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Post S2: Yata has been trying to have that talk with Fushimi but he keeps dodging. Yata's heard that phrase "in vino veritas" & decides to get Fushimi drunk & question him while he's inebriated. Do you think it would work? Would drunk!Fushimi finally spill all (or almost all) the beans on what was going on with him when he left HOMRA? Or would he still manage to not-talk about it?

I couldn’t resist the allure of Drunk!Fushimi, so here’s a fic.

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Marcus, Abby, and Touch

For most of the 3 seasons, Marcus and Abby have both been cautious about when or how to touch the another. They’ve been slowly progressing towards being closer physically, but they’ve also retained some distance between one another. There’s a variety reasons for this. 

To just call their touch hesitant is oversimplifying, because it’s who they are as people as well. They might be similarly “hesitant” but they are opposites in their general approach with touch. Abby is intuitive. Marcus is reserved. Marcus touches Abby more often but Abby touches Marcus in a wider variety of ways. 

They way they touch one another all comes down to who they are as individuals.

Marcus Kane

Marcus doesn’t instinctively know how to touch people. I’m not saying he can’t or won’t or he is inadequate at doing so. I’m talking about that instinctual “oh, here’s what to do.” I believe this is because he thinks so much, he lacks emotional intuition. He doesn’t have a natural ability to “feel out” a vibe from a person, either from their body language or general emotional state.

If you notice, touch is a learned patten with him. He has learned what types of touch are acceptable with different people. I believe he sticks with those patterns because then he doesn’t have to think about. For example, he learned that Abby is okay with him touching her arm or shoulder. Because he already knows it’s okay, he can just touch her in that way for any reason (mostly for comfort/reassurance).

Let’s start there:

Comfort and Reassurance

For comfort or reassurance, he touches people’s shoulder or upper arm.  In 303, he touches Abby’s shoulder by the rover, in Polis, and in the tower. One time he deviates from that and touches her hand. While this touch is kind, it is also reserved. It’s a gesture that someone would typically give for someone who is an acquaintance or friend. 

He touches other people on the the shoulder or upper arm as well. Marcus touches Bellamy arm/shoulder three times. First in 2.16 after Mt Weather falls, Marcus tells Bellamy, “you did good,” and tapped his shoulder. In 302, Bellamy is hobbling after Clarke after Roan stabbed him the leg and Marcus grabs him by the upper arm to stop him and leans him against a tree. And then in 3.04, Bellamy is almost crying and expressing his thoughts about Gina. and Marcus puts an awkward hand on his shoulder. That’s to mention Octavia who’s actually sobbing watching the man she loves be shot in the head and still all Marcus knows how to do is put a hand around her arm.

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