i just died and went to heaven

One time I dreamt that my sister and I died and both went to heaven and it was just a big museum on a mountain with signs everywhere saying “don’t steal anything” and the whole dream was us just stealing shit

Straight friends

When your straight friends don’t understand the struggle of having to turn any “platonic” female friendship on television into a ship that you will gladly sail on until the boat sinks. Example of conversations I have on the daily with my friends.

Watching Riverdale

Me: Holy shit did you see the moon eyes Ronnie just gave Betty.

Them: She literally just looked at her.

Me: It’s not my fault you don’t see their chemistry.

Later scene:

Me: OMFG kill me now I think I just died and went to heaven did you see that kiss that was like explosive that shit was off the charts, you know have to admit that they are like in love.

Them: It was a kiss nothing more and Ronnie just did it for attention.

Me: we can no longer be friends if you refuse to admit they belong together

Even later scene

(Ronnie and Archie kiss)

Them: (turns to me with smug look on their face)

Me: Don’t even look at me right now your refusal to admit their chemistry did this.

Them: What that doesn’t even make any sense they wrote and shot this way before we watched it.

Me: shut up I don’t want it hear it, you ruined the one good thing I had going for me in my life.

[this is literally just a peek into the conversations we have about every w/w relationship on tv that I watch]

Even more starco oneshots

Marco contemplated whether this was all just a big tease, another one of Janna’s pranks gone wrong, or if he really died and went to heaven. There’s no way Star actually said what she just said. Right?

After a few moments of awkward silence, the boy began to laugh. “Haha, that’s- that’s funny! I thought… I thought you said you wanted to, you know, kiss me! Hahahaha…”

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Something that i think a lot of you might not know is that Demian, in the book, is supposed to represent the devil himself and that by the end of the novel, Sinclair has died and went to Hell without a even realizing so! The author tricks you into relating and sympathizing with Sinclair, only for you to realize that the reasons you sympathized with him are the reasons that he’s in hell, not heaven. I feel like that’s why most readers don’t recognize that Demian is actually a story about unknowingly surrounding yourself in sin, not as much about youth. If anything i suppose it could be about the influence of sin on the purity of youth. But anyways i just thought I would share that with people…

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Sam I shit you not I had a dream the other night where I died and went to heaven and there was like, a customer service desk in front of the pearly gates and God was just chillin there and I was like "hey man can I get into heaven" and god was like no so I was like ????? Why???? And God just slid a paper down the desk and on it was the amount of times I jacked to Sonic the Hedgehog porn then I woke up :/

Derrick how many times have u jacked it to sonic oml

ceasepain replied to your post: ceasepain replied to your post: …

the second that mother fucker waltzed in cocky and drunk i was juST SOLD IMMEDIATELY and thEN HE SPOKE AND I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN dlkjHJLFJDH IM SHAMELESS TOO


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Hi Ashley! How are you? I would have to say a Tiramisu is one of my fav desserts rn 👌

Hi Maya! :) i’m doing great thank you for asking! <3
aaah i just tried Tiramisu for my bday and i swear i died and went to heaven ._. i wanted to have another plate hahah

hogwarts house: hufflepuff | slytherin | ravenclaw | gryffindoor 
scent: soft rose | fresh rain | citrus fruit | warm vanilla | new books | spicy cinnamon | sea breeze | brewing coffee
color: cream | charcoal black | soft pink | fiery red | pastel purple | shiny silver | forest green | ocean blue | sunny yellow 
season: spring | summer | autumn | winter 
time of the day: dawn | morning | afternoon | dusk | evening | night 
place: a rocky coastline | a bustling city | an open clearing in a forest | a quiet coffeehouse | a quiet rooftop | outer space | a flower-covered valley 
element: fire | earth | water | air 
a feeling: uncontrollable laughter | adrenaline | utter joy | butterflies in your stomach | a warm hug 
overall: you’re great & i lob your blog | you’re a good and i’m following you forever | you’re my senpai and ily | you’re my bffl and everything is perf!

additional comments: Maya you’re so sweet and i love seeing you pop up on my notifs, your aesthetic mobile theme slays me, and you post such great content <3 (also your icon killlssss me)

want an aes blograte?

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Rainstorms, bones and teacup? ❤ keep slaying sis x

Omg I think I just died and went to heaven lmao, and thank you sis 💜 💜

Rainstorms: What helps you fall asleep?

The sound of rain or really really soft music.

Bones: Name one strength and one weakness.

I have a lot of love to give but I can’t find a way to express it. 

Teacups: Favorite beverages?

I love green tea and coffee lol

When They Find Your Secret Room of BDSM Toys (EXO)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Taebaby

SUHO: I feel like he wouldn’t be as shocked as you’d expect him to be. He’d be surprised sure, but he’d be more happy that he can let his freak flag fly with you know that he knows you’re as kinky as he is

CHANYEOL: There are no words for his thoughts, but his boner would say it all for him

KYUNGSOO: You would think he died and went to heaven by the look on his face like yes, this has been his dream for a million years. He’s always wanted to get freaky for you but had been too scared that you wouldn’t be into it

BAEKHYUN: Oh he couldn’t wait to read you about this later honey, and he would be absolutely merciless with his roast. But that doesn’t mean he didn;t spot a few things in the room he’d like to ry out ;)

JONGIN: He would be so surprised and embarrassed that he’d just legit close the door right back up and walk away and pretend like he didn’t see shit. Though he’ll prob confess soon after because he cannot unsee (don’t see him being into though)

SEHUN: A thousand years he’s been waiting for this. It would even matter what the two of you had been doing previously, he would just immediately pull you into the room and lock the door

XIUMIN: He would confront you immediately, even if there were others around. He’d quietly say “I need to speak to you, jagi” Then as soon as you were alone he’d shoot off a million questions a minute, like “how long?” and “why didn’t you tell me?

CHEN: Super into it super immediately, like no lie. He’d prob ask you about it that night and would want to put your fantasies to the test

YIXING: He’d be shocked and surprised and flabbergasted and every other word you can think of. But because he loves you so much, he wouldn’t;t judge. I don’t see him being into that much because how gentle he is but he might indulge you every now and then


KRIS: Dramatic hoe, he’d be all like “All this time, I can’t even look at you right now” He’d get over it real fast and start getting curious about a few of the things he saw, even asking (v shyly and ‘so not actually interested’) if the two of you could give it a try

TAO: He’d b a bit like Baekhyun where he’d grill you for it, but first he’d want to have a bit of fun ;)

LUHAN: I feel like he’d do some stupid embarrassing shit like surprise you one night when you came home from work with the bedroom se up with all you whips and chains and Luhan laying across the bed naked like “My body is ready jagi


Kazuhiko Inoue (井上和彦) - Ame wo dakishime te


I’m downloading all these songs and imagine it’s Kakashi, and will go to sleep every night from now on listening to his voice <3 lmao