i just don't like swanfire

I can’t stand the idea that a couple should stay together no matter what for the sake of a baby. A baby isn’t some kind of magical glue that fixes a relationship. And no, a baby is not always and automatically better off with both his/her biological parents around. Certainly not when one of said parents is lying and manipulating and not above imprisoning the other, who puts up with it “for the sake of the kid” or for whatever other reason. That kid is going to be messed up if they’re raised in that environment.

That’s not a criticism of OUAT, just to make it clear. Not as it stands, anyway. It’s just an idea that seems to pop up every now and again in discussions around the show - “they’ll need to work it out for the sake of the child” etc - and Rumple alluded to it as well and ugh. I can’t stand it with Emma and Neal (again, nothing against the show), and I can’t stand it here. People don’t seem to think it through all the way or something, like, what kind of messed-up ideas is that kid going to grow up with in that environment? A relationship between two adults is between those adults. Kids aren’t a means of fixing it, and they deserve better than to be caught in the middle, and yes, sometimes the kid is better off being raised by a single parent.

You know, I love Tallahassee TO DEATH, definitely one of my favorite episodes

But if they weren’t setting up Hook and Emma as a ROMANTIC THING … that episode would be needless

And that’s all I’m saying.  If CS wasn’t the story they’ve ALWAYS WANTED TO TELL, Tallahassee, as we know it, WOULD. NOT. EXIST.