i just drank some wine

Oh my GOD i was hanging out with some friends and my buddy nick walked us to the bus stop and we were just chillin ya know and then nick’s like well i’m gonna walk home now and as he’s walking away courtney yells at him to put his shoes on properly and the next thing we know he WALKS RIGHT OUT OF HIS SHOES and just keeps walking away. He just left his goddamn shoes on the sidewalk. A legend.

There was one time when we’d flown down to St. Vincent in the producer’s private plane. Johnny and I were at the back of the plane. We just sat and drank some red wine. I don’t know if the altitude had something to do with it, but when we arrived there, we sort of stump-crawled off the plane. The Prime Minister of St. Vincent was there to greet us and he goes, ‘Hey, mon, very pleased to introduce you to St. Vincent,’ and we’re like just crawling past him, and then Johnny gives him a huge hug and like kissed him, and there’s me trailing behind him, picking up his shit. It was crazy, but it was fun.
—  Orlando Bloom about shooting Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp.

This is my “pretending I’m not overwhelmed by all of the writing I still need to do” outfit.
Brought to you by procrastination and finals week.

(PS - I made that skirt! Woo, costuming prowess!)