i just cropped me out lol

At the end of the day 🌄🌆🌃🌒 u can crop KS ✂✂🚫🚫🤵🤵out of ur gifset🚫🚫🎞🎞 but u’ll never ever ever 🙅🙅🙅❌❌🤚🤚🤚crop him out of JI’s heart 👬👬👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👍👍💘💘✔✔💯💯

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Do you have the base of your drawings? Like the shapes before it became what you wanted it to be?

t-to be honest my sketching process is a giant mess LOL;; it’s not really much of shapes or…anything..before it turns out how i sorta want it to (just Decent Enough for me to continue)

here’s an example of one of my base sketches turned into a rough draft (cropped bc these are old screencaps since the orig file got messed up haha): 


UPDATE: Please download the original meshes so the Basic shirt, Cropped Top dress, and Ugg Boots recolors will show up fine. Otherwise, they will show invisible in CAS. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello guys! I just want to express my gratitude to my followers in some way; whether you followed me for my CCs, my stories, or simply because this is a simblr, thank you! ♥

So I prepared a set of recolors–sadly, that’s all I can do for now. Damn me for not knowing how to mesh ;n;


  • All of them are non-default
  • First set are print recolors of Rusty Nail’s Basic Shirt (some are references of The 1975, twenty one pilots, Lorde, Marina and the Diamonds, and Fall Out Boy)
  • Second is long sleeved printed shirts for the guys (twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, and The 1975, again)
  • Third is a set of pastel & print recolors of sim4ny’s Cropped Top dress
  • Fourth is set of pastel recolors of pauleanr’s Ugg Boots
  • And lastly, fifth is a set of Ombre open shirts

Can you recognize my sims? lol

Sooo yeah, I hope you like them. Thank you so much again, and happy simming! ♥

Just place the .package file into your Mods folder/subfolder.

Please do not reupload and/or claim as your own.

Hit me a message if anything goes wrong!

[ D O W N L O A D]

Saw some people here on Tumblr drawing size charts of their pets.
I didn’t use the on-site sizes, but my headcanon sizes.
As I was colouring this I realised I REALLY need to get more creative with colour palettes. I have a clear preference for certain shades!
Just my main account pets… Too lazy to do more or shade ^^;
Kijiwa’s tail got cropped because I draw on paper, and I ran out of room. I draw all my stuff on paper… And my scanner’s not hooked up so I have to take a photo with my phone, then tidy up the lines on the computer with a mouse because my tablet’s not worked in over a year xD Sometimes it feels like the world’s trying to tell me not to draw lol.
BG is a crop of the Mysterious Forest Clearing Background.

Edit: OOPS forgot to put heights on image. This is approximate.
Left to right: Cooled 74cm / Kijiwa 200cm / me 172cm / Rainbird 66cm / Schanse 125cm

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I just read your thing about the trip to Iowa and I couldn't help laughing. That was delightful. You painted a fantastical picture of the farm in question - weirdness and all - and I'm definitely passing the story on to my best friend, who actually lives in Iowa. Your comment about Iowa and corn also made me laugh b/c just yesterday, my friend left her mother's house and found six ears of corn - no bag or note - in her car. So yeah, Iowa and corn for real, lol.

I live in Durango and apparently the Foisting Crop out here is ALSO corn (Specifically Olathe Sweet Corn), but also Palisade Peaches.  As in, my neighbor woke up at 5AM because she heard us leaving and gave us a flat of peaches, just to get rid of some of hers, becuase he dad has a farm and sent here like… a costco-sized pallet of them.  I fully expect there to be more and probably corn in my fridge when I get back.

In the interest of Discourse tho- I can’t stand the taste of peaches, but I notice how stinking proud Georgia is of it’s peaches, but out here it’s Palisade all the way and an awful lot of smack-talk about Georgia.  has anyone out there ever tasted both?  is one superior to the other? or is this regional fruit-waving?

And Here's some SickRent that no one that follows me asked for I bet

I kept a running tally of headcanons that popped into my head through my viewing of both Trainspotting and T2 within 24 hours lol

Requested by: fuckin no one I’m sorry

-Making out and coming 0.3 seconds away from being caught by their friends.

