i just couldn't deal with this face

Rin just couldn't deal with the noises...

Sousuke: Open wide…
Makoto: Sousuke… you’re… mmmm… getting it all over my mouth…
Sousuke: Uh… do you like how it tastes?
Makoto: Mmmm…

*door gets slammed into the wall*

Rin: What the hell are you two doi-

*Sousuke and Makoto look at their all red-in the-face friend*

Makoto: Want some ice cream?
Rin: I thought you were sucki-
Sousuke: My, my. What a perverted mind you have.
Rin: Shut up!!!

Florent Mothe being rude (aka eight times I had to pause the show because I couldn’t deal with his stupid face)


Sometimes I just wish I could gather all the fics I’ve read and just hug them tight.

Like physically show them affection, like hug all the writers, shake their hands and kiss their cheeks and thank them all 20 times for all the smiles, the laughs, the yelling, the tears, all the times I’ve had to smother my face on a pillow to contain my screams or walk around the house because the fic was sooo good I couldn’t deal with it.

I just wish I got a way to show them how much they have done for me.

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But I wouldn't like to remind you of all the bad stuff, so let's leave that behind, right? I don't know how good you are with horror movies, but personally, I am pretty good with them and I have just finished watching one and couldn't help but wonder how would the guys react! I feel like Hideyoshi would be on edge, Kenshin might watch through it with the poker face and Masamune might as well prank everyone else who is watching!! Yuki might hide under the blanket, it's actually quite funny! :) 💮

Exactly! Let’s get onto more fun stuff, shall we~? 💮

Right, so I’m personally awful with horror movies - The Woman in Black had me hiding in my pillow and my mum’s shoulder with terror, put it that way. I cannot handle psychological threat in the slightest, and can’t deal with gore at all >.<

But yes… this is something I can write… huehuehuehue… let’s go. I need motivation to do a requested ask later so imma write this by my own choice -w- consider this my contribution to the fandom for Halloween~

Modern!AU in which the guys and MC are all [passive-aggressive] friends and roundabouts 19/20 years old, and the guys all have massive houses and everyone’s having a slumber party in Nobunaga’s house.

“This is pointless. Why agree we going to watch a film that attempts and fails to cause fear, when we could do something that actually achieves such emotions?”

“Like going out and picking a fight with the first person you see on the street, Kenshin?”

“No, of course not. That would mean expenditure of unnecessary effort and energy. I could just pick a fight with someone in here. Namely you, Mitsuhide.”

“You mean you’d fight ___? Kenshin!”

“Yukimura, sometimes I wonder just how many times as a child you were dropped. She’s exempt.”

“That’s cruel…”

The film hasn’t even started yet, and you’re in stitches.

You roll around on the floor, clutching your stomach with laughter, in the presence of the “Warlords”. They’re your best friends, and you’re as close to them all as you can be without stepping over that very blurry line encroaching into romance.

As named by another, usually-busy-wreaking-havoc-on-anyone friend called Mori, on your right are the “Uesugi-Takeda Forces”, meaning Kenshin, Sasuke, Shingen and Yukimura, while the “Oda Forces” are on your left, they being Hideyoshi, Ieyasu, Masamune, Mitsuhide, Mitsunari and Nobunaga.

Kennyo, a neutral third party in this should-be war, sits beside you in the middle, arms and legs crossed and a rather sour look on his face.

The boys watch you howl at their antics, you all being spread out on the floor of Nobunaga’s spacious living room. Blankets, pillows and snacks are strewn about the place, and one would think this is a sleepover for ten-year-old children with the way it’s set up, not people at a minimum of nineteen years of age.

“You okay there, ___?” Masamune asks from the Oda side, smirking at you. You choke out another giggle, forcing a nod in the meantime.

“Yep. I’m fine, just dying a little bit.” Your eyes settle on the TV mounted on the wall in front of your rather large group, and you sit up slowly, half expecting your head to spin with how hard you’ve bee laughing. “So, by Masamune’s request, we’re watching IT, right? The clown film?” You blink. “I thought that just came out.”

Nobunaga chuckles darkly. “I would have thought you realised by now, ___, but you are friends with some of the most powerful people in Japan. We have our ways.”

