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The sun
  • Chris: you know my dick has a lot in common with the sun
  • Victor: why? Because nobody likes to look directly at it?
  • Yuuri: because it gives people cancer?
  • Phichit: it rises at the crack of dawn?
  • Michele: it disappears at night?
  • Seung: direct exposure to it often leads to nasty sunburns?
  • Yurio: it needs to stay approximately 92,960,000 miles away from me?
  • Otabek: nobody will ever touch it?
  • Chris: gee thanks you guys! You're all such supportive friends!
  • Victor: we try
  • Everyone: *grunting in agreement*

“I’m a big country, so I know I’ll be just as tall as you one day!”

“Hah, you wish!”

So this just popped into my head.

Adrien is doing homework in the library, where a few students are doing there homework, or whatever (Marinette is not present)

As Adrien is doing work, he over hears people talking about Ladybug. Of course he is intrigued and silently listens to the people.

Most of the stuff is praise, like, “isn’t she great” “She is so cool” stuff like that.

Adrien smiling thinking, ‘Yeah, my lady is amazing.’

“I wish I could date her” one of the guys says.

Adrien gets naturally protective and is ready to go over there, but stops after hearing what one of the girls in the group said.

“I hate to disappoint you, but I heard she isn’t into guys.”

“But what about Chat noir? Aren’t they a thing?”

“They don’t really do anything couple like. Honestly there is no other explanation. If I was her, I would definitely be dating that handsome cat.”

Adrien is now just confused. Thinking hard about it. The only time she didn’t flinch away from his flirts was when he looked like Reflekta.  So of course his mind starts thinking hard about this.

He decides to ask the only person who could maybe know more about Ladybug.

He finds Alya by her locker.

“Oh, Hey Adrien. What’s up?”

“You know a lot about Ladybug right?”

“Is Ladybug’s costume red with black spots.” She responds sarcastically. “Yes, I know a good amount about the heroine of Paris. What do you want to know?”

“Well… Do you know if she interested more  in guys or girls?”

Alya is ready to respond but then stops herself. Realizing she has no idea.

“I… I don’t know. I never asked in any of the interviews. What brought this question on?”

“Was there anything about Ladybug during your interviews that made you think she preferred one or the other?”

Alya began thinking hard about it.

“Well, She is always eager to answer my questions, ignoring other reporters. And has even given me personal interviews. Never any other reporters, just me.”

Alya and Adrien both begin to speculate that Ladybug has a crush on Alya.

“Your the Lois Lane to her superman!”

Alya starts freaking out (since she and Nino are a thing, But if she was single we totally know Ladybug would be allowed), and Adrien is feeling heartbroken that the woman he loves plays for the other team.

So next akuma attack, Ladybug and Chat noir are taking down the akuma. Chat noir isn’t doing any flirting at all, which makes Ladybug curious.

After the battle, Ladybug asks him what is wrong.

Chat noir sighs and said that he knows that she is in love with someone else and no matter what he can’t change it.

Ladybug is surprised. Horrified that Chat noir figured out she was in love with someone.

“H-How did you know?”

Chat then says “I didn’t realize it at first. But having really thought about it, noticing the signs. I realized that it was obvious.” Ch

“I am sorry Chat, I didn’t want to hurt you. You are a nice guy, and a great friend. I have been keeping it a secret for a while.”

“It is okay Ladybug, I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep it a secret. I think you should admit your feelings. Ill support you no matter what and I will keep it a secret until you are ready.”

Ladybug hugs the cat. And then Chat then says.

“I won’t tell anyone that you have a thing for that Ladybloger.”

Ladybug’s mind just short circuits.

it’s actually insane that my brother can talk to my parents so disrespectfully to the point where it repulse’s me, yet he doesn’t get in any type of trouble

but god forbid i open my mouth ever and i get in trouble just for talking because, Apparently, it’s mean

I’m actually kind of scared of anthropomorphic animals in general but I think characters that have like, entirely human bodies and then just completely realistic animal heads are pretty rad. object heads are cool too.

Just had a sudden thought…

In 223, Nea said he only needed Timcampy to help him – and then Link informed him that Tim had been destroyed by Apo.

In 222, we saw another Tim-like golem named Urcampy, residing with Lucia and Joe-sensei at the Campbell Mansion.

