, but he never asked about it out loud, not wanting to seem rude or awkward or make you embarrassed or something. 

What he didn’t realize though, was that you weren’t shy to admit that you liked when he kissed your collarbones. So one day, when you were thinking about god knows what, eating breakfast together, you decided to mention it.

He looked at you in surprise, but it wasn’t because of the liking itself, it was because you said it so casually, not making a big deal out of it like he expected you to. Your approach and attitude toward the situation brought a smile to his face. He decided to keep the fact that he already knew it to himself, instead nodding and assuring you that he’ll keep that in mind.

Young K:

I feel like Young K loved neck and collarbone kisses as much as you did, if not more. He was a bit of a romantic when it came to, well, everything, and that was one of the things you loved about him. He was the type to kiss slowly and passionately, trying to put as much feeling into it as possible. He was never afraid to try something new since your preferences and interests were pretty much mutual and you never had that problem in your relationship. Because of that, Young K had a slight idea, or maybe more of a hope that you enjoyed it as much as he did. But just like Sungjin, he never brought it up in conversation. He wasn’t insecure about your relationship, you had perfect harmony and trust between each other, so as long as you didn’t tell him you didn’t like something, he didn’t worry about it too much.

When you told him that you did indeed like neck and collarbone kisses, he was just in the middle of one, gaining even more confidence in his actions from your comment. Part of him was really happy that his hopes were true and that caused a warm feeling to spread in his chest. Another part of him, possibly his pride, was strongly lifted and he felt so flattered that he was able to please you that way.


This little bun was the complete opposite of Young K. He was very good with the adorable factor and probably the best when it came to cute dates and gifts, but otherwise, he was really insecure about his abilities to touch or kiss. He was generally a bit scared to try anything, constantly thinking that he might do something wrong or something you didn’t like, which was never true, but no matter how many times you said that, he didn’t really believe you. Getting tired of seeing him worrying so much about everything, you decided to just man up and tell him that you loved when he kissed your collarbones, in an attempt to encourage him a little.

He was taken off guard, never, and I mean never expecting you to compliment him on that aspect. But it did make him feel more comfortable and overly happy, immediately showing you his contagious smile. Of course, your encouragement wasn’t enough to make him get over his insecurities, but he did get braver, focusing on your neck more.


Dowoon was really shy when it came to kissing in general. It’s not that he didn’t like it, he just still wasn’t over the fact that you, the most perfect human being in existence, were his partner, so he got really flustered when it came to kissing. He was always very careful and hesitant, pulling away or stopping immediately if there was even a doubt in his head that you didn’t like it. If it were anyone else, you might’ve gotten a bit irritated at his constant hesitation, but come on, it was Dowoon, you could never get annoyed at him for something like that. So similarly to Wonpil, you decided he needed a bit of encouragement to get him out of that shy shell. And you did that by telling him that you liked neck kisses. 

Dowoon wasn’t surprised, he expected you to always say your opinions and likes. Taking the hint, he slowly dipped his head into your neck, finding sudden confidence from your request. After that, it didn’t take him long to lose the shyness and take you to cloud nine.

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hiiii, here are a bunch of fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of november. I recommend that you read these great fics in december, if you haven’t already!! there’s GREAT fics in here… some really seasonal stuff and even MY OWN FIC! please check them out!!

(all fics with a star are my favorites and if there are two stars then it was a favorite favorite)

1. Loving with a Little Twist (29k)**

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know Niall! I just promised my mother I’m bringing my boyfriend - a boyfriend I don’t have - to Thanksgiving dinner. What should I do? I can’t call back and be like, ‘Oh yeah mom, that boyfriend I said that I have, I don’t actually have. Sorry to disappoint you.’ My life is ruined.” Harry returns to suffocating himself with the pillow.

Niall laughs and Harry growls at his best friend’s unwarranted happiness in this life-ending situation. Harry is fucked. Fuck. He needs a boyfriend. Fuck.

(a thanksgiving fake/pretend relationship au, written by me!!)

2. When the Stars Come Out (30k)*

Louis was about to reassure Harry further when Gemma bounded back over to him, slipping a hand around Louis’ waist. Harry’s eyes followed the movement. And then that lip gnaw again. Christ. How was he supposed to survive this weekend?

He turned his attention to Gemma as her palm came to rest right above his heart. Laying it on a bit thick, dear. Or at least that’s what he hoped he’d conveyed with the simple tilt of an eyebrow.

In response, she went up on tiptoes and laid a noisy kiss on the hollow beneath his cheekbone. Louis didn’t take his eyes off Harry, who watched the scene play out with a blank expression. Once Gemma dropped back to the ground, Harry shifted away from them, his gaze dropping to his feet.

[Or the one where Louis pretends to be Gemma’s boyfriend for her horrid cousin’s wedding but fate is a nasty jerk and throws Harry in his way.]

3. Both Showing Hearts (113k)**

Louis Tomlinson is, in fact, not straight.

Harry Styles isn’t sure what he is.

Together, they figure it out, and maybe fall in love along the way.

Or, the Uni AU where Louis helps Harry figure out his sexuality, Niall crashes a bachelorette party, Liam works in a printing centre, and Zayn happens to need lots of printing done.

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Jinyoung Imagine - Embarrassing

A/N - Requested by the lovely @untainted-memories, I hope you like it and it does your request justice! Also I made up a random group name so pls don’t judge me if it’s super cringey haha. Keep on sending in requests everyone~

Today was a special JYP episode of Weekly Idol and two groups were going to be guests. Your group and Got7. You were excited to be on the show with them since all of your members, and yourself included, were friends with the Got7 boys. In fact you had actually acted with Jinyoung in a recent drama that had gotten really popular in Korea lately. Filming had been really easy since you were the same age as him and you had known each other since your trainee days. However, what made things less easy was the kiss scene you had to film together. At the time, you had tried to be as professional as possible but at some point during one of many takes, you had discovered some feelings you had for him. Not wanting to ruin the professionalism or your friendship, you never spoke up but now you were going on Weekly Idol, you couldn’t help but worry that the MCs would bring it up.

After waiting around on set and just chatting with your five members, it was time to film and the MCs got into the show. They were doing individual introductions and being the group’s leader, you went first. 
“Hello everyone, I’m (Y/N) and I’m the leader of L.O.V.E, JYP’s new girl group. Please show us lots of support~” Bowing to the camera, you smiled and breathed through the nerves that came along with being the leader. 
“Now (Y/N), even though your group only debuted a few months ago, you have already gotten a leading role in a drama! Please tell us more,” the MC encouraged, letting you recite the lines you had learnt before the show in preparation. 
“Well myself and Jinyoung sunbaenim played the lead roles in a new drama and I was very grateful to work with him.”
“I hear the two of you got pretty cosy as well,” the MCs teased as a clip began to play on the monitor just in front of the camera crew. It was the kissing scene from the drama.

