i just died and went to heaven

D23 Live Panel Recap (to the best of my abilities, but I kind of died and went to heaven, so...)

Spoilers, kind of?

A Wrinkle in Time
-Ava DuVernay saying she wanted the cast to reflect the real world
-gorgeous makeup and costumes for Mindy, Oprah and Reese
-Meg being told she has to be a warrior in the teaser
-we all got free posters and Oprah shouted “You get a poster, you get a poster, you all get a poster!”
-CHRIS PINEEEEEE (and Disney openly and willingly congratulating him on Wonder Woman) also he was adorable with Storm

Mary Poppins
-Lin is adorable in the trailer and it just feels so magical and it’s gonna be great
-also Dick van Dyke and Angela Lansbury are in it

-they announced casting and they cast Middle Eastern actors thankfully (correction: the actress who plays Jasmine is actually Indian, sorry for the mistake)

-it is coming. that is all

The Lion King
-they played footage of The Circle of Life and I almost cried

Star Wars
-Rian geeking out
-MARK HAMILL walking out and everyone goes wild, and he’s like ‘Who, me?  Nah…’
-Mark pointing to his eye, drawing a big heart, and then pointing at the entire crowd
-behind the scenes footage
-and I miss Carrie so much

-Kevin Feige and the fact that it’s been almost 10 years of Marvel!
-bringing out almost the entire cast of Infinity Wars (except not Evans, but I can deal)
-like, they brought out Josh Brolin first and then they brought out a round of Avengers actors, and then they were like we need reinforcements
-and they were like how about some Guardians
-and then they Josh was like I’m still feeling pretty cocky
-and Kevin Feige was like, we have a Hulk (cue Ruffalo)
-and then they’re like didn’t you bring a friend from work? (cue Hemsworth)
-and Feige was like it would be so cool if Spider-Man swung by (cue Tom)
-BUT SEBBBBBBB (with his amazing beard)
-and then and then and then RDJ is like where is the footage?
-so they did this gorgeous recap of MCU up till now
-and it ends with the exchange between Tony and Cap on a black screen (“How do we cope?” “Together.” “We’ll lose.” “We’ll do that together too.” (chills))
-there’s literally so much awesomeness I can’t even begin to share it but seriously chills
-The Guardians picking up Thor in outer space
-Doctor Strange conjuring his force portal stepping stone things and Star Lord jumping from stone to stone
-Nat’s blonde!?!?!
-Bucky and T’Challa leading a Wakandan army!?!?
-and this is the part where I died
-because somebody throws something (maybe a spear? I’m not perfect, I couldn’t see 100%)
-and then a figure in the shadow catches it
-that’s right
-and the most important takeaway
-I probably missed stuff
-but I was a little overwhelmed

I got to the convention center last night at 10 pm (panel started at 10:30 am).  I slept on the concrete floor in line (inside, thankfully).  It. Was. All. Worth. It.

One time I dreamt that my sister and I died and both went to heaven and it was just a big museum on a mountain with signs everywhere saying “don’t steal anything” and the whole dream was us just stealing shit

so jemma redgrave came for an lgbtq+ talk at oxford and obviously i went for it, and i talked to her afterwards, and let me just tell you she is the sweetest, loveliest, warmest person ever,, i’m not even joking she is a literal angel???? i told her how much i appreciated the representation in holby city and basically how wonderful she was and she thanked me so profusely and then proceeded to ask me what my name was and what i was studying (and then she basically said, “oh it’s lovely to meet you rei!!”, and i basically died and went to heaven) and then she started talking to me about law,,, oh my god (her husband’s a barrister lol) and asking about career plans and everything and she kept thanking me for coming and was basically the most wonderful, purest, little bean ever??? and then she said bye and then she gave me that conspiratorial smile™ like we had just shared a wonderful secret and it was the most wonderful experience i have ever had and i still feel like im in a dream???? basically, she is every bit as sweet and wonderful and kind as she seems and i hope all of you get to meet her because it’s just such a priceless experience!! also, she brought her dog mabel and i literally died i was just stroking it continuously,, her dog is as much of a sweetheart as she is,, and i’m still not over this experience (don’t think i ever will be tbh)

edit: this is for @modern-day-slave  who asked me more about the q&a itself -

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Serious question. Do you ship them in a "they are so cute together, you can see how much they love each other" or "there is tension between them, I hope they fuck their brains out when everyone is asleep" kind of way?