What if both Nea and Allen end up needing to go the Campbell mansion, Allen because he needs to speak with Katerina (and probably Bookman Sr.), and Nea because Ur is Tim’s backup?

That would resolve the issue of both of them trying to go different directions while they fight over control of Allen’s body.

Hm…just an idea.

littleskyangel  asked:

Bro Dirty Dancing is everything I love that movie to death <3 <3 <3 ANYWAYS I have a request if you wouldn't mind humoring me! I have this weird facial reflex where if someone (or anyone really) touches my nose I'll automatically wrinkle it and twitch it and stuff. Werid, I know. Anyways I was just wondering how Cassian would react if he found out about if reader or oc or whatever did that. Would he be weirded out? Amused? Keep teasing you for all eternity? Enlighten me!

(Okay, first that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard of, you are a gift to the world)

     When Cassian found out about it he was probably drunk and was trying to seduce you in a shitty way. He leaned against the bar, face in his hand with a dopey smile on his face. You were talking about something when he suddenly reached over and pressed the tip of your nose with his finger. When you wrinkled, he’d sit up slightly with a bigger smile on his face and just breath out, “Holy Shit that was really cute.”

    After he’d always do it with a huge smile on his face. He’d lovingly tease you about it by saying stuff like, “You’re the cutest rebellion in the galaxy.”, or “Is that a reflex or are you trying to melt my heart?”

    The most annoying thing he’d do is start calling you ‘Bunny’. It was a creature he’d learned about that would constantly twitch its nose. He thought it was the most precious thing to call you.

    If Cassian is down in the dumps all you must do is let him touch your nose and he’s immediately smiling.

He just loves it and will never stop touching it.

Whatever this thing is supposed to be

So… Someone over @alexfierrno​ asked for aro-ace aphrodite children headcanons (or something of sorts) and, even though this isn’t exactly what they where going for in the first place, this small thing is what I came up with.

This is here because I’ll probably not be able to find it again otherwise… (so in case I ever think of using it, kind of properly worded of course. I’m not really sure why I’m putting this over here, to be honest)

  • A child of Aphrodite that came to camp already fully aware that love is not just related to romantic or sexual things, that thinks platonic love is just as important and even views it as more sometimes because it’s the only type of love they have ever experienced.
  • A child that doesn’t really get romance but sometimes gives rather decent advice about relationships because they think of them as a variation of friendship that implies more physical contact.
  • A child that sometimes doesn’t really get the way people talk about romantic love although they understand where those words come from as well as consider those feelings just as valid as their own, even though they can’t say that they have really experienced them in the past.
  • A child that views Valentine’s day as a day to celebrate all kind of love, although they celebrate it as one where they celebrate friendship and family.
  • A child that doesn’t really care if other people glance them in a rather weird way or imply they just need to grow up, that they’ll get someone, since they stopped paying mind to those while they were with their mortal parent, having grown up with the idea that they can be the only ones that can define themselves, not society or someone else.

I’ve noticed so many theories about how our dear Herbert came to be but they all have to do with Krolock meeting some woman and falling love or whatever. But I KNOW who Herbert is. I figured it out! (And have never seen a theory like this one but that does not mean I’m the first to come up with this, I’ve just never seen one)

Die Unstillbare Gier

Throughout this song the audience learns about Krolock’s background, the countless people her fell for, how he always killed them in the end. This song is the key to who Herbert is. 

Und des Kaisers Page aus Napoleons Tross…

When I first heard this song I always assumed that it was actually talking about Napoleon, because I never really listening to the lyrics, but then I looked at it and realised Krolock wasn’t fucking an emporer (which was much funnier than the truth), but one of his court entourage dudes (not necessarily fucking, though). His page, meaning a young male servant.

The only others mentioned in the song are a young girl and a pastor’s daughter, but he also mentions the page, a young boy. He doesn’t actually tell us the boy dies.

Stand er vor dem Schloss.
Dass seine Trauer
mir das Herz nicht brach,
kann ich mir nicht verzeihn.

The actual German translation really doesn’t translate well to English, 

his state before whom castle
that his sorrow/grief
the heart of mine did not break
can not be condoned

and in the Broadway translation the line is changed completely, but the literal translation is best defined as “seeing him before the castle in a state of sorrow did not break my heart, which I cannot condone”

The lyrics say nothing of the boy being dead. Actually, there isn’t even a lie showing a really relation between the two. The boy is sad. Why is he sad? Two reasons come to mind: either it’s Krolock’s fault someone died (like his mother) or he was so attached to Krolock he felt betrayed. So if the boy didn’t die, what happened? He was turned into a vampire!