-Simon is more worried about it than Mark and HAS comically pushed the poor guy off of couches to avoid their secret getting out

-Rents wears crop tops just because he knows it gets him flustered

-Just like Simon knows that his shortest pair of football shorts get Mark hot and bothered

-There’s a lot of angry jerking off in bathrooms

-It’s game over when they catch each other and they’ve had a lot of sex in bathrooms in clubs

-They share a bed because they say that can’t afford two but it’s out of comfort

-Simon does the Sean Connery voice in bed there’s no question

-Honestly there pretty much no end to the kinks they’re into and the stuff they’re willing to try

-One time Mark did NOT understand that rope and bondage rope are two different things and almost cried because he noticed Simon’s arms got a little torn up

-They smack each other in the face playfully a lot and they don’t know why they do it but it’s affection

-Honestly they’re both so selfish that sometimes they’ll have a “sickboy week” or a “Rents week” where the one will just get moody and the other one will just take care of them until they’re out of it

-Renton knows about Simon’s anxiety and while Simon likes to pretend it doesn’t exist, it’s comforting when Renton just holds him when he knows he’s about to break

-It’s weird because Simon bottles everything up and Mark wears his heart on his sleeve so it’s new for the both of them getting to understand where the other is coming from

-Bickering like old women. Honestly they’re the worst they argue about everything

-Big Suave Sickboy cries during romantic movies and it’s Mark’s favorite thing

-Spud, Mikey, and Alison know but they aren’t gonna say anything. It’s too obvious but it’s hilarious the way that they try to sneak around. Plus they’re sure the two would go mental if they knew

-Mark thinks about adopting a kid one day but is kind of afraid to bring it up because of Dawn

-They help maintain each other’s hair the way they like it. Simon knicks himself with the razor often and Renton has stains from the dye all over his fingers

-They’re really really bad at being friends with each other but somehow good in a relationship

-Renton bitches to his mom all the time when Sickboy is being annoying

-They don’t say they love each other, they steal gifts for each other. It’s a big deal if they actually buy it.
Request anything you’d like to see! My ask box is open!


So momocon is next MONTH and I’ve been working on my nature nymph cosplay for a few weeks now~🌿🌸🌿

It started with the crochet crop top I made like two weeks ago that was going to just be an extra top I wore, but then I got inspired by a ig painter and I had to make MORE!!!

Then the cape happened (that isn’t finished because I need more yarn to make the hood)
So I was going to make a cloak for a crop top I had a friend make for me but I decided I’ll wear that top next con~

Then I started making heart leaves for the bottom of the cape (and flower crown and back piece)
I spent 4 hours making&perfecting my flower crown
I just got my skirt today in the mail and it fits perfectly!!!

Now all I have to do is get shoes, make jewelry, figure out how makeup works lol, how I’m going to wear my hair,and maybe get some contacts(I’m really debating on this one) 😅😅

Also if any ones interested in getting their own custom crop top be sure to e-mail at ahdorkable4@gmail.com or message me here.

All pics are from my ig and ig story at

Here is an incomplete list of the crop tops id like to see Yuuri in:

A sheer one
One with his school name on it
Football jersey with 69
Tie dye
A video game print
“My hips don’t lie”
Superman symbol
“I’m bringing booty back”
The Nike slogan “just do it” but it is crossed out and replaced with “me”
“I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly”

lol I saw one with a space jam print and it just made me laugh


I haven’t been able to draw lately so I’m just uploading some of my old wips/scribbles i never finished mostly from iscribble, and SAI or pchat @_@ its mostly a gio x mista log ( I really like mista x gio too but really to me they are reversible at this point..) I try to draw one everyday and accumulate but most of them I really end up hating … and most i never finish due to that… LOL I wil try to finish the SAI one @_@ but i keep putting that one off… laugh at that hand that I never finished (i cropped out like half the pic cuz its like nothing there oops!;

i also really love caesar with joseph! I was really obsessed with them and always wanted to do a more cartoonish style for the fun of it (never got to colour it though since no time;;) Ah Thanks for looking and I will try to upload when I can.. ^p^!!! 

If anyone has giomis stuff please show me or talk to me. I’m seriously obsessed with them so hard LOL;; save me;;;

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i have some tips for revealing tum in public from when i was first starting to wear crop-tops; high-waisted pants/shorts are good bc depending on the amount of stomach you want to show, it's really easy to just adjust accordingly. and/or nab a big button-up you can have on you in case anxiety strikes. i hope you eventually are able to show some stomach, just bc it felt pretty freeing for me. you do you! (sorry if this is unwanted btw, i just know i would have liked these tips starting out lol)

great tips!!


