i just couldnt help myself

I love ships that include a savior and a broken person 

I love ships where the broken person enters the darkness and the savior loves them unconditionally despite the pain that puts them through

I love ships where the savior is their light to come home to

I love ships where the savior goes crazy trying to heal the broken one

I love ships where the savior can’t go a day without being reminded of and missing their lost other half

I love ships with angst and passion and desperate, raw need

I love ships where usually stoic, controlled characters lose their cool only when it comes to that one person 

I love ships where they are willing to give up their dreams for each other

I love ships with a reunion injected with emotion and an overflow of tears and embraces

I love ships where the savior heals the broken 

I love ships where the savior realizes the broken one healed him, too

I love ships where they compete with and inspire and complete each other

I love ships where they fix each other

I love ships where they bring out the best in each other

I love ships that are beautifully heartbreaking

I love ships that are founded on unconditional love

I love S O U L M A T E S


In his room, he stared at his laptop as the DVD loaded. Quite suddenly his friend’s face consumed the screen. Clint felt his breath leave him in a sharp exhalation, his chest constricting.


"If I couldn’t get away with it then neither can you. Loki was wielding a power none of us could possibly understand. You couldn’t help anything that happened. So stop beating yourself up over it. And as for me…I chose to be here…to be in this fight…I knew the risks and I did it anyway. It’s no less than you do everyday…I know it’s hard for you to lay down your burdens, but this is one that you should never have carried in the first place…So forgive yourself, Barton…and let yourself move on…That being said… I hope you got this because you’re with the Avengers, and they didn’t have to forward it to you. You belong with them, Clint. You are as much of a hero as any of them. More maybe, because you and Natasha are so painfully and beautifully human. It’s not the ones with super powers that make the best heroes…they have an obligation to use their powers for good…it’s the people like you and Nat…the ordinary ones, that don’t have to fight, but choose to anyway…you’re the ones that are the real heroes in my book…remember that.” [x]