Immediately, your cheeks flushed pink and you let out shouts of embarrassment and frustration. Glancing over at Jinyoung, you could see his cheeks and ears were tinted red too. 
“Ah such good chemistry~”
“Obviously we cannot just watch that scene but we must reenact it for our audience mustn’t we?”
“Yes, so Jinyoung ssi, (Y/N) ssi please come out here and act if for us.” You reluctantly stepped forward and Jinyoung did the same. Your heart was racing so fast you were sure he could hear it. Taking a deep breath, you tried to calm your nerves and just focus on the lines. Jinyoung opened with his line and you easily fell into place and began to recite the script you now had ingrained in your memory. 
“But now, I cannot think of anyone else but you,” Jinyoung said in character, is hand reaching to graze your cheek. 
“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” The scene was getting closer and closer to the kiss and you were unsure if you both had to kiss now in the filming studio. 
“Not at all. I think you know just how much I love thinking of you.”
“Then show me,” you whispered, knowing this was the moment Jinyoung was supposed to lean in and kiss you but before he could move, the MCs had split you both apart. 
“Everyone please cheer for them and go watch their drama!”

The show continued on and you soon forgot your embarrassment until after filming was over and Jinyoung asked to speak with you in private. 
“(Y/N), I just wanted to apologise about having to act out that scene.”
“It’s fine, Jinyoung. It’s not like we had to kiss while we were filming or anything.”
“Is that you saying you wouldn’t mind doing it if we weren’t being filmed?”
“Maybe it is.”
“Well I’ll just have to test that, won’t I?” JInyoung’s hand caressed your cheek again but this time he angled his head so his lips fit with yours perfectly. His other hand was on your waist, holding you closer to him as he kissed you softly. 
“Do you want to go out sometime?”
“I’d love to, Jinyoung.”

Sword Fighting For Fic Writers: Chapter 5

You can follow the tag #Swords for Fics if you want to keep up without following me :)

Available Chapters:

1: Dumb Ways to Die  2.May Your Blade Be True! 3.On Your Guard!
4. Making the Cut 5.Stick ‘em With the Pointy End 6.It’s Like a Dance
7.The Measure of a Man 8.A Crossing of Blades 9.Like Chess, but with Knives
An Interlude About Story Telling
10.You Can Barely Lift Your Sword 11.Buckle Some Swash 12.Dual Wielding
13.Everything is a Weapon 14.Got Your Sword!

Stick ‘em With the Pointy End
Thrusting Attacks

Thrusts usually come up from below or straight on. Thrust from above do happen, but usually when stabbing at legs or in conjunction with defending against an opponent’s sword. Once again, more on that in “A Crossing of Blades

Rapiers are the ultimate thrusting sword. They’re long, light and fast just for this purpose. They were designed for duels meant to end quickly. If you are writing for a rapier duel, this is their goal.

If you don’t know anything else about swords, point your sword forward and hope they run into it. As I mentioned in Dumb Ways to Die, this is more common than you’d think. All those scenes in movies of the know nothing sticking a sword out at the last second and killing their attacker are totally plausible.

Low guards lend themselves well to powerful thrusts, aiming up under the rib cage, or under the armpits, under the chin, through the throat, etc.

Thrusts from the side do happen, usually with a side or cross step. More on that in It’s Like a Dance

Thrusts are the easiest and fastest counter attack. You parry an attack and thrust forward. If the attacker was planning on a full blow, they’ll have very little time to react. This speed more than anything is what makes thrusts so deadly.

When making a thrust as an attack, it’s important to be aware of where your opponents it likely to defend from. If you come in at the wrong angle, they can attack straight through your weapon and at you. More on this in… you guessed it! A Crossing of Blades

Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction -  You Have Witchcraft In Your Lips

I just posted the first chapter of my Tom Hiddleston fanfiction.

Summary - You have witchcraft in your lips’ (Henry V – Act 5, Scene 2)
Eva was diagnosed with chronic illnesses in her teens and has struggled with her health. She is a costume designer and met Tom on the set of Thor and have been best friends ever since. Tom has always been a supportive friend with Eva’s health, being a confidant and a shoulder to cry on. Fast forward to after the ‘Swift’ moment, Tom found their roles reversed. Eva was the one to comfort him. After both professing their love for one another they settled in life together. Have a look into their life and the past moments that would unknowingly impact their future lives.

Sorry for the crap summary I’m not so good at them.



*Requested* Imagine the human reader takes the stake for Kol and he heals her and helps her get better. Then kills Jeremy and Elena

( Since I already wrote something similar and don´t want to write the same things over and over I just wrote an quite dark alternative ending to this one: Imagine Jeremy and Elena kidnap reader and using her as bait…I copied the part so you´ll can read it right away. I hope you enjoy, even though this is not my best work. Now happy reading my lovelies.)

Warnings: Character Deaths, Violence and a murderous Kol

Word count: 1.320

Your name: submit What is this?

[You are surrounded by muffled sound and voices, not knowing where you are or who you hear.You slowly gain consciousness looking around the room and seeing a person slowly walking over to you. You recognize your surrounding as Elena’s living room, letting you wonder how you got here.

Jeremy: “Elena Y/N´s awake.”

You try to speak but you quickly realize that your mouth is covered with duct tape and your hands and feet are tied to a chair.

Elena: “I´m sorry Y/N, but I can´t let you ruin our plan.“

She then steals your phone dialing Kol´s number and putting it on speaker.

Elena: “Let´s lure him over. You´ll be a great motivation Y/N.”

Kol: “Y/N. Are you alright? Where are you?”

Elena: “Actually it´s Elena. Y/N is alright, for now at least. But I think you should hurry over to my place to insure it stays that way:”

Kol: “If you hurt Y/N in any way, I´ll be your worst nightmare.”

She hangs up on him, right before Jeremy walks back into the living room. A loud crash makes you jump and you presume Kol just kicked the front door in.

Kol: “You better invite me in or things will get ugly.”

Elena: “If I invite you in my brother goes. And you have to promise not to hurt me or I´ll kill Y/N right know.”

Kol: “Fair enough.”

Jeremy: “Come in.”

Jeremy quickly turns around and leaves through the backdoor.

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151214 line music express transcript

This contains selected transcripts only. Some parts the translator deemed unnecessary are skipped.

MC: Then firstly, a question from me. I also announced the news a while ago about SHINee’s new album 「D×D×D」 to be released next year on January 1st. What is the album’s concept?
Jonghyun: 「D×D×D」…
Key: 「D×D×D」’s concept
Onew: D D D D D~
Jonghyun: What? Is that our song? You were singing D D D~ just now. Ah…it’s an album with a lot of genres so our charms…uh…please look forward to them. Also, the song 「D×D×D」 is a dance song so we’ll have a performance for that.
Taemin: Also, since it’s a dance song I think it’s a song that will be fun for everyone.
MC: I see…
Taemin: *whispering to Key*
Key: I don’t know!
MC: Do you have anything to add?
Key: No, I’m fine…

MC: How is 「D×D×D」 different from your other works? Like from your previous album?
Key: As expected…hmm…
Onew: As expected…the song…
Jonghyun: (LOL)
Key: Since it’s our fourth album, we have a lot of new songs. And compared to before (the album) shows a more mature side of us.
MC: We’re looking forward to that mature feel in the album then.

