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really, you do reblog some nice anime stuff, but the rest is just garbage and porn everywhere. the things you write just show you have no content ... unfollowed, sorry about the 'hate'. just wished you were more consistent and interesting in the things you post though

did you just really took 5 min of your life to write me this? it’s MY BLOG. i post whatever the fuck i want and if you don’t like just unfollow me sweetie, you don’t need to come to my messages and write me this, it’s so pointless. 

after this i’ll still post and write the things i want. and you need to learn that people are not here to please you or to be consistent or interesting. 

Yuri on Ice interview translation - PASH! 2017/05 (p24-25)

I am pleased to bring you the very first interview with director Sayo Yamamoto!!! You don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this… This one is pretty general because of course she has never been interviewed before so they are asking her the basics, but it’s very interesting to finally hear things from her perspective too, since she’s the one who started it all. More interviews with her will be appearing in other magazines in the near future, I’m looking forward to those ones too.

Also, I believe a bright future is to be expected for Yuri on Ice, since she seems to have lots of plans…!! (I was shivering typing out the translation, lol)

Translation is under the cut.

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Interview (first appearance in media!)
The world of “Yuri on Ice” that director Yamamoto wanted to create
With 8 notebooks full of notes in one hand, director Sayo Yamamoto has answered our interview for the first time. We have asked her how this new animation that no one had ever seen before was born.

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Somehow 18 - Full ENG Sub

Well ladies, it took me a month, 3 korean textbooks, and a complete overestimation of my own abilities, but it is done. Complete. Fully subbed.

Watch Somehow 18 with full English subtitles

Enjoy xx

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hi ! i was wondering if you had any tips on how to draw poses and hands better? the hands in your art always look so nice hhhhh

Poses: use posemaniacs or quickposes, do 1 min gesture drawings daily, do 10-5 min studies. Use dynamic pose refs (like dancing, fighting, etc.) Make sure you know where the line of the spine, shoulders and hips are placed! If you can identify that on a ref, it’s easier to start! Here are some 1 min drawings I did just now:

They don’t have to be overly detailed! But analyse them and find out what you need to improve!

Hands: you can do the same with this page. Look up hand tutorials, do style studies. Hands are tough, but hands can be stylised very widely- maybe a more stylised comic-hands tutorial makes you understand a hand better in the beginning?

What I’ve learned about hands (which changed how I view them) is that the fingers/knuckles are not placed on a straight line (sketch page bc what are words):

not v accurate rn but I hope it helps with visualising 💕


[VID] 140826  BTS x Show Champion in Cheongju

The extremely awakward day when it was just too obvious that Yoongi and Kookie had issues

  • Clue #1: Jungkook awkwardly looking towards TaeGi side
  • Clue #2: Taehyung’s look of concern at Kookie
  • Clue #3: That exasperated sigh Yoongi let out after looking at Kookie then proceeding to wrap his arms around Tae… which, by the way, Yoongi honestly almost never does to anyone.
  • Clue #4: The look Kookie gave Yoongi after Yoongi did clue 3 then Kookie walking to the end of line to get the fuck away.
  • Clue #5: Comforting Hobi (I think he was trying to get comfort from Jimin first but Jimin didn’t give any) and obviously troubled Kookie who just seemed so done.
  • Clue #6: Another concerned glance from Tae to Kookie… :(

BONUS! #JiKook, #TaeGi, #HopeKook, #TaeKook… damn that tongue Namjoon! AND DANCING JIN!!!

Completed Kdramas.

Kdramas I’ve completed *In order of how I watched them!* and how I rate them..chat me up about ANY drama listed, or recommend more! :) **SOME CONTAIN SLIGHT SPOILERS!**

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon– 10/10 **This was my introduction to the amazing world of kdrama, and oh boy did it hook me!! The chemistry between Bo Young and Hyung Sik will forever be etched into my brain!

2. The Heirs– 8/10 **The most compelling thing in this show for me was Kim Woo Bin.  This was my first intro to second male lead syndrome.

3. Hwarang– 7/10 **Not gonna lie, started this because of Kim Taehyung, and happily finished it because the drama brought more than I expected.  It was slow in places, but wrapped up well.

4. High Society– 5/10 ** Not my cup of tea to be honest…I much preferred the second leads’ relationship over the first leads’.  Even Park Hyungsik wasn’t enough to keep me enthralled…this was a drama I completed just to get it over with.

