i just don't even know guys my mind


Oh don’t worry my lovelies, I am not gone yet. 

Cap’n: I have my new laptop now, which means?? I can get online~ 
I didn’t want to put on my purple shirt cause fuck it. It is winter which means Jack doesn’t wear his usual ‘Greaser’ clothes and as for the hair…. Well let’s just say Blake as something to do with this and don,t mind the ring to his ear, he’s not suppose to have one (I was just too laze to remove it)


In this video you’ll learn:

  • How to make a gif
  • How to use sharpen
  • How to color a gif
  • How to upload to Tumblr (source, tags, …)

It’s finally here, the highly requested (by several people) gif tutorial! It’s a bit long, but I did it step by step so that even beginners can follow along. This is just the way HOW I MAKE MY GIFS. I’m not saying this is the correct way, I’m pretty sure I can still learn a lot. If you guys do something different that I can improve let me know! Hope you enjoy! ♥︎

I feel overwhelmed by good right now. My mind feels stable, my roommate situation has been resolved, I made the Dean’s List last semester, I feel creative again, and I am just…overwhelmed with good. What do I even DO when nothing feels like it’s going wrong? And guys, my friends are so good, and I don’t feel used, I don’t feel hurt. My family supports my decision to take a gap year and…for a brief, wonderful moment, things are good.

I’m crying.

(Things are slow here, so I’m gonna rant a little. Listen. I am THE chillest guy. I don’t mind personal blogs liking my posts, or even reblogging my rps and shit as long as my partner is okay with it. You can come into my inbox and leave any weird-ass random shit you want to and I will roll with it. You can hit me with almost any kink and be nsfw. But you know what I hate that people seem to do? You know what I really hate? When people submit an ask with their character interacting JUST to get a pic of their character drawn for free.

I don’t mind interactions, and sometimes it’s fun to draw other characters…but there are just some where you know they only submitted something to get free art. And that just pisses me right the fuck off.)

  • I don't even remember how we got onto this topic, but this is an actual conversation I had with a coworker on Friday afternoon:
  • Me: That's one reason why I'm not having kids.
  • Coworker: You might change your mind.
  • Me: No, I won't.
  • Coworker: Yeah, you could change your mind.
  • Me: No. I won't.
  • Coworker: Well, what if you meet a guy who wants kids? My husband didn't want kids until he met me. Then he changed his mind.
  • Me: If I met someone who wanted kids, they wouldn't be the right person for me so I wouldn't be with them.
  • Coworker: Well, I guess you never know.
  • Like... ?????????? Yes. Yes, I do know. Because I might only be 27 years old, but I've thought about this a lot. I know what I'm missing out on. I know why I don't want children. I would never inflict myself on a kid, especially a baby. And it just drives me crazy when people blithely say I'll change my mind. Fuck. Off. No. I. Won't.

(don’t mind me; just reposting in an attempt to fix the quality of the preview. sorry if this shows up on your dash again! I deleted the other one in a panic *sheepish*)

I blame (thank?) kritzmedic for piquing my interest in Sniper/Spy. Because that’s what I seem to be implying here. To be honest, even I couldn’t tell you, ahaha

p.s. If you don’t headcannon Spy as wearing sock garters than we have nothing to talk about, lol! XD

I have made y’all a handy list of all 21 Heroes on the current Overwatch roster, listed by age for easy reference. I know that not everyone playing the game or even participating in the fandom is super into the lore, so I’m not going to judge anyone who didn’t read the comics or any of the Wiki pages… but please… Keep in mind that all of the characters have canonical ages and that shipping without taking them into consideration can get really creepy really fast.

MidoTaka Week, Day 2: Cats

I wanted to do at least one promt for the MidoTaka week and this was what came instandtly to my mind when I read the prompt cats. So I did this pretty fast (I’ve just seen the prompts on Saturday and just had a little bit of time yesterday).

I don’t know if Midorima reacts as extremly to cats as Kagami does to dogs but I do know that a) he hates them (why though??? they’re too adorable, a 190cm guy shouldn’t be afraid of that little bit of scatching, that doesn’t even hurt so much ) and b) this reaction is extremly cute (and hillarious). And Takao would definitely do sth like this just to tease him because of exactly this reason.

Ok so I got a prompt for both SouMako and SouGisa for Glad You Came and this idea just popped into my head and I can’t make it go away and I hope you guys don’t mind but I did the thing and I am not sorry.

“I’m glad you could both make it here for this,” Nagisa says as he clasps his hand together and paces in front of the couch.  Sousuke glances to Makoto for an explanation but the other teen just shrugs and gives Sousuke a confused smile. 

