i just don't like stefan sometimes

The truth is, ever since the first time I noticed you falling for my brother I have been waiting for him to screw something up so badly that you hate him. So I’ve been waiting, and watching him do all these horrible things. And every single time I think that he’s gone too far, he’s there for you. Sometimes in ways better than I ever was. So the truth is, after awhile I just stopped waiting for him to fail because I liked the person that he had become.
—  Stefan Salvatore (5x13)
I Will Wait Chapter 2


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You can catch chapter 1 here


Day 18 (since Stefan said he would wait)

Caroline parked her car outside the Salvatore Boarding house and made her way to the door. She and Bonnie were in Mystic Falls for the weekend. Bonnie had decided to spend some time with Damon and meet Caroline later for dinner…so here she was picking her friend up. 

She sees Stefan right as she enters the door. He’s standing there with a glass of Bourbon. She can’t quite place his expression.. it was as though he was worried and confused at the same time.. She looked to the direction of his gaze. The house was..well..a mess.. there were traces of burnt furniture, broken glasses, empty whiskey bottles and 3 very drunk people. Alaric looked like he was ready to pass out. Damon and Bonnie were quiet..lost in their own thoughts, sitting on the floor as if exhausted.

“What . ..happened here?” Caroline asks in a bewildered tone 

“Well you weren't kidding about Bonnie’s RAGE… issues…” Stefan says in a sarcastic tone.. he was clearly not impressed.

Bonnie over-hears Stefan’s comment, turns back n breaks his glass with one wave of her hand. 

Caroline and Stefan instinctively turn to look at each other..with their ‘what-just-happened’ face. . 

Caroline steps forward towards bonnie .. “Bonnie.. listen.. I know this is a painful time..”

“Go away Caroline..” She cuts her off, almost yelling… She is clearly distraught and in pain and very drunk “ I'm not in the mood for rainbows and butterflies…” She adds mockingly yet in a very sombre note.

“I…” Caroline starts, only to be interrupted by Stefan . “Caroline..why don’t we just give them some…space.. lets..uh.. go to the grill.. grab some dinner..?”

“Yeah…I guess…” She replies, her eyes still fixed on Bonnie.. She doesn’t notice Stefan taking her arm and guiding her to the car.


They are in the car on their way to the Grill… Stefan is driving and Caroline is quiet.. It worries him.. Caroline quiet always worries him. 

“Hey”, he says, reaching for her hand.. ‘It’ll be okay..”

Caroline looks at his hand on hers.. she’s trying to work something out in her head.. he can tell.. “Yeah.. “ She finally says..more chipper than she actually feels…  “Everyone deals with grief differently right ??” She looks at him and gives him a faint smile.

“Although.. “ She continues before he can respond, “You should probably take everything that has sentimental value and keep it somewhere safe..before its burnt to a crisp !”

Stefan lets out a half sigh - half laugh, shaking his head at his predicament.

 “You remember back when nobody ever stepped foot in the Salvatore house?” He asks.

“Yeah back when you guys were all ooh so mysterious?” She teases, smiling from ear to ear.. He loved that smile. He could spend all day just looking at that smile. 

Stefan smiles, not the restrained smile he normally gives, this is the smile that takes him over, puts a sparkle in his eyes and makes him look like a completely different person.. “ Hey don't mock me..”  his tone is borderline flirtatious. His gaze lingers on her lips for a fraction of a second.

Then he looks ahead, eyes on the road and he’s serious again.. He sighs and adds “I miss that sometimes…”

Caroline puts her free hand on top of his.. She knows.. she knows he misses the quiet house where he could be at peace, gather his thoughts, write in his journal without worrying about someone setting the house on fire.


They enter the grill. The mood has changed from worried to happy banter. They look for a booth when Caroline spots Matt. She hadn’t apologised to him for what she did during her no-humanity phase. Not that she didn’t want to, she just never got the chance. 

“You know what.. why don’t you grab us a booth, I need to talk to Matt…”

Stefan’s eyes follow her as she makes a bee-line for Matt, who was behind the bar with a towel over his shoulder fixing a drink.

“Hey” she says, “How are you..” she continues awkwardly trying the break the ice..

Matt looks at her and goes back to making drinks. “Whatever it is you want, I’m busy, as you can clearly see…and I’m on vervain so don’t bother compelling me..” 

Stefan is worried about the way the conversation is going.. Matt is obviously not in a forgiving mood.. he contemplates whether to step in or not. .

“Matt.. you have every right to be upset at what I did to you, at what I made Tyler do.. I just.. I need you to know how very sorry I am… you know I would never do that if..”

“If you had your humanity on??” He scoffs. “the cliché My-Humanity-Was-Off excuse ” he says mumbling to himself.. 

“Matt I’m not..”

“If you are looking for forgiveness, I’ve got none to give.” He says looking right at her,  “no one forced you to turn it off Care, that was all you..”

Caroline wants to say something to fix this, but she struggles with the words.. What can she possibly say to that ?

“ I gotta go get some stuff from the back.. try not to eat anybody while I'm gone..”

Caroline looks down defeated and turns around and catches Stefan’s eye… his brows are furrowed, he doesn’t look pleased. He is worried about her.. and hurt that she is hurt. She can’t continue to meet his gaze, she looks away and heads to the girls room. Stefan is right behind her as she enters the washroom.


“DONT OKAY ?.. JUST DONT !!.. He is right..” She says breaking down.. “This is all on me.. I don’t deserve any forgiveness at all” She says tears streaming down her face.. She’s leaning against the sink.. 