5. Oh My Ghostess– 10/10. PARK BO YOUNG IS DAEBAK! I seriously love this woman…she was able to portray two distinct personality types, sometimes nearly simultaneously. Also, Jo Jung-suk as Chef Kang made my heart race!

6. Healer– 9/10 ** This would have gotten a ten had they wrapped up the loose ends a little better, alas, they did not…Also, this was my introduction to Ji Chang Wook.  His character is just amazing and JCW depicts him so well!

7. Emergency Couple– 10/10 **This is still one of my favorites.  I liked the progression between Chang Min and Jin Hee, and how it wasn’t an immediate reconciliation when they met back up.  They both had themselves to find and were mature (most of the time) about giving eachother the space needed to make it work.

8. Weight-lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo– 10/10. **I loved everything about this drama. The story line, the actors, the chemistry between the leads, and I really loved Ji Il-joo as Joo-hyuk’s best friend :)

9. She Was Pretty 7/10 ** CHOI SI-WON!!! Kim Shin Hyeok is my favorite character in all of dramaland…unfortunately he was second male lead, and my favorite part about the drama.  All of the actors portrayed their characters well, I just didn’t connect with many of them throughout the whole show.

10. Fated to Love You 8/10 ** There were times when Gun was literally too much to handle..Also, episode 12 made me take a break from kdramas for a while and reflect on my life choice to become addicted to something like kdramas.  Before this episode I realized that I really was spoiled in the shows I watched not having scenes that literally made my heart feel constricted the way this one did.

11. To the Beautiful You– 7/10 ** I liked the show overall, but thought that Sulli would never pass as a male… to me she still screamed female while dressed and living as a male. Kang Ha-Neul was the shinning point for me :)

12. Angel Eyes– 7/10 ** KANG HA-NEUL! :)  The show was predictable at times which made it kind of drag on in places, and the female lead was frustrating af, but I enjoyed it overall.  Although the teenage years were only in a few episodes (and then some flashbacks) I think the pairing was much more endearing than the adults.  I also really liked the chemistry between Kang Ha-nuel and Name Ji-Hyun

13. Doctors– 6/10** Not my cup of tea….Park Shin Hye was great, but it was kind of boring to me..The guest starring of Ji Soo was nice though :)

14. Shopping King Louie– 9/10. I LOVED this drama.  I thought the character of Louie was endearing in how he didn’t understand much of the outside world (being rich and all) and relied on Bok-Shil to basically survive. Again, loved Nam Ji-Hyun in this.

15. Pinocchio– 8/10 **HELLO LEE JONG-SUK! :) My favorite thing, other than watching the evolution of the leads’ relationship was watching the relationship between Dal-po and his brother, Jae-Myung.  I think the character development of Jae-Myung felt the most real to me.  How circumstances turned him into a killer and how he handled the aftermath of that, letting Dal-po settle things legally.

16. W (Two Worlds)– 8/10 **Back to back Lee Jong-Suk.  I liked the complexities of this drama. There were times when I really wasn’t sure what was coming next and the suspense kept me returning to my computer as soon as possible to finish it!

17. Marriage, Not Dating– 8/10 **Not gonna lie, the more I watching this, the more I WANTED To hate it, but I didn’t.  I’m not sure why I wanted to…I think it became semi predictable and some of the characters were hard pills to swallow, but damnit I was rooting so hard for Gi-tae and Jang-mi until the very end.

18. Love From Another Star 10/10 ** Let me count the ways…This was so endearing, and funny, and melancholic, and in places, SO FUCKING SAD. I will happily admit I cried, and when I inevitably watch it again, I’ll cry again.

Domestic yoonmin

Hi. I’m so inactive these days but never think I’m not updated with my royal ship anymore. Random thoughts, here’s a short list to point few of domestic yoonmin.

1. Yoongi once (hmm🤔) stayed up all night talking with jimin about things. I’ve never heard yoongi lose sleep over something that isn’t music.

2. Remember when yoonmin spent chuseok together like bruh jimin traveled hours from busan to daegu when he could’ve stayed home with his family. They rarely get breaks and they see each other in the dorm 24/7 so…

3. Remember when jimin sent yoongi’s mother a bouquet of flower for the opening of yoongi’s family restaurant in daegu. Such a sweet soul I’m emo.