I think this page is Herbert.

Further proof: 

1. There are numerous times during the musical where Herbert uses the phrase ‘mon Chéri’ which is French for ‘my darling’. Either he is french, or he finds speaking french fashionable

2. Alfred, Sarah, and Herbert are all presented to the audience as young beings. We’re never given a direct age, but the assumption is around 18ish at most I think? Which is a typical male servant age, especially for French circa 1800s, though the ages could go into like the mid twenties.

3. Herbert dresses like a French nobleman in most productions (I cannot speak for all), He’s got the silk shirts, and the lace, and the tight pants

ok here I FUCKING go

abusive ship discourse is the absolute worst. “abusers will use abusive ships to groom their victims” well you know what my abuser used to gaslight me? abusive ship discourse :))))))

they will use absolutely anything, but it sure is easier if the victim is already deep in a purity cult where having different feelings about fiction means you are a monster!


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Hope spun around with the delicate white hat in hand, already wearing his. Lightning just stared, completely unamused.


“We don’t have to buy them,” he said with a ridiculous grin on his face. “Let’s just get someone to take a picture. Please?”

She frowned, flicking one of the big, round ears on Hope’s head. “Your hat…is wearing a hat. You do know how silly that looks, right?”

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I know we love to recognize Christian women whom where veils, Jewish women who wear tichels, and Muslim women who wear hijabs a lot, and just women who cover in general for any reason, religious or otherwise. 

But can we discuss transboys and nonbinary people who headcover???? Our own Mod John where’s a tichel and Mod Katie usually wears a wide headband or bandana. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, you should practice. Wearing a fucking piece of cloth on your head doesn’t invalidate your gender. 

In fact, nothing can invalidate your gender, because no matter what anyone says, or thinks, or does. You know who you are, and so does God He loves you so much, and He’s proud of you.


This just popped up in my head

She was the forest and he was the rain. Two souls that found love underneath the ever-changing sky. When the rain appeared they would dance to a beautiful tune that would send different kinds of emotions to one who listened. Or they would run where the water ran and were plant life grew. They would stop and lie on their backs, and tell each other stories. Be it tales of grief, or laughter, but would always be together through whatever time may pass. Pidge is forest and Lance is the rain. One would know if they closely listened, would you?

I just read the 1993 Marvel Swimsuit Issue

Allow me to share.

First of all, it starts out with an ad for baby carriers, using JACK FUCKING MONROE. @waynewise @vassalady





Anyway. Onto the actual swimsuits:

Sue just makes the parts of her body where a swimsuit would be see-through, and that’s… kind of amazing????? I mean, this picture made me go cross-eyed trying to figure it out, but I THINK I got it and it’s pretty clever, actually!

Aunt May makes an appearance and is ADORABLE. Aw.

Namorita (Namor’s cousin) is topless, which… I actually support 100%??? I mean, hey: she’s just keeping the family legacy alive. FAMILIAL HONOR, MAN.

“Hey Matt Murdock, don’t look too long at Elextra’s sexiness or you MIGHT GO BLIND HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA GET IT BECAUSE HE IS A BLIND MAN.”

This issue came out in 1993. In case that Nomad ad at the start didn’t convince you: 

I hope this is in the next season of Daredevil:

Gamora was hellah fucking ripped

And Wanda’s pic was actually kinda adorabs ^.^


So I was just re-watching episode 9 and during the scene where Coran and Lance are cleaning the cryopods, Coran actually tells us what his military area was, at least when he was a cadet: aeronautics sub-tech nanoweaponry unit

That sounds to me like…tiny flying weapons? Whatever it involved, it sounds like something that would need some serious engineering skills. Coran is probably a hell of a lot more intelligent than it sometimes seems. And I really like the idea that he’s the sort of super smart guy who might sometimes mess up finger counting, but is an absolute genius in his chosen field

I had an idea.

Okay, so I was showering and you know how you get weird thoughts in the shower?? Yeah? Well here’s the scenario that crossed my mind as I was standing there under the water.

