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In the city of Numbani, humans and omnics live together in harmony, but everything changed when Doomfist attacked.

 Only the OR15’s, our city’s most powerful defense, could stop him. But when we needed them most, they didn’t stand a chance. 

 I took those destroyed bots and rebuilt them into something greater, an omnic named Orisa. She has a lot to learn before she’s ready to save us from Doomfist’s next attack, but I believe Orisa can change the world.


☆ Victor “Vitya” Nikiforov // age 15 彡

↳ Kubo Exhibition 


someone/something makes connor laugh (which barely ever happens) and to everyone’s surprise connor’s laugh is really soft and adorable?? everyone is dying

tree bros addition bc i’m trash: evan getting all blushy over it and when connor asks him why his face is so red evan is just like “you um.. have a really. uh, cute laugh,, is all *sweats*” and connor starts blushing too and they’re just gay nerds in love i’m sorry

Shepard: So I believe what you’re trying to say, is ‘thank you’.

Ryder: Thank you?

Shepard: You’re welcome!

Ryder: What? No, no, no. I didn’t- why would I…?

Shepard: Okay, okay. *laughs*

Shepard: I see what’s happening here
You’re face to face with greatness, and it’s strange
You don’t even know how you feel
It’s adorable!
Well, it’s nice to see you kids never change

Open your eyes, let’s begin
Yes, it’s really me: Shepard. Breathe it in!

I know it’s a lot, I look like hell
After saving the damn Citadel!

What can I say except you’re welcome
For those Reapers I blew from the sky
Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay
You’re welcome
I only had suffocate and die!

What has two thumbs and saves galaxies
While the council “works” (bitch please!)
That’s me!

On Noveria cold
Who stopped the geth from down below
You’re lookin’ at her, yo!

Oh, also I cured the genophage
You’re welcome!
To bring about “peace” for an age

Brought Cerberus to its knees
You’re welcome!
Just give me in-store discounts please!

So what can I say except you’re welcome
For Saren, who I beat up with glee
Ryder, you’ll find your way
You’re welcome!
Just remember none are more badass than me!
You’re welcome!
You’re welcome!

Well, come to think of it
Kid, honestly I could go on and on
I can explain every battle I’ve ever won
Earth, Palaven, Tuchunka, Thessia
Easy to save when you are the best-ia

I killed vorcha
I buried its guts
Dated a turian (which was kinda nuts)
What’s the lesson
What is the take-away
Don’t mess with Shepard when she’s on a break away

And these scars right here on my face
Are caused by renegade actions in space
Look at my crew
We make everything happen
Look at that geth Legion just tickety-tappin’
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Hey!

Well, anyway let me say you’re welcome
For the galaxy that you now know
Hey it’s okay, it’s okay
You’re welcome
Well, come to think of it, I think,
I should go

Hey, it’s your day to say you’re welcome
‘Cause I’m gonna need the Tempest
To go find the Normandy
You’re welcome
'Cause I only fly the very best!

You’re welcome
You’re welcome
You’re welcome

[from a distance] : It’s your problem now!

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Im sorry for askking you 2 times in a row i feel like a creep but i couldn't resist so can i have a scenario where bakugou's female mate gets taken away from him you can chose which rank they are in

It’s no problem! I love angst uwu. Thank you for the request! I made Bakugo an Alpha and his s/o an omega, because I just feel like that bond is so much stronger. And there would be more consequences due to separation. Also first scenario!~

She was gone. 

His mate, his omega. 

If that handsy-looking motherfucker did anything remotely related to coming close to her, he was going to rip him to pieces. 

No, he was going to rip him to pieces anyway. 

But Bakugo was locked up in the back of a van by the teachers of UA. They knew what he was capable of, and they locked him up even before telling him what had happened to you, aware of the consequences of not being prepared for his reaction. 

All he could do was scream, cry for his omega; he needed her more than life itself. The separation between an alpha and an omega was truly saddening, heartbreaking and potentially dangerous. Every omega within a mile radius could hear his cries, acknowledging it as an alpha without his mate. 

Bakugo could do nothing but cry, wail as explosions never ceased within the cuffs that covered his hands. His forearms began to throb, but he didn’t care. He needed to show everyone that you were his. Needed to give that crumbling-fucktard a fucking lesson as to whose omega he’s fucking with. She was his and his alone. No other bitch alpha could even look at her. He needs to take her, make sure she’s completely covered in his essence, his scent, inside and out. 

God, he was going to fucking kill this dude. 

Bakugo could only imagine the things he could be doing to her. It made his skin crawl. He could feel a pain in his stomach at the thought of being away from her any longer. All he could see was the dark insides of this tin can of a fucking car! He had to go claim his mate! Show her that her alpha is him. 

At the verge of insanity, the doors opened, revealing the bright street lamps of where they had been parked. It’s night time already? How long has he been in here? But that’s when he heard her cries. 

