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Did someone say headcanons?!?! How about bunny hybrid Jungkook that Jimin found on the side of the road one day. He couldn't just leave the bunny in the rain so Jungkook came home with him. Please and thank you!

@confidenceatitsfinest RINNNNNNNNNN!!! I planned this out for an entire hour with @dullaxe just for you sweets! So I hope you enjoy <3

+ Jimin is grocery shopping one late night because he really wanted to try out this new recipe. When he walks from the supermarket, he sees a silhouette on the side of the road, laying down and shivering. It turns out to be a shivering boy with long ears flattened to his head. He’s unconscious and his clothes are ripped up, ankle bleeding.

+ Jimin panics because he can’t leave him there to die like that. So being the person that he is, he picks him up and walks him to his house which is a block from where he was found.

+ Jimin immediately cleans his ankle while the bunny is still asleep but whimpering, and as he’s wiping the dirt off his his face he can’t help but think how cute he is.

+ He bundles him up with mountains of blankets and sits him on the floor by the fire place, stroking his ears hoping he wakes up soon.

+ The bunny wakes up with the biggest and most beautiful doe eyes that Jimin has ever laid eyes on in his life. Stunned, the first thing he does is ask his name.

+ Jungkook is frightened being in a foreign place, so he is afraid to speak. Jimin explains how he ended up there and Jungkook is in disbelief that someone would care for him like that. His eyes shine in gratefulness towards this stranger.

+ Jungkook had a flashback to the previous nights, his eyes are now dull, as if they weren’t shining just a moment ago; since he remembered his old home; and how his old owner abandoned him on the street @dullaxe

+ The moment he hears Jungkook’s stomach growling, he jumps up to make him food. And then he makes him the dish he was going to try out for himself and ends up just eating ramen instead, while jungkook eats the dish.

+ Since jungkook is all shaken up, he can’t eat it right and his hands are still shaking so bad. So Jimin takes the chopsticks from his hand and feeds Jungkook himself.

+ Jungkook would refuse at first and turn his head away and blush. Jimin would say with a soft and soothing voice, “It’s okay, it’s okay. You need to eat to get stronger.”

+ Jungkook doesn’t look Jimin in the eyes while he feeds him, but he also sees how loving and tender his expression is unlike his old owner; and he feels his heart skip a beat @dullaxe

+ Jungkook accidentally falls asleep on the couch and Jimin sees him and how innocent he looks so he tucks him in and sleeps on the other side of the couch. Jimin couldn’t leave him alone because deep down he knows that he’s grown a soft spot for this cute bun. (Bon Voyage moment :D) @dullaxe

+ Jungkook wakes up in the morning to see Jimin making waffles and the bunny is immediately smitten. His instincts just tell him to cuddle the other man.

+ Jimin goes to work and Jungkook gets hungry. He thinks he knows how to cook so he tries to cook lunch. He tries to remember how is old owner used to cook for them, but he fails miserably and burns the food. He’s frantic and Jimin walks into the scene and he’s scared Jungkook is dying or some shit, but actually he’s crying—he thought he had made Jimin upset. Instead Jimin goes and hugs him and Jungkook is surprised at the affection but he warms into the hug and Jimin let’s him cry it out. @dullaxe

+ They eventually warm up to each other even more. Jungkook clinging to jimin when they go grocery shopping to meet new people.

+ They ask if Jungkook is his, but he hasn’t officially signed papers and it’s too soon for both of them

+ Jimin thinks about going to get the papers but he decides against it, not wanting to scare him off.

+ Every time Jimin comes home from work he is greeted by an ecstatic Jungkook that doesn’t stop bouncing on his toes and looking adorable while telling him how his day went @dullaxe

+ One day they are cuddling on the couch and Jimin gets too close to Jungkook. Jungkook ends up licking Jimin on the nose and Jimin jumps back in surprise.

+ Jimin petting Jungkook’s ears all the time

+ Jimin is surprised to find out that Jungkook loves lamb skewers. “I thought bunnies only ate leaves and stuff.” Jungkook is unamused.

+ Jimin surprises Jungkook by treating him to the lamb skewer shop that’s two blocks from his house. Jungkook gets so excited that he kisses his cheek. They both blush in shock at the affection. They hold hands quietly on the way there.

+ Since Jungkook’s ankle is still injured, he walks a little slow but Jimin always waits for him.