4. Jimin saying yoongi is a great cook and yoongi saying he cooked for jimin sometimes (hmm🤔) and the members seem to not know about this like did he only cook for jimin I wanna know.

5. Did yoongi just named jimin’s dish “min’s potato” I mean if ain’t that husband then idk what. Yoongi called jimin “min” my yoonmin soul is soaring high.

6. The legendary “you know” “I know” on yoongi’s birthday. The biggest mystery in kpop okay I wanna know too 👀

7. Bangtan’s 3rd anniversary when yoongi said he’ll gonna get all the answers right about jimin if he did it. I am clenching real hard.


Namjoon as the most loyal yoonmin fanclub president: when yoongi picks jimin at LTE speed to get him into his team at RUN BTS 2017 ep.20 and says “as expected” I LOVE MY FELLOW YOONMIN STAN BYE

i see a lot of posts going around about how the process of making art is essentially just tears and experiencing The Struggle™ and while those are ALL TRUE i would also like to point out the GOOD THINGS about making art!!!!!! 

  • when u finally find that ONE PERFECT SHADE OF COLOR
  • experimenting with different art styles 
  • those tiny mindless doodles u make on the corner of the page
  • flipping ur canvas and seeing that ur drawing isnt TOO asymmetrical 
  • [picks brush u dont often use] why the HECK dont i use this more often??? 
  • putting ur music on shuffle and a song that fits the scene of what ure drawing comes on 
  • turning off ur lineart layer and having a good laugh over how ur color layer looks like a melting ice cream
  • drawing something u’ve never tried and realizing that u LIKE IT 
  • when ur friend does the compliment thing. thank u friend 
  • drawing a curvy line and GETTING IT RIGHT THE FIRST TRY
  • overlay. thats it 
  • blushies!!!
  • spacing out in the middle of sketching/lining/coloring and 5 mins later going like o HEY COOL i can draw
  • that tiny pop when u stretch ur back after hours of arting 
  • seeing the final result and thinking goddamn!!!!!!
  • I Did That!!!!
  • wow!!!!!!
  • i really love art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am a fence sitter & can explain most things away but some things I just can't!! 1) Jensen's expressions - he absolutely adores Jared!! 2) the handholding at MinnCon - whichever angle I look at it from why would Jensen continue to keep his hand like that!! 3) damn is he loveable - a fandom that thinks you are gay for each other and you say about your co-star that damn is he loveable!! Sounds smitten rather than bff! 4) Move to Austin with rumours - why 5 mins away? 5) sleep with one! Odd joke!

Hello, dear anon!

I know what you mean. There are many things I can’t explain away and you just mentioned the best of them. I’m feeling nostalgic, so how about we look at them a little?

1. “Jensen’s expressions - he absolutely adores Jared!!

Right? The sheer love and adoration in Jensen’s eyes moves me to my core. That is not how I look at my friends, not even the closest ones. How lucky they are to have each other!

2. “the handholding at MinnCon - whichever angle I look at it from why would Jensen continue to keep his hand like that!!

Originally posted by honey-chris

The fan says to Jensen that he’s her favourite and Jensen just sneaks his hand to hold Jared’s while he does the comedy elbows for the audience. I can’t tell you how much I love this moment. (Another angle)

3. “damn is he loveable - a fandom that thinks you are gay for each other and you say about your co-star that damn is he loveable!! Sounds smitten rather than bff!

What I see here is both of them being incredibly ballsy. Not only did they dare to share these videos, Jensen caption this kissy video like that as well. I can still hardly believe this actually happened. (My post here)

4. “Move to Austin with rumours - why 5 mins away?

You know how one sometimes gets the irresistable urge to respond with a vague “For reasons”? This is one of those moments. Just kidding! Of course there’s something to read on the matter. If you’re interested in some tinhatty views of how that came to be, look here. Here’s a little something as well.

5. “sleep with one! Odd joke!

(Gif by the invaluable @one-soul-two-brothers) Oh boy. This is the mother of all slip-ups! This is definitely difficult to explain away… Do you know what the non-believers are saying? That he responded on Jared’s behalf. *scratches head* Yeaaaahhh… I don’t know how that could be. (Posts: 1, 2, 3)

Anyway, thanks for reminding me of these great moments! If you need a pillow to make your fence a little more comfortable, you need only holler and I’ll bring you one. I hope you’re having a fabulous day!