Sousuke hadn’t been sure what to make of the text on his phone that morning.  It had been almost a year since he had graduated and while he appreciated the distraction from his father he wasn’t entirely sure what to do about a slightly cryptic text from Nagisa.  He didn’t even remember for sure when the blond’s number had gotten entered into his phone and the fact that it didn’t even faze him any was probably a sign that he possibly needed new friends.  But he had still shown up at the address in the text, surprised to see Makoto standing on the doorstep as well. 

“It seems that I have stumbled upon a little secret of yours and I intend to exploit it fully." 

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holy shit you guys i just reached 10,000 followers omg i can’t even explain how grateful i am right now thank y'all so much i’ve learned so much from you over the years! so i decided to make my first follow forever, yas!! and again thank you for stick with me because i know sometimes i’m an annoying little shit who spam your dash with crap you’ve never even heard of heh anyway i’m so happyyyy i wish i could hug you all right now and i really hope that you guys have a wonderful LIFE because you all deserve it!!!! also that ur fav tv shows don’t get cancelled and your otps are endgame lmao

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my faith has not been shaken

i believe in our dads

they know how clever we are, they are 800% capable of fucking with us, PLUS, who even knows??? could be in the mind palace, could be part of a master plan we don’t know about, could be ANYTHING, let’s just keep our cool and think about that cute dog 🐕🐾

don’t freak out, if you feel doubts just think of the gay special and take a deep breath and breathe in the gay

My friends always ask me why I refer to Ed as Ed & not Ed Sheeran. Well, I tell them it’s because screaming out the full name in bed would be a mouthful. So I’m just getting in some practice trials. 

Coming out of such a horrible situation before, this new experience is slowly blowing my mind. Some days I don’t know what to do with myself about this guy, some days I start to panic & can’t breath b/c there is no way it can be real.  But most days I go around smiling like an idiot & I just wanted to type out some of the reasons why.

  • Shows Interests in what I love
    - Even if he has no knowledge of interest in something I enjoy, he puts forth the effort to see what it’s about & lets me gush & thinks it’s amazing when I do gush!  Like I showed him a screen of the TS4 hospital I built tonight, & his, “That’s awesome!” totally made my night!  It was genuine enthusiasm for something I did & he went beyond it to ask about certain things & joke about the fact I forgot some railings in the shot I showed him & how I was breaking the law :P
  • Respect for boundaries!
    - This is an odd thing to mention, but out of all the guys I’ve dated since I was a very young teen, he is the only one who respects a closed door.  It hit me one day when I realized I’ve never had to lock a door while in the same house with him… I’ve NEVER felt that kind of safety with a man before.  That is a sad thing to say about men in general -ha.
  • Respect for my fears.
    - He knows my past.  He knows how hard it is for me, & is willing to move as slow as I need too.  And if I tell him that he is starting to freak me out, then he immediately backs off.  
  • So. Nice.
    - Out of the blue I will often receive these amazing little text messages that either make me cry with disbelieving bliss, or have me giggling & falling over like a crazy nutter from how embarrassingly sweet he can be!
  • Adores his family
    - He has a great relationship with his parents, super close with his sister & his two favorite people in the world are his niece & nephew.   The way he respects and treats them is a huge, HUGE showcase for his character.
  • Super chill & always himself
    - I don’t think anything ever rattles him.  He is so CHILL & laid back, meeting my entire super loud crazy family was no big deal for him.  He is the same no matter if he is with me, his friends, his family or mine.
  • Always making me smile
    - He said his goal in life is to make sure I’m smiling as much as possible each and every day, & for the past few months he has definitely been doing that! 
  • Lazy Days
    - He loves just curling up on the couch with me, doing nothing, just lazy bums in PJs -& I LOVE that!
  • He is more social than me
    - Which is good!  Even if I want to complain about it! :P  I need someone to pull me from my hermit-ness -but he isn’t OVERLY so where it exhausts me, just a nice balance.
  • Kisses like a freaking God.
    - seriously.  Like… I just cannot with this guy’s lips.  The things he does with them… yeah.  Okay.  Moving on!
  • He makes me feel good about being ME.
    - For so long being ME was not something that made anyone happy.  But this guy is crazy about ME!  He doesn’t care that I’ve gained weight last year b/c of stress & sickness, he loves my body & enjoys showing/telling me how much.  I’m not perfect, he knows this & doesn’t want me to be!  He accepts me for who I am, flaws & all, body & mind -& that is the most important thing anyone could ever hope to find in another human being.

I may need someone to pinch me.
/ends rambles