i just did omg

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What did actually m**m do? I don't understand.. Can you explain??






If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again


actual angel sam wilson looking like a 90s fashion cover for @riakomai​ ✌️

see them all here! (#my palettes)

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i’m 1000% sure that this has been done before, but i cannot for the life of me find that specific fanart, so i drew it myself because i desperately needed it to exist (;;;*__*)

i’m working on requests i swear

sometimes I wonder what yall think about my hamilton


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V from mysme in One punch man ? I don't have any pose, so do what you want ^^

Idk if this was what you had in mind and I’ve never seen the show either but here you go~ Thanks for the request! o/

Tmw Cheritz postpones your route - 


every time i show up, blow up

SILVERFISH. or house centipedes, there’s some differentiation there that people are making, anywAY i found one of those mother fuckers in my home, i will never be the same.  those things move faster than i’ve seen anything move, dare i say the speed of light have. a little bit of competition! now silverfish if you’re listening, FUCK YOU.  FUCK.  YOU.  you’re so grossss, i don’t want your, even if it raises my stats of listeners, i don’t. want. you. to. listen. i hate you sIL VER FISH.  fuck you silverfish you’re disgusting, if you’re listening pack up your little disgusting 500 tiny bags for your legs that are all so plentiful and disgusting and GET OUT.  YOU’RE GROSS.  I HATE YOU.  *SOBS* you move so fast, i don’t think i could outrun a silverfish, it’s so scary!  they have so many legs, they look soft ewwww ewwww their antennae are so long, UGH.  i threw that susie essman book at it to kill it, NO DISRESPECT SUSIE. but that book was the hardest one i had on my bookshelf and dare i say i thREW IT WITH ALL MY MIGHT!  i hurledthat susie essman book at that silverfish with a FER O CI TY.  and i’ve gotta say i probably threw it 5 times until i hit that motherfucker square in it’s disgusting backkkkk.  DARKSIDED.  YA DARKSIDED you’re not chRISTIAN