i just dont wanna get out of bed

What I need

I need someone who can handle me being cheesy as fuck somedays and craving attention and affection and someone to cuddle with who will surprise me randomly call me random times of the day and random text just to say how much they love and miss me someone who will let me spoil the fuck out of them..but also someone who can deal with all my fears and demons someone who will love me on days where I wake up sad and dont wanna get out of bed or who will stay up with me because I have nightmares I just want someone to love me through the good and the bad days

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Rfa+V+Saeran all loopy after dentist? Who do you think would cry, who laughs, who stares into nothingness?

Based on me! After I got mouth surgery so all the things said and done…….happened to me.


~”Yoosung I cant pheel meh moufh” You mumble slurring the works making him chuckle.
~He sighs knowing this is gonna be a long day for the both of you guys and proceeds to try to get you in the car
~”Nooooooo~ Yoosung I dont wanna goooo~”You cry refusing to get in the car.
~He pushed you in the car and buckles you in then got in he looked over to you trying to see what you would do next when he sees you knocked out cold
~When he gets you home he puts you in bed and sighs trying to make you some soft food that you can eat


~”Hey princess how do you feel?” He said as you drowsily opened your eyes welcoming you back into consciousness
~” I feel… fucking fucked the fuck up” You stutter and he just blinks before busting into a laughing fit.
~You start to stroke his rat tail whispering softly to yourself as he just looked very confused 
~You started panicking before touching your knees and going “Oh good…they’re still here”
~He found it so oddly entertaining watching you do all this stupid shit and he kinda felt like an asshole for laughing but he quickly reminded himself that you wouldn’t remember tomorrow 


~”MC stop chewing on your stitches!” 
~”MC get in the car!”
~”Yes MC…..your thumb is still there…”
~She kept reassuring you that everything was still there it was just in fact numb or else it would hurt and you wouldn’t want that would you
~Probably handles it the most maturely only chuckling a few times at the funny stuff you said


~He has only the best™ dentists for you and they told him that you would be a bit loopy….he wasnt prepared for this
~”Hey…Jumin…” You slurred 
~”Yes MC”He said looking at you
~”Juuuuuummmmiiiinnn”You whined
~”Yes MC?”He sighed
~”Whats your name Jumin..”You say before passing out on the couch
~He just has to take a minute to register what just happened and why you said that


~This little shit has his camera ready from the minute you wake up 
~”Saeyoung…..”You say touching your cheek
~He points the camera at you trying to hold back his giggles “Yes MC?”

~”My moufh is soooo full I pheel like a squirrel”You say with a dazed look on your face
~He doesn’t even try to hold back his laughter on that one he may sem like hes all laughs in giggles but he is seriously worried
~But that doesn’t stop him from spamming that chat with stupid videos of you saying dumb shit


~He is blind and you are drugged what will happen??
~He tries but ends up calling Jumin because he cant see so how is he supposed to take care of you
~But he still talks to you and doesnt laugh just listens
~”V!! The wallpaper is dancing” You say excitedly
~”Im sure it is MC…”He sighs facepalming 


~OK he cannot do this alone so hes bringing Saeyoung along to help with you and shit
~Hes bought some ice cream because he hears that helps and it totally not just another excuse to eat ice cream
~But anyways drugs and shit make him feel very uncomfortable so before you went under you told him it would just make you really loopy and tired 
~And tired you were, you were falling asleep and waking up then falling asleep it was kinda cute to him
~But the things you said in between your little naps were hysterical 
~”Im a bunny wandering through the clouds….woah…..”

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This ones a little weird... but how would the rfa react to waking up, after a night of drinking, in bed with mc? (In a version of the game where mc stays friends with all of them and doesn't really pick a route,,,) thnx so much!!!

you guys r so cute lolol this isnt weird :3


  • the first thing Yoosung notices when he wakes up is a sharp headache 
  • the second thing is MC
  • when he woke up he was holding MC in his arms, spooning them
  • oh my god
  • is this seriously MC?
  • i mean obviously he knows what MC looks like but he just….has to be sure that this is really whats happening right now
  • as slowly and quietly as humanly possible, Yoosung gets out of bed
  • he goes around to the other side so he can see the face of the person he apparently spent the night with
  • MC confirmed
  • he honestly cant believe it
  • MC is here, in his bed, in his arms
  • all wrapped up in his stupid star sheets
  • (these in blue)
  • he just looks at them for a few seconds, taking it all in
  • he then does the worlds quietest, dorkiest victory dance
  • he spent the night with MC
  • HIM!!!
  • thats when MC shifts in their sleep and he quickly gets back in bed, snuggling up to MC like he never even moved
  • he decides this is something he can definitely get used to!!
  • :3


  • as soon as Zen wakes up he knows he got real Fucked Up™ last night
  • he sits up in bed and stretches and thats when he sees MC
  • “shit. shit shit shit shit shit shit”
  • i am the worst human being on the planet
  • how could i take advantage of them like that
  • God please forgive me
  • why did i do that
  • Jaehee is gonna kill me
  • he stumbles out of bed, waking MC
  • “oh..good morning, Zen”
  • oh my god their sleepy voice is so cute-
  • “i am so sorry, i’ll get you a ride home right away i’ll even treat you to breakfast i swear i did not mean to take advantage of you-”
  • MC is majorly hung over and doesnt have the energy to talk over Zen so they just shush him really loudly
  • “wh…why are you…”
  • “Zen, you didnt take advantage of me, alright? this was my decision as much as it was yours”
  • they flop back down, sprawling out across Zen’s bed
  • “now will you please come back to bed? i dont wanna get up yet”
  • Zen is SHOCKED
  • MC doesnt want to leave, they dont even want breakfast
  • they just want to be with him
  • and after about one (1) single second of contemplation Zen gets right back into bed and snuggles up to MC
  • he is honestly so happy and warm and butterflies in his stomach


  • its MC
  • its really MC
  • shitshitshitshitSHITSHITSHITSHIT
  • she has to take some DEEP breaths to calm herself down
  • MC is probably dehydrated and will be hungry when they wake up and needs a fresh set of clothes and something for the headache they will definitely wake up with
  • but Jaehee is already late for work 
  • she makes a breakfast that would normally be for herself, and leaves it by the bed for MC
  • she brews some coffee that she would normally take to work but leaves it in a thermos for MC instead
  • she also leaves a glass of water and some advil
  • and on a little piece of paper she writes a note
  • “i hope you feel alright when you wake up. please dont forget to eat breakfast and remember that i am only a phone call away”
  • and on her way out the door Jaehee couldnt help but notice how cute MC looks when theyre asleep


  • he has so many mixed emotions
  • i mean, he feels happy but…
  • this is not how this was supposed to happen
  • he was going to court MC and win their heart in the most romantic way
  • not wake up next to them, disheveled
  • no, no this is all wrong
  • but somehow to still feels so right 
  • MC is so warm and soft and gentle and…perfect
  • but he cant wake up with them like this!!! ITS TACKY AND NOT HOW HE PICTURED IT!!!
  • Jumin leaves for work without waking MC but gives them a little kiss on the head before leaving
  • he makes sure that his staff knows to take good care of MC and gets them anything they need
  • he makes someone go out and buy MC a brand new set of clothes
  • and like Jaehee he leaves a note!!!!!!
  • he spends like 20 minutes drafting the perfect note
  • he doesnt want to sound too stiff but he cant sound too clingy either and he’s trying so hard
  • “my deepest apologies for leaving you like this. i hope that you are well taken care of, please call me when you wake up. Driver Kim will make sure you are returned home safety. i hope you had as much fun as i did last night. -Jumin Han”
  • this isnt how Jumin pictured his and MC’s relationship starting but he definitely didnt hate it