You send him a mildly concerned look, responding simply, “Ah. Right. Considering how you all bicker like children, it’s easy to forget sometimes.”

Ieyasu rolls his eyes. “We hardly bicker like children. They’re all just idiots.”

Hideyoshi slaps a hand over his heart, mocking offence and almost whining out, “Ieyasu, that’s mean! Come on, don’t be a sourpuss.”

Masamune fakes the whole damsel in distress thing, draping himself gracefully over Hideyoshi’s lap with his hand on his forehead. “He wounds me. my heart bleeds for the rejected love I have for my dear Ieyasu. Save me, Hideyoshi!”

The latter just pats the one-eyed male’s hair, playing along. “There, there. He loves you really, Masamune, I’m sure.”

“Oh, the film’s abut to start! Is everyone ready? I’m so excited!” Mitsunari, the epitome of sunshine and oblivious rainbows, chirps out, beaming away from his place next to Ieyasu. Said blond glares heatedly at him from the side, but he doesn’t notice in the slightest, fully focused on the TV.

“I hear that there are some special effects in this film. I wonder what they’ll be like.” Sasuke muses from the other side, staring up at the screen curiously. You grin at his expression, sighing and getting comfy, laying on your stomach on the blanket you and Kennyo are sharing.

“I hope they’re good. People have said the whole film’s bad, but I think a lot of people are way too harsh sometimes.” A nervous laugh rattles out of you. “Although, I’m sorry in advance if I scream. Me and horror don’t mix well.”

Shingen sends you a wink, lazed back, propped up on his elbows. You try to ignore how his shirt exposes his muscular arms and has hitched up, exposing his hip and part of his abdomen. “Come over here and I’ll protect you, Princess. Or we can just scrap the film and have some real fun together.”

Kenshin’s fist slams down on Shingen’s stomach. The Takeda heir flies up, hunching over with a pained groan, and Kenshin just shakes his head. “Control yourself for once, Shingen. If anyone will be protecting her, it’s me.”

Cue the boys descending into debate over who’ll protect you from the film’s scares.

You cast a glance at Kennyo in the dim lighting, tilting your head and asking, “Kennyo, do you like horror films? I actually don’t know what sort of films you watch.”

He grunts, turning to look at you and answering quietly, “I much prefer animal documentaries. I find mainstream media to be repetitive and boring.”

Most people would be taken aback by his blunt response, but you just nod, humming out, “Documentaries are so good, though! And who doesn’t like watching cute animals?”

A small but soft smile tugs at his lips. He breathes out a sighed laugh, murmuring, “Who, indeed.”

And so, it begins.

And soon, it ends, with the very first jump scare.

Everyone’s been silent the whole film up until this point, ignoring the odd, muted comments from the likes of Nobunaga, Ieyasu, Mitsuhide, Kenshin, Kennyo and Yukimura about the acting, plot, setting or style of the film.

But as soon as it happens, everything just goes to shit. 

The sudden, deafeningly loud noise blares through the speakers. The reactions around the room are diverse, to say the least.

Hideyoshi jerks back where he sits, startled, and lets out a short scream. At the same time, his hands fly to the side, grabbing onto Nobunaga’s arm and yanking him behind his own rather frightened form.

Said Oda simply laughs, and laughs, and laughs. He guffaws at the ridiculousness of the jump scare, and at Hideyoshi’s rather sad but still admirable attempt to protect him, sitting straight and patting him on the back to calm him.

Next to Nobunaga, Ieyasu shrieks. Like, full-on, high-pitched, bloody murder scream of terror. He almost falls back, skittering back and away from the TV with wide eyes, before he then erupts in a fierce blush and buries his face in his hands, groaning quietly.

It’s at this point that Mitsunari, having been screaming with fright, the innocent child, moves. His arms open, then swoop around Ieyasu’s body, and he quite literally tackles him onto the floor. Ieyasu screams beneath him, demanding to be released, but Mitsunari is practically pinning him to the floor, arms bound around his form like a vice.

Mitsuhide blinks very, very slowly. His eyebrow arches daintily, and he continues to watch, wondering when the actual scare is going to happen. When nothing does, he just sighs, then realises the chaos going on around him. He ends up smirking, but it disappears in an instant.

Because there’s a problem. Masamune is gone.