BTS Flirting/Confessing

Jin/Kim Seokjin

Jin would be extremely respectful, yet I don't think he’d be too shy. At first, he’d be shy to initiate anything or give you his number, sure, but once he’s been flirting with you for a few days, he’d really open up to you and be a little more straightforward than he was previously, probably blowing kisses occasionally. He’d later ask you to dinner, confidently.

“Will you do to dinner with me, y/n? I really like you!”

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Suga/Min Yoongi

I don’t think flirting would be Yoongi’s cup of tea, he’d just be very straightforward and tell you he liked you without any complications, however after, he’d regret it as you let the news sink in. But once you told him you liked him back, he’d return to the Yoongi he usually is. He’d have also gone all out, with heart shaped balloons, it all!

“No one can resist Min Genius!” 

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Hoseok would’ve probably opened his mouth to say ‘hi’ and ‘you’re so beautiful’ just happened to slip out. He’d pretend it was never said, and just act normal, but upon seeing your blush, would become slightly more forward with you. However, during these days of not-so-shy-flirting, he’d be a little more hyper as the days went by, before accidentally letting ‘I love you’ slip.

“I love you-I mean, you look-But-I-”

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Namjoon honestly wouldn’t know how to flirt, he’d just smile at you and that said enough, he hoped. Sometimes he’d write songs about you, missing out your name, and just singing them to you occasionally, until one day you asked who all these songs were about, he saw this as the perfect opportunity to tell you they were about you, as he knew you were wondering. You had always thought song writing and composing was Yoongi’s thing.

“The songs are about you, Y/N.”

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Park Jimin

Jimin would be most like Jin at first, however instead of getting more comfortable would get less and less, worrying you’d leave him, so, asked you to come to the house, where he’d ask you, nervously, to be his.

“Y/N, I really like you… and I want you to be mine… will you?”

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Taehyung would be a little sweetheart, constantly giving you gifts, smiles, cuddles, it all. However, when performing songs like Blood, Sweat, and Tears he’d give you the sexy eyes, showing you there was more than one side to him. He wouldn’t want to hide anything from his fans, so would drop obvious hints that he liked you, which lead you to just ask him yourself.

“Y/N! How did we do during Blood, Sweat, and Tears? Were we sexy?”

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Jungkook wouldn’t flirt, but it would be painfully obvious. He’d give you loving stares, and always slightly nervous around you, however would one day have that 5 minutes of confidence, and ask you to be his after a performance. Looking both surprised, shocked and happy when you said yes.

“Y/N! I uh.. I like you…. a lot.”

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Pretty sure I got my company robbed....

So I deal with like 500 people a day bc I work at a big place everyone in the entire world goes to and I’m sure you could figure it out but I won’t say it and I’ve been thinking about this one guy all day bc it bothered me sooo much I didn’t do anything so he comes in with his two sons and has a HUGE TV and like 3 bag of chips (mind you during the entire interaction one of his sons LITERALLY comes behind my register and starts touching EVERYTHING almost breaking my scanner and stealing money) and the dad goes oh i bought the TV already and I’m like oh ok so you have a receipt? (Bc usually people will but in electronics and have a receipt) and he goes no they crosses out the barcode tho see? And EVERY LARGE ITEM HAS THAT ON IT!!! So no tthey did not do that and he goes o bought it over the phone???? In the store?? Like what? So I ring him up (10$ for the chips) and just go whatever because I was there for over 10 hours at this point and had 5 mins left and didn’t wanna deal and as I hand him the receipt the little son goes “wow dad you didn’t buy the TV!!!! You don’t have to pay for TV’s daddy?!?” And I straight look in this dads face and he looks TERRIFIED and I’m glaring at him and he shakingly goes no son remember I bought it on the phone and he goes no dad and he like fights with him and I just hand the receipt and go “just go ok” and he’s like thank you so much bye and I’m like??? Why would anyone buy something over the phone while you’re at a store that doesn’t even make sense?? But because I’m overworked I’m pretty sure I helped someone steal a 300$ TV awesome.