  • a rough morning
  • Seven is actually woken up when MC wakes up and sees him
  • “oh my god this cant be happening, this cant be happening”
  • he wakes up and rubs his eyes and then LEAPS OUT OF BED
  • “wait, did we….”
  • MC buries her face in their palms
  • “………….nice”
  • Seven decides to say with a smirk on his face
  • immediately MC grabs every pillow in the vicinity and starts chucking them at Seven
  • he bats them out of the air
  • “hey, hey whats all this hostility?”
  • MC grabs the blanket and suddenly hides under it, mumbling “because youre an idiot”
  • Seven shrugs
  • “thats fair”
  • he starts to leave the room when MC pokes their head out of the covers
  • “where are you going?”
  • “to make us some breakfast”
  • “really…?”
  • “yea. no one should have to wake up next to an idiot like me and not even get some waffles out of it”
  • Seven makes breakfast and even brings MC some water and meds
  • its actually a really pleasant morning and he’s super chill
  • then as soon as MC leaves his house

if you read all that thank you so much and i hope you liked it :3

We Don't Talk Anymore (WMatsui)

J : we don’t talk anymore~ we don’t talk anymore~ we don’t talk anymore~ like we used to do~~ *sings bitterly*

SKE48’s members : *stare*

J : we don’t love anymore, what was all of it for?? *sings*

Ryouha : *whispers* is she alright?

SKE48’s members : *shrugged*

J : cause even after all this time I still wonder, why I can’t move on? Just the way you did so easily~~ *still singing*

Akarin : *bites her finger worriedly*

J : dont wanna know, kind of dress you wearing tonight, if he’s holding onto you so tight, the way I did before~ *sobs*

Minarun : our ace had gone mad *nods*

J : I overdose… should’ve known your love was a game~ now I can’t get you out of my brain~ ooh it’s such a shame. *picks her phone* *clicks gallery* *reviewing the old wmatsui pictures* *sobs*


R : *lays on her bed* I just hope you’re lying next to somebody, who knows how to love you like me~ *sings*

Ruby : *stare*

R : Every now and then I think you might want me to come show up at your door~ but Im just too afraid that I’ll be wrong *sobs*

Ruby : (Is she still sane??)

R : dont wanna know, if you looking into her eyes~ if she’s holding onto you so tight, the way I did before~ *sings* *sobs*

Ruby : (my master is crazy!) *barking*

R : I overdose… should’ve known your love was a game~ now I cant get you out of my head, ooh it’s such a shame *tears rolling down her cheeks*

Ruby : *wiggling its tail*

R : *playing Two Roses Song* *Dances with Ruby*


WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore~

SKE48 members : they don’t, they don’t~

WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore~

SKE48 members : they don’t, they don’t~

WMatsui : we don’t talk anymore like we used to do~ we don’t love anymore, what was all of it for? We dont talk anymore like we used to do~

Shippers : you guys don’t talk anymore~ you guys don’t talk anymore~ you guys don’t talk anymore and it’s killing us~


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requested by anon

Can I request a Jungkook scenario where you two are dating the rest of Bangtan are asleep so jk sneek out to see his gf so the members and manager found out

genre: fluff?/romance?

‘I havent seen u in ages.”, Jungkook texted me. ‘Ik, baby but theres nm I can do about that.’ ‘I’m sneaking out to see you babe’ ‘Don’t you fucking dare Jeon, idc if i live above u, stay @ home’ ‘I rlly wanna see u tho’ ‘Fine whatever, just dont get caught’

Everyone was asleep, it was the dead of night, 3am to be precise. The moon shone brightly through the dark curtains of Jungkook’s shared bedroom. Jeon Jungkook, my boyfriend, thought it would be a genius idea to sneak out to see me in my apartment which was only two floors above his. He quietly got out of bed, turning back to see if Namjoon could hear him but he didn’t, so Jungkook quietly walked out of the dorm and made his way up to my apartment. “You’re an idiot.” “But you love me.”, he smiled as he entered my apartment. “God, you’re so clingy, and you’re gonna get killed by everyone.”

“I don’t care, it’s worth it if I get to see you.”, Jungkook smirked as he plopped down on your sofa. “What do you even wanna do? It’s three am in the morning.”, I told the older guy. “Let’s just cuddle. You can fall asleep if you want.”, he said as he pulled me onto him and then grabbed the blanket from the other end of the sofa. “Make sure you make it back in the morning.”, I told him, before I snuggled up close to him and fell asleep.

When I woke up, Jungkook’s arms were no longer wrapped around me. “I hope he wasn’t caught.”, I said to myself as I stood up and folded the blanket up. I did my basic morning routine and started to prepare my own breakfast, pancakes was today’s breakfast! Suddenly my phone rang, it was Jungkook. “Babe, I’m fucked.” “You got caught, didn’t you?” “Yep.” “Not even gonna ask how but good luck.”, I said, hung up and smiled to myself. “You’re an idiot, Jeon.”, I laughed to myself as I chopped up some fruit.

“You snuck out? Our Jungkook is a man with needs now.”, Jimin teased. “It’s not like that.”, Jungkook replied, looking down at his feet. “Why else would you sneak out?”, Namjoon asked him. “I just wanted to see my girlfriend.” “To do…” “To hold her and sleep next to her, not with her! These hyungs, seriously, you guys are so dirty.”, Jungkook said as he looked up to face three out of six confronting him. “Leave the poor kid alone, it’s not like you haven’t snuck out to do the deed, Namjoon.”, Yoongi voiced from his seat on the sofa. “We didn’t do the deed!”, Jungkook shouted. “I don’t care what you did Jungkook, don’t do it again.”, his manager told him. “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”, he chuckled and shyly rubbed the back of his neck.

“Jungkook is a man!”, Namjoon shouted. “We didn’t do the deed!”, Jungkook kept shouting. “Aish, leave him alone Namjoon! He said he didn’t do it, stop bugging him”, Seokjin laughed as he sat down beside Yoongi. “Our Jungkookie is all grown up.”, Hoseok smiled as he swung an arm around Jungkook, as he facepalmed himself because of his friends. Suddenly all the attention turned to the door as the guys heard the doorbell ring. 

“___! ___ is here!”, Taehyung screamed. “Shhhh, people might still be asleep.”, I laughed as I entered and made my way to the living room. Namjoon gave me a look and I knew what he meant immediately. “Nope, it didn’t happen. We just cuddled and fell asleep.”, I told him. “Fine, I’ll believe you but our Jungkookie is still a man! Come on, look at those arms and thighs of his! Don’t they make you go crazy?”, he joked, causing everyone to laugh and dismiss Jungkook’s incident.

i really hate being chronically ill sometimes. i wanna be able to go out every day! i wanna be able to do something with my life! but no, im in the exact same place i was 3 years ago and every time i push myself & do something i get so tired that i can barely leave my bed for days. and no one gets it, its not that i dont want to do things, i physically cant! but no one listens to that and i just. s c r e a m


{Requested by anon :3}

You were alone in the house today, mostly because your boyfriend Andy was still sleeping, he had just gotten back from tour last night and he was very tired. You didnt want to wake him up and let him rest, so you decided to call up your best friend Lila and tell her to come over.
Since she lived close by it only took her minutes to arrive. When you heard a knock at your front door you quickly opened it. “Hey (Y/N)!!”
“Shhh!! Andy is still sleeping in the room be a little more quiet.” You softly tell her.
“Oops, sorry I didnt know.” She says turning down the volume on her voice this time as she came inside.