MC: Today, your song 「D×D×D」 was released via LINE Music and it is a dance song, as you said, right.
SHINee: Yes
Key: I think it suits a powerful performance but recently SHINee has…what are you doing??
Jonghyun/Minho: *does 「D×D×D」 choreo while sitting down*
Key: You want to dance it, right? (LOL) Ah…we’ve been releasing bright songs and ballad songs recently but now we’ve come back to releasing dance songs so I think that it will energize anyone who listens to it.

MC: There are a lot of questions also about your music video. Lke this one: “In your dance, is there a part that was difficult for you? I’m looking forward to the cool dance performance!”
Jonghyun: 「D×D×D」’s dance is really fast.
Onew: That’s true.
Taemin: First of all (it is fast), yes. It’s too fast.
MC: It’s too fast? LOL
Jonghyun/Minho: *does sample dance*
Taemin: I think it’s not good for the body…
Key: No, no, no, that’s unrelated!
Taemin: I wonder… I’ll just do my best.
Key: More than the dance, in the MV Taemin had a scene where it’s raining, right?
Taemin: Ah, there’s water…
Onew: Rain, rain
Minho: Water, water…
Taemin: I mean I…while I was drenched (with the rain) we were filming but that part wasn’t even shown much.
Key: What are you saying?
MC: That’s too bad…
Taemin: Yes, I was sad.
MC: You were shooting with the cold water…
Taemin: I was really excited about it (while watching the MV) and I was thinking, “Ah, when will it show…” but it was shown towards the end and just a small part, too.
Key: But that was a cool scene.
Jonghyun: You were cool.
Taemin: Thank you very much.

MC: Here’s another question. “You always have snappy dances, but who remembers the steps the fastest?”
Taemin: *raises hand*
Minho: Key.
Jonghyun: Key is…ah…Taemin, why did you say yourself?
Taemin: I feel that recently, I instantly remember (the steps).
Onew: Not really.
Jonghyun: Eh, no, no.
Key: Everyone’s against it, LOL.
Jonghyun: Taemin’s really slow. Key is the fastest.
MC: I see. Then who is the slowest?
Jonghyun/Onew: *raises hand*
Onew: Yess!
Jonghyun: It’s Onew and I.
MC: So it’s sort of your weakness?
Jonghyun: We’re both slow.
MC: But in the 「D×D×D」 music video I’m sure you were both snappy dancers. So I think it’ll be okay.
Jonghyun/Onew: Thank you very much.
Key: We’ll do our best.

MC: Also included in your album is 「View -JP ver」. What kind of song is it? Do you have a part in the lyrics that you like?
Key: View has a lot of repetitive phrase, so when it was translated in Japanese the director and us thought about how to present it and so it’s quite… huh?
Jonghyun: Mm!
Key: It’s quite nice.

MC: We also solicited questions from our users. The total number of mail we received was 70,000.
Key: Whoa!
Onew: Huh?
MC: A lot of people wrote to us. So we’ll try to ask the members the questions as time permits us.
Onew: *after a long silence* 70,000?
Jonghyun/Minho: (LOL-ing)

MC: “Do you like long hair or short hair on girls?”
Jonghyun: As long as it suits her.
Onew: That’s right.
Jonghyun: Either will do as long as it suits her.
Taemin: That is true.
MC: So whether long or short, it doesn’t matter, both are lovely?
SHINee: Yes.
MC: That’s such a perfect answer.
Key: When we have interviews, this question pops out a lot.
Taemin: We got used to it.
Key: What are you saying??
Jonghyun: I always become close, though.
Key: Close?
Jonghyun: I mean I always change my tastes.
Onew: (It changes) Everyday.
Jonghyun: Not that much.
Key: I’m sorry, it’s a bit sudden but it’s Onew’s birthday today.
Key: So we’re letting him do whatever he wants and not scold him.
MC: So you can do what you want and it’s okay, huh!

MC: Next question, “How do you spend Christmas?”
Jonghyun: Work, of course, right?
Taemin: Nothing’s decided yet but…
Jonghyun: We have a schedule, right?
Key: Nothing’s decided yet but we probably a performance?
Taemin: If possible, I’d like it to be a performance where we can meet with everyone.
MC: I see! Everyone would be looking forward to it.

MC: What is something you absolutely have to do every day?
Jonghyun: Do you have one?
Onew: Yup.
MC: For example, her answer is she has to pat/rub her cat every day.
Onew: For me, it’s showering.
Jonghyun: Everyone does that.
Onew: Is that so? But sometimes it feels troublesome so I don’t…
Jonghyun: Don’t lie!
Taemin: You’ll get found out.
Key: Do I have one?
Jonghyun: Something we have to do every day?
Taemin: I have to eat meat every day.
Key: He’s a carnivore.
Jonghyun: I also eat meat every day.
Taemin: If I don’t eat meat I can’t do anything like work.
MC: You have no energy? I see!
MC: We have another question from a user called Watanabe Maki-san.
Jonghyun/Onew: WATANABE!!
MC: ??
Key: It’s the name of our staff, too…
MC: Ah, I see
Onew: Nabe!!

MC: Do you reply fast to e-mail or LINE messages?
Key: This child is slow *points at Taemin*
Jonghyun: I reply fast but this kid is really slow.
MC: Why is that?
Taemin: I have a new ah.. *covers mouth*
Jonghyun: Why?
Taemin: Just water coming out (of my nose).
Everyone: (LOL)
Taemin: Recently, I had a fight with my friend. Because of that. I don’t really contact everyone much, so because of that…
Key: But from the start, he checks but never replies!
Taemin: Because it’s bothersome…
MC: But if you get into arguments because of that I think you should reply faster!
Minho: Jonghyun, though…he’s fast.
Jonghyun: I reply fast. Because I’m nice.
Taemin: So you’re nice?
MC: That means Taemin doesn’t seem very nice, then…but he’s probably nice he just doesn’t reply!
MC: By the way, do you think you can live without your phone?
Key: No, not at all.
Onew: I think I…
Jonghyun: I think I can do it probably but…
Key: Really? I can’t at all.
Onew: I can do it. It’s not an inconvenience.
Minho: I think I can do it.
Key: No, no, no.
Onew: I can live without it but the people around me would be bothered if they can’t contact me.

MC: We’d like to introduce SHINee’s playlist in LINE MUSIC.
Staff: *pulls smartphones from table and they fall to the floor*
Jonghyun: Oh!! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!
Everyone: (LOL)
MC: This playlist will be presented here! The members can also see it.
Onew: Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex (DxDxDx)
MC: (LOL) Onew’s really freely commenting right now.
Jonghyun: Dee-Dee-Dee! (DxDxD)
Onew: Dee-Ex-Dee-Ex-Dee
Jonghyun: Dee-Dee-Dee!
MC: We’ve created this playlist so please check it out.

