i just dyed mine


i was tagged for the bias selfie tag by the beautiful @vixxeroni~ (if me face burns your eyes, go look at that selfie to get your soul cleansed)

i hope the soft hakyeon will make up for me weak ass face lol

i tag: @yixingminseokjongdae@wonhonnie@wonsiks-hamster-taek@wonsik-chic@tvixx@fxck-vixx@burnt-enough-starlight@incorrectvixx@brekineee@deathbyvixx@whinytaekwoon@ah-theelementofsurprise@merlionmen@animeotakupooh@kpop-loving-noona@jaellyhwan@rapperravioli@hyukbln@hakyeon-go-go​ and honestly if anyone else wants to do it - consider yourself tagged by me!