 He shakes his head, tears welling in his eyes hugs her and lets her cry for a while.. then he breaks the hug and wipes her tears, pushes her hair back from her face as she continues to cry and starts talking to her.. “Listen to me.. there’s no easy way to say this, but….”

She looks at him lost and confused.

“The truth is, not everyone will forgive you and not everyone will let it go.” He says looking into her eyes and stroking her hair.. “We can’t go back and stop ourselves from killing those people and we cant expect everyone to forgive and forget” He looks despondent .. he wished he didn’t have to tell her this.. what she was going through was all his fault…he wipes her tears again and says “there are some things.. you can’t fix….” he lets the words hang in the air for a bit.. “ the only way you are going to move on is by finding a way to make peace with everything.. by finding a way to forgive yourself…” 

She buries her head into his shoulders again.. and he holds her and lets his head rest on hers..


They are at Caroline’s house…Its very late..they are both tired. She told him he could stay at her place. She had an extra room and his house was a war zone. He was better off at her place.. and she was better off with him there. 

“There aren't unicorns on the walls are there.. ‘cause I don’t think I can handle that” he says in mock seriousness.. 

“Shut up ! ” comes the instant reply swatting him with the back of her hand.

It felt good to see her smile again.


Chapter 3 coming up..

How the hell is that right that everyone jumped down his throat for losing himself? And Caroline called him, telling him she needed him. She never once said let’s get through this together, let’s help each other, we need each other

What in the world is this nonsense? I somehow found this post in the steroline tag on mobile and it made me so angry that I needed to call it out because HOLY MOLY, did they miss the ENTIRE VOICEMAIL FROM 6X01??

Oh my fucking god she did indeed say exactly what you claimed she never said so I don’t even know where this person is getting their information from because it’s obviously not the show. People who want to shame Caroline for the beginning of S6 and refer to anything she did as “guilt-tripping” can miss me with that bullshit. Not ONCE did Caroline use anything but honestly with Stefan and it wasn’t HER idea to find Stefan in Savannah that was Enzo so stop fucking blaming Caroline. She had every right to refuse Stefan’s friendship and demand better after he used her to take care of Ivy after he tried to skip town on her, holy fuck. Even Stefan admitted he treated her poorly but as usual female characters aren’t allowed to show weakness or emotions but male characters can commit fucking genocide and the fandom will cry about them just being lonely… internalized misogyny at its finest.

sometimes i think about how even katherine saw caroline as a threat when she was still alive and pining for his love, like she made her daughter try to compel matt into giving them information about how much caroline liked stefan and i find it funny that one of the most confident characters on the show became so insecure at the reality of true love between stefan and caroline

anonymous asked:

Please, don't tell me they will use this cheap trick that Elena was in denial about her feelings for Stefan. It's the most cliche scenario that all writers use all the time, when they have no fucking idea how to bring couple back, bc they fucked them beyond repair.

I don’t think it’s that much of a cliché, actually, and I also think it’s true. I honestly believe she was never not in love with Stefan. I agree that sometimes this is just a way to bring a couple back (like the rushed, terribly written reunion of Dan and Serena), but in the case of Stelena, it wouldn’t be a plot device. Let’s go over the facts together:

- “Do you know why I was even on that bridge? I was coming back for you, Stefan. I had to choose and I picked you. No matter what happens, it’s the best choice I ever made.” Right before the transition was completed, this was what Elena said. She was so in love with Stefan that she didn’t even mind that Damon could die all alone in some storage unit. She chose Stefan.
- After she turned into a vampire, she wanted nothing more than to live her vampire life like Stefan: without hurting humans, with drinking animal blood to keep the risk of killing anyone to a minimum. She wanted Stefan to help her through it, because she was in love with him and she trusted him and she respected him and she admired him and he was the best choice she ever made.
- She clearly still wanted Stefan, in every way. “All I can think about is your hands on my body.” Stefan was still the man of her dreams, the man she wanted forever with. “Which is forever forever now, not just a metaphor.”

Then it became clear that Elena was sired to Damon and all of a sudden, poof, all of the love and the lust and the genuine feeling of this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with were gone. Just like that. For no apparent reason whatsoever. Weeks before she got together with Damon, she said “no matter what I feel for [Damon], I never unfell for [Stefan]”. And now we were expected to believe that all of a sudden she unfell for him anyway? That her love for Stefan, though maginified through vampirism, was gone just like that, even though Stefan had been the amazing boyfriend he always was? Nope. I refuse to believe that.

I think that sired Elena wasn’t allowed to still have feelings for Stefan, because she had to do and say everything to make her sire happy. “Being over Stefan” was just one of those things. Then sired Elena had her emotions turned off, did horrible things while being emotionless, refused to apologize afterwards (!), went through a shitstorm of emotions, flipped the switch back on and then had to choose which brother she wanted to be with, without taking the time to actually think everything through: how on earth was she supposed to make an informed decision? She still had killing that waitress and trying to kill Bonnie and Caroline fresh in mind, so she decided that she fit better with Damon, who is also an unapologetic selfish piece of shit. She buried her feelings for Stefan because she didn’t think her and Stefan were still a match, she considered herself too dark and too lost for that, she convinced herself she belonged with Damon now.

The reason why I don’t think this storyline would be a cheap trick, is because there is no reason to assume she is not in love with Stefan anymore. Stefan didn’t do anything wrong, there was absolutely no reason for her to stop loving him - except the fact that she told herself she doesn’t, anymore. I think that as soon as she develops feelings for Stefan “again”, she’ll realize that those feelings were never gone - only overlooked. And if that happens, then I think that’ll be the most amazing, incredible, deep storyline TVD has ever had. It would be an emotional journey in the true sense of the word.