MC: Can the members please face the camera and say, “Let’s LINE Music!” (Ongaku wo LINE shiyou!) in a loud voice to invite people to reach your playlist. Is that okay?
Key: Yes!
Onew: Then, 1, 2…
SHINee: Let’s LINE Music! (Ongaku wo LINE shiyou!)
Onew: Shio ramen… (t/n: salt-based ramen; shio sounds like shiyou)
Key: No… (LOL)
Jonghyun: That’s different!
MC: The birthday boy is doing whatever he likes, please go easy on him.
Key: That’s (a) fast (pun)!
Minho/Taemin: Because it’s his birthday.
Onew: Thank you.
Minho: Shio ramen.
Jonghyun: It’s delicious.
MC: Do you like shio ramen?
Onew: I love ramen.
MC: Ah, we have more questions from our users.
Onew: *mutters* 70,000…

MC: “During the fanclub event there were a lot of games and it was fun and everyone was playing around. Normally, do you do other exercises? What kind of exercises do you do?” It’s for Minho.
Jonghyun: But everyone is doing a lot of working out, right? But Minho does hhis own freely.
Minho: Like in gym, or playing sports like soccer or basketball. Recently, I’ve been doing golf. Golf is the most difficult for me.
MC: Have you mastered it?
Minho: Not yet.
MC: Ah, because it’s hard, right?
Minho: *does golf swing*
MC: Ah, that’s great.
Jonghyun: Nice shot.
Minho: Thank you.
Onew: *hits Jonghyun with stuffed bear*

MC: Another question, “If you were to become a high school girl for a day, what would you do?”
Minho: Fairy? (t/n: just guessing since he said yousei = fairy, as opposed to koukousei = HS student)
MC: High school girl. What would you do? First of all, it’s different since it’s a girl and then you’re even a high school student…
Key: I want to enter an idol fanclub. I don’t know. I just want to enter a fanclub and look at the idols and go, “Yaah did you see Kibum?!” Or see Taemin, etc.
MC: Of course it’s SHINee’s fanclub, right? I see. Since right now, you’re the ones that causes people to go “kyaa!” you would like to experience doing it yourself. What about the others?
Jonghyun: For me, I’d go to a meeting…meeting? Blind date (omiai)?
MC: I think that would be more of a drinking party/group date (goukon) right?
Onew: What about souvenirs? (t/n: since omiyage or souvenir sounds like omiai ^^; )
MC: Do high school girls go to drinking parties?
Female staff: They don’t. (Shimasen)
Onew: They don’t (Shimasen)
Jonghyun: Eh? They don’t?
Onew: That’s all, thank you.
Jonghyun: I’m sorry (Sumimasen)!
Onew: I don’t, I’m sorry (Shimasen. Sumimasen. t/n: …because they rhyme again)
MC: Are there any more?
Onew: I’d try singing with a female voice.
MC: Ah I see, in the karaoke right?
Onew: Because (a female voice) is high. I’m able to do “kyaa!” and stuff.
Jonghyun: Kyaa??
MC: You want to do that in a high voice?
Onew: Right now I can only do “gyaaa” *in a low voice*

MC: Do we have time for a last question? “Which world do you want to live in? A. Pokemon or B. Doraemon?”
Taemin: I (don’t like) both…
Minho: Are there only two options?
MC: Yes.
Jonghyun: Pokemon..
Minho: I want Pokemon.
Jonghyun: Doraemon..
Onew: Doraemon.
Key: I want Doraemon, too.
Taemin: I want to live in Dragonball world.
Key: What??
MC: Ah that’s great, you can do things like kamehameha…
Minho: I want One Piece.
Taemin: Do you want to be a pirate?
Minho: Yes.
Onew: One Punch Man then?
MC: That would be nice, too.
Minho: *imitates situps*
MC: Everyone has their own world that they want to live in, right?
Minho: *laughs and mutters* One-Punch Man
Taemin: *imitates gestures from OPM*

MC: Today, there are people who have their birthdays!
Jonghyun: Ohh, who is it?
MC: And also, Minho! You recently had your birthday, too.
(t/n: Jonghyun laughed at Onew because he was excitedly saying his name but the MC mentioned Minho)
MC: And so, 1..2…
SHINee: Happy birth– *party poppers start sounding and SHINee acted like they’re being shot*
MC: No one’s shooting you. No one’s shooting you. Anyway, we have cake for them!
Key: Waah! They look delicious!
Onew: *starts dancing*
Minho: Onew, Onew… *motions for him to use their noses for blowing the candles*
Jonghyun: No, no, you can’t.
MC: Congratulation! We also have gifts for you from LINE.
Key: Whoa!!
Taemin: Waah! I’m envious!
Jonghyun: LINE Bear?
Taemin: Is it okay if we carry this home?
Jonghyun: Thank you very much.
MC: Then a message from each of you? Onew, since you’re the birthday boy.
Onew: …Eh?
Jonghyun: A message.
Onew: Ah, thank you very much…
Key: That’s it?!
Onew: *starts to poke his own nose with LINE rabbit’s ear*
Minho/Key: LOL-ing
Jonghyun: No, no, don’t do that.
Onew: Ah, I’m nervous right now.
Jonghyun: Why are you suddenly nervous??
Onew: More than any day, I feel the happiest today. Thank you very much.
MC: Then Minho?
Minho: I’m really happy, thank you very much! *imitates LINE Bunny’s pose*

WHILE the MC was explaining SHINee’s new album:
MC: The members have started eating the cake!
MC: Then, final messages from the members?

Onew: Even though it’s such a short time, we managed to mee…mee…ah meet with everyone, so I’m really happy. Thank you very much.
Jonghyun: Yes, we’re doing our best in preparing for our concert so please look forward to it, thank you very much.
Taemin: Actually, we don’t usually do live streams, so it’s a bit difficult but today is a bit intersuf (t/n: he said omosuroi instead of omoshiroi)
Jonghyun: Huh?
Taemin: Interesting.
Jonghyun: It’s really difficult isn’t it??
Taemin: Yes, I still have a long way to go. But it’s nice to meet with everyone up close. And since it’s also Onew’s birthday, today is a meaningful day. It’s the best.
Minho: Thank you to everyone who came to see us today. Thank you very much. Please cheer for us.
Key: Yes, um…ah… well, we are about to release our new album DxDxD, so please look forward to it. We’re anticipating our tour so please wait for us.
MC: Then, will the members introduce their song as we end our program?
SHINee: *says different things* LOL
Jonghyun: We’re gonna say “please watch it” right?
Key: Let’s just say, this is SHINee’s DxDxD.
Key: Well, then, this is SHINee’s…
Onew: Let’s LINE! (LINE shiyou!)
(t/n: Idek why Onew said that)

translation credit: @keihissi

anonymous asked:

u write super fast and im so slow at writing how do

(Disclaimer: this is all stuff that, personally, works for me. I’ve never studied/researched/taken a course on writing so this is all just firsthand experience)

Write a lot. And write without caring. Seriously. That sentence you just wrote–does it suck? Possibly! But also who gives a shit. Keep going.

When I first took an interest in writing, I’d waste half an hour on one paragraph because I’d hyper-analyze every sentence I wrote, as if they all needed to be professional quality from the minute I clacked them out onto the keyboard. I focused way way too hard on making the sentences pretty rather than telling the dang story.

Don’t do that.