1st day

Hi, guys. Let’s do the 1st day of working out. But first things first:

1. I always do abs and arms. 

2. I run 3 times per week (max). But if you guys run twice a week, that’s really good, too.

3. Don’t ever do more than you can. Respect your limits. If there’s something here you can’t do, don’t do it. Better take it slow and progress each and every day, than actually pull a muscle or something else and have to stop everything. That goes for running, too.

4. I follow the Darebee’s workout programmes. So, if you want to complement this a bit more, you can go to their website and get some really good ones. I fully recommend using their resources. And it’s all free.

Okay, now, for the 1st day.

It looks scary, but we’re not doing everything. I only do a line per day, so I can do abs every day and mix it with arms. So, today, I did the second line: leg raises, flutter kicks and hollow hold. You can do as many sets as you’d like, as long as you do at least 3.

Remember to take your time and not rush it. Take a 30 seconds rest between sets and a 2 minute rest between exercises.

For arms:

Use the weights you feel comfortable with. You should be able to do the exercises without extreme effort. That means, you should have a little trouble finishing the exercises (like, you arms are sore during the last set), but not so much that will hurt you. If you don’t feel a bit sore after it, you’re not doing it hard enough. But it’s just a bit sore. Don’t go using weights heavier than you should. Start light and go heavier bit by bit until you find the right weight.

Now, I mix the exercises up so I don’t feel too tired too soon. I also add some more exercises, so to get the results I want. So, what I did today was, in order:

. 5 sets of 20 leg raises
. 4 sets of arnold press (12-10-8-8)
. 5 sets of 20 flutter kicks
. 4 sets of push-ups (12-12-10-10)
. 5 sets of 20 seconds hollow hold
. 4 sets of lateral raises (7-7-6-5-)
. 4 sets of crunches *
. 4 sets of tricep extensions (6-5-5-4)
. 4 sets of V-ups (10-10-8-6)
. 4 sets of bench presses (12-10-10-8) **
. 4 sets of bicep curls (12-10-10-8)

* The 4 sets of crunches go as following:
     . 20 crunches
     . 10 side crunches (per side)
     . 20 sit ups

** You don’t need an actual bench press to do it. Just use the weights as if you were on a bench press.

After all that workout, it’s running day. I’ll tell you what I did, but each person has their own rhythm, so don’t force it. Go as slow as you need and a bit faster each time. 

But remember to run at least 30 min. That’s how long you need for it to actually do its effects.

I did:

. 15 min at 8.5
. 5 min at 6.0
. 5 min at 8.0
. 8 min at 5.5 (until I completed 4km)

Well, this is it for today. It seems like a lot, but it’s not. You should take between an hour to 2 hours to complete this. And this is a full workout, so even if you do this only 2-3 times a week, you already get a full workout.

If you guys have any questions, fell free to PM me. 

And don’t forget: don’t ever force it. Go as light or as slow as you need and then slowly find your own rhythm. Be safe, first and foremost. 

RFA reaction to MC always leaving them on open in snapchat


he’ll send you a casual cute mirror selfie or something

•when you don’t respond he’s like uM

•he sends like 20

•why won’t you answer his fuckinf snaps

•omg do you think he’s ugLY FUCK

•are you trying to break up with him rn


•“MC are you mad at me? Did I do something to upset you?”

•ur like. no the fuck

•u never leave him on open again


he’ll send you a selfie

•when u leave him on open he’s like where my compliment at

•so he’ll keep sending u selfies bc theres plenty to go around

•he’ll probably throw in a spicy pic too just for good measure

•“I know you can’t resist for long~”

•he can and will say greasy shit like that

•knows he’s being greasy 

•doesn’t care

•lets not lie to ourselves you’d probably respond after the spicy pic ;;;;)))))))


she’d only have snapchat if you convinced her to get it

•but she rarely uses it

•on the occasion that she does, she’ll just send you a cute selfie from the office

she looks tired as fuck

•when you don’t respond she’s like k

•fully doesn’t care

•maybe that’s what u do on snapchat hell if she knows

•“MC, did you get the snapchat I sent earlier? I’m not sure I did it right.”

•“Yes, it was very cute.”

blushy jaehee


he’d download it out of curiosity 

•probably accidentally sends you a picture of the counter or something

•once he gets the hang of it though he uses it to put filters on pictures of Elizabeth

•you’re the only one he added so you get all of them

•“Which filter do you prefer? I like this one better, it brings out her eyes.”