Okay, so picture this. A person (whatever gender you prefer) eats a really big supper one night, and they’re really full, but *just* to the point where it’s a little uncomfortable. Then they decide “Hey, I feel like a fatass, so let’s work out for a bit.” They go through their usual training routine, and it’s not too strenuous, but they can feel the food inside them sloshing around with every movement. It makes them feel a little weird, but it’s not sickening. Yet. They don’t push themselves too hard, and everything ends just fine. But they had forgotten their water bottle, and supper was salty, and they’re PARCHED. So they stand in the shower to wash up, and turn the water on cool so they can chill a bit. They turn their face toward the shower head and open their mouth, letting the stream of water fall into their mouth. They drink as it comes, and goddamn are they thirsty after all that so they just keep drinking without really thinking. Suddenly they realize that they feel far too full. All that water in addition to the food from earlier has left their stomach bloated. The distention is visible. The place a hand on their overfull belly and let out a wet belch. They seem to have swallowed quite a bit of air while drinking from the shower stream. They burp again and again, and they are beginning to feel really nauseated. They bring one hand up over their mouth to stifle the burps, but they keep coming, deeper and sicker each time. And the nausea is growing. They taste their meal at the back of their tongue with each belch, just hoping that it stays down. But then one last belch is the final straw. They feel it deep in their throat and try to get the gas up, hoping it’ll help them feel better. It wasn’t gas. Their tried too hard and vomited all down their front. It spurted between their fingers and went all over the little shower stall. This first one was mostly water. But then comes another small burp followed by a retch, and a few chunks of partially digested food come up with it. Soon they’re in the throes of full on heaves, with thick, slimy vomit falling unhindered to their feet. They are bent over with a hand on their convulsing stomach, the other bracing them against the side of the stall. They can feel the vomit pooling at their feet, feeling the warm stickiness splatter all down their front. The shower helps to wash it away, but the drain is plugged with what is probably most of the last three meals they ate. So they stand there, weak and shivering, not knowing what to do, and they urp up one last stream of slop and it lands with a sickening splatter at, and quite possibly on, their feet. They are sore and shivering, tears stinging at their eyes from the pure exertion. Panting, they lean their forehead against the refreshingly cool tile wall and close their eyes, trying to regain some control of their still roiling stomach. They have a feeling this is far from over…

(Read the tags too, for another shorter but similar scenario)

     good evening, friends! i just got home from hanging out w/ my friends & seeing the new B/eauty & the B/east movie! it was really good, though my grandma never told my parents where i went so they wound up worrying & thinking something terrible happened to me ( since it’s raining outside & whatnot ) so. :) that happened.

Rewatching Kung Food

Why does Marinette’s house have individual blinds for each window pane?

Since the kwamis are >5000 years old, I guess they must know lots of languages. They can probably speak medieval versions of languages too

I love this pattern

Justin Extra’s hanging out with girl-who-looks-like-Asami yet again. I’m starting to ship it tbh

MARINETTE. WHY ARE YOU SO SMOL. (btw where are her parents???)

Me as well if Adrien showed up at my house

How many decades is it gonna take Marinette to pay off this 20,000 croissant debt


Me when I found out about the season 2 Christmas special

It’s the sassy doorman from Princess Fragrance!

Found Jean Duparc

Clearly, the maid and the butler are telepathically communicating with each other





Okay but imagine if he took off his hat and there was a little rat in there controlling him by pulling his hair

Does anyone remember that Fruit Ninja game? This scene kinda reminds me of it

She put a flipping fish skeleton in the soup

Jagged looks kinda evil from this angle

AYYYYYY IT’S MY DUDE THEOOOOOO (how many jobs does he even have)

My heart cannot take this

Seriously though, poor Cheng Shifu? He doesn’t even know Ladybug and Chat Noir, he has no idea about the akuma attacks, he doesn’t even speak much French. All this must be so confusing and terrifying for him.

This is creepy tbh

Where did they get so much caramel from?


The transformation music syncs up slightly differently in every episode, but this time it’s really different

The wings are made out of onions. Flying dumplings are secretly ogres confirmed

Jagged Stone is Naruto

There he goes

Time to get down to some funky beats

Cha cha real smooth

What even is context

Marlena just shot Alec with an arrow onscreen

Okay, I think this pizza sword overtakes the giant flying hairdryer as the coolest weapon on the show


“What are you?” “An idiot sandwich…”