We’ll get to that in a moment. Moving on, on the Uesugi-Takeda side, Kenshin is completely and utterly unchanged. He doesn’t move an inch, not reacting in the slightest, and his expression remains a picture of perpetual disappointment and dismay. He winces at the sound of the others screaming, but otherwise doesn’t as much as move.

Sasuke rubs his chin, leaning forward, eyes trained on the screen. He studies the effects used for the scare, and its general delivery, with sharp eyes, nudging his glasses up afterward. A small jolt had ran through him at the loud noise, but he hasn’t seemed to have even registered it, instead nodding very slowly and breathing out, “The effects really are rather impressive. Simple, but very well done.”

Meanwhile, next to him, Shingen merely jumps a little at the loud noise, then laughs to himself, watching the Oda Forces collapse into chaos and screaming. He then hears a scream from his own side and bursts into laughter, howling, “Oh, come now, Yukimura! It’s hardly something to scream over. There, there.”

The aforementioned male has shrieked like a banshee, jumping a good foot in the air with fear. He falls back onto the floor, then squeals and skitters around to launch himself under the cover he, Sasuke, Shingen and Kenshin are sharing, burrowing under it. “I don’t like clowns! They freak me out! Shingen, please stop teasing me!”

Shingen only chuckles, his hand settling atop Yukimura’s trembling back beneath the cover. “Alright. Would you like a hug to dull your fear, then?”

“No thank you!”

Kennyo’s dead inside.

Wake him up inside.

Save him.

“I’m in hell right now.”

He pulls his phone out and starts watching videos of kittens instead, simple as.

But you’ve been very, very quiet. It’s very, very strange. This occurs to to the boys after a few seconds, and they all swiftly recover from their frights where applicable, peering around the room for you.

You’re gone, and so is Masamune.

Rewind twenty seconds, to when the jump scare happens.

As soon as the others break down into chaos, or into watching chaos go down around them, Masamune’s slipping back and out of his seat. He creeps around the others, using the darkness and the distraction of the jump scare to cover him. He watches you jump, about to scream.

His hand clamps over your mouth, and then he’s swooped you up into his arms and bolted out of the room, into the pitch black house, completely unnoticed. Your scream of terror is muffled by his palm, and he hushes you softly, padding upstairs to one of the bathrooms.

It’s so dark that he has to manoeuvre slowly and carefully despite knowing the house well, and he shifts you up against his chest tighter, whispering, “Trust me, kitten, okay? Almost there.”

Finally, he gets there and goes inside, setting you down on the counter. He turns the light on, nearly blinding you both, before you exclaim, “Masamune, what the fuck?”

He covers your mouth again, expression pleading. “Ssh! Keep your voice down or they’ll hear us. Just listen to me, okay?” You frown, but say nothing. He sighs with relief, removing his hands. “It’s Halloween in three days, and it’s not right if I don’t prank them all. I want you to help me with it. I’ll take all the blame, so don’t worry about that. You won’t even have t do anything. Okay?”

You immediately feel bad, but you’re also a sucker for getting the boys back for all their relentless torment and teasing. A smirk tugs at your lips, and you nod, answering. “Okay.”

He grins back wickedly. “That’s my kitten.”

The others are going into panic mode.

You plus Masamune plus alone plus a dark house equals something all of them are fiercely, aggressively against.

They all set out, ready to look for the two of you, and Kenshin presses the light switch after jumping to his feet.

… but nothing happens. At all.

Kenshin cuts a look at Nobunaga, the room dimly lit by the TV’s glare. “Really? Is Azuchi so run down that not even you can afford lighting?”

Nobunaga scoffs, heading over to shove him out of the way. “Hardly. You’re doing it wrong.”

Kenshin stares at him like he’s a mutant creature with three heads and half an arm. “You are the biggest waste of oxygen on the planet. It’s a light switch.”

True to his word, when Nobunaga presses it off and then back on, there’s nothing. They all exchange looks. 

And then, they all freeze.

There’s a scream, loud, long, agonised, and utterly, instinctively wrong in so many ways.

It’s also yours.

All ten warlords are moving in a microsecond, shouting and yelling your name in complete panic. They pour out of the living room and into the entrance, where the large staircase is, leading up to the landing and then the second, smaller two flights of stairs leading to the first floor. It’s pitch black, and none of them can work out where it came from.


