i just discovered photoshop

Hopping back on Tumblr for the briefest moment because I made this lovely holiday card for CrimTim.

Please take special notice of Far Right Tim’s eyes.  I tried to make them beautiful and demonic


Tried my hand at editing a lil bit bc I love this picture

anonymous asked:

heya! i just recently discovered your youtube speedpaints and i saw that you do this thing in photoshop where you (when doing lineart) select a part of a line and then do something and it gets like this web thingy over it so you can adjust the line? so i was wondering how do you do that exactly (i hope i made sense sob)

LMAO omg i abuse the fuck out of the warp tool;;

but ok select what you want to warp, right click and then click free transform (you can also press crtl+T or Edit>Free Transform)

right click again and choose warp (or Edit>Transform>Warp)

warp 2 ur hearts desire