“Why is he still sleeping?” She asked.
“He just got home from tour, my little cute rock star.” You cooed with an adorable pout.
Lila giggled and sat on the couch next to you. “So guess what?” She sang with a huge smile.
You laughed a little at her dorky smile, “What is it?”
“Just guess.”
“Lila!!” You whispered loudly. She just rolled her eyes and your eyes widened when she held her left hand up, a very shiny and huge diamond ring was smiling at you. “Oh…my…goodness…” you muttered.
“Yeah…David and I are engaged!”
You smiled big and gave her a hug. “Congrats Lila!” You said. “Thanks, oh, and David has changed a lot since you last saw him, look.” She says showing you a picture of him on her phone.

“Woah…he’s very…buff..” you mumbled in shock. The last time you saw your best friend’s boyfriend, he was very skinny, to you he looked pretty good being all muscular.
“I know right? He started working out lately, and now he is sexier than ever I mean look at him, any girl would feel safe with that hot bod dont you think?”
You nodded agreeing, “Yeah, he looks like he could kick ass now.”
Lila looked at you for a moment, “(Y/N)? Can I ask you something?”
“Sure whats up?”
“Do you think Andy would start working out if you asked him to? You know, so he can get big like David?” She questioned.

Right when that conversation got started, Andy got up to go drink a glass of water then go back to sleep, but he stopped in the middle of the hallway when he heard what Lila had just asked you.
“Well, I think he would…” you replied.
“Well you should, because honestly (Y/N), I am saying this as your best friend, Andy is way too skinny for you.”
Andy’s eyes widend at her words, he couldnt believe what she had just said.
“What do you mean Lila?” You questioned, glaring at her a little.
“Well I mean come on, how the hell is going to protect you with those little arms of his?” She asked.
With that being said, Andy couldnt hear another word, he went back inside the room. Meanwhile in the living room, you were shaking your head at Lila.
“Listen Lila, you may have all these high expectations for your man, but I have zero for mine, Andy is perfect the way he is and unlike you, I would never change a thing about him.” You snapped.

Lila looked at you a little in shock, she felt very insulted, but in the back of her mind she knew that what you said to her face was true. “Well then, I think its better for me if I go now..”
“Yeah you should.” You snapped once more.
She got up and left house, closing the door behind her.
You quickly stormed to the door and locked it, crossing your arms above your chest in frustration. “Stupid Lila, how dare she say that about Andy?…” you muttered to yourself.
You loved Andy with all your heart and now you felt the need to cuddle with him and hold him close to you.
“I hope he’s awake now.” You mumbled as you made your way to the bedroom.

Inside the room, Andy was looking at himself in the mirror. He tried flexing his arms, and he was dissapointed about what he saw. His heart was completely broken, in his mind, you didnt like him the way he is, he thinks you want him to be buff like Lila’s boyfriend David.
As he sat down on the bed feeling a major lump forming in his throat, he let a tear or two escape. But he quickly wiped it away when he saw the doorknob turning.
You came in with a huge smile, “Babe yay youre awake.” You happily said, your smile quickly faded away when you saw him just looking down on the floor.
You rushed over to him worried and squated down in front of him so you can face him.
“Honey…you okay?” You softly asked.
You heard him sniff, so you knew that he was crying. Your heart shattered and you his hands away from his face.
“Love whats wrong?”
Andy just shook his head, “Come on tell me.”

He took a deep breath before he spoke. “(Y/N)…do you really think Im too skinny?…” he whispered.
“What? No, youre perfect love.”
“But I heard what Lila said…and she’s right Im not that strong.”
You shook your head, “I dont care what Lila says, and besides didnt you hear what I told her after?” You asked. He shook his head once more.
“I said that to me you are perfect, and unlike her I wouldnt change anything about you.” You explained. His face lit up a little, “Really?…but look at me…”
“I am looking at you, and I still say youre perfect. And yes you are strong, I always feel safe with you, dont remember last year in warped tour? When that one guy tried to put the moves on me, you actually went off stage in the middle of the show just to kick his ass.”
You both laughed a little, “Yeah…I remember….” he said.
“And you kicked his ass pretty good.”
He chuckled once more and looked into your soft eyes.
“So you really love me like this?”
You smiled sweetly and nodded, “More and more each day that goes by.”

He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. “What did I do to deserve such an amazing girlfriend?…”
You held him tighter and kissed his forehead, holding his soft face in your hands.
“No, the question is, how did I get such an amazing boyfriend?”
He smiled and kissed your lips passionately.
“I love you baby…”
“I love you too Andy, dont ever change a thing about yourself.”
“Same to you beautiful.”
You blushed and crawled into bed. “Youre sleepy?” He asked.
You shook your head, “Nope, I just wanna cuddle.” You tell him opening your arms.
He crawled into bed with you and held you close, your head resting on his chest smiling.
The entire time Andy could not leave you out of his sight….
Because he was thinking how lucky he was to have found someone as sweet and loving as you.

(Im gonna cry…this was one of the sweetest requests ever…:,))

Straightedge Revenge
Jawbreaker Reunion
Straightedge Revenge

i wish that i wasn’t afraid of parties
maybe then people would start liking me
i wish that i wasn’t afraid of people
maybe then there would be a lot more i could see

i hate talking 
i hate drinking 
what if i just lay in bed? 
play situations in my head 
i don’t wanna get fucked up tonight 

get that beer out of my face
you sad sample of human race!
don’t wanna be the dream girl standing against the wall
people crawling up my back
oh god here comes the panic attack!
maybe i should just go home after all 

i don’t wanna be the girl with no one to talk to
i just wanna be the girl who doesn’t have to try
it’s times like these where i only feel like hiding
i’m walking out that door, tears are wellin’ up in my eyes

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Kenma has anxiety/Depression, and bc of his depression he was no energy/motivation to clean his room anymore, so his room is a mess, like waterbottle hell and clothes everywhere, and so he wont invite people over; because hes ashamed of it and worries that theyll judge him, even when kuroo comes over they hang out in the living room but kuroo knows about his anxiety/depression and one (1/2)

day kenma is feeling really down, like, he doesnt even go to practice and kuroo goes over and goes in his room to find him- and kenma’s upset and keeps apologizing softly for it but kuroo just gets in bed with kenma and wraps his arms around him, and holds him closely and is like ‘I dont care about your room i care about you, i wanna make u less sad' 

kuroo tetsurou confirmed as best boyf ever

C: I want to date inside my race..but I feel like I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Growing up as a dark skin girl all of my abusers and bullies were black boys and men. I feel like they’re always gonna be comparing me, to someone lighter or thicker or treat me bad cause of my skin. This is the reason why I feel like I cant date them. I just started trying to love myself. I don’t want them to make me hate myself again… i just wanna feel loved. I am so tired of feeling like trash because of my skin. I dont think black men understand just how much they can hurt us.. im a grown woman now and im still trying to get over this, it really hurts. That I cant date black men without feeling inadequate, and ugly, and like im not good enough, and always have to second guess myself and wonder if he truly thinks im beautiful or if hes only saying that cause thats what will get me into bed quicker. And I know there are good black men out there but outside of tumblr is a whole different story. And its so hard.. i dont wanna date outside my race. I feel like they just wont get me..or they’d prefer to date someone of their own race, and just treat me like a passing fling.. But at the same time I cant date inside my race either. Maybe imma just be alone or somethin

