i just don't have any ideas anymore

I don’t really have enemies and I don’t really dislike people very much. I just have so little time in this world for people with small ideas or who have little understanding of the world outside of their own limited(usually privileged) experience. It’s exhausting having to tone down my own thoughts and experiences to accommodate those who are unwilling to see anything outside of their own narrow scope. The hardest truth I ever learned is that most people don’t want to change and grow.

  • me outside: I'm fine.
  • me inside: okay but who honestly gave jeon wonwoo the permission to slay us all with this new ashy blonde hair thingamabob hair thing and the fact that we are all feeling so attacked right now and the fact that he doesn't even have any idea we're feeling so attacked right now this is too much but his hair looks too good buT ITS TOO MUCH WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE ANYMORE I DON'T FEEL FINE AT ALL wonwoo obviously feels fine and looks fine too bUT NO THIS IS ILLEGAL I REPEAT THIS IS ILLEGAL DID I EVER MENTION THIS.IS.ILLEGAL.