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hey birdloaf whats ur advice for drawing facial expressions

HMMMmmmm lets see. here are some random things

everyone probably says this but use REFERENCE!! a lot of times its easiest just to take a picture of yourself and use that. u dont have to copy everything exactly but itll help a lot. pay attention to which parts of the face are squashed, stretched, closer together/farther apart than usual etc, and exaggerate it

it depends what kinda style you’re going for but dont get caught up in proportions or anatomical accuracy. the less physically possible ur facial expression is the funnier it will be


also: the more lines u put on a face the more unsettling its probably gonna look

most people who hate cats 

  • have only met other people’s cats, who may be shy or aggressive around people they dont know. they have genuinely never met a cat that cares about them
  • have no idea about cat body language, so when a cat is giving off signals saying “leave me alone” “stop touching me” “im annoyed” they keep giving it attention and end up getting swatted or bitten
  • have never met a cat in their life and just go off the stereotype that cats are jerks

idk why im confessing this on tumblr but when i was a kid i never paid attention in math so i dont fucking know my multiplication tables at all someones like hey whats 7 x 6 and im just like i dont fucking know dude im an honors student with a 97 average and i dont know my times tables

  • me: im really lonely and i rly want to feel validated and i want attention!!
  • not my favorite person: omg i love you!! you matter!! do you want to talk?

My humble contribution to Levi’s birthday. Work is a bitch, folks. But whatever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUMANITY’S HOTTEST…ERR, I MEANT STRONGEST, OBVIOUSLY! I hope all of you are celebrating the special day of this precious dwarf (i seriously tried not making him look like a kid, but Mike is a freaking giant, it’s his fault, not mine), ‘cause to hell with Christmas. 


Gender neutral MC



- she wasn’t even aware that this person was your ex
- her and MC were just at a café and this random person just came up and started talking to MC 
- like Jaehee just thought it was an old friend or something, then they actually started paying attention to Jaehee 
- “Oh hi I’m MC’s ex.”
- “Oh hi I’m MC’s girlfriend” so fuck off and don’t come near my precious MC
- but she sayed nice and smiled at them
- you could see how she was pretending so you made them go away like “wtf i dont even talk to you anyway, okay bye bye let me hang with my gf.”
- Jaehee reminded to you once they were gone that if they ever disturbed you that she was a black belt


- boii 
- boiiiii
- okay so when he met your ex he became so protective over you
- he had his arm around you so tight, he was actually worried he might be hurting you but you seemed to like it
- “Oh me? I’m just a model and actor, no biggie, I’m a bit famous - oh is that one of my fans? yes come here, you want an autograph, of course! So what do you do?”
- he didnt directly tell your ex he was better than them, but im just saying he didnt hide that they were missing out with an amazing MC
- oh MC you’re suddenly so cute all of the sudden and i just have to kiss you 
- he wont hesitate on kissing you in front of your ex, either they leave or watch you kiss and feel awkward, he didnt care
- “well we better go, we have a lunch planned, got reservations that are usually hard to get so im told - but i found it horridly easy”
 “Zen, babe we don’t.”
“shhhhhh go with the flow. Acting skils babe”


- he literally did not give a shit
- he actually found it funny 
- like lol how did this loser ever get a babe like you????
- “ahhhh so this is your ex?”
- oh he knows hes smarter than them
-“I thought you said they werent dumb? lololol”
- “MC’s mine now fyi, don’t touch,”
- cheek kisses okay, so many
- he’ll make fun of your ex but in a way that your ex just has no idea what he’s saying
- hand holding 
- oh babe are you cold all of the sudden??? here take my jacket - what youre not cold? nah you are babe, trust me
- babe take the jacket 
- there you go
- oh looook MC’s wearing my jackeeet
- “lololol nice meeting you”


- lmao
- mate 
- he just looks at them like theyre the dirt beneath his feet
- you took off your scarf becuase it was getting too hot 
- and you forgot that you had worn this scarf because of a hickey Jumin had given you the night before
- oh boy 
- you blushed a bit but Jumin had a smuge ass grin on his face 
- like yes, MCs mine, i gave them that
- if you touch MC i will personally have my bodyguards escort you away and file a lawsuit and restraining order, 
- my MC
- literally 
- okay but he will probably give you the most passionate kiss in front of this person, just to make an extra point that you’re his
- he’ll either be hella jealous or just be like “uh huh okay whatever MC lets go.”