Her trembling form was in front of him, a blanket enveloping her shoulders as Aizawa escorted her to where Bakugo was situated. She was distressed at seeing Bakugo in such a state, all bound up, and smelling the strong pheromones of loss and desperation at being away from his mate lingering in the air. She shook Aizawa’s hand off of her shoulder, running to him as fast as she could. 

Bakugo’s heart was in his throat. She’s okay. She’s home now. 

His body had relaxed in the chains, tears dripping down his cheeks as the pain subsides with every stride she took to be with him. She must have been feeling similar symptoms in their time apart, if not worse, her protector not being there to surround her in his scent. 

When she climbed into the van, he woke back up from his haze, her omega scent soothing his rage temporarily. He had to touch her. Make sure that fucktard didn’t leave one bit of his scent on her. 

She was crying too, as he could see, as she fumbled with the locks that kept him away from her. She yanked the head gear off his face, her voice coming out in a breathy whimper of relief. 

“Katsuki-” She couldn’t even finish her sentence before he almost tackled her, face deep into her neck, scenting her as she purred at the sensation, scenting him back. Sobs wracked through his body as he pressed himself against her, taking her all in. She was okay. She was here. Here with her Alpha. 

 "Did he touch you? What did he do? (Y/N), did he fucking touch you?“ He mumbled into her hair, grip tight enough to cause bruises, but she didn’t care. Her fingers thread through his hair, his body relaxing with a low growl, taking this moment to be with her. 

 "No, no he didn’t.“ 

“Good, because I might have had to break his fucking-“ 


 ”..You’re glad I love you, shitty girl.“ 

 "I love you too, Bakugo.”

  • hyungwon: shin hoseok? what a loser i hate him i- *trips* *thousands of pictures of wonho spill from his pockets* h-he’s so annoying I-these aren’t mine i swear i’m just holding them for a friend i- *gathering them up frantically sweating* listen i just- listen fuck *thousands more pictures of wonho scatter across the floor* shit fuck im holding them for a friend just <i>listen</i>

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Pet Theory: Dorn and Russ only knew they were going to be Brothers after their first Epic ice fishing session (punched out an ice hole, then settled down to catch whatever came up Polar Bear style - complete with fur wrap) when Russ proclaimed that while most of their catch would be given to the casualties, "We must keep a few of my Brother's catch to eat, for I caught more but he caught better" (At which point Dorn suggested a taste test and each ate raw fish with "Huge Contentment").

Dorn sits at the side of one of Inwit’s landlocked seas.  Across the mirror-smooth expanse of ice, the red sun broods just above the horizon.  All around the land is quiet with the serenity of Inwit’s ever-present winter.  Beside the primarch lie several hundred yards of steel cable are looped neatly beside an elongated metal apparatus, to the other end of which is attached a wide, wickedly-barbed hook.  Stacked neatly nearby are several carcasses of Inwit’s famed hammer seals, each one packed in ice, each one four times the size of a man - a single full-grown hammer seal can feed an entire tribe of the planet’s nomads for days, provided they are willing to risk the good hunters to pursue the savage beasts.  Dorn takes another quiet sip of his coffee from his thermos, enjoying the chance to remove his heavy armor and once more sit beneath the wintry skies of Inwit clad in heavy furs, the world about him silent but for the soft crackle of his campfire.

Thirty feet out from shore, the ice suddenly explodes in a shower of glistening shards and droplets of water.  A behemoth of thick, blubbery hide thrashes about, bellowing in rage.  To its wide neck clings a humanoid form, muscles rippling as the half-naked man clings to the beast for dear life.

“I THINK IT’S WORKIN’!” Leman shouts over the howling of the great beast.  “I THINK I - AIE!” he shrieks, winded briefly as the great bull slams him bodily into the ice.  “I’M WEARIN’ ‘IM DOWN, JUST YE WA-”  The sentence cuts off as the frustrated animal rears and sounds once more, pulling Russ down with it.  In an instant, the savage sound of combat vanishes, replaced only by the gentle slosh of water in the wide hole of the ice.

Dorn sips his coffee.  “I told you to leave the bulls alone,” he says mildly.

“A voice to be remembered. But it sounded different. It sounded wrong to what Bill had used to know. His heart began to pound in his chest as he started to step back.”

this fic drown me to the deepest sea of feels. And this moment is my favorite part, because FUCKING FINALLY. 

27 years guys

2 7 ye ars.

even though Bill has to fight from the beginning all over again /cry

and i knew it that Oliver and Abel are still dating. i tought they’re already brokenup before Bill found Abe at first tho

i have so many what ifs in my mind right now


@breebird33 so i did a thing 

Based on this post. If this doesn’t sum up what happened for the last two chapters, I don’t know what will :D