i just cursed this tag


“It is often my nature to be abstract, hidden in plain sight, or nowhere at all.”

- g.w.


I brought some oranges to work yesterday but didn’t eat them so this may have happened =D

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I love your friendship with klanced. It's so entertaining to come on Tumblr and see the newest escapade of the day.

i love katie she inspires me to take things way further than they should ever go


katie: lol what if keith had this galra head ridge

me: katie i watched a mermaid documentary once and let me tell u that scientifically speaking that ridge could be a trait of marine mammals. 

galra = mermaids and so keith = a mermaid and klance = canon bc lance would absolutely marry a mermaid


it’s some bad mythology, the guards are here, i don’t know which heart is yours

inspiration based on this!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Expectations

5k words, R rated

It’s the first time Scorpius and Albus have been to the Manor together since they started dating. They can’t help but think about how far they’ve come since they first met, and they also can’t help but take the new-found opportunities that being properly alone together as a couple can offer. 

This was written as a birthday present for the wonderful @abradystrix. Thanks for being an awesome beta, advice-giver, and friend. I hope your day is full of cake and happiness, and that you feel better soon! <3 

My logistical advice-giver and brilliant beta for this one was @bounding-heart.

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Just look at these precious people! So much love for them <3

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebrates 11 Olivier Awards nominations!


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Beauty And The Beast Tag Thing

I’ve seen a bunch of these things going around online, so I figured I would make a Beauty and the Beast themed one.

Enter the following words into the tag and place the first result other than the word itself:

Rose, Mirror, Magic, Disney, Love, Kiss, Beautiful, Change, Spell, Curse, Book, Eggs, Fool, Yellow, Dress, Dance, Castle, Tale

If no tag exists for one of the words, keep deleting a letter until a tag appears on your tags list.

I was thinking which zodiac would fit which Mogeko God/Devil:

-Aries = Siralos

-Taurus = Kcalb

-Gemini = Elux

-Cancer = Reficul

-Leo = Ivlis

-Virgo = Rosaliya Phantomrose

-Libra = Justim

-Scorpio = Satanick

-Sagittarius = Vicers

-Capricorn = Liliya

-Aquarius = Fumus

-Pisces = Etihw

Covetous (Part Four + a Mixtape)

Prompt: @ruth-hamilton-delrio requested “You can’t be jealous if we aren’t even dating! man up and ask me out if you’re going to act like that.” I wanna see your take on that, for Lin x reader” and I happily turned it into a slow burn, multiple part series fic.

The Mixtape: I made a very special playlist just for this fic! Please listen to it in order for maximum pain. 

Find the mixtape HERE! 

Author’s Note: Phew, this was a doozy to to finish! There’s so much pain and so much angst and just… wow in this part. I’m sorry it’s so long, but there’s so much I wanted to put into it and there was just no good stopping point except for where I stopped it. 

After this part, there’s only one more part!! We’re almost done, you guys. This journey has been so painful and long and I’m thankful for you for sticking with it and me! 

Words: 7,529 (I’M SORRY!!) 

Warnings: i don’t remember but i’ll put cursing, drinking, and hospital mentions just in case 

Tags: @ruth-hamilton-delrio @strongenoughfoundation @linslovelylocks @hamilbye (I made you your own character, love) @ourforgottenboleros @fragmentofmymind @constellationsniall @drawbloodwithmypen @apolypanperson @manuelmirandamn @sempiternal-mooses @always-blame-jefferson @nesthemonster @theoverlordofeverything @night-persona

Without further ado, enjoy the extra long pain! 

You were waving over a second round of drinks to the table you now shared with Lin, Ruth, and Sarah as your voice floated over the room, telling countless stories of your days with Lin as Ruth nodded, laughed, and frowned at the correct parts. Your drink had switched from whiskey to a red wine and Sarah still nursed the same drink she’d started with.

“Oh, and then there was this period during our sophomore year of high school when Lin would literally wake me up every day by screeching a Britney Spears song into the phone.” You laughed to punctuate the sentence, your mind whirling back to the days of carefree youth.

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i get so warm inside when my friends take pictures of me when im off guard and post it on social media; which is also when i usually see the pic they took of me for the first time and i cringe inside bc of how ugly i look eating a cookie with no makeup and chocolate chip bits on my white shirt 

my Scorbus aesthetics: shy smiles, longing looks, cuddles, soft loving kisses, words of comfort and encouragement, knees bumping, holding hands, sweets, the colour green, nice robes, black nail polish, joyous laughter, pale fingers playing with dark messy hair, tight embraces, hot beverages, doing homework together, one’s head resting on the other’s lap, staying up late together