Instead write the story. Your sentences are allowed to be awful. Go back afterward and figure out how to make your sentences less awful. Next time around, you might remember how you did the non-awful writing. You learn to keep a lot of things in mind as you’re writing. You pick up tricks, and they’ll stick in your head if you focus on them long enough. Soon you’ll have your own narrative voice that might even sound nice-ish on the first pass, but you gotta develop it first. 

And try to write in “real time.” My cheesy analogy is to imagine that you and your friends snuck out to see an outdoor movie, but you’re underaged and the area is fenced in. Your friends elect to hoist you up on their shoulders so you can watch the movie over the fence. In exchange you have to relay to them what’s happening in real time. 

In this analogy

  • You’d explain actions quickly and concisely in any fast-moving/action-packed/fight scene
  • You’d set the scene for them, but you wouldn’t keep reiterating setting unless it changed. You would mention bits of the setting if the characters interact with it, or if the camera strayed to it to fill in a silence or a pause. 
  • Can’t find the right word? Oh well. Find something that fits because the movie is still going and you’re falling behind.

For me at least, having trouble with speed translated directly to having trouble with pacing. I got so hung up on my word choice and sentence structure that I lost sight of the speed at which everything reads. Then I’d read it back and realize a) it’s too short and b) everything’s happening much too fast. Don’t be afraid to pace and pad your story with terrible writing for the first draft.

When I first write something, I’m writing as though I’m watching the movie in my head and transcribing what I see. I can always go back later and expand on important details or change up dialogue and actions. Obviously there’s no way to literally write at the speed that a piece reads, but you can force yourself to go fast. And if it sucks, edit it after.

Don’t worry right now about how pretty your prose is. Focus on being able to tell a story that’s believable in its pacing and character motivation. Or if not, focus first on just being able to tell the story. Then work your way into pacing, then character, then nice language (but not overly-pretty because that stuff is awful to read)

When I’m writing, I feel like I’ve got a hundred tabs going in my head. I’m constantly and continually aware of all the moving pieces in a scene–characters, props, setting–and I do a subconscious scan of all of them before moving the action forward. I do this to make sure that everyone’s personality/motivation/state of mind agrees with “X” thing happening next. And I do this all fast because I’m writing in “real time”. This is not a skill I’ve perfected, and it’s NOT a skill I had when I first started writing. It comes with practice. If you try to do all of this at once when you’re just starting out (and don’t have experience juggling it) it’s gonna slow you  w a y  d o w n. Writing is frigging COMPLICATED.

So basically: accept first passes that are subpar. Accept first passes that SUCK. Because you’re still learning, and very few writers start out being able to mentally juggle EVERYTHING currently happening, (even the pieces that don’t end up making it into the narrative). There’s no shame in putting down a few juggling balls. Leave sticky details for editing, ignore that one terrible bit of dialogue you just wrote. Did you accidentally write out a present character for the last eight paragraphs? Ignore it, put them in later where they belong, and edit what they change. Just focus on getting through regardless of how well you think you’ve captured the story. You can piece everything together after.

Other Worldly (Part 3)

Pairing: Reader x ??? (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 2,771

Summary: Y/n bonds more with the brothers, ending up in peculiar circumstances with both of them.

Warnings: Guns, loads of sexual tension, but mostly fluff

Tags: @fandomcrazedhuman (If you want to be tagged with updates let me know!)

Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by superwholock56

“So, what do you want to explore first?” Sam asked when the two of you had resumed walking the hallways. For now, you had only passed spare bedrooms and supply rooms but you were itching to see one in particular.

“The library.” You replied without a second thought and Sam smiled.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.” He held out his arm and you linked your own through it. “To the library it is then.” He turned one corner, then another until finally, a vast space appeared at the end of the hallway and you ran forward, unlinking your arm from his.

“Oh my god!” You gasped when you entered. The library looked just like it did on screen; rows of shelves and columns, books and fast food wrappers on the tables, and ancient artifacts displayed all around.

You dashed to one of the book shelves and crouched down, examining the bottom. “What are you doing?” Sam asked and, satisfied, you straightened up.

“I read somewhere once that the shelves are on wheels, it makes it easier for shooting scenes.” You explained.

“How many times do we have to tell you that this is real?” Dean’s voice came from the war room. He stood by the large doorway with a plate of food in his hand and the same hard look on his face. “I thought you might be hungry.” He said, setting the plate on the table and sitting down in another chair.

As he said it, you realized you hadn’t eaten since the morning before the convention, and you were starving. “Thanks Jensen, I- I mean Dean.” You corrected, cursing yourself inwardly. “Sorry, this might take me a while to get used to.”

Dean nodded curtly and opened a book, scanning it pointlessly but sending a clear message that any conversation with you was over. You looked to Sam for help but he only shrugged and came to sit by you. “Nice, he made you his famous burger! I’m serious, that thing is like heaven in a bun.” Sam commented. “Well, I’ve been to heaven actually, and that’s almost better.”

Glancing at Dean, you saw that he cracked a small smile at the compliment. It was the first sign of positive emotion you’d seen since you got here and you would take it. “Can’t wait, thanks again Dean.” No answer came from the elder brother so you shrugged and took a big bite.

Sam watched with an expectant smile that grew wider when you moaned. “Oh 

my Chuck! This is amazing!”

Dean’s head snapped up and Sam’s smile dropped, confusion clouding their faces. “Chuck? What do you mean?”

You swallowed but it felt like you were choking. Clearing your throat and averting their glances you cursed yourself again. “Right…. You guys don’t know about that…

Sam and Dean glanced at each other. “About what?” They asked together and you had to stop yourself from smiling at the Winsync.

“I really shouldn’t tell you. I could change your guys’ fate or something like that, and you know how much of a bitch Fate is.” You tried to laugh it off but the boy’s expressions didn’t change from their confused state. “Guys, I can’t tell you. Telling you would be against the temporal prime directive or something. Besides, it’s probably just a stupid head canon anyway. Let’s just drop it.”

You took a bite of your burger and moaned again, Sam was right, this was absolutely amazing. “Wait wait wait.” Sam interjected and you grimaced, hoping they would have just let the subject drop. “What’s a ‘head canon’?”

“Oh!” Now this you could tell them about. “Head canon is like an idea that the fans have about the show that they believe is true. For example, you guys know Destiel right?”

Dean, who had turned back to his book, looked up again, groaning. “That’s that subtext thing between me and Cas right? How we’re supposedly in love with each other?”

You nodded, smiling a little bit. “Yeah, Destiel is a head canon that much of the fandom has accepted at this point. Many people like to think it’s true. However, it cannot become ‘canon’ until you or Cas actually admit your feelings to each other. I think when that happens, the internet will explode.”

Sam was poorly concealing his laughter and Dean was completely red. “For the record, Cas and I have no feelings for each other whatsoever so we will never have to see the internet explode. Do you believe in Destiel?”

He sounded genuinely interested and you were happy that you got a positive reaction, worried that he didn’t like you before. “Honestly? Maybe a little. There is a lot of subtext between you guys to hint at it and you two obviously have a very strong connection, or ‘profound bond’. I’m definitely not as strong a believer as most people, let’s say that.”

Dean nodded in understanding and glanced sourly at Sam who was now red in the face from laughing so much. “Tell me, who do the fans head canon him with?” Sam immediately stopped laughing and glared at Dean.