- okay protect him
- he was nervous when he saw him, you had told him about yout ex before but he had never met them
- he holds your hand because of how nervous he is
- “hi I’m Yoosung, nice to meet you!”
- you love me more right MC?
- you kiss his cheek to reassure him
- precious baby 
- he’s just so pure okay???
- he’s really nice and just wants to go home and watch movies with you man


- he contines to hold you hand as your ex introduces themselves, they had bumped into you two at an art gallery 
- he smiles and stays polite 
- he shakes their hadn an everything, but no one can see the death stare behind his glasses
- when your ex leaves he reminds you that he loves you
- “You know i love you right?”
- Literally was not botherd by your ex being around, he may not have liked him but he kept that to himself 
- tbh if he really wanted to do something with your ex he would get Seven to mess with them and put viruses on their computer
- during the conversation with your ex he’ll wrap his arm around yor shoulder and occasionally whisper something in your ear to make you laugh
- please protect him 

you don’t learn to love her. because learning to love her is like turning her into a routine you get used to, like you’ve been trying and you’ve just now seen parts of her you’ve never noticed before or maybe didn’t pay attention to. like the bad habit you’ve picked up and only just now become aware of the burning cigarette between your fingers, the money you’ve lost, the need for a fix, the jagged edges of your nails. no, it doesn’t work that way.

so, let me tell you what she’s like.

she’s always. not just coming to. not just on her way. you love her by means of night and day. she’s constant. you trace forever on her skin when she sleeps, the expanse giving you a universe that waits for you in it, just under your fingertips, and you want to explore the things that have inherently existed there. beautiful things, you’re sure. and so you don’t teach yourself to look for all the ways you can love her because you just do, like things that begin and end only to begin again— always the sunset, always the sunrise. 

  • teru: i'm not GAY i love girls! i love when they pay attention to me and give me compliments and make me feel like im actually worth something and give me the sense of security in my identity that i crave every day... haha love girls!
  • teru: im totally perfectly mentally healthy! its just that sometimes i just get horrible thoughts about myself for no reason for a period of weeks and after that i sort of wish i was never born, but thats just because im an awful human being!!! haha mental illness who?
  • teru: i definitely dont hate myself im actually way too overconfident and sometimes i feel like i deserve the world even though im just a commoner and probably worth less than trash because im a horrible person for thinking that probably haha oh well.

i hate it cuz when you see rnjr, and you hope its about ruby, but no its just gonna be about jaune again

rnjr completing an errand for a village? JAUNE GOT NEW ARMOUR

ruby having nightmares? JAUNE MISSES PYRRHA

ruby’s being targeted? JAUNE IS “INTERESTING” TOO

ruby’s uncle tells them the Origin Story? JAUNE CALLS HIM OUT ON BEING AN UNRELIABLE ADULT

ruby’s suffering from the events in v3? DONT WORRY JAUNE IS HERE TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER

like yo wtf let ruby have some attention too

my problem with being mentally ill

my problem with being mentally ill is that no one believes me unless theyve experienced it themselves. no one questions cancer or a broken leg whether theyve experienced it or not yet when i say im mentally ill suddenly im looking for attention, or faking it, or over exaggerating 

my problem with being mentally ill is that i dont even understand it. i dont understand why i wake up in the morning feeling like the sun hasnt risen, and will never rise again. if i knew, i would change it, trust me, i would do everything in my power to make myself well but i just cant

my problem with being mentally ill is that it isnt something i can control and people treat it like i can. i cant make myself do something my mental illness says i cant do, like how a person with a broken leg cant walk on that leg without being in pain

my problem with being mentally ill is that it feels shameful, it feels wrong, i dont like to tell anyone that im mentally ill because they look at me like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in a puddle of tears shouting my feelings or something else ridiculous when all i want is for someone to just say oh okay, what can i do to help accomodate for that

my problem with being mentally ill is that its unpredicatable. i can have the best week of my life, go to be sunday on top of the world and wake up monday morning feeling like that monday will be my last. i can be fine one second and the next be well and truly not. i can be coping, and then be not. and no one who isnt me can truly understand the speed with which my tables are turned and i am pinned against a wall of my own emotions staring society in the face with words dying on my tongue because i dont know how to explain im sick but you cant see whats wrong 

Sirius trying to win you over would include:

Requested: Sirius trying to win you over would include:

  • Stepping in everytime another person tries to talk to you romantically
  • “Sirius what are you doing?”
  • Him winking at you alot
  • And smirking.
  • SO much smirking.