the “just figured out American Apparel is going out of business” haul ☆

$36 - velvet cropped shirt
$26 - red half shirt
$26 - pink half shirt
$10 - blue tank top
$10 - red cropped shirt
$10 - orange mock neck
$48 - denim skirt
$58 - denim shorts
$34 - bodysuit
$14 - black bra
$45 - cropped hoodie
$13 - white socks
$5 - black socks
📌total: $335.00

a friend came with me, I’m not gonna tag up her haul cause I don’t have it lol, but her total was $314.00

💎💎pretax total: $649.00 😁🍾

so this was my friends first haul, and it could not have gone better. the SA’s didn’t give a shit about us, didn’t say hello, didn’t make eye contact, didn’t want to get near us on the chance we asked a question. one camera, no manager, almost nothing tagged. after we filled our bags up I took them around the corner to the car, dumped them into a duffel, and went back to fill them again, that’s how dead it was 😋😋. I think the employees were pissed their company is shutting down and didn’t care what we took. that’s less for them to bring to the dumpster next month

thinking of going back in two weeks and bringing along another friend and a bigger bag. if there’s nothing we want, there’s at least stuff we can boost/donate before they shut down for good ❤❤❤

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Hi bby! Wcif the hair, glasses and milk tee on Ai? Also did you take those pictures in game? Thanks!

Hi love! And yes, I took those pictures in game, I just cropped them to my liking.

here’s the pics if you’re curious: 1 | 2 

and you’re welcome! ❤

Working to hard #2

here it is i’m finally doing another one, sorry for the wait.

What you do when he works to hard

requested: NO

warning: smut, dom. josh, dom. reader

your welcome lol ;D

sidemen: josh AKA zerkaa

Originally posted by sdmntrxsh

I just got off the phone to tobi telling me josh has locked himself in his room and he hasn’t come out all day, which means only one thing. He’s pushing himself on his work. He always  does this and it’s pissing me off now.

Rushing to my car with my pjs on that consist off black shorts and a crop top, i know a weird this to wear to bed but i live alone so why the fuck not and plus it’s comfy. Getting to the sidemen house in under ten minuets i rushed over to knock on the door but by the time i got to the door someone opened it which was simon and let me in.

I went straight to josh’s room door and knocked because his bedroom door is locked so i can’t open it but he knows i can break it down, i’ve done it before when he did this. You see i’ve known josh and tobi for a long time, i was friends with tobi since we was babies and then we met josh and became close friends.

Josh didn’t answer so i sighed and knocked again and said “joshua open this fucking door now or you know what i will do, i’ve done it before mate”. I heard him sigh and a lock unlocking making me push the door open and guess where he is…

You guessed it he’s sitting at his desk editing videos, i slammed his door shut making him jump and look at me while shouting  “WHAT THE FUCK Y/N, WHY’D YOU SLAM the door for” as he looked at me he went quiet. I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at josh, he gulped while pulling his chair under the table making my eyebrow raise.

“ummmm, hey y/n what you doing here, heh” he knows i’m angry and he hasn’t seen me wear anything appealing like i am now. I started to walk towards him, he got up from his chair and started walking back until he hit the wall and gulped once again.

Me not paying attention on whats happening in his joggers, i put my hand on the side of his head trapping him in and put my knee between his legs which he tried to close them but squeezing my leg instead. i looked straight into his eyes still not looking down so i still don’t realize whats happening and said in a frightful tone “you know josh, i hate it when you lock yourself in your fucking room. All the boys are worried and i hear you’ve been in here all day, is that true joshua” he nodded which i hit the wall with my right fist “use you words josh, i can’t hear nodding”.

He sucked in a breath and whispered a yes, i smiled and winked at him which he whimpered at that and thats when i realized, he’s turned on by this and now i only just noticed he’s rubbing himself on my knee which made me look down and see the huge tent in his joggers and it looks painful for him.

I smirked and started moving my knee up putting more pressure on it, which made him let out a tiny moan and it’s like something clicked in his eyes because they started to go darker from lust. I pressed my body against his which he responded by putting his large hands on my hip pushing me into him more if that was even possible.

“Are you getting turned joshua, and here i thought you was the dominant one” chuckling i started to put my hands under his shirt and then taking it off completely making a whine come from him, he’s knows i’m an even more of a dominant person and he knows not to get me angry because i get aggressive when angry.

And then out of no where he pushed me onto his bed “that’s more like it joshua” he only lets me say joshua for some reason. He climbed on top of me and smashed his lips to mine getting into a heated make out session which turns into us having no more clothes on and him grabbing a condom ripping it open and sliding it on himself, next thing i know is that he slammed into me making me scream in pleasure i made sure the door was locked.