Well there is cuteness

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And there is tension

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I live for these moments they share on stage

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And more for the ones behind it (THANK GOD for the DVDs and Bombs)

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These genuine smiles they get when they interact 

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Or when time stops and their eyes meet and lock

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When a small gesture makes my heart feel warm

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Another one makes it skip a beat (or just stop)

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So close…

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So caring … 

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So playful …

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So rude …

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And this is just the tip of the iceberg for this ship. How can I choose between two extremities? Can’t I just enjoy every moment they share? I don’t have to decide either they kiss or f#ck. I am just here holding popcorn and an oxygen mask to enjoy and try to survive the ride. If my ship sails it’s heaven if they don’t well I died and went there a couple times so it’s all good ^^ 

Hard Feelings Part 7

Summary:  (Modern Au) After the death of your only living relative, you find yourself lost in life and your feelings. To make things worse, you have to deal with Steve Rogers someone from your past that is more present in your life now than ever.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 1775

Warnings:  No warnings this time

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Part 4, Part 5 Part 6

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You are exhausted; who would thought that work was so hard? Since your meeting with, Bucky in the morning where he taught you a little bit more about how the department works.

After the meeting, he introduced you to your coworkers and they did seen really nice especially, Thor. He was like a giant teddy bear.

In the end, Bucky showed you his schedule for the next couple of weeks, where you would be following him closely almost like a shadow.

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AU where Heavy also died for a period of time and went to Heaven. It’s probably rather empty at first, and he accepts it as such, but then he feels a hand on his shoulder; Strong, firm, but gentle. He turns to see his father, whom he hasn’t laid eyes on since the day of his execution. 

He looks his son in the eyes and tells him that he’s done a great job, that he’s proud of his son for protecting their family and working hard. For never giving up, for taking it all with a fist of steel and a heart of determination. I want Heavy to truly know that he’s been the best son a father could ask for.

I want Heavy to have that sort of validation and support.

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Can I request headcanons of the guy's reacting to the Mc being the type of girl who likes to hug like everyone and say "I love you" is like so natural to her that she says it to everyone but the thing is that she wears revealing clothing(Thank you!😊

 Author’s note: here you go friend!!! I hope this is okay, sorry it took so long :)


  • -when he came hope and brought you lunch you were so happy
  • -you ran up to him and hugged him
  • -“I love you so much!!! You’re the best.”
  • -but when he didn’t reciprocate the hug is when you pulled away
  • -HIS FACE WOULD BE 707’S HAIR RED I realize that his hair is orange but worK WITH me
  • -“M-MC, look at your clothes…”
  • -you looked down and saw you were wearing nothing but pants and a bra because OH YEAH YOU WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF CHANGING WHEN HE CAME HOME AND OH
  • -you looked back up a the precious child and apologized
  • -bUT
  • -before you could run away he grabbed your wrist
  • -“I-I don’t, I mean, I didn’t mind…”
  • -cinnamon roll knows what he wants



  • -once again I will remind you
  • -low cut shirts are his weak spot
  • -so when you bought that EXTRA low shirt just for him, you couldn’t help but laugh
  • -you changed in the car and called his name when you walked in the house
  • -when he saw what you were wearing hIS EYES POPPED OUT OF HIS HEAD I SWEAR
  • - you ran up to give him a hug
  • -“I love yo-“
  • -but before you could wrap your arms around him he grabs your shoulders and stops you
  • -he gives you one lonnngggg up down and smiles
  • -“I like what I see.”
  • -he takes your wrist and drags back into the bedroom
  • -the end ;)


  • -the first thing she saw when you ran up to her was your smile
  • -the second thing she was that unbelievably high crop top you were wearing
  • -and when you hugged her, and her arms met bare skin she just about died on the spot
  • -when you pulled out of the hug and saw how flushed she was you put a hand to her forehead
  • -“Are you sick? What’s wrong?”
  • -“Y-your shirt, it’s so short.”
  • -you frowned
  • -she saw your reaction and pulled you closer
  • -“It’s short… and I love it”
  • -I will say this over and over but she’s just an angel and deserves the world and UGH



  • -he bought you that dress
  • -but what he didn’t know was how shORT it was
  • -and how TIGHT
  • -and how LOW CUT
  • -maybe he did know it and that’s why he bought it that sneaky devil
  • -but when you walked out and gave him a twirl
  • -he stood up and started walking toward your room
  • -you ran up to him and hugged him from behind
  • -“Do you not like it? I thought you would love it…”
  • -he spun you around and pushed you against the wall
  • -“It’s not that I don’t love it, it’s that I don’t want other people to see you in it. This dress is only for me. Got it?”
  • -he kissed your forehead and walked away, going into your closet to find you something else to wear


  • -you were running late for the RFA meeting and you had to grab whatever was closest to you
  • -the fact that the closest shirt to you was an EXTREMELY tight and low cut one was just pure luck
  • -so when you ran out to the car and seven saw what you were wearing, his jaw dropped glasses are broken AGAIN
  • -you hugged him
  • -“Sorry for taking so long, I didn’t realize what time it was!”
  • -when you pulled out of the hug you realized his mouth was still open is it stuck like that??
  • -you waved a hand in front of him
  • -“Earth to Seven??”
  • -when he came back to reality he smiled
  • -“When I saw you in that top, a little piece of me died and went to heaven. It’s a good thing you’re an angel!”
  • -you roll your eyes but love him so much
  • -he gives you his jacket
  • -“Wear this until we get home… I don’t want any of the others to get to see my angel too.”