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What are your thoughts about Taylor waking up and seeing Torlie's pics on tumblr? I think it's hilarious (:

Imagine this… When Taylor wakes up in the middle of the night with her sleeping gf beside her and then she says, “oh hey let’s check tumblr” and then Karlie wakes up all of a sudden and goes “NOOO DONT NO ITS TUESDAY I DONT WANT YOU TO GET JEALOUS AGA–” and before Karlie could even finish her sentence, Taylor is already sitting up on the bed ready to interrogate Karlie like “we met already on this pic right? Why were you matching with her? You let her pinch your cheek like that? I don’t care if this pics are from ages ago.. Ooh look at you kissing her cheek… Nice :) :) blondes with blue eyes, just how you like it :)” and Karlie be like, “oh no…. You don’t wanna start this *pulls out her phone, opens up Instagram* remember that time I was the 5th wheel? :) :) oh babe, look at this sweet pic of me and your bf that you posted for my birthday… That was so thoughtful of you :)” And Taylor be all like “mmm… Hmm… Let’s just go back to sleep, it’s 3am” Karlie 1 Taylor 0

Progress Three


“Kiara baby, please stop crying. You bout to give yourself a heart attack and it aint even that serious”, I sighed for the 100th time today as I tried to calm my emotional ass wife down.

“Not serious? NOT SERIOUS!, Shut up Chris, just shut up before I slap some sense into you”, She yelled before crying even harder as I just stood there biting my lip in amusement, trying not to let my bubbling laughter escape.

“Mommy why you crying? Daddy being mean?”, Cash asked in a sad tone as he came out of know where and rested his head on her leg while hugging her. Rolling my eyes at the attention she was getting, I shook my head and stood up hastily so I could get out of there before my 6 year old twins cuss me out for ‘making mommy upset’.

Jogging up the stairs, I made my way to Romeo’s closed door and busted in only to kind King and Kendall laid out on his bed. Rome on the other hand had his suitcase at the end of bed while he continued to place clothing items in it, “You still packing bra?”, I muttered as I kicked my jordans off and got on his bed, laying out my body causing both of young kids to come and sit on me.

“Y’all in here making yourselves comfortable and shit and ain’t even wanna offer help”, He muttered while shaking his head while I just chuckled and shrugged my shoulders.

“You excited bra? Growing up so quickly and shit”, I cheesed as I poked his arm a few times with my foot causing him to swat it away as he mugged me, “You sounding all emotionall and shit, dont be getting soft on me”, He chuckled which instantly wiped my grin off and instead reached for the pillow and threw it at his head.

“Daddy! I was using that!”, Kendall exclaimed as she pouted and pushed my head a little so she could rest her head on my pillow, “Sorry babygirl”, I chuckled as I wrapped my arm around her small body.

“Wheres mom, I need help. Packing is hard as shit”, Rome muttered as his neatly packing didn’t last and soon began just tossing his clothes inside his suitcase.

“She crying downstairs”, I laughed causing Romeo’s head to snap up as sighed and shook his head at his mother’s antics, “Still? Man Im movin 15 minutes away, she acting like I moving to the other side of the country”, He chuckled as he pulled out his phone and started dialing a number.

“Try telling her that nigga, she been cussing me out everytime I try to say somthing”, I shrugged as I watched him literally call up his moms to ask her to come up stairs. Shaking my head I wrapped my other arm around a quiet King and pulled him onto my chest so his attention was on me and not the TV he was just watching.

“Daddd”, He sighed as he tried to turn back around but I wasnt having any of that shit, “You gonna try and leave yo old man like Rome?”, I frowned as I tickled his sides causing him to instantly shake his head as he laughed and wiggled out of my embrace, “No daddy I stay with you”, He laughed as he laid back down beside me.

“Me too daddy, I stay here with you too”, Kendall giggled as she jumped on my chest while I just chuckled and shook my head, “Like you had a choice little one, you aint ever leaving”, I laughed along side Rome as she sent me a confused expression before turning her attention to the door.

Red eyes and pouty lips, my wife sluggish made her way into the room with Cash and Cyson on each side as if standing guard. Soon as they both spotted me their expressions turned to mugs as if I was the enemy, “Y’all better fix yo faces before I do it for you”, I muttered as I pointed at them .

“Ma why you still crying”, Romeo sighed before chuckling and walking into Kiaras arms as she waited for a hug, “Cause my son is going off into the world and I cant protect you anymore”, She mumbled as she pulled away a little and kissed his forehead.

Although I had been teasing her for being dramatic, she was right. Even though Romeo wasn’t our blood son it didn’t make him any less to us and to have him go off to college was not only a big deal for him but a big for us.

Thankfully it wasn’t even too far where he was attending. Although Rome was scouted out by a number of college basketball teams across the country, he chose the closest one to home because just like us he didn’t like the idea of being too far away.

“Ma, you tiny as hell you, who you think you protecting? If anything its us protecting you”, Romeo laughed as he pulled away and made his way back to this suit case and looked at her for some help.

“He a grown ass man anyways he dont need no protecting”, I included which only seemed to get a mug from not only Kiara but the twins as well, “Ight one more time little niggas and I swear to god Im gonna whoop your asses!”, I rasied my voice causing everyone to jump while the twins hid behind Kiaras legs.

Kendall on the other hand started to pat my head as she tried to calm me down which seemed to work as I began chuckling at how cute she was, “Why cant they all be like my princess?”, I asked while wrapping my arms around her tiny body and planting kisses all over her face as she laughed.

“Cause Im your only princess, daddy”, She giggled as she hugged my body while I sat up right, on Romes bed, “Naaaa, Candice is his princess too”, Cash smirked as he stuck his tongue out at his little sister while trying to climb on the bed.

Lifting my foot, I used it to give his arms a little push causing him to slip back off the bed and onto the floor, “Little demon ass kid”, I muttered as Kendall laughed while Kiara just frowned while bending down and picking Cash up and placing him on the bed.

“You know what, you’re lucky to be getting out of this crazy house hold”, Kiara chuckled to Rome while she began to pack his suitcase properly for him, “While yall in my room for anyways?”, He asked just as Jesse bust through the door while holding a plate of food and stuffing his face.

“Whats up niggas?!”, He beamed with a mouth full of food causing me to laugh under my breath, “Come hang out ninja!”, Cy yelled as he jumped on the bed and patted a spot for Jesse causing Romeo to groan as he took a seat on his chair.

Id most likely never admit it out loud but I loved the fact that Jesse practically lived here. No one would ever understand the bond I had with that nigga and just having him here always put my mind at ease. Not only that but Jesse was my best friend and I ALWAYS had a good time with him so it was good that he was here 95% of the time.

