i just draw her for her hair

“For all her fierceness, Idril’s appearance was haggard. Her hair, which hung wild about her face in the absence of a helm, was matted and her armor was splattered with the filth of battle. One of her eyes was nearly swollen shut by bruising, and dried blood had crusted between her nose and mouth. “

Guess who’s back to their drawing tablet!!! Just a fun exercise with lighting and perspective using a screenshot from the thread between @lightofthetrees‘s Idril and my Tolkien / olog-hai verse for Bruce. Even looked up Minas Ithil armor to make sure I got it down accurately. 

Is anyone else weirded out by Cathy or is it just me?

I like her character and all, though I wish her cards got printed. Also, I wish she ended up with Yuma. Yes, I know it wouldn’t make sense in canon but screw it! Forget about the bird, the ghost and the octopus! Think felines, Tsukumo!

Now back on topic.

Where the hell are her eyebrows? Those things are just gone and as anyone who has seen Dragon Ball Z will tell you: eyebrows might not seem important, but when you take them away, things just seem…


It doesn’t help that her lack of eyebrows draws attention to her hair, which I consider odd, even by Yu-Gi-Oh standards. The wiki attributes her ‘ears’ to hairpins, which I don’t buy, but will roll with. What is harder to explain is why her hair goes down to her nose, making her look like some odd human-animal hybrid. It’s a weird hairdo that doesn’t really make sense, but this is Yu-Gi-Oh we’re talking about.

And then there’s the eyes! Cathy’s eyes are always drawn so dull and off putting, like there’s something wrong with her. For comparison’s sake, please observe this picture of her next to the fandom’s resident punching bag:

And this isn’t some bizarre animation error, this is how her eyes normally look. This was a conscious decision made by the design team. It’s not like it’s a glasses thing. It doesn’t apply to characters like Durbe or that teacher guy.

And we haven’t even gotten into the way she acts!

As you may have noticed, she has a tail. Now the big question is whether or not the tail is biological. It has been shown to move at times, but we can just chalk this up to ZeXal being ZeXal. The only times when she’s not shown with a tail is when she’s in her school attire.

This would make sense, since a school would likely have a dress code that would forbid such accessories, but there a slight catch. Why would the cat tail be a no-go-

but someone like this is a-okay? Other suspect characters include Tetsuo’s suspenders and arm bands, Yuma’s pendant and Mizael’s earring. But then again, we’re talking about a school whose uniforms are in violation of their own dress code, so who knows how things work there? It may be a stretch, but perhaps she hides it. It might be more of a ‘self-conscious’ thing than a ‘formality’ thing. When she and her friends were invited to a fancy party and as you can clearly see-

the tail stayed. As you can also see, Yuma looks damn good in a suit and Kotori’s looking pretty good too. Everyone’s looking good.

The tail thing is just odd.

Even stranger than that is the fact that Cathy can seemingly communicate with cats. It’s not like she speaks cat, she speaks human and cats understand it. This applies to all cars, not just her own horde. It’s not even something Also among Cathy’s list of feline traits are her superhuman speed and agility. Some notable examples include episodes 17 & 18, where she was able to escape from a crumbling floor and  jump up several feet in the air in an effort to claw off Kaito’s face, because that’s just who Cathy is, episode 24, where Cathy was able to easily evade the pursuit of a killer robot spider and episode 51, where Cathy jumped across fucking rooftops with complete ease. This isn’t like most other times in ZeXal, when things like this happen and they can just say “a Number did it.” These are her normal abilities. She’s not like Yuma, whose parents took him on rock climbing trips and the like since he was young. In fact, Cathy’s past is shrouded in mystery.

One particularly odd fact is that Cathy doesn’t actually have a last name. Not that we know of, at least. Just look at her associates:

Yuma Tsukumo, Kotori Mizuki, Tetsuo Takeda, Takashi Todoroki, Tokunosuke Omoteura, Rio & Ryoga Kamishiro and then there’s just… Cathy. Her last name being Katherine was just something the dub came up with. Further building on the familial oddities is the fact that in episode 19, where we got to see the parents of our heroes, Cathy’s parents we notably absent. Slightly less notable was the fact that Tokunosuke’s parents were also absent. And then there’s the house.

As you can see, Cathy is pretty well off. However, why would someone that wealthy not be attending a private academy, as opposed to Heartland Academy? Furthermore, why is the house completely desolate during Yuma’s visit there? There were attendants present in the manga, but her mansion was considerable larger there.

