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at some point adrian storms into maggie's apartment and just starts ranting about how people always call it lgbt and half the time there's never any mention of the t (oh hi alex how are you didn't see you there) and gender =/= sexuality and if peoPLE MEAN LGB THEN GODDAMMIT JUST SAY LGB i'm sorry this is happening all through my uni atm and i'm about to blow a gasket and i like to think adrian would too (this isn't a prompt just a rant but y'know you always make me feel heard hope that's okay)

(I’m gonna treat it like a prompt because it deserves to be a prompt kthxbai)

The door slams open and Maggie doesn’t even jump – this has happened before – but Alex grabs her gun.

Maggie takes her hands into her own. “Whoa whoa whoa, hey, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Alex’s eyes fix on the door and relax as Adrian steps through, but before either of them can say anything, he does.

“You know what I can’t deal with? They all walk around saying LGBT this and LGBT that, and they don’t give any shits that they’re leaving out our ace and nonbinary siblings and they give no shits, which should be their first clue that they’re doing something wrong, but you know what they do, they say the T, they say it, they do, ain’t nobody’s trying to talk about LGB, but you know what they all – oh, hey Alex, I didn’t see you there, why do you have your gun out? How you doing, I heard Cadmus gave you a rough time, you should let me know if you need anything, okay? – because of no, we’re so inclusive, like oh my gawd we’re just so inclusive and welcoming here, like, we’re a rainbow right, so like, I don’t understand why we don’t have more trans people or people of color here, like, we’re just so accepting, but you know what they should say instead of all that bullshit? They should just say LBG, goddammit, they should just say what they mean if they’re gonna keep leaving us out and not giving a shit about any of our issues or any of our fucking lives, and I just – ”

Maggie had chuckled as he did his best rich white kid imitation, but stood with her arms crossed over her chest when his voice got higher, when he said he wished people would just say what they meant, because she knows Adrian, knows him, and knows he’s about to break.

So she’s right there when he does, when his voice cracks completely and his face scrunches up and he falls forward into her body as she uncrosses her arms, nods softly, whispers softly, and holds his head to her shoulder, to the side of her face.

“Okay, okay. I know, sweetie, I know. Cry it out, Ade, it’s okay. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.”

Alex’s eyes well with tears as Adrian’s chest starts wracking with sobs, as he clings to the back of Maggie’s shirt and lets her support his weight, and she quietly slips into the kitchen, heating up almond milk on the stove to make him hot cocoa with.

She hears only snippets of the rest of their conversation as Maggie guides him softly to the couch.

“Shit about we can’t spread ourselves too thin – ”

“Ugh, Ade, I’m so sorry, that’s such bullshit – ”

“I just don’t – ”

“I can go rough the assholes up – ”

“Or we could sic your girlfriend on them – ”

“That we could – ”

“I just… how can we just not matter to them, I – ”

“I know, honey, I know. Come here, come here.”

Eventually, Adrian’s sniffling evens out and his cracked, ragged voice raises to carry across the apartment.

“Looks like someone’s got you all domesticated, Alex,” he teases her, and she turns with a soft grin.

“Not so domesticated I can’t take out anyone you need me to, Adrian.”

He stands and he strides over shakily, wiping his eyes with the backs of his hands, and pulls Alex in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“I’m so glad I have you guys,” he whispers into her ear, and Alex meets Maggie’s red-rimmed eyes and soft, I’m-so-in-love-with-you smile over his shoulder.

“Always, Ade. Always.”

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Girl I'm so tired of this fandom judging Shea so harshly ://// its gonna suck bc I feel like when she wins she's gonna join the club of "queens who didn't deserve to win" with Tyra and Bob and it's just a total mystery why they didn't deserve to win y'know :/// I'm sure it's just a coincidence :///

://// yeah :///// how unbelievable that a black queen do the best in the competition and have the most wins and least lows :/// so undeserving ://// (also if that happens 2 shea i’ll turn into a literal demon from hell and leak everyone’s addresses and send shit to their mailboxes)

just rewatched vicbourne scenes and honestly

fuck that last one

‘i shall never forget’ ‘may i kiss the bride’ ‘goodbye lord m’