“Oh god y/n, your so fucking tight” making us moan together “joshua faster” and he did he  went faster and deeper hitting my g spot which made me scratch his back coursing blood which made him smirk and kept hitting that spot.

“Baby i’m close uhhhhhhh” “me too baby girl” he started sucking all over my body leaving marks so everyone knows i’m his and then he went to my ear and said “cum for me baby girl, cum all over my dick” biting my ear which i did i came and flipped us over getting off him and made sure his legs was apart.

I started to kiss his inner thigh making hi whine “please …… y/n” he’s begging now making me smirk and do as he asked i licked hit tip making moan and then put him all in my mouth, deep throating him making him come closer to his peak, after a few minuets he screamed in pleasure and came in my mouth which i swallowed the hole lot and cuddled up to him while catching our breath and he whispered in my ear “be mine” which i smiled and nodded and fell asleep into my lovers arms and him falling asleep in mine and thinking to myself finally.

well then that was eventful haha, hope you enjoyed reading it coz i know there hardly any imagines of josh so here one for ya to enjoy :)


I was tagged by the peachy angel @zeloswaffles and the actual bag of sugar @roses-for-jongup for in a bias selfie tag ♡ Ignore the first and fourth pictures ^^ Doesn’t Jongup look great??!

Okay so funny story bout that McDonald’s bag that I very smartly cropped out of my picture OTL. But I straight just copied and pasted this from when I told @fae-hyun in my embarrassment, but yeah here is my shame story real quick lol.

Ok so I don’t really go and get fast food, or do drive-thru stuff. So I was in the first window after I paid, and idk I thought they brought the food out at the same window so I just sat there. And while I was putting away my wallet I GUESS I FREAKING NEED U frEAKING came on full volume, and THAT’S the moment the dude decides to open the window and stare at me. “Go to the next window,” he said, while this BODY ROLLING SONG is blasting through my stereo, I’m fumbling to put away my debit card still, and the freakinh functions for my freaking stereo and I just remember this dude staring at me as I finally drove away omfg

Anyway, I’ll tag @bap-chalddeok, @allbap, @leigh-darling and whoever else wants to! Sorry if you’ve already been tagged and had to read my drivel lol, and ofc you don’t have to do it!

Have a lovely day, guys! *waves*


Pairing: Blaine (HTTM) x Reader

Warnings: lots of swearing, humor

A/N: this was so exciting bc 80s and I got to listen to 80s music again, and I just love blaine. I don’t really remember the movie, so here it is. God this is so funny lol

“So, how do i look?”

You asked the guys, stepping out of the cabin.

“You remind me of my wife.” Lou smirked.

“Fine as a motherfucker.” Nick smiled, giving you a thumbs up.

“You look spectacular, (Y/N).” Adam said.

“Wow.” was the only thing Jacob said, before all of you walked out.

You were dressed in some denim jeans and bright pink shoes, matched with a cropped grey and neon sweater that hung loosely just below your shoulders. Your hair was teased a little too much, but was tied back in a yellow pony tail.

“I thank myself for looking back at my mom’s old high school pictures.” You laughed before stepping outside of the cabin where the party was held. You stopped at the logged door, surrounding each other.

“Alright, remember. Blaine is a dick sucking asshole.” Lou explained. “He’s gonna beat me up again, just get ready for that.”  He explained to everyone what the plan was, but let you out.

“So, what do I do?” You asked.

Lou looked at you. “Hmm.I..” The door opened. “Act sexy. I don’t know!” he whisper shouted, going into the cabin as the others followed along. “Just don’t let him see you.“

“What..” you muttered under your breath. Act like a slut? How would you do that?

“The can is somewhere in here..” Adam said by your side. “We’ll find it while you and Jacob stay down here, alright kid?” You slowly nodded before he ran upstairs.

“Jacob what the fuck do we do?” You asked in worry. He shrugged. “Dammit.”

“Just stay calm, alright?” He said, holding your shoulders. “Don’t talk to anyone.” He said before going into the kitchen.

“Jacob? Jacob!” You whispered but he left you. You sighed and sat down on the couch, enjoying the sound of the PetShop Boys playing in the back.

You first met the guys back in 2009. You went to school with Jacob and that’s how you met his crazy dad friends. They thought Jacob was gay but you pretended to be his girlfriend, but finally told them that you guys weren’t together. Long story short, they invited you to the lodge to party with them, until here you were, suck in the 80s. You would’ve been born by now.

Suddenly, you heard running down the stairs, and saw the guys along with Kelly all in a group, facing someone on the other side of the room. The guy was surrounded by frat looking boys, cocky and upfront, they looked.

