i just drank some wine

Okay but Imagine the Byers family dressing up for Halloween and somehow convincing Hopper to join in on the fun and dress up as a bunny rabbit because rabbits “Hop” and your name is Hopper

some modern college!peggy headcanons: 

  • her favorite snack is hot cheetos and she eats them with chopsticks. 
  • her friends snapchat her pictures of their poop cause you know #medstudentlife
  • she watches a lot of netflix along side her weekly kdrama.
  • she plays pokemon ( still ) and has a 3ds. 
  • she has a gym membership and takes kickboxing and yoga classes. 
  • she absolutely loves football (soccer). she’s both british and korean. do you expect anything else from her? 
  • she has a shitty sleep schedule. on average its four hours of sleep. 
  • she doesn’t like drinking but she can also hold her drink. but when she does gets drunk, she starts speaking in korean. and sings kpop songs.
  • she meal plans. aka she is the one with that instagram that shows that she’s an actual adult in college that can make food on sundays and use that for the rest of her week.
  • her guilty pleasure is american chinese food cause orange chicken is crack.