You winced at his phrasing. “The correct term is actually ‘ship’ like a relationship, just so you know.” You explained.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Fine, I guess we’re all pirates now. Who do the fan’s ‘ship’ him with?”

You glanced at Sam, who now looked like he wanted to die. “Well, it would take me forever to tell you guys all of the ships but the main ships are Destiel, Wincest,” The boys winced and shuddered. “And Sabriel.”

“Sabriel?” Sam wondered. “Sam and who? Gabriel?” He asked incredulously. “I hate that dude! He killed Dean like a hundred times just to prove a point!”

You put two hands up in surrender. “Hey don’t be mad at me!”

“Do you ship us too?” He questioned, putting you in another awkward place. Many of your followers shipped all three of these ships, causing you to write more than one fic about them, though you might not ship them yourself. Of course, you could never admit to any of this.

“No, although fan art has shown me that you would be cute together.” You joked and Sam shuddered again.

“I can’t believe this. Don’t people ship me with Cas?” He asked, almost hurt and both you and Dean burst out laughing.

“See? Maybe that’s the subtext fans should be looking for!” Dean exclaimed and you shook your head in disbelief, taking another bite of the delicious burger.

Again, all of a sudden you were hit with a wave of realization about what was really going on. You were sitting in the Men of Letters library with Sam and Dean Winchester, eating a burger Dean made you and laughing about Destiel and Sabriel.

“Wow.” You whispered and the boys looked at you in confusion.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” Sam asked, placing a large hand on your shoulder. The heat and tingles that went through your body at the contact was enough to tell you that this was real, this is actually happening.

You shook your head quickly to dispel your reverie and smiled at the boys. “Sorry, it’s just hard to wrap my head around this all. I’ve-” You tried to think of a better word than fantasize. “I’ve looked up to you both for years and now I’m sitting here with you, laughing, talking, it just all seems very surreal.”

“Well it is real, in fact, I want to show you around more. Finish your burger and we can explore.” Sam urged and you smiled, taking another huge bite. Dean had begun reading his book again, the hard look back but you were too happy with Sam to be disgruntled at his sudden change of mood.

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Homewrecker; Part 4

Summary: While helping your best friend plan her wedding, your attention is drawn more and more to her hubby to be. The choice is simple; give in to lust or be true to your friend?

Character: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3353
Warnings: Smut, mild language, a best friend named Stephanie (OC), an old boyfriend named Keith (OC)

A/N: Just a warning beforehand; this part really sucks. At least, I really think it sucks. But still, I do hope there’s still someone out there who likes it, lol. I’m just glad I got to finish it! x

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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3.15 recap

my brother jessy @decaheda‘s taking the night off from the recap biz so imma try to fill her very funny shoes. previously on the flop:

  • so the ep opens on clarke and some less important people arguing over what to do next and clarke’s like “lets find a nightblood” and everyone’s like “bitch where” and clarke’s like “yeah thats fair”
  • also jasper’s suspiciously chill bc that doesnt give anything away 
  • so clarke goes off to have a moment with lexa.rar and imma be real i cried it was sad everything sucks 
  • alie and roan watched the promo and got queerbaited just like me cause they showed up for the lexa mention right on time
  • roan’s there for the flame and clarke and i both lose years off our already short queer lives when he makes a grab for it
  • roan jacks the flame
  • clarke jacks roan
  • so clarke and the other less important people bring roan back to arkadia where he makes eye contact with raven for .08 seconds and for some reason the heterodonalds are shipping that
  • so clarke comes up with a plan
  • “we just need to take this really fragile chip that holds whats left of my soulmate, walk into polis which is full of thousands of chipped zombies who are gonna try to kill us, climb the tower, abduct ontari, unchip ontari, put the flame in ontari, and defeat alie”
  • roans like “yeah that checks out” so off they go
  • on the outskirts of polis roan goes “so imma need that flame” and clarke’s like “ha. hard pass” and roan’s like “no seriously, give it” and clarke’s like "im seriously not gonna give it” and they argue til clarke decides she’d rather get gagged and dragged in as a prisoner than let lexa out of her sight
  • bellamy’s like “do you really trust the sketchy king of the sketchy clan” and clarke’s like “i would literally die for this chip” so off they go
  • back to home base for the sky slugs
  • jasper’s being nice you know that means
  • he’s been taken over by a genocidal ai that has a better grasp on human decency than the average straight white man
  • he stabs monty but its okay cause he had sex with a girl in the last ep so he survives the wound
  • back to Polis
  • lexa died 8 days ago and its an abandoned gray disaster as dismal as this show’s ratings
  • roan’s like “yo” and jaha’s like “yoooooo!!!”
  • jaha’s like “gimme that flame yo” roan’s like “im literally only here cause of the lexa mentions in the promo” and clarke’s gagged so its muffled but you can hear her say “same”
  • it kinda sounds like “thame”
  • either way
  • we’re all here for the same reason
  • jaha’s feelin a little yikes about that but so’s roan cause he’s like “i dont like what im sensin, gimme heda or im out”
  • back in arkadia monty’s alive and raven’s doing sciencey things and devon bostick’s mindlessly pawing at the door practicing for his ftwd audition 
  • over in polis the blakes are angsting from their hideout while miller and bryan talk about how theyre gonna survive this and grow old together
  • who’s gonna tell them
  • back to clarke and roan 
  • clarke gets kidnapped and roan gets shot. honestly couldnt tell you if he’s dead or alive. probably dead, im guessing their guest star budget’s gonna be a little tight next season considering their show budget’s gonna be like, 8 dollars
  • so clarke gets dragged into the throne room and i deadass teared up a bit cause i bet clarke cant walk into that room without remembering the time lexa swore fealty
  • abby stabs her in the bobbies. you literally cant make this shit up.
  • damaged earth cleavage aside, clarke still wont take the chip so abby’s like “love is weakness lets fuck up her friends instead”
  • good to know that theme’s still alive and well
  • unlike your minorities
  • unlike your show
  • honestly couldnt tell you what happened in the scene after that, bellamy and pike were in the same scene and i fast forwarded til it was over
  • uhhhhh back in arkadia things happened i think. 
  • so skipping ahead a bit the new plan is murphy and bellamy go up the elevator to help clarke and defeat alie. pike’s the little engine that could working the elevator pulley thing and octavia’s just like holy shit indra can we kill him
  • indra’s like “no :/ the dead cant help us”
  • lexa’s like “first of all, bitch,” 
  • so they do get up the tower eventually but just in time for jaha to give ontari permanent brain damage so she cant take the flame
  • nothing ever goes right in this show what were we expecting honestly
  • clarke’s like “its over we’re fucked :/” 
  • ~*~ to be continued ~*~
Advice: Increasing Word Count

Anonymous asked: I’m having trouble making my story long enough. I have a conflict, character motivations, etc.; everything a story needs, but I feel like either my pacing is too fast or I don’t have enough events in my story. I’m afraid if my story is too short it will be unfulfilling for readers.

If there are scenes and events you can add that will help move the story forward, you can go ahead and add them. Just don’t add filler scenes. Come up with a scene that would be fun, but would also accomplish something important.