•he honestly doesn’t even notice that you don’t reply

•you’ll just get constant pictures of Elizabeth

•you’ll leave your phone for like 5 mins and u have 40 snapchats from Jumin Han



•arranges hbc to say “send nudes”

no surprise you didn’t reply to that one tho

•probably will send u pics in all his different costumes

•when you don’t reply he’ll just approach you irl

•“Pictures don’t do my beauty justice anyway!”

•ur like ok fuck outta my face

•but he’s like nay

just prepare for lots of bizarre snaps from him

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I was dating this Indian girl and she was hot but very innocent. She came round just us and we put on bridesmaids, i had a raging boner and i was hoping she wouldn't see, she did. I thought she would flip but instead she spilt some water on my trousers (on purpose) and for 5 mins licked it straight whilst looking up at me, We then dry humped but then i came in my pants, she took it off and she said she likes to suck my flaccid dick. Hot af


Don’t stop believing…. 4 years ago I made the best decision of my life… I made the choice to feel better, be healthier, and eh you know look a little better.. it’s amazing what your body is capable of doing… in the 4 years I went out of my comfort zone. I did and learned so much. From training my body to just be able to walk without getting tired after 5 mins to running, sprinting, boxing, lifting heavy and Zumba. I learned to meal prep and eat things I never imagined I’d like. It’s never been easy, there were days I wanted to quit, days where I didn’t care and just wanted to throw in the towel. Set backs happened but I never stopped… I don’t think I’ll ever stop at this point. I honestly think the size I am now was what I wore early middle school years but just kept getting bigger after that. Late nights, early mornings, sacrifices, losing people because they didn’t see the point in giving it your all…. all part of the journey. I did this all by myself for myself… to the people that stood by me, worked out with me and believed in me.. y'all are the greatest… although I may not look small… because I’m a giant and I wear oversized clothes.. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and I will never go back to ever being 280 lbs…

EXO Emergency #Suho’sGonnaBeAStar!

“Can you do an EXO Emergency skit where EXO watches Suho’s new drama or his old movie and react to it? Thanks :) and I love your writing”

Thank you!! here you go anon :)

Suho: Hey guys! Now it’s been a few weeks since we’ve had a meeting but finally our schedules have lined up-

Baekhyun: You cleared my schedule

Yixing: And you took my passport so-

Suho: So we can all be together and discuss what’s new!

Sehun: What is new? We already discussed CBX, we won some awards, Kai isn’t injured yet

Kai: Um don’t bank on that yet

Sehun: And we have all been pretty chill so far so I don’t understand why we’re meeting.

Chanyeol: Wait…is this one of “those” meetings??

Chen: What??

Xiumin: I hope not we were finally on a streak of success!


Baekhyun: Suho you can tell us. We’re ready.

Suho: Okay good I had some important things to say and well… it’s about me this tim–



Suho: No.

Kyungsoo: I’m going to go get something from the kitchen. Anyone need something?

Baekhyun: My time back and a vodka on the rocks.

Yixing: Can you make that a double?

Suho: Guys seriously! I have done some pretty cool things this year so far! I’m really proud of myself and I wanted it to share it with you.

Chanyeol: Like what?

Suho: *beams* Well for starters I have a drama where I get to go outside my comfort zone and sorta be a cool jerk type of guy.

Kai: I did catch some of it trying to google symptoms on Web MD and it wasn’t bad.

Chen: You act?

Sehun: Hmm maybe I’ll check it out. My netflix subscription just ended anyway.

Xiumin: Just to be clear it is free right?

Kyungsoo: *from the kitchen* The better question is would anyone watch it if it wasn’t??

Kai: giggles

Kyungsoo: Shut up


Suho: *turns the tv on*

Suho: Just sit quietly and watch. 

*5 mins later*

Baekhyun: Are you whispering your lines under your breath?

Sehun: I don’t get it? Is this fiction or non fiction?

Yixing: You know those words usually only apply to books right?

Kai: So did you have to audition or did you get this based on  the fact that you’re somewhat famous?

Xiumin: Shh I’m trying to hear! This is actually interesting!

Chen: *picks up remote and turns off tv*

Chen: If I wanted to spend my time watching dramas, I’d join a less successful group like…like

Chanyeol: Got7?

