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Hi! Your writing is, as usual, absolutely amazing and you post so much and you're absolutely amazing for it! If it's not too much to ask, could you do something where Bokuto, Nishinoya, Kenma and Tendou are reassuring their s/o who is very self conscious about their own appearance and have little confidence? It can be headcanons or scenarios I don't mind, whichever you prefer, dear~ thanks a bunch!!

I’ve come to discover through these that headcanons are, like, the best thing to do ever. Lol, but this was cute, Anon!

Hope you enjoy!

P.s. I just freaking figured out that other people add their own tags when they reblog my stuff and I literally spent about an hour and a half going through my notifications to see what those tags were. I love them. And I don’t know whether to be embarrassed by how much time I spent on it considering I have so many finals to work on! LOL.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • While this boy explodes with confidence, he does know what it’s like to fall into pits of insecurity, so he’d very much make sure to approach the situation very carefully.
  • He’d tell them the way they were feeling was valid - in the sense that society puts these insecurities on everyone - but that they should know that they’re better than anything society can produce.
    • And he’d be sure to tell them everything he loves that society perhaps wouldn’t - the birthmark on their cheek, their head to toe freckles, the beautiful dark kinks in their hair, their curvy figure that he looooves cuddling. And boy won’t stop until he names everything he loves: EVERYTHING.
  • They’ll probably laugh, tell him that they get it and that he has to say that because he’s dating them. Oh no, mistake.
  • It goes from 0 to 100 real fast, because he’s not finished.
    • Their laugh - like, the one where there is no control, where they’re crying and possibly snorting - is his favorite sound, their ability to take on the world so bravely, the way they love so fully, not holding anything back. There is so much about them that is so unique and grand and it kills him that they would even consider he didn’t mean every single word of it.
  • Cuddles, snuggles, and delicate kisses are to be expected afterward. And you better believe he’s spend HOURS just admiring every single part of their body - he’ll kiss every freckle, even the ones you didn’t know you had! - before he takes his time making love to the soul he cherishes to dearly.

Nishinoya Yuu

  • I actually think insecurity is something that might be a little hard for Noya to grasp right away. This kid has almost never been self-conscious about anything, it’s a very foreign concept to him, so catching on to the fact that something is wrong might take some time.
  • And he probably wouldn’t realize how much he’s not helping the situation when they come to him with these insecurities and he brushes them off initially with a, “you shouldn’t feel that way.”
  • That would start the trend of them just keeping things to themselves, because if he’s just gonna blow it off then what’s the point in telling him?
    • I can see it getting kinda bad. They’re fighting for no reason now and they finally snap one day saying how he can just go date someone who’s perfect then.
    • Oh. That’s when it hits him square across the face. And boy, does he feel like the worst boyfriend in the world.
  • From that moment on, this precious bean would try his best to understand what they were going through and be more aware of what they need from him when those moments come on. And he’s a quick learner, taking initiative in snuggle time and providing them with whatever will make them feel loved and wanted - words, physical contact, acts of service - they name it and he’ll do it because he never wants them for feel that way ever again.

Kozume Kenma

  • Really, just really, this kid would know that they’re insecure before they can even figure it out themselves. He had spent so much of his life trying to hide from the insecurities he faced while in middle school, there’s just no way that he wouldn’t see it as clear as day within his significant other.
  • But he wouldn’t bring it up directly, he’d wait for them to come to him when they really needed him. He’d watch them closely though, the last thing he’d want is for them to get too far deep into their own negative thoughts.
    • He’d probably be so wrapped up with making sure they were okay that he would just leave his PSP at home. Everyone is concerned for Kenma’s health - even them - but there are more important things to worry about.
  • Despite his subtle efforts to keep them from falling back into their insecurities, it’s bound to happen - sometimes you just in those moods, ya know? - and they’re breaking down in the middle of their dinner or homework or something just as random.
    • The first time in happened, Kenma panicked. He didn’t know how to handle such an outburst of intense emotion, but he figured it out slowly - and with a LITTLE help from Kuroo?
  • Now it’s just second nature, this boy will let it happen - because you can’t stop the inevitable - and gather up as many blankets he can find to wrap around the both of them where they’re stay burrowed for the rest of the night with Kenma whispered small reassurances and reasons why he loves them that are only heard by them and their surrounding covers.

Tendou Satori

  • I think that with Tendou he might actually be a little oblivious. The kids called ‘Guess Monster’, there are some things that he’s aware of and some that he misses and I feel like this is one of them.
    • Maybe it has something to do with his own past? Like, he knows what it’s like to be self-conscious about who he is and that he holds his significant other up so high that they could never feel that way because they’re amazing, there’s no one out there like them.
  • So when it does end up coming up that their self-conscious of their appearance he is totally floored. Because how can they say that? Don’t they know and see how pretty, no beautiful, no GORGEOUS they are?
  • For a couple days he’s not exactly sure what to do. He knew suggesting besting their enemies as he did when he was younger is not the way to go when the enemy is your own brain, right? But despite not knowing exactly what to do, he never left their side, choosing to console them with his presence at the very least.
    • Tons of forehead kisses and verbalization of his love is how they spend that time. He may not know exactly how to help them gain confidence in themselves, but he can give them all his love - which ends up being one of the main contributing factors to their attitude towards themselves becoming better.
  • Omg, I can just see this tol bean spending a morning in bed with his significant other just covering their face with kisses, smile wide, and every time they try to protest against something he says he just lays another kiss on their lips. Sweet thing will stop them with all his love from thinking less of themselves!

