i just could not even attempt to color this scene

I am in complete shock right now. This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Wow.

I browse the tags of my stuff to see what people have to say ‘cause it can be funny and sometimes there are fun little tag fics. And I come across this.

I can get over you thinking my AU is shitty. I can get over you not liking me making Derek an Alpha again (and for full disclosure: I don’t want him to be an Alpha again, that was mainly for plot and 'cause I wanted to attempt to change his eye color for fun 'cause I’ve never done that on a gif before). Whatever. Can’t please everyone.

But calling me racist? And misogynistic? And trash? That goes from disliking AU media about a television show and fictional characters to attacking a person.

And the worst part? It’s not even just me. This is from a blog that’s dedicated to reblogging gifsets that have replaced Braeden with Stiles in AU scenarios and calling people racist.

I made that gifset 'cause I wanted to play with scenes and see what I could come up with. I’m not erasing the women. I love Malia and I really like Braeden. I like the characters. Just because they’re not in this AU means I’m completely neglecting their existence or don’t necessarily ship them with the guys. It was just for some creative fun. 

You know? Fun? The thing that fandom is supposed to be until people like this ruin it by being combative and generally awful human beings? Who lack respect and maturity to simply move on from something they don’t like and have to in turn sling false slurs at complete strangers over fiction? That crosses a major line.

Whoever runs this blog is the number one problem that is wrong with this fandom. Not shippers.