One of the best ways to bulk up your word count is by including vivid description. Here are some description links to help:

How to Make Simple Writing More Vivid
Describing Physical Appearance
Horror by Daylight
Describing Actions
Describing Clothing and Appearance

You can also slow the pace of your story by writing longer sentences, longer scenes, and incorporating exposition and introspection. Dialogue can slow the pace down, but it can also speed it up depending on what the dialogue is used for. Dialogue that focuses on character development, establishing back story, or illustrating setting can slow things down.
August 9th, 2014

AUTHOR: seecarrun

August 9th, 2014

Arthur had never lived the most extraordinary life.

He had grown up in an average town, went to an average school, got average grades, and now worked an average position at an average job. And while he had average looks, the only thing not average about him was his less than average social life.

That, was positively horrendous and depressing and he didn’t want to talk about it.

“You are just not trying hard enough, mon ami,” Francis, Arthur’s gorgeous and flashy best friend scoffed, sipping at his wine. “If you put yourself out there a bit more, the perspectives will come flocking.”

“Easy for you to say,” Arthur grumbled. Because it was. Francis never had a hard time finding himself a date for the evening, and couldn’t possibly understand how difficult it could be for someone as plain as Arthur.

And sure enough, the moment Francis excused himself to refresh his drink, a handsome, blond haired, blue eyed blur crept its way through Arthur’s peripheral vision, awkwardly making his way toward Francis at the bar.

Prepping himself for that obnoxious wave of unwanted jealousy to take over him once again, he loudly sipped his drink in a vain hope to drown out the incoming conversation.

“So, uh, hey,” the young man was saying to Francis, not at all blocked out by the slurping. “I really hope you don’t think this is too forward of me or anything…”

Here it comes…

“But, could you, like, introduce me to your friend over there?”


Arthur caught himself spinning around in his chair to face the scene, not trusting his ears to be accurately capturing the conversation, but turned back just as fast, not wanting to be caught staring.

In his haste, he must have missed the rest of the conversation, because before he knew it, two pairs of footsteps were getting closer.

Francis, grinning from ear to ear in that stupid, knowing way of his, held out his hand toward the handsome, lightly flushing man by his side. “Arthur, this is Alfred. You caught his eye and he wishes to say bonjour.”

Arthur gave this Alfred a once over, and found, to his surprise, he was even more good looking than he had first observed.

Too good looking.

“Francis,” he hissed, grabbing the Frenchman by his jacket and pulling him closer to whisper harshly in his ear. “Is this some kind of bloody joke? Who is this guy?”

Mon cher,” Francis gasped, looking offended. “You wound me to think I would trick you in such a way.”

Arthur raised an eyebrow and glared.

“Okay, so maybe it is not too off base,” Francis admitted, “But I promets I do not know this young man, and he is genuinely interested!”

Arthur, once again, looked over Alfred, who at this point was looking even more unsure of himself, and almost ready to be sick. His face softened.

“Hello Alfred,” he finally said, turning to Alfred and catching him only slightly in surprise, “my name is Arthur. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He held out his hand.

“Oh, uh, h-hey!” Alfred chirped, returning the handshake vigorously. “You’re British! That’s, that’s really something. I-I mean! What brings you to the states?”

They carried on like that throughout the night, and to Arthur’s surprise, it was one of the most pleasant evenings he had had in a long time.

It was only when he took out his phone to take down Alfred’s number, that he realized Francis had apparently left them some time ago. In his stead, a simple text message sent from Francis’s phone, almost three hours previous.

“I told you so. ; ) Have a good night, mon cher!”

Amy Acker – best known as Fred on Angel, and Root on Person of Interest - answers fan questions that we collected via Twitter. Compiled by Angela Allan.

First, we have to ask about Angel. What’s your fave episode of the show? (Mine is ‘Smile Time’.)

Oh, yeah. ‘Smile Time’ had some of my most favourite memories of Andy Hallett. Actually, we got in pretty big trouble because we could not stop laughing for three hours. Every time I think back on him and the show, I do remember that episode. And probably ‘Hole In The World’ because Joss [Whedon] wrote and directed it, and he was there. We had a super long hard day filming where Fred eventually turns into Illyria, and afterwards we went to get a drink. We all just sat there drinking and no one said a word and Joss said that’s where he came up with the ending for Avengers after that night.

So, fast forward to today and your role as Root on Person of Interest. Did you ever think your character would be so popular?

It was such a surprise, really. They asked me if I would come and do five or six episodes, so I really thought that was all it was going to be. I thought I was going to be the bad guy and that was the arc of the character for the season. I just felt so lucky that they asked me to stick around and got to become part of the scene. It was unexpected and wonderful.

On the show, milestones have been hinted at in past seasons, so what can you tease about season five?

I think it really picks up where we left in season four. Root is struggling with finding Shaw versus stopping Samaritan and which one comes first. It’s a nice arc to play and see how it affects her and how it affects the rest of the team.

So, can you describe season five in three words?

Let’s see. Unexpected… Oh, this is hard! Sexy. And, um… What’s something that would mean happy and sad at the same time?


Yes, bittersweet. I like that. Let’s go with that.

Are there any difficulties or challenges with playing Root?

I think it’s such a blessing that we have such amazing writers on the show. They always give you all these tools you need to get to the place you need to get to in the scene. I’ve definitely had to do some weird things! I needed to start working out, because I’m kind of lazy that way, and I found out that when you need to hold up two guns for a really long time it’s really hard. [Laughs] It’s always challenging because I’m not a tech-savvy person so I’ve had to do a lot of research and it’s really fascinating to see, because the writers are so smart and know so much about things that are happening. I’ve been on shows where there are demons and made-up things, so it’s like, ‘Oh, if they are talking about that, it must be made up,’ and they’re like, ‘No, that’s a real thing.’ So I had to do a lot of learning on technology and computer viruses.

What makes a good scene partner?

Maybe if their name is Michael Emerson that’s a good start. [Laughs] I’ve been so lucky. I just think back to Angel to work with J. August Richards and Alexis. I just think when you have a good scene partner, like J. or Alexis or Michael, or everyone on Alias, it seems like the writers get excited about that as well, and they tend to write you really cool scenes that you both get excited about as well. I feel like a good scene partner for me is someone I learn something from every time I’m in a scene with them.

Do you have upcoming projects you can share with us?

I’m doing a movie in Texas in May and that should be really fun. And I’ve been working on writing some stuff as well. I’ve just been taking some time to work out what I want to do next. I feel like I’m spoiled when I’m on these shows with people like Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams, so I’ve been picky about what I want to do next.

What’s your favourite dessert?