“Fireball! Tell us where you are!”

“Angel, talk to me! Where are you?”

“___, say something!”

The lights in the entrance flicker. they flash on and off sporadically, flooding and thieving the room of light for a long few seconds. They can’t see anything. 

And then the lights stay on, and for a few seconds, they’re whipping around, searching for you desperately.

All of a sudden, Kenshin’s moving.

He bounds toward the staircase, and the other follow him without thinking, the feud between them forgotten. Immediately, they see crimson on the marble stairs, dripping down from the centred landing.

Kenshin reaches the top, sprints forward, and then collapses to his knees. The others crowd around him, gazing down in shocked, horrified terror.

You’re covered in blood. Gashes line your body, across your throat, your arms, your stomach, exposed where your shirt has ridden up. It’s soaked into your clothes, matted in your hair. It stains your lips, pooled in your mouth and dripping out the side. You’re not moving. Your eyes are closed.

It’s so believable, even the most logical of them all, even Mitsuhide, Ieyasu, Kenshin and Nobunaga, fall for it.

“Oh my God…” Ieyasu chokes out, falling to his knees next to Kenshin.

The latter’s expression is set in pure shock as he reaches down, curling his arm under your back to lift you against his chest, head lolling back limply. You’re warm, and so is the blood. He trembles around you. Mitsuhide kneels before Kenshin, disbelieving, and extends his hand. His fingers press against your pulse point in your neck.

He sags forward, rasping out, “She’s alive. She’s-”

A choked, gargled cough tears out of you. Your body contorts in Kenshin’s arms, and blood pours out of your mouth. Before any of the boys can hope to speak, you’re doing so yourself, keening in pure agony, “He- he comes… coming… leave. Go. Too late-”

It’s at this very moment that there’s a thunderous, maniacal laugh from behind them all, almost screamed out hysterically.

They all whirl around, all prepared to fight at a moment’s notice.

… well, that is, until they register that there’s a motherfucking clown stood before them with an axe in its hand.

I lied. They’re all still ready to fight, considering that this twisted fuck just messed with their princess.

And it’s exactly now that this clown is tackled by Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Shingen, Mitsuhide, Yukimura and Kennyo, and they’re about to pummel him to death when he screams,

“It’s Masamune! Stop, stop! It’s me! I have a tiger called Shogetsu and live in Oshu! Don’t kill me!”

The wig is ripped away by Mitsuhide, revealing that iconic scarred eye beneath.

The guys can only stare down at him, then whirl around to you.

You grin sheepishly, giving a little wave, still locked in Kenshin’s arms. “He told me he’d take all responsibility. Don’t look at me.”

You don’t want to know what happens to Masamune after this, but rest assured, after you’re cleaned up by them all, you’re not left alone ever again, and there’s never a moment when you’re not held in one of their arms~

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Kristanna, bar

“Hey!” Kristoff swiveled around to glare at the owner of the elbow that had just knocked his beer out of his hand. “Watch it!”

“Sorry!” she said, her voice chirpy despite the boozy lisp turning her ’s’ into a slight ‘sh’. “So sorry. Bob!” She leaned against the bar, waving. “Bob, need another beer!”

“No more for you, Red,” the bartender said. He set a water in front of her. 

“But! I’m celebrating!” she protested, shifting on her stool and nearly falling. Kristoff had to catch her. She patted his chest absently. “Thanks. Bob, beer for–for–” Blue eyes peered up into his face. “Who are you?” she asked.


“Kristoff! Beer for Kristoff, please. And a pen.”

Bob shook his head, but produced both. Kristoff, glancing down at his neighbor to say thanks, found her turning his hand over so that she could write on his arm. 