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  • Trying to make you jealous
  • And it working.
  • Trying to get James and Remus to help him.
  • James and Remus coming over to you awkwardly
  • And telling you about how great Sirius is.
  • “Did he send you two over here?”
  • “NOPE” They would say before rushing off.

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  • Sirius following you around like a lost puppy.
  • Because he wants to make sure no one else tries to talk to you.
  • “I’ve got an idea! Why dont you just ask her out” Remus would sigh dramatically.
  • You always being on his mind.

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  • Being the only girl that can make him blush.
  • The only time another girl makes him blush is when they ask him if he likes you.
  • You getting suspicious
  • Sirius getting fed up of trying to catch your attention
  • So he walks up to and rambles on and on about how much he likes you
  • You kiss him to shut him up

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  • Pulling away to see his eyes wide
  • And his cheeks red
  • “Oh” would be all he could get out.
  • “If it was my attention you wanted Black, you already had it”
  • Him asking you on a date
  • James and Remus watching from afar
  • Fist bumping Sirius as he runs back to them with a huge smile on his face.

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Ok i am pro self dx right
But like
14 year olds CANNOT have personality disorders
Its just fact?? Like, at 14 your personality is still developing and ya u might be developing a personality disorder but you dont /have/ it yet because youre still growing and changing and there are ways to reverse the developing pd
Theres a reason why they dont like to diagnose minors w pds and its not bc they dont believe u its just because your personality isnt set in stone yet
You have to be experiencing the symptoms for YEARS as a minor to even be considered for full diagnosis
You cant just be like “well last month i started needing attention and splitting and having an fp”
It would have to be like from the time you were 9 years old to get a diagnosis at 14
And believe me: at 9 years old i guarantee you didnt experience any of that
I got formally diagnosed a day b4 my 18th birthday, and i had been experiencing symptoms since i was 12
You dont want a pd
You dont want to be diagnosed w a pd that young because it can ruin your life
Theres such a stigma around them that if you get diagnosed at 14 you will be facing discrimination your entire life
Be a kid
Dont force yourself into this hell (because if you tell yourself you have it at 14 youre going to develop it, thats another fact)
Let your therapist help you rewire yourself while you still can

this is me being an overly emotional gay but i would really really cry so much because of happiness if kumirei becomes canon, y’all dont know how much this ship- this fucking SHIP MEANS SO MUCH TO ME AND TO A LOT OF PEOPLE TOO.

This may sound me being bitter about YOI BUT IM SO ENVIOUS of what they’re getting right now but im really happy for everyone in that fandom because look at that healthy ass m/m ship! I just wish Hibike! Euphonium would have the guts to do something like what YOI is doing. 

And also I just wish f/f ships would get as much love and attention like how most animes that has m/m ships.

does anyone else with BPD go through phases where they experience full on ED behavior? by that i mean, a couple times a year i will enter an ED mindset and binge/purge and starve myself, count calories and try not to eat more than 600 a day, and completely hate my body when usually i like and dont mind it. this “phase” will last two weeks-a month and one day i literally just wake up and am tired of feeling that way and feel better about myself. i know becuase of the fast reovery i dont have problems with an ED and i think it’s just having to do with my BPD fucking with me? and i know it’s not an attention thing becuase i have never told anyone about it before and never wanted anyone else to know

i have also gone weeks feeling like i am trans and then suddenly i dont feel that way anymore?? which makes me feel really fucked up like why do i literally experience body dysphoria and hating being female for 3 weeks and the suddently its all over???

like…they keep so many things in the ether with no exposition- but we have seen sherlock get angry at people like cam and i just really REALLY hope they dont pass up an opportunity for sherlock to openly hate thatcher??? like please…..like really go In….ITLL MAKE IT OBVIOUS HES GAY TO PEOPLE WHO PAY ATTENTION BEFORE HE SAYS IT IN EXPLICIT TERMS….GOD?? IMAGINE

i hate it so much when im clearly upset and pushing someone away and they literally just leave?? like.. nobody ever wants to say “hey i know you dont really wanna be alone so im not gonna leave and im gonna make sure ur okay and happy before i ever do have to leave you by yourself” am i really not worth doing that for?