i just discovered photoshop


I’ve had my iPad Pro for a while now but couldn’t really get into painting on it. Using Photoshop was just so much more efficient. I just discovered Tayasui Sketches, and their tools bring something new to the table that actually makes working on the iPad exciting for me. It can still feel clumsy, what with the iPad constantly registering my palm as a touch, but it’s still fun. 

These were inspired by Chinese art deco rugs among other things. I’m going to do more of these and create a 12-month planner or a calendar. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

Hopping back on Tumblr for the briefest moment because I made this lovely holiday card for CrimTim.

Please take special notice of Far Right Tim’s eyes.  I tried to make them beautiful and demonic

How to Mass Edit Icons.

We’ve all been there, we want to add pretty borders and overlays to our icons and boy is it time-consuming - especially if you have 100′s of icons.

Recently, while editing icons for my Reno muse, I discovered something on photoshop that just blew me away: Automated actions and the Droplet tool. 

Basically this has enabled me to edit an entire folder of icons with just one click.

Below the cut I will do my very best to explain how to use these.

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Remake of a Gifset That Made Me Watch a Show: Once Upon A Time

Back in February 2012, I saw a similar gifset of Belle and Rumpelstiltskin walking out of Maurice’s castle. As someone who loves fairytales, I was immediately intrigued by the gifset, and I ended up binge-watching the first 12 episodes of Once Upon A Time. Since then, it’s been my favorite show!


Felicity + being completely adorable


Kū or sora, most often translated as “Void”, but also meaning “sky” or “Heaven”, represents those things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy. Bodily, kū represents spirit, thought, and creative energy. It represents our ability to think and to communicate, as well as our creativity. It can also be associated with power, creativity, spontaneity, and inventiveness. {x}