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long mornings and longer thoughts

We all portray Lena as being confident in her feelings with Kara - taking the lead, being aware of them, knowing they’re okay etc.

But really I feel like Lena’s actually completely lost when it comes to love. Not because she hasn’t dated or felt it, but because after Lex and her mom, she doesn’t trust herself to love anymore. Because she knows people change and they can change for the worse and she’s not sure if she can handle that again because it’s all she’s known and all she’s felt. So love is so much more complicated for Lena. They are layers and layers to her heart and she started feeling these things for Kara and it terrifies her to no end. Because Kara is good and safe and a literally walking ray of sunshine, but then so was Lex. So what’s stopping Kara from going down the same route?

you don’t have to be a jackson stan to be worried about him and see that he deserves so much better. he doesn’t have to be your bias for you to see all the hate he gets for literally everything he does and how he gives everything he has (and more) for us fans and got7 …

he’d literally sacrifice himself for got7 and us fans and yet some people have the nerve to blame it on him or to say jackson stans are overdramatic when they’re more than right speaking up about the unfairness?!

Jackson isn’t my bias but i’m worried shitless about him sometimes because he’s too kindhearted for a world like this and some of these “”“"fans”“”“ don’t give a single shit about his health or the sacrifice he’s constantly making for us and his group.

He’s one of the most caring, thoughtful, genuine, empathetic and smart people I know and he really makes the industry (and world!!) a better place for so many people… and yet he gets so much shit and taken for granted !??

please stop telling me that it is going to get better, that doesn’t comfort me at all.

please stop telling me to “think on the bright side” or “look at the positives” because chances are, I’ve already tried to and can’t find any.

please stop telling me that I have so much to look forward to because I don’t see it.

please stop.

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now tell me this,
and you tell me true.
would you still love me,
if I hadn’t bloodied my hands,
crawled my way out of hell for you?

I loved you first; I'll love you still, so what’s one more bitter pill? (h.m.)

inspired by Not Easily Conquered by whatarefears and drop-deaddream


the meanie couple is my ultimate weakness

Um, yes hello if anyone wants to give me some soft serve icecream with rainbow sprinkles…and like maybe all the money in their wallet or something I wouldn’t oppose.😊✨

I feel really meh rn
  • I have schoolwork I forgot how to do, and I lost the notes for it so I feel really stressed out about that
  • Our spring break is almost over and I didn’t do said work until today
  • I have another school assignment to do as well
  • And I just feel really meh rn, like i don’t feel like doing much atm


(update.) i currently have 37 drafts, 1 starter and 20 asks - this will take a while. i will try my best to get it done quickly (bc damn i didn’t want to let it get this high again…). also, i might do a bias list since i reached my milestone (and i might be in the mood for it)!

Otome Contest~ Round 1: Childhood friends

Of course, I’m going to do Tatsuro and MC

Still waiting on that sequel .-.