“Hey, what–”

“Myyyyy number,” she said. “Well, my sister’s number. I don’t have a new number yet. Wait–” She leaned over and planted a firm kiss on his lips. She tasted of sugar and alcohol. When she leaned back there was a pause as she ran her tongue over her lips thoughtfully. “Yep,” she said, and wrote the last three digits of the phone number. 

okay so me and my friends were talking about how cuphead is actually a book, and we were talking about how each page would go for each boss. my friends couldn’t stop laughing at what i said for cagney though:

“ cuphead and mugman were in amazement watching each and every vine tangle upwards until a beautiful flower with a vile, scowled face sprouted a top of the vines. "WELCOME TO OLIVE GARDEN BITCHES. ”

MBTI Types as things that have actually happened in my maths class this year
  • INTJ: This one time, my friend was asking the teacher if he wore his wedding wrong on the wrong finger because his wife isn't actually real.
  • INTP: One kid (egged on by the rest of the class) tried to lock him out of the classroom when he left, but he had keys.
  • ENTJ: I definitely bothered the teacher for a very long time about some pre-tests we did in January and still haven't got back yet.
  • ENTP: It was suggested that the teacher's haircut was inspired by an egg.
  • INFJ: "Sir, can we have a picture of your childhood?" (it was pointed out that one single picture of his whole childhood would be very blurry)
  • INFP: Someone actually made up this whole headphones brand called "Beats By Dr (insert teacher's surname here)" and made this whole photoshopped logo with his face on it.
  • ENFJ: My friend recorded a few maths sessions and there's this one where you can hear some muffled voice telling her off, and then you can just clearly hear her saying. "I'm not rude! I'm perfect!"
  • ENFP: This kid actually says to the teacher "sir, can we have a sleepover?"
  • ISTJ: We all barricaded the classroom (with chairs) so the teacher couldn't come in.
  • ISFJ: I spend whole sessions on end with my hand raised. Sometimes this is because the teacher is dealing with problematic students, but other times, he was just looking out of the window.
  • ESTJ: One kid literally googled the teacher, found his phone number and then called it.
  • ESFJ: One kid was aggressively threatening to make the teacher a cake on his birthday.
  • ISTP: The teacher ripped up some ten dollar note found on the floor. One kid claimed it was his and he was going to sue him.
  • ISFP: One of my classmates photoshopped our science teacher's face into our vice principal's head during class. Because that's what you do during maths class.
  • ESTP: "Can you show us your PhD Thesis again? No, I don't actually care, I just don't want to do maths."
  • ESFP: Everyone has this obsession with 'roasting' everyone else. There is supposed to be a whole session dedicated to roasting at the end of this term.

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re: America drinking, I always figured he had a fake ID. Cuz I mean, if he drives or anything, he's gonna need a fake ID anyway. You can't get pulled over with "Birthdate: 07/04/1776" and get away with it. He couldn't get away with 1976 nowadays. (I may have thought about this a lot; that he's like "whats the big f'in deal ive lived thru wars im several centuries old & ur not even my real dad Mr. Obama u can't ground me")

i just… can’t see that hgglj bc he is, to quote china, mister boy scout. fake ids are agst the law and the most illegal thing america would do is jaywalk. to fake an id would be to slap lady justice in the face and he would Never. he’d for sure have an id that corresponds to being 19 yrs old in that specific yr, which would allow him to drive. it’s just drinking that’d be an issue. but it’s ok he prob has govt parties to have an appletini bc who cares then; like u said, he’s Old, he can have a drink

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Butch reacting to Snowflake saying that he's a hairdresser not a barber since Butch is legit the opposite

I’m not sure if you mean that Snowflake is saying he, himself is a hairdresser, or if he’s calling Butch a hairdresser instead of a barber.. but honestly I think the latter would be more interesting to read, so I’m goin’ w/ that.

Butch looked Snowflake right in the eyes and said in a low voice, “say that to my face.” Snowflake lessened the space between them, “I just did.” Lone stepped in right as Butch was winding up his fist. He looked to Lone, like a child complaining about someone else picking on him. “I’m a barber I tell you, a BARBER. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” All the while Snowflake was laughing loudly in the background; Lone looked at both of them and sighed deeply. Sometimes it was hard to deal with the headache that is Butch’s ego. 
Butch just crossed his arms and faced away, which looked to Lone like he was just pouting. After that, no matter what Snowflake said, Butch held a small grudge against him. 

