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do you have any pet peeves?

so this is kinda out of nowhere and probs not what u expected but. the mistreatment of betta fish pisses!!!me!!!!off!!! like putting them in these tiny little bowls or vases for ~aesthetic~ is not cute or quirky it’s!!!abuse!!!!

like this. is not. CUTE. THATS WAY TOO FUCKING SMALL. just bc betta are hardy fish who can survive through a lot does not mean they are happy or healthy surviving this way. betts are probably one of the most mistreated fish and it makes me sad,bc theyre pretty and bc they can survive in small spaces, people think they’re decoration. I get that its hard having them in a bigger tank bc they fight with other fish, but that doesnt mean they deserve such tiny cramped spaces. All those tiny tanks they sell at stores as “betta tanks” and the tiny containers they keep them in make me so mad. 

THIS is what a betta tank should look like. They’re fish that came from rice fields, they’re used to wide open spaces. i know it may seem like a waste to get a tank this big for just one fish, but even just a 2 gallon tank would be better than those tiny ass little bowls. (but still not recommended) 

And also!! just because they can survive w/o eating for longish amounts of time or in dirty ass water for a long time does not mean!!! they should!! take care of ya goddamn pets

please, if u have or are considering buying a betta, please do research and take care of them properly


when u bouta leave the club but ur jam comes on

I wanted to draw something sooooo……there……

this is my persona 0-0 if you don’t know. she is a boss! like me 0-0 she is super meme-ish, so when you ever see me just say nope. SHE IS  STUPID,NOT.






-this actually a really dumb idea but this is my icon now-


I know my art is crap ;w;

heyyy just so you guys know i’m not playing sims at the moment, i redid my fallout mods and fdjkslajfsdkl put in all the eps and dlcs and put in the snow mod and like I LOVE IT SO MUCH I JUST jdfklafjsdklfsdkldfsakldfsj buuut so i’ll be posting fallout photos for a bit so if that bothers you i tag everything ‘fo4′ and ‘fallout 4′ so if you have to blacklist or anything i will understanndddd <3


A rainbow of Yoongis for the bias tag, I was tagged by @jinsblankie

(idk that smile kills me every time, just plan my funeral now bc Yoongi will be the death of me)

I don’t know who tag bc I did this one pretty recently (Imma just tag people again lol so I can your guys’ lovely faces)

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//I’m probably going to regret putting my two cents in, but with the thing regarding LGBT+ characters in RW//BY, they’ve been promising that they’re there since season one, but we still haven’t seen any.

I’m not saying they had to show up immediately or anything, I’m just saying we’ve had lots of het coded interactions. Examples include Pyrrha liking Jaune, Jaune liking Weiss, Weiss liking Neptune, Neptune liking anything with a skirt, etc. But we haven’t had any LGBT+ characters with casual interactions like that. (And I know any of those characters can be bi but without being told the majority of people will assume they are straight)

I know they’re at the age where you find yourself, but there are kids at 17 who know they like the same sex. I just need casually flirting like we got above with 2 girls or 2 guys. We’re not asking a lot. Just the same sort of casual representation that straight people get.


okay this episode said that he’s a library rep. 

so that means that he’s been reading these? or are he just delivering these books borrowed by the teachers. 

also judging from the topmost book, i really think he’s read that one. so if he did… is he seeking validity of his current situation where a close family member is also a tennis player? echizen sure does seek comfort in books aside from tennis.

i wonder what those other books are too.

also if he doesn’t make it as a tennis player i see a future of him managing his own bookstore :DDDDDDD

I’m growing my leg and pit hair out bc shaving is turning into a damaging compulsion for me bc of how heavily regulated my body hair was by my abusive ex and I think I’m reacting to that again, so I’m doing no shave November and if I decide to shave after that, cool, if not , cool