“Whats going on in here?”, J asked with once again a mouth full of food. Before I could reply, Cash beat me too it and even stood up on the bed as he began to speak, “Rome is leaving but cant even pack his bags, Mommy is being crying baby while helping, daddy is grumpy ninja like always, Kendall isnt the only princess, Cy is crazy and I forget King was even in here”, He announced as we all sat there mouths hanging open and mugs on our faces.

“I am not a crying baby”, Kiara huffed before shaking her head as she laughed, “Little shit”, She mumbled under her breath while I debated getting up and beating his attitude having ass.

“Yea he 100% your kid”, Jesse laughed obxiously before taking a break so he could shove another spoon of food in his mouth, “How much trouble am I gonna get in if I whoop his ass?”, Rome asked as he narrowed his eyes a Cash who was still standing on the bed with a cocky look on his face.

“The fuck did I ever do to deserve this?”, I muttered as King stood up beside me and crash tackled Cash on the bed. Letting out a yell, the boys began wrestling around as Jesse placed his plate on the dresser and pulled out his wallet.

“500 on King”, He announced as he pulled a few benjamins out and slapped it on top of one of the suitcases, “Fuck 500, but I will put 200 on Cash”, Rome beamed before shrugging his shoulders at his mother who was now death staring us.

Walking over she snatched the money off the suitcase just as I enter my bid and placed a grand on top of the already growing money, “I honestly do not understand what goes through your minds sometimes”, She sighed dramatically as she stuffed the money in her bra, before pulling Cash off King.

“And the next time you two want to act like a bunch of animals you can sit outside in the dark like animals”, She warned the boys sternly as she sat Cash on his feet.

“How you gonna rob us of our money tho?”, I asked as I kissed Kendalls head and go off the bed, making my way over to where she returned to packing Rome’s last suitcase.

“Foreal Ki, You gonna play me like that?”, Jesse exclaimed as I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist while resting my chin on her shoulder, “Serves yo ass right for betting on my sons, nigga”, She muttered the last part lowly as we all began laughing at her cute self.

Ever so slowly I moved my hand from her waist and made its way up to perfect breasts that I loved so much. Without any warning I shoved my hand in her left cup and retrieved the money, not without getting a handful of boob though, “Hey hey, back up light bright”, She said as she slapped my hand away causing our kids to all start laughing.

“You light bright daddy”, Kendall giggled as my grin turned into a frown at the new nick name I knew my kids were going to use. Shaking my head, I handed the 1700 dollars to Rome who happily accepted just as baby cries filled the monitor that Kiara had brought in, “Alright, everyone up and start getting ready for your showers we got dinner in a few hours”, Kiara announced as she clapped her hands causing everyone to groan.

“Dont be groaning, you little shits. Do what yo mom says”, I muttered as everyone started filing out of the room, except King who insisted I carry him out, “You spoilt as hell”, I told him as I picked him up and wrapped my arm around Kiaras shoulder.

“No! You spoilt!”, King yelled back before tilting his head and breaking out in laughter like the hyped little kid he is, “Yea you tell him King”, Kiara giggled beside me as she high fived him. 

“You crazy? If there is one person in this household who is spoilt, it is yo ass”, I chuckled as I leant down and pecked her lips before she could say anything back. 

Kiara, headed off to our youngest twins bedroom while I took King to our bedroom so I could shower little man. Truth me told, King was my little nigga. Cy and Cash may have my hard personality but King was my twin, he didn’t inherit any of his looks for his mom.

Not only that but he was daddies boy while Cy and Cash were mommies boys. This nigga stayed glued to my hip and I could say I didnt mind because on the real King was by far the funniest kid I had ever come across. He wasn’t intentionally funny, it was the shit he did that made him fun , as well as the fact that he was hype 24/7.

“Bath time?”, He asked curiously as I carried him over my shoulder and kicked the bathroom door open, “Yea little homie, you gonna be a good boy and have a bath for mommy”, I told him as I sat him on the basin and pulled his shirt over his head.

“Chris! Can you bath Cameron at the same time?”, Kiara yelled from in the bedroom before appearing in the doorway while cradling my now 10 month old son .

“Yea baby, can you just get him undressed?”, I mumbled as I took my own shirt off as I knew I was about to end up wet, while bathing them both. Next I helped King out of his shorts and nappy and let him run around the bedroom naked while I turned the water on and waited for it to fill up.

While the bath filled up I made my way back into the main bedroom only to find King jumping up and down on the bed butt naked just as Kiara lifted up a naked Cameron, “Man too many naked kids around here”, I shook my head before frowning at King, “Nigga stop swinging that around”, I mugged as Kiara started laughing and shaking her head.

“Whats so funny?”, I glared as she continued to laugh hard while rocking Cameron, “I just could of sworn I said the same thing to you last night”, She chuckled before winking and walking towards the bathroom. Smirking at the memories of last night, I mentally calculated the time we had left before we had to leave and grinned wide when I realised I had at least a half an hour in there somewhere for some sex with my wife.

“Shit, King! Come on nigga lets go, we aint got much time and daddy got some place he needs to be in”, I told King who stopped bouncing and looked at me curiously. Shaking my head, I picked him up by the waist and ran towards the bathroom so I could get this over with.

One by one, I washed Cameron, King and Candice while Kiara went over to the kids bathroom and washed Kendall, Cyson and Cassius. Shit took longer than expected but once we had washed them all and dressed them in some swagged out shit we let them all run and do their own thing.

“Dinners in a hour, no one get their clothes dirty, understand?”, Kiara told them sternly as they all nodded and made their way to the Tv rooms and bedrooms so they could do whatever the fuck kids do .

“Man having a shit load of kids is hard work”, I grumbled as I placed my hands on Kiaras hips and followed her back into our bedroom, not without making sure I locked the door.

“And your ass wants more”, She laughed softly while shaking her head and pulling her shirt off over her head, revealing her pink laced bra, “Well damn, when my wife be looking this good who wouldn’t want to have as many kids as they possibly can with her?”, I smirked as I licked over my lips and felt my dick getting harder by the second.

Noticing the huskiness in my voice, Kiara looked over her shoulder with a raised eyebrow before a grin slowly formed across her face, “We dont have time”, She said sternly although the cheekiness in her expression never left.

“We got more than enough time”, I told her as I stepped closer and trapped her between my body and large dresser beside our bed, “Chrisss”, She whispered as my hands roamed her sides while my lips pressed her weak spot of her neck.

Pulling her body closer into mine, a low moan escaped her lips as my erect manhood pressed firmly against the curve of her round ass, “Baby we dont have time”, She lowly tried to reason as I slipped my hands inside the edges of her thong and ripped it off in an instant.

Not wanting to go another second without being inside her, I wrapped one arm around her waist and used the other to pull my sweats down, not even bothering to take them off fully.

Though it wasnt need, I spat on my fingers and brought them round so I could rub them up and down her wet opening while closing my eyes and enjoying the feel of my wifes wet pussy. Lifting her hands up, she rested her palms on the dresser firmly and arched her back so that her ass was sticking up in the air. Taking the invitation, I rested my face in the side of her neck, while grabbing my dick with my other hand and slapping it against her centre a few times.

Moaning lowly at the feel, I bit down on her neck just as I rammed my entire length inside her, causing her to yell out and moan while a satisfying groan left my lips, “Oh god Chris”, Kiara cried out as I pulled out completely and re entered just as hard and fast as last time. 