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hello!! I've been trying to find a fic for awhile now and haven't been able to track it down. It's an au where they're college professors in a mythology department, and Keith is the new professor. Everyday, Lance asks him to lunch or dinner and Keith always turns him down, not realizing he was serious about it. Can't seem to remember the title.

you might mean this fic ^.^
- Vallie

A Spoonful of Ambrosia Helps the Date Go Down by communikate (1/1 | 2,110 | Teen and Up)

“Are you the king of the underworld, because I think I just died and went to heaven,” Lance smirked, a slight blush coloring his cheeks.

Keith laughed, a small scoffing snort. He put his pen down looking at Lance with a small amount of interest pulling his lips into a smile. “If you’re going to use Greek Mythology to hit on me, you should at least get it right.”


Where Keith is the new Greek Mythology teacher at Altea University, and Lance tries his hand at getting a date through horrible, horrible pick up lines.

Pull Me From the Void

13.05 Coda


Read on AO3

They sit side-by-side on the edge of Dean’s bed, their shoulders flush with one another. Sam and Jack went to bed what seems like hours ago. Or maybe it was just a few minutes? It’s hard for Dean to tell. There’s a flurry of thoughts in his head, and his heart hasn’t stopped pounding since that phone call. He chances a glance at Cas, letting his eyes drag over him as if drinking in the very sight of him. “That’s not–” he has to stop and clear his throat, swallowing against the dryness that’s settled there. “Your coat it’s–”

“New,” Cas says with a nod. Dean notices Cas doesn’t offer anything in the way of an explanation, and Dean doesn’t push it. If anyone understands not wanting to talk about it, it’s Dean. Cas lifts one side of the coat, looking down at himself. “You don’t like it?” There’s a gentleness to his voice that makes Dean’s heart ache.

“No, no, it’s not that. Not at all.” Dean’s words tumble out of his mouth quickly, in an effort of reassurance. Still buzzing, he needs to move. Needs to do something. The silence He stands and paces the room to his dresser before turning back to Cas. “It looks good,” he says, a warm smile tugging at the corners of his lips. “You look good.” He means it. It’s a sight to behold, Cas simply being alive. But there’s something about him that strikes a chord with Dean – something that makes his stomach flip. It’s not that he’s never noticed how handsome Cas is. Fuck it, he amends, how gorgeous Cas is… But feeling him here, having him alive, Dean’s feeling things he’s never let himself feel.

And he’s done caring. He’s lost too much, he’s been too low, and felt too damn helpless to let himself hold back anymore. He’s got nothing left to lose.

He watches Cas swallow and look away under Dean’s scrutiny, and Dean moves forward taking Cas’s hands as he kneels. “Hey. Cas, look at me.” His thumb swipes over the back of Cas’s hand before he lifts it to the angel’s face, and sighs at the way Cas seems to melt into his touch. Cas opens his eyes, and Dean inhales sharply. He doesn’t try to talk himself out of it. He doesn’t try to internalize or rail against himself. He’s done not getting what he wants. And what he wants is Cas.

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Touching You (7/17)

Bucky x Reader
Summary You meet Bucky in a club and things progress. After a one night stand, you find him at your place of work the next day. After reading your texts, he shows up where you are at that evening where he eventually walks you home and things heat up between the two of you. Again. After breakfast the next day, you go your separate ways for the day.
Warnings Swearing
AN Peeps! You find out what Bucky does… and why he’s been sneaky with Y/N! (I really didn’t plan for it to take this long to come out!)
This is a series I started thanks to an idea @melconnor2007 helped me come up with. Not sure how long it’s going to be as it’s a WIP.  18+ only 
Also, I suck at summaries. Sorry Tags are open (I’m tagging my usual people but let me know if you want off)

As Bucky walked away from you, his phone rang. “Barnes here.”

“Where the hell are you?” came Sam’s irate voice.

Bucky rolled his eyes, “I’m on my way. Calm down.”

“Are you seriously telling me you’re still with Y/N?”

Bucky’s temper flared, “I’m not with Y/N. I’m leaving Y/N now and I am on my way to the fucking office. Get off my back.”

“Take a fucking cab. We picked up your car from The Tower.” Sam disconnected the call.

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okay but what about a hc where richie comes into eddies room at night when the sun is going down and he sits with eddie while he’s studying and just watches him and thinks to himself “holy fuck my boy is so cute” while soft music plays in the background and the sun is hitting him just right and he gets this random urge to pull eddie up from studying and dance with him to something really soft like ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ by Paul Anka or ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ by the Beach Boys AND JUST fLUFF

aaaaa i love this???

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