That’s a good question. There’s so many! We just got a pie yesterday for Pi Day and I chose a random salty honey pie that the kids didn’t like, so I have to eat a whole pie by myself. But a good pie is always good. I’m a huge caramel fan and a huge chocolate mint fan. My all-time go-to favourite thing is a place in New York called Milk Bar and they have this delicious thing called Crack Pie, so it’s pretty much that.

i can’t believe there are people out there who think bellamy has always been “only out for himself” and loves violence for violence’s sake i can’t believe there are people who have fast-forwarded thru every bellamy scene since 1x02 i cant believe there are superhumans among us who can somehow create an entire show in their heads that does not exist and then convince themselves that it is what is happening on screen i mean…truly i cannot believe it

this just proves how stupid jrat is lmao he deadasss crazy if he thinks ppl are gonna stay for his ‘incredible plot’ bich i fast forwarded every single scene that wasn’t about clexa i have no idea what’s your stupid show about


Made this list because I think it helps me collect my thoughts on what I saw this year and figure out what these movies meant to me and I really like lists. This year’s films are so powerful and wide and varying, it’s kind of mind-blowing. Every movie on this list knows what it wants to say and is able to say it in beautiful and concise statements. I’d say that every one is probably one of my favorites of all time. And there’s so many I didn’t get to see!

I actually originally ended up writing way too much so i just took mostly blurbs from what I wrote and put em together, except for the last one, so they might not even make any sense. It’s not a ranked list, I actually think a lot of the time ranking just takes away from actually talking about them.

Let me know what your faves are too! Watch more movies 2K14~


Fucking Scorsese. Knows exactly what each shot needs, a whip here a fast forward pan there, and knows when to hold back and let shot speak for itself (country club scene!). Sinks it’s teeth in from getgo. Film understands that to really hold these people responsible it has to make us feel what the pursuit of power is like: primal + blinding. Has to make us culpable. Distills thrills and dangers of allure and addiction right onto the screen into one huge punch of a film. Intoxicating and important. 

Fuckin’ Scorsese


Like watching a great pop song: fresh, full of youthful energy, ephemeral, but revels in the moment. Gets how transitionary periods in life feel like, when you’re trying to figure out the person you’re going to be, when you’re trying to figure out how to be happy socially, creatively, and financially. Modern day, but feels ageless in silvery digital black and white as French New wave film (lots of Truffaut) scores move it along. One of the sweetest movies about a female friendship, and the special bond and sadness of best friends in general.  


Singular, purposeful and separate from any other Coen film. Asks what artistic instinct is worth in cold world that might never recognize it, may never care. About how loss can be a thing of utter isolation, incommunicable. Losing someone means losing something inside you too, and film interested in trying to get just what that thing is. Title says it all, it’s about what’s on the inside.  Sad but maybe one of the most hopeful Coen films (outside Raising Arizona + Hudsucker Proxy maybe.

+ hilarious. Adam Driver scene had me and my brother in stitches in the theater


One of the best explorations of the beauty + inherent selfishness of artistic pursuit. Visually stunning, saw it on huge screen @ Lincoln Film center and animation just sings. Ends up being Miyazaki’s bittersweet meditation of his own life and work, if it was worth it all, if it means ultimately means anything. Places these feelings into the highest stakes, Jiro Horikoshi creator of Zero Plane @ the height of WWII. Never backs away from unsavory aspects, never glorifies, but reminds us why we’re so obsessed with creating in the first place.

Plus casting Hideaki Anno, person who has always been self aware of his role as artist, as Jiro is perfect


One of the wildest things I’ve ever seen in a theatre. Film ended and I was physically shaking as audience sat in silence through all of the credits. Comes from a place of the deepest empathy. Easy to simply pull back and vilify, but there are no heroes or villains. Vilification makes them caricatures, takes away power of their crimes, and distances us from them. Film is more interested in the circumstances that lead to people committing evil.  Never seeks to pass judgement, just to show the whole picture of a person, the whole context, socially or otherwise.  

Letting warcamp generals recreate their executions somehow also becomes about how we use art to alleviate our anxieties. Either as a way to further escape from our demons or to face and understand them.

So many scenes where I couldn’t believe what I was seeing was really happening, that it could be really captured on film. Somehow seems like this is exactly what movies are made for.


Woah. Feels like Shane Carruth figured out a different way to tell a story, a shorthand that. It’s cyclical and smooth, about how the smallest things can affect things in far reaching ways and what happens when we’re stripped of all the things that have shaped us into who we are. And he did everything himself, directed, acted, edited, scored, designed the poster, self distributed the movie, even held the fucking camera in the scenes he’s not in. It’s singular in every sense of the word. A film that never stops moving towards something new and of it’s own. 

Amy Seimetz is lovely


This is the one that really got me. About a short term care facility that fosters children in difficult circumstances, kids who may gone through terrible abuse and trauma. It handles the subject with utmost care, with beautiful shots, patient pacing that knows how to let scenes breathe, and acting that just rings so true. 

The actual circumstances aren’t something a lot of us have ever gone through but the film gets at something at universal. You don’t need to have gone through the same circumstances to understand trauma. How can wreck you, can reduce you to nothing. It can ruin all facets of your life and sabotage every relationship.

It can get so bad and you just want to be ok, for it to go away, to get better.  And to get better you need to let it out. But how can it when you can’t even tell anyone about it? 

How do you put it into words? What happens if you tell someone what’s going on inside and the words that come out aren’t able to convey just how awful it feels. The enormity of it. Because when something is so constantly painful you need to make sure they understand that. You need to make someone understand that it’s larger than anything to you. That it’s reduced you even being able to be a functional human being. You need people to understand because if they don’t then it’s like it never even mattered. It means the thing that has wholly consumed you can just be brushed away like it never even mattered. 

And that’s terrifying.

You become afraid of even the possibility of healing.  The very idea that you could ever be ok again is terrifying because you need the pain you’ve felt really mean something.  What does it mean if it can just go away? If you can just  be ok again was it ever really that big a deal anyways?

It has to matter. 

You become obsessed with it mattering. You can try to hide it, to make it seem like you’re ok on the surface, but it becomes the only real thing in you. You become nothing but your trauma. It has to matter. But when it becomes the only thing that matters, everything that you are doesn’t.  

You disappear. You become broken.

That’s why this movie is important. Because Short Term 12 gets what it feels like when you’re that desperate and isolated in yourself. When reaching out to a person becomes the most difficult thing and it’s unimaginable that you could just be ok.

It knows that talking about it has power.  When you let it out your trauma loses its power. And it knows that when in stops consuming you it still matters.

It knows that there are people that want to understand, that want to get you through the toughest ordeals. Other people go through trauma but that doesn’t mean that yours matters any less. It always matters. Instead of running away from it these people make it matter by wanting to be there for you.  Sometimes they’re a partner sometimes a short term facility employee but there is always someone that will care about you. They want to help because they know what it’s like to be at your lowest. It doesn't  mean that it’s the same trauma, we all go through pain but your pain will always be yours and it always be real. 

And It knows that it takes real strength to be able to tell someone how broken you feel. Trusting someone comes the highest of stakes because there’s a chance that your words mean end up meaning nothing, changing nothing, never mattering. It’s the biggest risk of all.  It knows how hard that is and believes that even at your lowest you can be strong enough to be ok again. Because sometimes by letting someone know what lies in the depths of your heart comes true healing.

Short Term 12 is a film about long term trauma, dealing with it and not letting it define you. It’s a small film that feels bigger than anything, because it is. And it means the world to me. 


The World’s End 

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Much Ado About Nothing 



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