Removing my arm from around her waist, I brought it up and cuffed her breast tight, while using my other hand to grip her ass cheek as I began to fuck her deep and hard from behind.

“Deeper baby”, She moaned lowly while gripping onto the dresser tight and pushing back to meet my thrusts, causing me to go deeper as possible. Groaning lowly at how good it felt to be inside her, I sent a hard slap to ass just as a hard bang came on the door.

“Shit”, I muttered as I continued to fuck Kiara hoping that whoever it was would go away, “Chrisss, stop”, Kiara breathed out as more bangs could be heard, “Hell no baby”, I grumbled before looking over my shoulder, back towards the door, “WE BUSY!”, I yelled out and grunt soon after.

“Mommy!! Mommy!!”, I heard Kendall scream causing us both to groan as I slowed my thrusts done, “Mommies busy, what you want?”, I yelled again as Kiara tried to push off the dresser but I held her down as I wasnt about to finish this yet.

“Daddy, I want mommy! Please daddy”, Kendall cried as she continued to bang on the door, “Chris can you pull out of me so I can go see my daughter”, She chuckled as I groaned while I pulled out her. Kiara on the other hand thought it was hilarious and laughed as she  ran and got a towel for the both of us.

Once covered Kiara opened the bedroom door and in ran Kendall, with tears down her face, “What’s wrong princess?”, Kiara asked her as she picked her up and wiped her cheeks, “I just wanted a hug mommy”, She mumbled softly as another groan left my lips while shaking my head.

“You serious little girl? Mommy and daddy are busy okay? Daddy needs some love and attention too, it aint all about you and yo brothers so Imma need you take yo little ass and watch TV in your room until we done”, I rambled on as Kiaras eyes got wide and Kendalls began to water again, “And Ill get you rainbow ice cream?”, I quickly added with a cheesy smile which turned her frown into a big grin.

“Okay daddy, Mommy look after daddy okay”, She told Kiara sternly before kissing her cheek and once she was on her feet ran out the room, “What the hell Christopher?!”, Kiara finally exclaimed as I just shrugged my shoulders and walked over to the door so I could re close and lock it.

“Dont look at me like that baby, Im horny okay?!”, I huffed as she stood there with her arms folded across her chest which plumped up her boobs, “Chris when are you going to learn to have a filter around our kids”, She chuckled before sighing and making her way over to me.

“Shut up and let yo man love you”, I muttered on her lips as she wrapped her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist, “Don’t tell me to shut up, asshole”, She muttered back before biting down on my bottom lip.

Chuckling, I walked us towards the bathroom and didnt waste a second as I pulled our towels off, “I love you”, She whispered softly as I turned the water on while holding onto her with the other.

“Mmm I love you too mama”, I muttered as I grabbed a hold of her ass, pushed her up against the wall and finished off what we had started. 


“Daddy Im hungry”, Cyson cried out for what seemed like the 100th time in the past hour. The whole family currently sat in the lounge room, all looking cleaned and groomed as we had to head out to Romeos graduation dinner tonight.

We had all been ready for the past 20 minutes and we were now sitting down impatiently as we waited for Kiara to finish getting ready. I couldn’t even say anything to her because it was my own fault for making her run late, “I know little man, yo mom is almost done”, I sighed just as my own stomach rumbled in hunger.

“Can I have a sandwich, my belly hurts”, Kendall pouted as she walked over and stood in between my legs. I couldn’t help but grin at how adorable she was looking“You looking just like yo mama these days”, I muttered as I ignored her question and sighed at the thought of her looking like Kiara.

The thought of my daughters beauty and the bitch niggas who were going to get at her when she was older always seemed to put me in a bad mood. Kendall on the other hand started beaming at the compliment and even went the extra mile of giving me a little spin.

“Senior Brown, were the keys for the car?”, Marias loud ass spanish accent could be heard as she stepped out of the elevator pushing the baby twins in a stroller, “How many time I gotta tell you to stop calling me that, makes me sound old as shit”, I grumbled as I reached in my pocket and handed her the keys to the SUV.

“You are old as shit”, I heard one of the kids mumble. Narrowing my eyes, I turned my head and glared as they landed on Cassius who was pretending to watch TV, “Bring yo ass here”, I said sternly causing him to look over with wide eyes, knowing that he was about to get it.

Keeping his head down, he sluggishly slid off the couch and made his way over to the one seated couch I was currently sitting on. Not stopping until he was in front of me, Cash kept his eyes on the ground knowing better than to piss me off even more than he had. Leaning forward in the couch, I tapped the side of his thigh so he could look up.

“You been getting real reckless with that mouth of yours kid. I suggest you watch how you speak to me cause I aint playing no more, you understand me?”, I warned him as sternly as possible, causing him to sniffle as he nodded his head while his eyes watered.

“I said do you understand?”, I asked again this time a little louder and rougher, “Yes daddy”, He mumbled as his lip trembled. Satisfied I nodded my head and sat back only to eye out Cyson and King grinning like fools at there brother, “Hey! Same shit goes for the both of you. One more time you get reckless, out of pocket, disrespectful, especially in front of your mom, I swear to god I’m gonna whoop yo ass till you can sit down”, I gritted out as I pointed at them causing them both to stop grinning instantly and instead nodd.

Trying to get on my good books, Cash casually hung around where I was sitting trying to subtly crawl on it so he could sit next to me, but instead of giving in I didn’t pay him any mind as it was about time I taught his rude ass a lesson.

“Yo dad, we gotta get going”, Rome yelled as he made his way into the lounge room and looked around at everyone who was lounging around, “Bra who you telling, go tell yo mom to hurry her ass up”, I shrugged as I pulled my phone out and started replying to all my msgs.

“MOM! WE LATE, WE GONNA LEAVE WITHOUT YOU!”, Rome yelled out from the top of his lungs causing me to cringe then mug his loud ass, “Really nigga?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow causing him to laugh as he shrugged.

“Im coming, Im coming. I swear you all are impatient as hell”, We heard Kiara muttered from the top of the stairs followed by the sound of her heels coming down them. Standing up, the kids followed suit and we walked out to the lounge room and towards the foyer where the stairs ended.

“Okay babies, Mama’s ready”, Kiara beamed as she reached the bottom stair and looked around with a massive grin at everyones dinner clothes, “Aww you all look so amazing”, She gushed as she began kissing everyones head before stopping near me.

“You look so pretty mommy”, Kendall beamed as she held her moms hand and spun her around so we could all get a 360 view of Kiaras outfit , “Thank you sweetheart, you look so pretty too”, She told her causing Kenny to cheese.

“So pretty mama”, Cy agreed, as he hugged her legs followed by Cash and King who all wrapped themselves around her, “Ight, ight back up little ones, its yo pop’s turn”, I finally cut in, feeling a little jealous that they all got to have a bit of her while I was left with none.

“You look beautiful baby”, I muttered as I pecked her lips a few times which of course caused them all to start groaning in disgust. Pulling away as she chuckled as used her thumb to wipe the gloss from my bottom lip, “And you looking handsome my husband”, She winked as she nodded towards the door.

Maria stood outside beside the car as she finished loading the twins, “Thank you mama”, Ki told her as she kissed her cheek and watched her go inside and lock the door, I on the other hand loaded the rest of the kids into the SUV, while Rome decided to take his own car due to the fact that he wanted to go out after.

