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In his room, he stared at his laptop as the DVD loaded. Quite suddenly his friend’s face consumed the screen. Clint felt his breath leave him in a sharp exhalation, his chest constricting.


“If I couldn’t get away with it then neither can you. Loki was wielding a power none of us could possibly understand. You couldn’t help anything that happened. So stop beating yourself up over it. And as for me…I chose to be here…to be in this fight…I knew the risks and I did it anyway. It’s no less than you do everyday…I know it’s hard for you to lay down your burdens, but this is one that you should never have carried in the first place…So forgive yourself, Barton…and let yourself move on…That being said… I hope you got this because you’re with the Avengers, and they didn’t have to forward it to you. You belong with them, Clint. You are as much of a hero as any of them. More maybe, because you and Natasha are so painfully and beautifully human. It’s not the ones with super powers that make the best heroes…they have an obligation to use their powers for good…it’s the people like you and Nat…the ordinary ones, that don’t have to fight, but choose to anyway…you’re the ones that are the real heroes in my book…remember that.” [x]

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The superiority complex you have about being vegan is off putting and frankly annoying. People eat meat, deal with it. I have vegetarian/vegan friends. I never force my opinions about eating on them yet they never shut up about being vegan and how I shouldn't eat meat. Your diet in the whole scheme of things is not doing any less harm than eating meat when you think about all the forest that are destroyed to grow your food. You still are harming things and meet is necessary for some peoples diet

I was going to delete this but as I read it I realized this is perfect because it’s almost every bad vague anti-vegan arguments rolled up into one anonymous message


believing that something is wrong hurting the world we live in and trying to tell people that it’s wrong so that they will stop = having a superiority complex (would that argument work with any other ethical principle? No. Although I think anyone who has read this blog for a while knows I don’t feel like I’m better than an omnivore, especially since I’ve only been a vegan myself for a year now)

“people eat meat,” you think it’s wrong for people who have no need to eat meat to do so since it’s extremely cruel and wasteful and destructive but “just deal with it” (ya damn hippie, just shut up and eat yer pork slop like the rest of us)

“i never force my opinions about eating on them” who in the world is “forcing” their opinions on omnivores, really, there are people in America in food deserts that can’t access vegan options and can only get animal product laden food, they are literally being forced to eat animal products, when was the last time you went to the store and you were like “OH NO THEY ONLY HAVE GRAINS FRUITS VEGETABLES SOY PRODUCTS BEANS SPICES AND EVERYTHING ELSE EXCEPT ANIMAL PRODUCTS THOSE DARN VEGANS ARE FORCING THEIR DARN OPINIONS ON ME AND I HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO FOR FOOD” like come on

“your diet in the whole scheme of things is not doing any less harm than eating meat” you just need to educate yourself there, I’m not going to do the fact checking for you this time but that is literally the opposite of the truth, fuel and material will always be expended to keep humans alive but a vegan in a hummer still sucks up less resources and does less environmental damage (by a pretty huge margin) than an omnivore on a bicycle so (that’s just the teeny tiny tip of the iceberg there actually)

“and meet is necessary for some peoples diet” okay well far be it from me to question that, I am no doctor but what does that have to do with what you eat? If you’re one of those people then I’m sorry food technology hasn’t advanced far enough to help you yet, if you’re not then stop using their problems to defend your actions, it’s that simple

Not that any of this makes sense if you have been following my blog, since I’ve made it clear that I support people who can’t go vegan for medical reasons (severe anemia was one I got a question about, also ED recovery patients can’t sometimes) and I even wrote a post in response to an ask a while back saying that I understood why people get so mired in defending this idea of eating meat, since there was a time in my life where I felt that way too. But I’m not going to stop telling the truth, and I’m not going to stop helping other people find the truth. I think if I “shut up about being vegan” I’d be doing you a grave disservice my friend.