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Why is there discourse about Captive Prince? From what I've seen, it looks lovely. :(

It… gets lovely. The thing is it deals with effects of sensitive issues (bc I’m tired of people calling them ‘problematic’ in this context) like non-con, slavery and pedophilia and Tumblr lives with the mentality that everything that isn’t pure fluff completely detached from real life issues and problems is ‘problematic’ (and other less ethical descriptions). 

I like a coffee shop or soulmate AU as much as the next person, but corruption and degeneracy are an interesting read, no need to be pretentious and purist. 

Friendly Reminder: America voted for Clinton, not Trump. He won because of the electoral college, which he said was a ‘scam’. We are not “Trump’s America”. I believe that the wall is stupid, costly, and discriminatory. I believe that refugees have the right to look for safety and find a job here. I believe that gay conversion therapy should be illegal. I believe that joking about sexual assault is horrible and his hate is too. And I believe that the ‘Muslim Ban’ is awful and has no basis. 

America is not Trump. 

The majority does not stand with him. 

And for American Muslims, people of color, and the LGBT community: I will never stop trying to protect you, no matter what. You are valid, you are perfect, and you shouldn’t have to be afraid in the ‘land of the free’. 

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could you do where s/o surprises the boys with a kiss on the nose? cute confuse flustered bros, thank you lovely!

Listen anon, nose kisses are the best kisses and anyone who disagrees can fight me right here right now. They’re just so soft. So pure. 

That being said, I really enjoyed this request! I hope you enjoy these little scenarios :)


He was sitting on the pier of Galdin Quay, feet dangling above the water as he clutched to his fishing rod. Noctis had left to enjoy his favorite pastime as soon as he awoke, but the sun was already high in the sky. You needed to get moving.

The boys decided to send you to retrieve him, insisting that you were the “only one who could take his eyes off the water.” The suggestive wink that Gladio sent your way was enough to make you blush as you turned on your heel, rushing in the direction of your boyfriend before anything else could be said. Within minutes you were only steps away from his still figure, the young prince seeming completely unaware of your presence.

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Petra: Ivor and Harper are so lucky. They get to explore all sorts of worlds, travel all they want… I wonder what adventures they’re having now?

*Skip to Ivor and Harper collapsed over eachother in bed, both snoring loudly*

shit is hitting the fan so i’m just gonna add this, they deadass sang a 2 minute season recap and forgot to even mention the best ship on she show… sanvers…i’m done with the straights. i can’t even recall alex being mentioned and she’s the heart of the show lollllllll good luck getting a season four hunnies x


Four years passed in between these photos. The first time, I was fresh out of 9th grade, never smiled with my teeth because I was too embarrassed of my braces, and always took my glasses off for pictures (which I still do most of the time, I’m just not as adamant about it now). 

I also thought I was straight and allistic. Change really is the only constant.

  • him: your weekend's really gonna suck

//*Reads last chapter of Fairy Tail* (AKA Spoilers beware)
……………. Well, that was disappointing.

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Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms


pure sunshine cookie cat gem boy + angry cotton candy ube cake angst boy = giving each other strength

  • Slytherin: There's this really great show I think you should check out!
  • Ravenclaw: Okay, I will.
  • Slytherin: *three years later* Oh, did you like that show by the way?
  • Ravenclaw: Oh, I haven't started it yet.
  • Slytherin: Are you fucking kidding me?

It was getting too long, I had to cut it, I’ll make 2 more parts on the Art tips!!

Have a super good day!! Hope it helps~~

*** Flipping your canvas on traditional media:  Look at your painting in the mirror, or turn your paper and put it against a light, to see the reverse image or take a pic of your drawing with your phone, and in the pic editor, just flip it~~

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Marvel Moodboards: Peter Parker 

     ❝  Come on, Peter… Come on, Spider-man.