Tonight was a graduation dinner for all the senior students and their parents. Being that this year had been the most successful grade the private school had ever had, they wanted to do something a little special and honor all the kids who had exceeded in the school. Thanks to Rome getting a full ride scholarship he was one of the kids being honored.

“Okay babies, please promise mommy that you will be on your best behaviour tonight? Tonight is for Romeo and we all have to be happy and supportive of him, okay?”, Kiara said to the kids once we hit the road.

Receiving a bunch of responses that was promises to be good, Kiara turned around with satisfaction and placed her hand on mine as I held onto the gear stick.

“You okay?”, I chuckled as I looked over and watched her practise her breathing while her grip on my hand got tighter, “Im just trying not to cry”, She whispered as she looked over causing me to be torn between laughing and literally grabbing her face and kissing the shit out of her, due to how fucking adorable she was.

“Are you pregnant again?”, I blurted out instead, sending her to let go of my hand instantly and turn her body so she was looking at me wide eyed, “Are you saying I look fat in this dress”, She accused as she glared at me.

“What ! No baby, I’m saying cause you been hella emotional, thats all”, I chuckled as I shook my head. If anything babygirl, looked good as fuck in that skin tight dress and all I’ve been thinking about since she’d come down the stairs, was ripping it off and getting up inside her.

“Ohhh”, She sighed out in relief before chucking and replacing her hand on mine, “My bad, but to answer that, no Im not pregnant and Im just emotional because I feel like we’ve come a long way with Rome. Ever since I found him on the side of the road all Ive wanted to do is keep him in my arms and protect him from every and anything”, She sighed as she explained why she was having difficulty about Romeo going to college and moving out.

“I get what you saying baby girl, but when we adopted him Rome was just a little kid, he needed us back then to protect him. Now his a grown kid, his made something of himself, he ain’t that same kid we found all those years ago. Its time to let him go out in the world and be a man”, I told her while lacing my finger with hers .

Sighing, she nodded her head as she wiped the corner of her eyes, “You’re right simba, I need to let him go”, She smiled softly as she lifted up our interlaced hands and kissed mine.

It wasn’t until another 20 minutes later until we got to the four seasons hotel that was hosting the grad dinner in the ballroom. The kids and I were all starving and all I wanted to do was eat, clap for my son’s accomplishment and then get out of there.

Once I had all the kids out, I handed the keys to the valet and avoided the number of paparazzi that got wind that Kiara and I would be here tonight, between Kiara’s high fashion line and our billionaire status, being in the public eye and media was something that came with the territory.

Keeping the kids close, Kiara linked her arm with mine as I pushed the stroller and led my family towards the main hall where the dinner was taking place. Principle Jones was the first we spotted as he stood outside the hall doors and greeted everyone walking in, “Mr and Mrs Brown, pleasure as always”, He beamed as he held out his hand for a handshake.

Complying only cause Kiara would have my nuts if I didn’t, I shook his hand and waited for his assistant to search her list and give us our table , “Up the front, table 2”, She grinned as her eyes roamed all our kids with amazement.

“Thank you”, Kiara smiled as she held onto Kendalls hand and waited for me to start walking, “This gonna be a long night”, I muttered in her ear as we entered the decorated ballroom and looked around at all the people and conversations taking place.

“Daddy, Romes over there!”, Cash yelled as he pointed towards the front tables where Romeo was standing around and speak to his boys and some girls, “Ight lets go”, I muttered in an un enthusiastic tone as I began pushing the stroller towards the table that we had been seated at.

As always the attention seemed to be put on us, though due to being so use to it we ignored the curious and excited stares and continued our walk until we got to our table, “Pops! the hell took y’all so long to get here?”, Rome chuckled as he came around and picked up Kendall and kissed her cheek.

“Bra the better question is how fast were you driving?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow as Kiara took Candice out of the stroller and sat her in one of the high chairs that they had provided before helping the boys into their seats, “I was going the limit, you just slow as hell”, Rome chuckled as he took the seat next to his mom and kissed her cheek.

“Hey sweetheart, are you excited?”, Kiara asked as I sat beside Rome and watched as Cash slid out of his chair and walked around towards me, “Wassup?”, I asked him as I pushed my chair back so I could face him.

“Can I sit in your lap daddy?”, He mumbled as he played with his fingers and looked down at his feet. Shaking my head in amusement, I picked him up and sat him on my lap before leaning down and kissed his cheek a few times. I knew he was still down about be yelling at him earlier but it needed to be done, “You gonna be a good boy from now on?”, I asked him lowly as I ruffled his light brown curls.

“Yes, I promise dad”, He nodded as he turned in my lap and looked up with a grin, “Good, cause daddy ain’t like it when you being disrespectful ight”, I muttered as I fixed his shirt and kissed the top of his head.

Our attention immediately turned to the waitress who had just sat a bowl or small freshly baked bread rolls that smelled hella good, “Oh god, you all look like savages right now”, Kiara groaned as she shook her head in amusement and pulled the bowl towards her.

Without us even having to ask, she began buttering them up and handing them out to our hungry kids before she finally got to the last one and handed it to me, “What about you baby?”, I asked as my mouth watered at the sight of the bread roll in my hand.

“Oh please stop trying to be a gentlemen and eat the roll before you start drooling Chris”, She chuckled as placed Candice’s blinky in her mouth and checked Cameron who was still sleeping in the stoller. Eating half, I waited till she turned back before I brought the rest up to her lips and sent her a wink. Laughing as she opened her mouth, I feed my wife until we were done and sat back as people started to come up and greet us.

Though it had been many years, Kiara was still shy as hell. You’d think after all the media attention, press releases and her fashion line that should be a little more comfortable but it was far from that. So as always, I took the lead while Kiara just smiles and says hi before occupying herself with the kids.

Exhausted with all the greetings and pleasantries I had just endured for the past half an hour, I was happy to hear that the first course of the meal was being served. Our table catered for my entire family as well as coach, wife, the two assistant coaches and their wives. 

“You two really have the most beautiful family. They are so well behaved”, Mary, who was coaches wife complimented causing both Kiara and I too grin. If only she knew that our kids were anything but well behaved and that the only reason that they weren’t causing havoc right now was because of the talk Kiara had with them in the car. One thing I had to give my kids was that they hated to disappoint their mom.

“Thank you, I think they’re just too occupied with their food for them to be acting out”, Kiara chuckled as she continued to feed King who was now sitting on her lap.

“Tell me Chris, you guys done or you planning any more?”, Coach chuckled as I lifted my glass of whiskey and took a sip. “If i had it my way, Id have another 3 but you know its all up to the wife”, I chuckled as I looked over and winked at a blushing Kiara .

“3! Goodness, you both will never be bored !”, Mary laughed as he all nodded our head in agreement. We already never had a dull day at the Brown household. There was something always going on and it keep us both on our toes but no matter how naughty or bad or how much I wanna strangle them, I didnt have not one regret.

 I loved each and everyone one of my kids like crazy. I may not act like it but they’re my pride and joy and Id literally lay out and die for them. Not only that but the fact that they were not only a part of me but also a part of Kiara made them all that much more special to me.

“You okay baby? You just day dreaming over there”, Kiara whispered as she smiled and placed her hand on my thigh, “Yea baby, just thinking bout how lucky I am”, I muttered truthfully as I lent over and pecked her lips quickly.