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I was watching Sam's face in the sneak peek and I couldn't tell what was he feeling when Dean was talking about Cas not acting like himself. And then I thought that his face kind of looks like pity. Like Sam knows Dean is in love with Cas and he feels sorry for Dean cus he just wants Cas back and he believes so bad that Cas is being controled and Sam can see his sorrow and desperation and that is killing me

Sam has been dealing with this shit for so many years, and honestly I think he’s more hurt by how much Dean is hurting than what Cas did. Sam is never gonna get mad at someone for making back choices, ever, because he still carries so much guilt, but he hates to see how this hurts his brother :(

Phoenix Gold Panel
  • Jared: So did any one of you not come to the concert last night….Its okay totally get you…
  • Jensen: Where were you….you were sick but overnight (sic) and here you are
  • Jared: You must have access to the Winchester makeup
  • Jensen: Let’s call it something else other than makeup
  • Jared: Winchester Sauce
  • Jared: Who’s here first time *screaming* thank you so much , welcome to the crazy family. I see a lot of happy faces….So Jensen has been trying to what eleven plus years now to teach me how to golf
  • Jensen: you know what as your elder I will teach you about wine and golf
  • Jared: he had no trouble about the wine but
  • Jensen: I know what I learned from him
  • Jared: but golf I like have been digging my heels in and so I decided genius that I am to learn to golf in Phoenix
  • Jensen: *imitates Jared playing golf in sweltering heat* it would be 72 and he would be like why is it so hot, it feels like a heat wave
  • *Fan said something*
  • Jared: Girl you hot *sends a kiss and receives one in return*
  • Fan: We love you I love you back
  • Jensen: At one point I looked over and it was like he was bleeding milk and it was streaming down his neck and Cliff- check out his neck
  • Jared: so meanwhile I was watching the other golf player and Jensen and Cliff looking at me like *laughing*
  • Jensen: the sunscreen doesn’t even get time to set and it all just washed off
  • Fan: How was your first meeting with Misha ?
  • Jared: During the first 3 seasons, it was basically me and Jensen . In season 4, we knew that there was going to be a series regular guest, Misha and we were like FRIENDS! And i ask so whats the deal with this new guy Masha, like what, what kind of name is that is he from Russia We returned to our trailer while talking about him and Jensen is like yeah he is interesting i think he is maybe method, he is standing right there act normal and he was there just sitting there staring at us and couldn't know if he was staying in character. I found it creepy. Jensen was like, "I know" He was born a method style actor until we broke him.
  • Jared makes weird faces and Jensen is so over it.
  • Fan: If they were to bring back a character and it shouldn't be Ruby?
  • Jared: It was cool to be able to work again with Rob Benedict, Mark Pellegrino and Jim Beaver this year. I would love to see the character of Gabriel ( Richard Speight, Jr. )
  • Jensen: There are a lot of....Charlie Cain but also John Winchester. I love working with them and also the dynamics between the boys and their father. It would be interesting to see how they would interact saw the story today.
  • Jared: One of the things i love about Supernatural is how to fallible human beings deal with the world when the world doesn't work out as they wish so obviously sam and dean want their father back.
  • Fan: If you two were hunters what your favourite monsters to kill be?
  • Jared: Everything you have to decapitate . Not the Wendigo though because he is taller than me, or maybe the Ruby demon
  • Jensen: The Amazons
  • Fan: I love you to Jensen but my question will be to Jared Jensen is like story of my life .... I cant ask Jensen my question because I am married and so is he
  • Jared: I am married too
  • Jensen proceeds too eat something
  • Fan: What was the difference between working on the set of Supernatural and Gilmore Girls?
  • Jared: It was like going to a high school reunion and we had a lot of catching up to do. I also watched old episodes and i was not at all good.
  • Fan: What was your favourite prank on set?
  • Jensen: i got this it hasn't happened yet but it's in the works and its conception was last night
  • Jared: My favourite and most brutal would be pie in the face of Misha.
  • Fan: If they were to change one thing about their character?
  • Jared: Sam and I have a lot in common. We have evolved. I love Sam as it is and would not change anything.
  • Jensen: I will use the grenade launcher more often. It has been just sitting in the trunk of the impala it would be great if we were not to go in the house full of vampires and just ... boom.

fitzsimmons winter (re)watch
1x19: The Only Light in the Darkness

“We need to talk.”
“We do?”
“Agent Triplett thinks he’s done something to upset you. Fitz, if you’re questioning his loyalty in any way, I can assure you -”
“It’s not him.”
“What is it, then?”
“Uh, you know how I can be. I hate change.”