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Haikyuu Timeline (2013?)


Ehh, this is something I did when I was bored/frustrated one day.

I was writing a Haikyuu!! fanfic but it corresponds with the canon, so I decided to make a timeline of the events thus far in the manga. 

This is just a rough timeline with my fangirl/fujoshi comments in there. It’s not incredibly detailed, just what event is happening. I also put in the chapter the event is happening at. There were just some quotes I like put in there too. I’ll probably clean it up later.

Divided by assumed date (most the dates so far correspond with the year 2013), chapter, what Karasuno is doing, and what the other schools are doing at the same time.

So yeah. If anyone is interested. I update it weekly when the new chapter is translated.

*squints* Yeah, it’s a bit messy.


Scruffy art is scruffy.

Some sketchy things for Day 1 of @sjipsco ‘s Yog Headcanons month! Non-binary (using He or Them pronouns), and Pansexual Honeydew!

Bad handwriting/Text reads “I usually go in the ladies, as I’m not a gentleman, or a lady, I’m a dwarf” from here . So it’s sort of canon? *shrug*

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