my headcanon for caboose is that he has very unruly hair that just GROWS and he likes it over his eyes. but sometimes when it gets too long and starts going into his mouth  he has to get agent washington to cut it for him (no one trusts him with scissors for good reason). it used to be church because tucker refuses to (”oh my god caboose you can cut your own damn hair!”). when caboose finally took off his helmet after sidewinder(he rarely does) his hair just exploded out and was practically to his chin because it had been such a long time since it had been cut.

to this day no one is really quite sure how he sees out of it.

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16 & 32 for the ask meme?

16. Talk about a ship you initially disliked.

i don’t think i have one of those? like i may not ship-ship a ship but i could find it cute! either that or i’d just feel indifferent towards it.

if i did initially dislike a ship though it’d just go on being…disliked? HAHA see: notps

32. Share five must-read fics.

oh my god i love almost every fic i read tho HAHA if you look at my ao3 bookmarks it’s a complete mess and is like a million pages and counting

i’ll just put the first five fics that popped into my head instead


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(marketing anon) HOLY SHIT "don’t sell what you produce but produce what you can sell" your analysis of the soukoku campaign has forever changed my perception of how they get their audience hooked! *mind explodes* i'm sorry i don't have more to say after you just wrote me a GENIUS essay but um, i'm totally speechless. as someone who's already fascinated with the dynamics between marketing and the people, you've only encouraged me!!

also just noticed: i have my own tag??? i am not worthy??? 😭😭😭 *hides face behind palms bc i’m so touched*

I’m really glad you liked it! The explanation could have been way longer and I had to force myself to send the publish button before it went completely out of hand! 

If you have more questions about the BSD/soukoku/whatever marketing situation feel free to ask :D (and of course you have your own tag!!)


#and in that moment this isn’t the dark one #beneath all that ulterior motive is /emma/ #and although she came onto the ship to get something out of killian #she didn’t expect /this/ #to feel somewhere in all the sludge and obscurity her heart shattering just a little #because she doesn’t want to believe him #but part of her /does/ #because she didn’t /want/ to be this person #she just wants to come back home to him #but the darkness is too much and you can tell she can barely withstand it #withstand her own self #if he can barely look at her how can she look at herself #she’s screaming for those looks of love from him but all that’s emoting on her face is hollowness

Favourite Riarkle moment in Girl Meets Triangle

…yep, there was one. In spite of the whole boys in one part, girls in the other theme. And in my opinion, it was a *doozie*. You know the jellybean scene in the episode when Lucas seems to have settled on Riley but then brings Maya back into the equation? (Fantastic Lucaya moment - huge! Creep theowldetective’s GM Triangle tags for why; but I’m here to focus on Riarkle.) The way Farkle exploded was such a great moment. In TV world, one of the biggest signs you selflessly love someone is the I Just Want My Beloved to Be Happy trope. (Google it.) This is where you love someone so much, you can’t be selfish. You want their happiness above your own. Even if this means your beloved is not with you/ is with someone else. Farkle has this for Riley IN SPADES. Which is why even when he was openly saying he loved her (pre-Smackle), he never truly got in the way of Rilucas, not once it became clear she really wanted Lucas. Indeed, her happiness is so important to him, he basically sells Maya down the river in GM Texas 3 (even though we know he loves her, too - albeit in a v. different way from how he loves Riley; this very action of pushing Riley towards Lucas at the expense of Maya and without talking to Maya first is a clear sign of this). Farkle’s consuming desire to see Riley happy is well documented by the time GM Triangle rolls around, but at this point I don’t think it’s clear how much he’s consciously repressing his Riley feels (the fact he’s unconsciously repressing them is undoubtable in my mind). But whether you think he is hip to his romantic feels for Riley at this point or not, I think his extreme frustration in the jellybean scene was hugely important and indicative of several layers of feeling. Firstly, it’s a real moment of science vs feelings AKA Farkle’s ongoing need for balance between the two. We’ve seen plenty of examples of Farkle getting that balance wrong, but Riley is always his kryptonite. During the jellybean conversation, he wanted to be detached, calm and objective, like any true scientist. (Mustn’t influence the experiment’s results.) BUT Riley being happy is so important to him that he wants Lucas to choose her. So when it seems like what he thinks she wants is within her grasp, and Lucas vacillates once more, Farkle loses it. But that’s not the only reason he loses it. Swirled in with that need to see her happy are his own deep feelings for Riley. Farkle’s conscious brain might be thinking “please, just pick her; end the triangle and make her happy”, but there is a lot more going on subconsciously. So that explosion is at least in part him being like “Okay, good, he’s finally made a decision; now I can manage my emotions about it and be happy for them (her) - ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!“ 😄

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