i just do not lol

Yeon Joo really didn’t care what happened to her, showing that she was even more happy to be in jail despite hating it the first time. She only wanted Kang Chul to have his happy ending and she to leave. That really shows how selfless she is, because she could’ve easily thrown a fit and just reveled everything to him. Her character is really amazing, because despite still being emotional and clearly upset, she’s able to show a strong side of herself and do what is right. Oh Yeon-Joo is really something special. 

…so someone on the “colder months are awesome” post……..

commented like “oh you must live up north where winter is pretty HERE IN TEXAS winter sucks and it’s just cold”

and like. okay no offense but. my new england ass is sitting here like

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have you… ever….. felt real cold in your life just askin cause our average winter temp is 0 degrees with a feels like temperature of -20 from wind chill so.

I don’t know where this “north” is where “winter is pretty” but I’d like to go there, instead of living a life of “it feels warm if the temperature manages to get above 9 degrees.” 

music tag

I’m doing two tags in one! For the first one I was tagged by @dreamingreality91 thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

rules: put spotify/pandora/soundcloud in shuffle and write the first 10 to pop

1. A Little Braver – New Empire
2. Back – Infinite
3. Picture In My Head – Kim Woo Bin
4. Lotto – EXO
5. Boombayah – BLACKPINK
6. Beautiful – Baekhyun (that’s me crying in the background)
7. Chained Up – VIXX
8. Ah Yeah – EXID
9. Still 24K – 24K
10. Bad – Infinite (I knew my shuffle wouldn’t disappoint me kajskdk)

for the second one I was tagged by @parkjiminer | @yoonmintzelo | @hobibliophile and I’m so sorry if someone else tagged me and I forgot :(

rules: write you url in song titles (pick every band once!), then tag ten people.

Toy – Block B
All In – Monsta X
Error – VIXX
X (I don’t think there’s a song in the world that starts with x omg)
How’s This – Hyuna
Young, Wild & Free – B.A.P
View – SHINee
Good Boy – GD x Taeyang

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So I got tagged by @yoongilit and @pastaelv to do the selfie tag once more so here it is~ Can I just say the both of you look so good I cri 😭

I’ll be tagging @yoongidae
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when people call draco ‘precious’ or ‘smol’ 

Can anyone tell me what that book is about the people whose town is plagued by tiny dragons that stick in your eye? I think about this literally every time I get a pain in my eye (which is often) but I can’t remember the book for the life of me, and Google doesn’t do much for me with the search “book with tiny dragons in your eye”. Anyone know what in the world I’m talking about or was this all some crazy fever dream I had?

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sorry to bother you but do you have any info on the keith and lance charms?

hi! no worries, but i can’t really say much- the charms are currently outta my hands so i’m waiting for them to be made + shipped to me!

it’ll take a day for me to pack all the orders, but after that i’ll be shipping them out asap :> you can expect them to be shipped in early sept! ^o^

some fuckboy in texas: this is a compliment but ur chest is epic
me: what does that even mean? do you mean my boobs? do you mean the space between my neck and my boobs? do you mean all of it? what does it mean to have an epic chest???? also why you gotta state it’s a compliment before complimenting??? sounds fake but ok.

FYI, I’m going to be posting the “Super Dragonball Heroes: Ankoku Makai Mission” manga here along with my usual posts. Because I’m pretty fanatical about the subject matter, and with the track record for DBH comics I seriously doubt this is ever getting localized for the western world.

This will take up a lot of posts per chapter and will be updated as I have time/motivation (block the manga title if you don’t want to see all that). For now it’s just going to be ghetto iPad photos with most pages split in half for image/text clarity since I don’t have a scanner.

I’m not so sure this is the best format for posting these, so I might change it up later.

Queen Toriel Dreemurr: The Younger Days…?

Lol I was just doing a practice doodle for a speedpaint, but I liked it too much to scrap it :’D <3

Eternity Royal Dress design is from DreamSelfy, tweaked a little bit to contain elements from Undertale, such as the Delta Rune. :)

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I honestly don't see the reason why people are upset that Sab has a feature and Row doesn't... after all, Sab is one of their musicians who does both. not to say Rowan (isn't or) doesn't do anything significant enough to be entitled one (bc she does) but Sab is under their label and her work is constantly being played on the network. so what do they (Row fans) expect out of Disney? they're both exceptional @ their crafts but sometimes it's just really depends on what you do more of I guess.. lol

Like I said, it’s all about the revenue. And since Sabrina is signed under their label and is releasing hot single after hot single they’re going to boost her more. Not to mention AIB was the most recent Dcom so she’s still the girl. (WHICH ROWAN SHOULDVE BEEN AFTER IS BUT THATS ANOTHER ARGUMENT AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SABRINA BUT EVERYTHING TO DO WITH DISNEY CHANNEL.) 

It’s just like how they boosted Zendaya over Bella during Shake It Up. Because Zendaya was bringing in more money. ESPECIALLY after DWTS. Dove really gets a lot of attention too but there’s not really another woman to compare her to in her show because she plays both main female characters. Lucky her. 

and for there to be *rowan fans* and *sabrina fans* is really counterproductive not only to the message that Rowan preaches but the message that GMW preaches. Support both girls. Support all girls. Girls are wonderful. Especially these two. Protect them forever.

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I agree and think a video talking about your sexuality would be really helpful to us who are confused <3

Aw well thank you but I’m honestly just working up the courage to do that lol

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Do you have a theory for Harry's Twitter account?... I was thinking and he signs a lot of tweets -H and then there's some that he chooses not to sign... And I never really thought anything of it until today. Maybe I'm reaching and or am just pretty crazy lol but what if Harry and Louis have been sharing Harry's Twitter account? Like some tweets he doesn't sign H sound a bit like Louis... Idk I probably should think about this more I'm just rambling right now! Ahhhhhhh!!!! lol

I do not have a theory, no…

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What will you do when pll is over? With this blog? Will ya start another one? Or change this theme? ( don't mean this the rude way at all! Just genuinely curious!)

I’m planning to keep it! I’m going to just blog about what the cast is up to and if they end up in a movie or a tv show or something I’ll make gifs of it or post about it! :) I won’t likely change the theme yet, but I’ll change the header maybe. I’ve been wanting to make another but just haven’t yet hehe 

I do actually have … several blogs lol I have a personal blog, a multifandom blog, a sherlock/johnlock blog, and a shadowhunters blog!