Thankfully the main came soon after and my once savage children had filled their bellies up so much that they all lounge back in their chairs not speaking or moving as they were too exhausted to do anything.

Next dessert was served and as everyone devoured their ice cream, the principle decided it was the best time for honor awards, certificates and congratulations.

Though there were tons of clapping, speeches and praise, it wasn’t until they presented Romeo’s his award and congratulations, that everyone had given their full attention too. Once his name was called, our entire table stood up and clapped and cheered like crazy people but it didn’t matter how crazy we looked because that was our son and we were proud of him.

Surprising us all though, Principle Jones handed the mic to Rome and we all sat down and became quite as we awaited for his to say a speech that we had no idea that he was about to give.

The feel of a hand resting on my thigh, caused me to look down for a moment and see Kiara holding onto me as her eyes swelled with tears. Chuckling at the sight, I held her hand and moved my chair closer to her so she could rest her head on my arm while Cameron who was now awake was cradled in her arms.

“First off I would like to say a huge congratulations to the entire senior body of 2013. It was a long and tough year and I as a fellow classmate couldn’t be any more prouder than all of you guys”, Rome started off causing a round of cheers, whistles and claps to erupt in the room.

“I’d like to also thank all our teachers who have not only taught us but also prepared us for the next step in our lives. You all are truly appreciated. To my coach, I forever will be thankful for you. Thank you for believing in me, pushing me and supporting me throughout the years”,  He said as I patted coach on his back and lifted up my glass of whiskey to cheers.

“The assistant coaches and my team mates. Thank you for giving me the best experiences and memories any teenages could ask for. Not only that but the support I received from you all is without a doubt the best thing I could have ever hoped and asked for”, Rome said, this time hyping up the table that sat most of his boys and team mates.

“Last but most definitely not least, my family. A lot of people may not know this but 6 years ago God blessed me with two angels. Not only did they literally save me and nurse me back to health but they also took me in and adopted me as their own.”, He said just as Kiaras hold on my hand got tighter and without having to look I knew the tears had fallen.

“Chris and Kiara, I couldn’t have asked for any two more amazing parents than the both of you. I use to think I’d never be anything or make anything of myself and you both have given me not only opportunity but hope and now I just wanna make you both so proud of me”, He continued as Kiara let go of my hand and reached for her napkin so she can wipe her tears. 

“From day one you have both done nothing but support me, love me, protect me and care for me and I will forever be greatful of you both. Thank you for giving me a home, a family and 6 crazy but beautiful siblings. I love you mom and dad. Thank you”, He finished as he handed the mic to a tear eyed Principle and made his way over.

Standing up with the rest of the people in attendance, everyone cheered out and whistled as Romeo made his way, holding his certificate. Pulling him into a embrace, I hugged him tight before I kissed the top of his head, “Im so proud of you man. I love you kid”, I muttered as I tried to keep my emotions in check.

Pulling away, he grinned hard and I patted his shoulder and moved out of the way so he could hug his mom, “You gotta stop with this crying mom”, He laughed as he hugged her small body as everyone once again started up with their clapping as all their attention was on us.

“We are so lucky to have you”, Kiara told him once they pulled away so she could kiss him on the cheek, “Thanks ma, Im lucky to have all you guys too”, He grinned as he bent down and picked up Cyson and King so they could hug him.

Handing Cameron to me, Kiara picked up Candice from the high chair while I picked up and held Kendall in my other arm. Standing around I looked at my mini army of accomplishments and couldn’t help but grin. I didn’t know how I got so lucky with them all but for whatever reason God decided to bless me, I was thankful for.

hey if there are any trans/otherwise noncis folk in the phoenix metropolitan area and surrounding area in arizona that are 18+ and really need a place to stay and don’t mind a small living space

hit me up

i have a 413 square foot studio apartment and an extra bed that isn’t getting use

only provisions:

  • you must be okay with cats. i have a cat and you will be required to keep him company that will be how you pay rent. hes lonely when i work ok
  • also maybe help out with the chores? just do your part as well as you can yknow
  • some of my belongings have spent ~3 years in a smokers home including the mattresses, though my new apartment is smoke-free
  • i dont have a car i only have a bike so if you wanna get around further than walking/biking distance youll have to use public transit
  • my family exists and sometimes visits though not very often. i wouldnt call them horribly bigoted but theyre “normal”. you know how it is.
  • however i occasionally babysit my 6 year old sister.
  • i work at a weird dildo company just putting that out there. i promise i wont throw silicone schlongs at you, just making you aware that i work at an adult-oriented company

thats pretty much it. pretty average stuff. im 23 years old, im already in a committed long-distance relationship, i have a cat, and i have an empty extra bed for someone who needs it. let me know if i can help you!

i feel like i spend 75% of my life just laying in bed doing homework/reading/drawing, & it feels really unproductive and lazy and indulgent for me to lay in bed so much. but im so relaxed and happy just doing peaceful quiet things !!! ive spent my whole life running all over the place and being Aggressively Social, & dont get me wrong, im still a social butterfly & the loudest of all the extroverts, but i just wanna get good at hanging out by myself sometimes. also, every time i feel guilty about being unproductive & lazy: what the heck am i even supposed to be producing? money? academic papers? why cant i just produce some peace of mind instead.   

Sammy Imagine for anon:)

First of all yaaaay! a Sammy imagine 2nd i already have major sammy feels so writing this just made them worse!! 

I was sitting down on my bed just finishing studying when i got a text from my boyfriend Sam.

Sam: “Hey Y/n wanna come hang out at my place? :)”

Y/n: “Yeah of course im on my way just give me 5 minutes”

With that i got up and put on some sweats and a blue tank top. Now i know what you’re thinking, ‘Y/n, why are you going to his house? Actually why are you dating? Hes a bad boy who takes weed and gets drunk! And you’re such a good girl with good grades!’ well first, you dont 'take weed’ you smoke it, second, hes not as bad as people think. Hes actually really sweet. You just gotta give him a chance. Plus i did all my studying i think i deserve a break. 

You hop in the car and drive over to his house,  once you get there you open the door knowing that he never locks the door and call out his name “Sammy, im here” “Hey babe im in the living room” you walk into the living room and kiss his cheek as you sit next to him “Hi baby, what are you watching?” “Some movie called 'The Call’.” halfway through the movie you rested your head on his chest, you were so lost in the movie that you didnt even notice that he was staring at you. “What?” you blushed “Nothing i was just admiring your beauty and thinking how lucky i am to have you all to myself” he smiled and gently kissed you, you kissed back. The next thing you know you’re sitting in his lap making out. He wraps his arms around your waist and lays you down on the couch, he slightly lifts your shirt rubbing small circles on your hips. At First you dont give it much thought thinking thats all he was going to do, but once he lifted your shirt up a bit more you tensed and he pulled, “You ok Y/n?” “Y-yeah” you stutter “Its just..that i..you know i.. im sorry, im just not ready to go that far. it makes me uncomfortable..” you frowned embarrassed. “Hey, hey” He whispered grabbing your face with his hands making you look him in the eyes “dont worry about it. im sorry for rushing you. if you want we can just sit here and cuddle and watch your favourite movie?” you giggled and pecked him lips or maybe we can continue our little make out?“ Sam smiled and began kissing you again.