fuck all of that tbh

  • Lizardman Overlord: So here's what we're going to do - we're going to infiltrate the upper levels of the primarily mammalian species living on Sol 3, and we're going to put ourselves in key positions of power. Presidents, Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, the lot.
  • Lizardman #2: Okay, right. Yes.
  • Lizardman Overlord: What?
  • Lizardman #2: Nothing.
  • Lizardman Overlord: No, what? What is it?
  • Lizardman #2: No, it's just… why?
  • Lizardman Overlord: Well, to shape their society and culture, obviously.
  • Lizardman #2: Obviously, yeah, but why, though? To what end?
  • Lizardman Overlord: So we can control them!
  • Lizardman #2: And what do we get out of that?
  • Lizardman Overlord: I'm sorry?
  • Lizardman #2: How does that benefit us?
  • Lizardman Overlord: We will have power!
  • Lizardman #2: Yeah, but on a planet full of monkeys who haven't even really made it that far out into space. I mean, they don't even know how to build quark matter/antimatter propulsion engines yet.
  • Lizardman Overlord: Well, no, that's true.
  • Lizardman #2: Plus, y'know, we'll be in disguise. We'll be disguised AS THEM. So they won't even know to be scared of lizardmen beyond a basic "Ah, it's a giant lizard person, we've never seen one of those before" sort of fear.
  • Lizardman Overlord: Oh yeah. Like when we saw those molemen.
  • Lizardman #2: Precisely.
  • Lizardman Overlord: I'm sorry, I guess I didn't really think it through.
  • Lizardman #2: No, it's okay, don't beat yourself up over this.
  • Lizardman Overlord: I guess I'm just feeling competitive. Did you know the Rock People of Carbonis IX have enslaved the entire Decalaxian race?
  • Lizardman #2: Oh?
  • Lizardman Overlord: Yeah, came in over the wire this morning. I guess I'm just feeling sort of, y'know, a bit inferior. Like I haven't really done anything with my tenure as Grand Overlord of the Magnificent Race of Lizardpersons.
  • Lizardman #2: Yeah, no, I can imagine how that must feel. But you can't hold yourself to the standards of other races with vastly different cultural norms and expectations. You're doing good stuff! Unemployment is down, prosperity is up, there's a good ratio of children being born to children being eaten by their parents. You helped make that happen. Don't sell yourself short.
  • Lizardman Overlord: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Thank you. You always know what to say.
  • Lizardman #2: Any time.
  • Lizardman Overlord: I love you.
  • Lizardman #2: I love you too.

Since Carmilla is gonna air in three arcs and thus having big blocks of probably around an hour that not everyone can watch live, I feel like it’s a good idea to start tagging spoilers more consistently. 

My suggestion is to use a tag like #carmilla spoilers for the first 24-48 hours so everybody who wants to avoid spoilers can watch the arc at their own pace! 

Text || Fabrevans
  • Sam: Okay so I totally have way too much work to catch up on. I think I need my tutor ;)
  • [5 minutes later]
  • Sam: Or I can like study alone... that's cool too.
  • Sam: What did you get up to today?
  • [ten minutes later]
  • Sam: Um okay.. I guess you don't wanna talk right now.
  • Sam: Just uh, y'know feel free to reply whenever.
  • Sam: [unsent] This is totally getting ridiculous. If this is because we had sex then just tell me dammit. I mean it was good wasn't it? We kinda did it a few times... But like I didn't think it would make things weird.
  • Sam: I'm heading to Puck's but like if you wanna help me study at all I can come over.

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I'm so relieved u said something about the lack of 'family' represented on the shirt. It's really been bugging me but I didn't want to say anything in case I was just being super sensitive? I just feel like it's all a bit hypocritical recently? Like we're living in 2k9 still when the show/evrything round it has come so far. Like Jim M retweeted this article where all the chars cept S&D were 'sidekicks'. I get where they come from but it made me feel a bit...Urgh, y'know? Bobby isn't a sidekick?

Ok so I’m going to say it straight up.

Season 12 would not be happening if not for Misha. Period. He brought new life into a tired premise and gave them more storyline potential. He brought his OWN fandom to the table. He kept it interesting and fresh.

There is no way in hell that Supernatural would still be a thing if it was just Jensen and Jared and no way in hell the fandom would be as big as it is without Misha.

I don’t care who likes it. It’s the fucking truth.

Two Lines (5)

‘How’d it go?’ Hannah asked as Grace settled on the sofa. She had just gotten back from Jason’s house where they had discussed baby things.

'Good, he wants to play a big part in this baby’s life, Hannah he even asked if he could have it because he knows what I’m like with kids’

'What did you say?’

'I said I’d think about it, I didn’t want this baby at all but I don’t know how I’ll feel in nine months time when it’s here, uhhh everything’s so confusing now and badly timed’

'Grace, everything will be okay I promise’

'I know Hannah, I know, you tell me everyday’


Grace chuckled, before getting up and knocking Hannah’s legs off the table she had been resting them on,

'Come on, I want to go shopping’

'For the baby?’

Grace nodded, ‘and some stuff for me, we can pick up some dinner too’

Hannah was kind of tired but Grace hadn’t been this full of energy in a while so she wasn’t going to say no.

'Alright but I’ll drive’

'Hannah I’m pregnant not…’

'I know’ Hannah smiled, grabbing her car keys off the table.

'Look how cute this is’ Hannah said, picking up a fox onesie for babies with a matching hat.

'Aww I want it for me’ Grace grabbed it and put it in her basket.

'You’ll need these too’ Hannah dropped some scratch mittens in,

'What even are they?’

'Mittens so the baby doesn’t scratch itself with its finger nails’

'Oh, what else do we need?’