Sehun: Seventeen?

Yixing: Monsta X?

Chen: Nah I was thinking Suho and the Semi-talented.

Baekhyun: Are they new?

Kyungsoo: *from ktichen* Sehun is in that group right?

Suho: ….Whatever guys, I also released a new song too!

Chen: You sing?

Baekhyun: What is your definition of the word song?

Sehun: Oh I saw it!! It had Vin Diesel in it right??


Suho: That was Kris Wu’s Juice Sehun

Chanyeol: Close enough.

Chen: Well didn’t one of them actually do well?


Sehun: Debatable.

Kyungsoo: *comes back from kitchen* Sorry Baek, I brought the vodka but the time had already expired and I couldn’t bring it back

Baekhyun: Darn it

Yixing: Can i have my passport? I haven’t been in China for like 20 minutes and I’m getting homesick.


Chanyeol *whispers* a useful one.

Suho: I’m done, you guys are jerks.

Baekhyun: I resent that.

Xiumin: What did I do??


Suho: You’re also idiots.

Kyungsoo: Please be mad all you want but never rate me in the same category as Sehun.

Sehun: It insults him and basically compliments me.

Chen: *puts on Juice* HOLD UP! Suho this song is pretty good!!

Kai: I think I need to go lay down, my ankle is starting to tingle.


Baekhyun: I have episodes of my drama if anyone wants to watch right now.

Chanyeol: I have a new car if anyone wants to leave.

Suho: I hate you all *leaves*

Select quotes from Two Best Friends play TEW2

“Okay so we’re gonna flashback to his backstory that was added in the first game at the last second.”

[on Seb’s house] “They live in a nowhere nightmare zone.”

“Sometimes nannies n childrens need to fend for themselves!”

“I would have loved if Lily’s corpse just shot out the window like a torpedo.”

“He’s angry about dead child now. But he wasn’t in the first game.”

[on Lily being alive] “Well that’s convenient isn’t it. Now I care about something.”

“Staging a child’s death is child’s play.”

[on entering STEM again] “Cuz he did such a bangup job last time letting Ruvik totally get away…”

“How come Kidman doesn’t dress like the Men in Black?”

[on kids in STEM] “I’d hate to put a teenager in there. Just creepy boob monsters everywhere.”

“There is so much stupid stupid wrong with this.”

“Gonna go into that thing to save my daughter. My daughter who was dead up til 5 mins ago…”

“It’d be funny if like, he solves the problem, and they’re like, here’s the reward! Here’s Lily! And they just give him like, a brain in a bucket. And he’s like, ‘okay,’ and he puts a little pink bow on the brain. And he’s like, ‘that’s it?’ And they’re like, ‘naww’ and they give him a bunch of Kitkats.”

[on the Administrator] “He was the final boss of Kidman’s terrible DLC. But it was her dream version of him,so it wasn’t real. Just like literally everything that happened in the first game…”

“This is how they make incredibly long games for a long time with no headway in the plot at all.”

“MY HOUSE IS CRYING. Gotta save my house. Gotta piss on it.”

[On Seb’s appearance upon entering STEM] “How do you feel? Like shit. You look like shit, too.”

[on Lily’s picture of Seb] “God, that makes me so angry already. He’s wearing his vest. ‘Daddy always wears his vest inside cuz mommy gets drunk… when she sees him wear that vest.’



“… is she playing with a doll of him from the first game? That’s… weird…”

“How did you tear that doll’s head off like that? I LOVE MY DADDY!”


[on Stefano and please no multiple antagonists] “WELL GUESS WHAT. THERE’S A SERIAL KILLER INSIDE STEM. AND HE’S GOT A COOOOL GIMMICK.”

anonymous asked:

HEY so I'm really curious! Did you just like holler and run away or did like Grodner and a bunch of security dudes come running out or? I gotta know how it ended. Even if it's boring please. :)

Nah it’s boring. The studio in that video is like 5 mins from my house. The actual studio where they film it is 20 mins. The backyard backs up to a small private road (not Gunsmoke Ave cuz you have to through a gate to get there) and a small creek. On the other side is public road so if you have a bullhorn you can yell from there, its residential so you dont wanna stay there for too long anyway and bother people. Google search Colfax Ave & Chiquita St, yw girlies