With all of this taken into account, I’m fairly certain that Cathy is not human, but rather, the result of an experiment to create a human-cat hybrid. The world of ZeXal, from a technological standpoint, seems highly advanced so something like this could be possible. To avoid detection from the authorities, the scientists involved hid themselves away to continue their work, leaving their greatest achievement behind and supplying her with funds under the guise of being her parents who are busy with work. The isolation would explain her loneliness and awkward demeanor, as before meeting Yuma, she only had cats for friends.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Cathy is a freak and her cards should’ve been printed.

At least print her Xyz Monsters!

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Will you ever draw Rika?

mmm i’m not particularly fond of rika so i never did – i might draw her someday in the future tho (she has pretty hair tbh HHN) … but have this for now (this was requested multiple times idk LOL)

((i havent done 707 route yet so nnnn my opinion of her might change after i find out about everything? hmm – idk))

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Pidge is so precious!!! I love how you draw her, specially I love how fluffy she looks with long hair <3 I thought she would look stunning with that hair and a dress but, maybe she's not comfortable using one (but for some reason she has to), so everyone also uses one to support her :D

Wait.. what?

Blue Diamond Theory

Stop me if y'all’ve heard this before, but I just brought together a Steven Universe theory. 

So there’s a theory going around that White Diamond has the power to alter memories, right? This is supported largely by Centipeetle’s drawings where her memories are ‘whited out.’ 

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She also draws her and her crew with green hair in all pics before the Whiteout. That could just be for the sake of ease, but you never know.

It’s also generally accepted that the attempt to remember is what worsens the corruption.

Now this’ll seem like a tangent, but it’ll all come together by the end.

We are all pretty familiar with this image by now:

Now I’d like to juxtapose the above with the following, focusing mostly on the hair.

Originally posted by zamasu

You could try to say that the dark blue hair in the mural is just her cowl, but take a closer look at the gif. Even if that is the case, something is off.

While we can’t very clearly see her hair color in the above gif (though given that it’s the exact same shade as the rest of the cowl when there’s enough light to shine on both her lips and her diamond makes me inclined to believe that it is a shade of blue, rather than white), we can see that it does not go across her chest as it does in the modern day:

Originally posted by zamasu

Now, some people who have pointed out the hair change just chalk it up to the crewniverse having been unsure of her design. While that’s not impossible, it does seem super unlikely lmao.

What seems more likely to me personally, and this is where I’m gonna tie it all back together, is that Blue changes because of White Diamond (or her currently unknown agents) directly.

See, we know a couple things. One, that Blue believes that Pink was shattered by Rose via a Sword:

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(Can’t find a subbed gif, but there’s her whole “It was a SWORD” thing during the trial.)

Two, that Rose’s sword can never shatter any gem, much less a Diamond:

Originally posted by theworldofgems

So here we have:

* Centipeetle having a tampered-with memory
*Centipeetle having white hair (but drawing herself and her crew with green hair before the white diamond memory tampering)
*Centipeetle having named the diamond authority as the people who tampered with said memory
*Centipeetle being corrupted as a result.

*Blue having blue, or at least, noticeably different hair before Pink’s shattering
*Blue having misinformation (or faulty memory) regarding Pink’s shattering
*Blue now having white hair.

Soooo tldr: White Diamond fucked with Blue’s memory just like she did with the Centipeetle crew’s. This left all of them with white hair.

And just for shits and giggles, let’s have a bonus round.

Guess who else has solidly white (and not tinted, as with Holly Blue, Opal, Malechite, Jasper pre-corruption, etc) hair?

Another corrupted gem.

Bonus bonus round:

If White Diamond tampering with memories gives gems white hair, and if that is also tied to gem corruption, and if touching on the forgotten and/or altered memories quickens that corruption, it would add an entire other dimension to Yellow Diamond wanting to get the trial over with as quickly as possible. (Also, why she wants to keep Blue away from all of Pink’s stuff, beyond that just being her style of grieving)

If White Diamond altered Blue’s memories, as I suspect she did, then Yellow (who hasn’t changed, as far as I can tell) would want to prevent any corruption of Blue that might come as a result.

 ♫ Wouldn’t you rather forget her? ♫ 

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Where Hamilton and co. are waiters

And the event is like a modern winter’s ball, except john and alex are wearing tuxedos and brandishing trays


small diamaris from twitter

Kanan was with Chika and You that day and Dia had to play ‘big strong friend’

Mari thinks she did well