+ Everyday, Jimin changes his ankle bandaging for him. Jungkook finds it endearing how Jimin treats him and takes care of him.

+ Jungkook tries to do it himself one morning while Jimin is sleeping. Jimin wakes up to see him struggling. He pulls his hands away and does it for him. “I didn’t want to wake you up…” he says softly. “You aren’t a burden to care for jungkook. I’m doing it because I—” He pauses. “I really care about you.”

+ Jungkook overhears Jimin talking to Namjoon in the kitchen one day. “Namjoon I don’t know if I can do this anymore. Living with him like this…It’s too much to bear.” But he’s really talking about living with him and not having him be his officially. —Jungkook takes it as he doesn’t want him anymore, like his old owner dumped him on the street

+ Jungkook frantically packs a bag while tearing up, distraught that Jimin no longer wanted him. When he’s almost done packing, he decides against it, throwing the bag into the closet. “I can’t do this.”

+ At dinner he’s fidgeting and squirming. Jimin asks why he isn’t eating his food. Jungkook tries to muster up the courage to speak up. He wants to know if him living with Jimin is a burden to him.

+ Little did he know that Jimin is actually sad because he can’t love Jungkook the way he wants to; he’s not his. He doesn’t think Jungkook will be comfortable changing owners this soon. He doesn’t even know why Jungkook left his old owner. @dullaxe

+ Jungkook ends up breaking down and crying. “Do you not want me anymore??” Jimin is horrified. “What?! No!” Jungkook sobs, “Stop lying, I heard you guys talking.” “That’s not what that was about!” “Then what were you talking about!”

+ Jimin is frantic cause Jungkook is borderline having a panic attack saying: “"I don’t wanna be left alone again! I can’t! Don’t leave me like he did!”

+ “Jungkook no! I was saying I can’t bare to live with you, not knowing if you’re mine or not!” and he gets down from his chair and kneels in front of jungkook holding his hands. “I fucking love you, Jungkook. All I want is for you to be mine. Officially. I— I even picked up ownership papers. I didn’t sign them because I didn’t know if that is what you wanted!”

+ “Y-you love me? You actually want me?” Jimin smiles. “More than anything my little bunny.” Jimin tugs him down into a kiss that has them seeing stars.

+ The next week, they go to the courthouse and finally sign the papers that officially state that Jungkook is his.

+ Jimin ends up taking Jungkook to buy him a bracelet. “Since you aren’t a cat or a dog or anything. Let’s buy you a bracelet, to show everyone that you’re mine.” Jungkook shyly asks if Jimin’s initials could be carved next to his.

+ Jungkook let’s Jimin kneel down and put the bracelet on for him, kissing his wrist in the process.

+ Jungkook finally found his home.

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ah, ok!!! i know a lot of blogs that write fic like to be super professional about it so thats how i usually go into it from the get go lol. my bad! here's the prompt awful-aus /post/118665422507/submitted-au-158 ("wow u were at Starbucks and I tripped hopping u would help me up but u didn’t even see so I tripped u on ur way out") it's cool if it doesn't tickle your fancy, some of these get a bit... specific lol. thank you btw!!!!!

((i’ll start being super professional when writing shitty drabbles becomes a legit profession lol this is just a pastime XD no need to be so formal))

jimin’s not a grade-a actor but even he had to admit that was a pretty impressive fall. 

other people around him offer helping hands and sympathetic glances but jimin refuses them and gets up himself, pouting and dusting his pants off. the person jimin had expected to help him continues to peruse the menu and jimin grits his teeth. 

well, tall, dark, and rude wasn’t probably worthy of dating jimin anyways. jimin sticks his tongue out childishly for a second before stopping because he’s in college now and he’s above doing childish and petty things like that. it’s too bad that TD&r00D is hot. hot enough that jimin would risk dirtying his favorite pair of jeans for. jimin dusts his butt off grumpily and then pats it a little because it’s a nice butt, not going to lie. 

when the stranger walks past him again, jimin casually sticks a foot out because he said he was above childish and petty things but fuck it, it doesn’t apply if people are r00D

the stranger stumbles and falls and it’s only when two earbuds pop out of the guy’s ears that he realizes oh. he was listening to music.

embarrassed, he holds out a hand. “sorry, i – uh – you okay?” 

the stranger looks at him for a moment and then smiles, showing cute bunny teeth and jimin cries a little inside because the stranger isn’t just hot he’s also adorable, and takes jimin’s hand. “thanks.”