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Fake Dating AU? Fake Dating AU.

Papa Schnee has arranged political marriage plan for Winter if she’s still single by the end of the year, and Winter will do anything to avoid that–even if she has to pretend to be couple with her archenemy.

Qrow is in huge debt, being an alcoholic he is. He’s also never fond of certain Ice Queen. But with his neck on the line, and despite he doesn’t want to admit it (not to mention he has pride and popularity to keep), her proposal wasn’t exactly bad idea back then.

However, they’re not exactly convincing with the constant 8-year-old squabbles.


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“It’s okay, I’m here.” Aoba whisper as he kiss Koujaku’s forehead. The older man wrap his arms around Aoba’s slender waist, holding back his tears as his heart beat slow down from another nightmare that woke him up. “Hey Aoba… you remember that magic trick you did when we were kids? Can you… do it again?” His lover blush but comply with the request. Despite his embarrassment, he sing softly as he hugs Koujaku’s head to his chest, “Pain pain go away, come again another day~”

#HIDEWEEK - Day 03 [ ♠ ] Autumn   


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The first three pages of Vivica’s backstory –comic! I’ll strive for a bare minimum of one scene per week… not going to stress too much. I still wanted to make the comic a little neater than my usual sketchy comics, so I’m adding simple (lazy) grayscale shading.

You didn’t even say goodbye.