Hannah ignored the fact that Grace said we instead of I.

'Diapers and toys and then I think you’re done’

By the time they got to the cashier Grace was shattered and just wanted to sleep, the shop was also quite busy and her anxiety levels had gotten quite high.

They made a quick exit and then headed straight home.

'Hey, you okay?’ Hannah asked, placing a hand on her friends knee.

'I will be once I’m home’

Grace took a nap in the car and then also in her bed when they got back.

At around 8pm Hannah woke her up,

'Gracie sweetie, wakey wakey’


'Come on, you’ve been asleep for two and a half hours you need to wake up otherwise you won’t sleep tonight’

'Im tired Han’

'I know, come on, if you’re not in the living room in ten minutes I’ll come in again’

Grace huffed and pulled her duvet up over her head. She felt like a kid again.

After laying in for five minutes more she pulled herself up out of bed.

She could smell that Hannah had been cooking so followed the scent to the kitchen.

'Ah good you’re up, I made soup’

Grace smiled as Hannah placed the bowl of chicken soup in front of her.

She took a mouthful,

'Mm this is really good Hannah’

'Thankyaaa, come on let’s go binge watch some real housewives’

Grace loved how Hannah could look after her and knew exactly what to do to make her feel better.

The girls where interrupted by Hannah’s phone ringing,

'Hey Sarah’ she answered,

Grace listened to the one sided conversation and Hannah talked about meetings and where she had been for the past few days.

'No wait I’m not at home… I’m at Graces… No we’re just hanging out… Fine fine I’ll be there’

Hannah sighed.

'Grace is it alright if I go home tonight, Sarah’s pretty pissed and is coming over’

'God Hannah you don’t need to ask, I’ll be fine’

'Call me if anything happens, I’ll do the dishes tomorrow’

'Hannah go’

'Alright alright but do you need anything before I leave?’

'Nope. Go’

Hannah rushed out the door in an effort to get to her own house before her manager did because God knows what the state of her house was in and she knew Sarah had her own key.

She pulled up to an empty driveway. Knowing that Sarah would arrive any minute she ran around her house hiding the mess and trying to make it look like she hadn’t just dropped what she was doing one day and went to Graces where she had stayed for almost a week.

Grace, who was now alone with no Hannah to keep her awake, went to sleep.

She woke around midnight feeling alone and uncomfortable, she wanted Hannah.

And Hannah in her own bed, wanted Grace.

Grace was half tempted to phone Hannah but that would be weird right? She could always say she feels really sick and needs comforting.

She quickly pulled herself out of bed and grabbed her phone and dialled Mamries number.

'Hey, you okay?’

'Hey Grace, is everything okay? It’s late’

'Yes I’m fine, well I don’t know actually, it’s complicated and I NEDD some advice?’

'Do you want me to come over?’

Grace nodded then realised Mamrie couldn’t possibly see her,

'If you don’t mind’

'Of course I don’t, look give me ten minutes and just a warning I’ll be in my pyjamas’

It was now 00.33 before there was a knock on the door.

Grace got up and let Mamrie in, who immediately flung herself at her friend.

'Wheres Hannah?’

'Oh yeah, she had to go home for the night’

'Oh okay, so…’

'Right yes, let’s sit’ Grace said taking a deep breath.

'I’ve been thinking Mamrie and this may sound stupid but I’m all over the place at the moment, I think I’m beginning to fall… in love with… with Hannah’ the blonde suddenly found an interest in a piece of thread on her hoodie.

'Oh, urm, are you sure it’s not just, oh what’s it called? Urm’

'Platonic? I think maybe, and I don’t know Mamrie, I just don’t know’ Grace began to cry.

'Shh shh shh, look tell me how you feel and maybe we can figure this out’

'I don’t know, like we slept in the same bed the other night and I just felt so comfortable and she looked so adorable when she was asleep and whenever I think of the baby I can only picture me and her as a family with it and Mamrie I’m not even gay’

'Okay, and can you picture yourself having y'know sex?’

'Ive thought about it before yes, and it didn’t feel wrong’

'Okay, I think Grace babe that you have fallen for our little lesbian friend’

'What do I do Mames?’

'Well, you have to decide whether this is something you want to pursue?’

Grace was about to answer when she hear the front door beginning to unlock itself. Mamrie and Grace both turned their heads and watched a little figure tiptoe in.

'Oh, you’re awake, oh hi Mamrie’ Hannah waved, taking of her shoes.

'Hey shorty’

'Grace are you okay? Damn you should of called I would’ve come straight back’

'Im okay, hormones and all that, I thought you weren’t coming here tonight’

'I know, I wasn’t, but i got lonely and was worried about you, I hope it’s okay’

Mamrie turned to look back at Grace just in time to watch her blush slightly

'Its fine Hannah, I'm… I’m glad you came back’

The redhead smiled, Grace was going to pursue this.