That was probably Blaine and his dick sucking friends.

“Can we have that back?” Nick asked, pointing to the can Blaine was holding. Holy shit, we need that to get home.

You stood behind them, worried. This is the part where Lou gets beat.

“Bad news for you, sport. I’m a patriot.” Blaine explained. What the fuck. “Americaa.”

“Blaine, give it to us, please.” Lou stepped.

“Come and get it then.” Blaine said, throwing the can to one of his friends, gesturing for Lou to come closer. Lou did as instructed, trying to throw a punch but failed. Blaine ended up giving Lou a good whack in the face.

The crowed ooed and laughed, as Lou got on the floor by Nick’s feet.

“Are you alright?” Jacob asked, propping him up.”

“You got this, Lou. Tear his little white boy as up!” Nick encouraged.

“You’re bleeding, Lou.” You said, coming out of the crowed, bending to Lou’s height. You wiped the blood from his nose and wiped it on the couch.

“Woah, woah woah.” Blaine said, taking off his jacket. “Who is this fine thing?” He smirked, looking down at you. Shit. Don’t be seen, don’t be seen.

“This is (Y/N)..” Lou said, wiping his nose. “Shit…” He muttered.

“(Y/N), huh?” He asked. You stood up, hands clutching your sweater as you made sweater paws. “Damn.” He bit his lip, eyeing you up and down as bait.

“Blaine.” You said, clearing your throat.

“You know my name, huh sweetie?” He asked, stepping closer. “You’re hot.” He whispered in your ear before backing away. You shivered at his voice, cursing to yourself because you found Blaine slightly attractive. Fucker.

“How bout we make a deal, Lou.” Blaine explained. By now, Lou was standing up. “You get your little spy kit, along with this bomb thing, and we get the girl.” Blaine smiled widely, biting his lip.

“No, you can’t take her!” Jacob yelled, defending you.

“What are you, her boyfriend?” One of Blaine’s friends asked. “Queer.” He smirked.

“You can’t take her, Blaine. Just give us the bag. We mean no harm.” Adam said.

Blaine was about to speak, about to spike up the fight a bit more but you cleared your throat and interrupted. “No. I-it’s fine. I’ll go with him, alright guys?” You softly smiled at the group, walking over to Blaine.

Nick grabbed your hand. “No, (Y/N). Don’t.” but you pulled away.

“Don’t leave without me.” You whispered before yanking your arm and walking to Blaine. The others overheard and played along.

“Have her.” Lou spoke.

Blaine wrapped his arm around your waist, hugging tightly enough to leave marks. He tossed the bags to the others as they ran out the door. Nick was the last to come out, and held the can in his hand.

“See this shit?” He yelled. “It is a bomb. If you don’t count to 5000 all of y’all will explode!” He said before slamming the door. Everyone looked confused as Blaine led you upstairs to his room, and locked the door.

“I’ll protect you!” He said, shutting his blinds. Is he kidding?”

“Blaine..They’re lying.” You sighed.

He turned his head to you. “What?!”

“It was just a bottle.” you lied. “Weed and shit.”

“Oh..How do you know?” he asked, sitting on his bed as you stood.

“I’m friends with them?”

“Why are you friends with those losers?” He smirked. “You made a wise choice to stay with me.” He said, gripping your waist to pull you into his body.

You had to get this guy off of you, but if you didn’t play along, he’d never let you go. You sighed. Fuck it.

“To-to get closer to you.” You explained, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him to your lips. His lips were warm. The taste of chapstick and beer were on his lips as they met yours. You tried to stop the smile that was on your face, but it wouldn’t disappear. He lifted you onto his waist as he sat down on his bed.

“Are we actually doing this?” Blaine panted in-between the kiss. You nodded. “Score.”

You ripped the buttons off of hit red plaid shirt, flinging it to the side as he took off your sweater.

“This is gonna be a long night.”

When you heard Blaine next to you snoring, that was your que to leave. Taking his arm off of you, you sighed, getting your clothes and put them on, accept your yellow pony tail. You sat that on the bedside table and started writing a note.

You probably might not remember, but when you get to 2010, look me up, will you? -  (Y/N).

you smiled, setting the note under the band and headed out the window to find the guys waiting.

“Shit, (Y/N). You’re alive!” Lou said, pulling you into a bone crushing hug. You smiled.

“How’d you get out? How’d you distract him?” Adam asked.

“Let’s just say it all ended with a good fuck.”